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Cy-Kill is the leader of the Renegades, who turns into a motorbike. A former Guardian High Protector, he is an inveterate schemer, frequently plotting the conquest of GoBotron and/or Earth with maybe the rest of the universe on the agenda. He is also a very large ham.

"What do the Guardians take me for, an egomaniacal dimwit?!"'

—Cy-Kill, "The Renegades' Rampage, Part II"


Escape to Planet Earth storybook[edit]


Cy-Kill was the head of the criminal element on GoBotron, but he and his followers were rounded up and imprisoned by Leader-1 and the Security Forces along with his minions Tank, Fitor, Turbo, Loco and BuggyMan. He devised the ability for them to change to vehicle modes in order to escape, taking a flying saucer to Earth. Leader-1 studied the tapes of their escape and his troops were able to master the same skill and gave chase in the Command Center.

Meanwhile the Renegades had arrived, and in his new motorcycle mode Cy-Kill cruelly damaged a wooden fence. Backed by Zod, he planned to announce his terms to the people of Earth via TV. However, the Renegades were stalled when two children named Pete and Nancy inadvertently hacked their computer systems. Cy-Kill send BuggyMan to capture them. Dumper was able to alert the Security Forces to the kids' plight and battle was joined, with Cy-Kill duelling Leader-1. When his troops retreated, Cy-Kill followed suit, swearing that while Leader-1 had won the battle, the rest of the war was still to come. Escape to Planet Earth

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Bernard Erhard

Cy-Kill was an honoured member of the Guardians, and as the first Renegade Revolt began to come to an end he had risen to the rank of High Protector, alongside Leader-1 and Zeemon. He worked especially well with Leader-1, as shown when the pair of friends repelled an attack on GoBotron by Parthian Raiders. When the pair were hailed as heroes by the population of GoBotron, Cy-Kill believed it to be pure adulation, though Leader-1 felt it was merely an expression of relief. Cy-Kill also became disillusioned with the directives of the Guardian Council and how little they did. Eager for glory, he pressed the Council to allow him to be entrusted with the task of moping up the Renegade remnants on Xeros and was given the task. Arriving at the planet with Bullseye and Dart, he was detected by Loco and Hornet, giving chance for Zero to lead Bugsie and Klaws to attack them. Cy-Kill was knocked out of the sky by Zero, who gloated over the defeated High Protector and would have finished him off but for the intervention of Dart. The defeat and subsequent dressing down from the Council only served to further frustrate Cy-Kill over what he saw as the Guardians' failings. Comrade Fitor agreed and felt Cy-Kill should take control of GoBotron, though Leader-1 refused to join them, believing no GoBot should be master of another. Cy-Kill then freed the Renegade prisoners Cop-Tur and Crasher to remove Leader-1 from his path. Fitor and Dart joined him but Bullseye refused, and reported Cy-Kill's planned treachery to the Council, who planned to demote him. Cy-Kill asked Leader-1 for a meeting in the Hall of Columns, where he was ambushed by Crasher and Cop-Tur before realising Cy-Kill was behind the escape. Bullseye and Treds arrived in time to save Leader-1, while Cy-Kill left to join the Renegades, soon rising to become their leader."Et Tu, Cy-Kill"

"Behold! My plot device of the week!"

Years later, realising the Renegades' position on GoBotron was becoming untenable, Cy-Kill made contact with Doctor Braxis and planned to conquer Earth as a staging ground for an invasion force. With Cop-Tur and Crasher he stole the Guardians' new Astrobeam prototype and left Fitor in command of the Renegade Fortress before heading to Earth in Thruster. Their approach destroyed a NASA satellite and they were chased by the shuttle Intrepid, piloted by Matt Hunter with the cadets A.J. Foster and Nick Burns; Cy-Kill led the ship into the desert where he ordered Cop-Tur and Crasher to destroy it and its' crew. The shuttle was destroyed but the crew escaped. The Guardians then arrived and Cy-Kill intervened personally, converting and heavily damaging Turbo with his eye-beams. Both groups withdrew to avoid attention, with Cy-Kill later secretly meeting with Braxis.Battle for GoBotron They were discovered by Scooter and Nick, who were able to get back to their friends and tell of the Renegade plans. Nevertheless with help from Braxis the Renegades travelled to Stolbovoy Island, where they were able to take Anya Turgenova's sorium to power Braxis' Pulsar Generator, helped by the arrival of Zod - called up from GoBotron after Cy-Kill summoned Fitor by Astrobeam for a pep meeting and slapped him around a bit before sending him back to the Fortress. While the Guardians arrived and attempted to stop them the Renegades were able to leave with the element, albeit seemingly at the cost of losing Crasher.Target Earth While sad over her loss, Cy-Kill pressed on with his plan, taking Cop-Tur and Braxis to Cheyenne Mountain. He made the scientist sneak in with Geeper-Creeper. The pair were able to get Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur inside, where they were able to connect the Pulsar Generator to NORAD's satellites and take over the world's population - including the Guardians' human allies, who released Crasher from imprisonment on the Command Center. Leader-1 was then captured covering Turbo and Scooter's escape. Conquest of Earth While the human population were put to work building an armada of Zods, the pair of Guardians went on to be a thorn in Cy-Kill's side, especially when they tricked Crasher and Cop-Tur into releasing A.J. and Nick, who were fitted with Frequency Neutralizers that blocked the Pulsar Generator. Cy-Kill summoned Tank from GoBotron to lead the human military in an attempt to kill them all in New York but they were unsuccessful and Matt was also freed. Turbo and Matt and also freed Anya while Scooter, A.J. and Nick tried to find Leader-1 onboard the captured Command Center - arriving too late to stop Cy-Kill dropping the injured Guardian into a scrapyard with a hungry Zod.Earthbound Cy-Kill then took the Command Center off to oversee the launch of the Zod fleet, missing that Leader-1 was able to damage Zod and escape. He returned to Cheyenne Mountain, unaware that he had brought Scooter, A.J. and Nick with him. They were able to contact Leader-1 and Turbo, and the resulting Guardian/human counter-attack took out Cop-Tur and Crasher before Cy-Kill was damaged by Leader-1, Matt and Anya. With the Zods launched and the situation on Earth turning against him Cy-Kill decided he had had enough for one day and set the Pulsar Generator to explode, abandoning Braxis and Astrobeaming back to Thruster. However, Leader-1 then used the Astrobeam to send the unstable sorium into the midst of the Zods, destroying them and producing a shockwave that knocked Thruster out of control.The Final Conflict


Cy-Kill was later incarcerated on GoBotron's Prison Moon, awaiting trial. However when Blaster, Flip Top and Hans-Cuff came to collect him he was able to overcome the guards by using his own wheels as improvised weapons and help from the freed Fitor. The pair of Renegades then travelled to a ship Cy-Kill had long ago hidden on the dark side of the moon, where he had also arranged for Doctor Go to send a stealth device from the near-completed Roguestar. After the pair damaged the Guardian Turbo they eventually made good their escape, even overhearing the Guardians' plans to travel to Antares III and find the Last Engineer. Cy-Kill was quick to realise the advantage that the cream of the Guardians being away on a wild goose chase presented to him. Cy-Kill's Escape Picking up a Thruster and usual henchBots Crasher and Cop-Tur from the Prison Moon he intercepted Leader-1's Command Center as it left Antares III, demanding his enemy handed over the Last Engineer or face destruction. However, to his delight the GoBeing the Guardians had rescued turned out to be the Master Renegade, who took Small Foot hostage on the bridge of the Command Center.Quest for the Creator Even though Crasher botched a chance to destroy the Guardians he was still able to link up with the Master Renegade and they immediately led the now-finished Roguestar and the rest of the Renegade fleet in an all-out attack on GoBotron. The battle was a huge success as the Guardians were rapidly overwhelmed and Leader-1 captured. Cy-Kill assigned a team to use the Disassembler on his former friend and watched via a video link. Despite the last-ditch effort of a team led by Sparky and Turbo the operation was a success, though he was alarmed by the presence of the real Last Engineer. With GoBotron subdued and unaware that the Guardians had been able to gather Leader-1's parts, Cy-Kill revealed the next stage of his plan to the Master Renegade - the conquer Earth. However, friction was already developing between the pair.The Fall of GoBotron To undermine the Master Renegade's position he had Doctor Go rebuild a captured GoBot as the monstrous Pincher in order to win Vamp and Scorp to his side. However he was angered when Crasher reported Leader-1's survival and escape, dispatching forces to chase them to Earth. Later when the Master Renegade issued more demands Cy-Kill took great delight in announcing he had outmanoeuvred his ally, setting the GoBeing to work on a new Transgressor weapon to use against Earth.Flight to Earth While Pincher's mission was successful matters with the Master Renegade came to a head, with Cy-Kill's ersatz ally shooting him and taking control of the Renegade Fleet. By the time Cy-Kill recovered and disabled the Master Renegade his rival had sent the entire Thruster fleet to GoBotron in error while the Guardians had formed the Power Warrior Courageous. Unable to salvage the situation, he ordered Roguestar to cloak and retreat before it could be destroyed.Return to GoBotron

"There's only room for one idiotic Saturday morning cartoon villain on this show!"

Unbowed, Cy-Kill began unleashing numerous plans to take over Earth, GoBotron and/or anything else he felt like. The first was to travel back in time and kill the Guardians' human allies as children. Sending BuggyMan out to cause a distraction, he took Crasher and Cop-Tur to Professor Ling's lab and attempted to use his Chronos Time Transporter to go back to 1971. However, the Guardians and a scuffle saw the trio of Renegades along with Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter, Matt and Nick being sent back instead t 217BC, and Ancient Rome. Cy-Kill seized the opportunity to take advantage of the Romans believing the Renegades to be gods and decided to simply change history from there, especially after his troops were easily able to defeat the Guardians in battle. This change to history led to Cy-Kill being elected governor of America, prompting Path Finder and A.J. to also travel back to Ancient Rome in order to right the past. Thanks to help from the Roman Marcus the Renegades were exposed and defeated, and time returned to more-or-less its' normal course. Time Wars Cy-Kill then send Snoop to go undercover as a Guardian while overseeing the mining of Varium ore at a Renegade base in the Vega system. He had Scorp broadcast a phony SOS and then attacked the Command Center in Thruster when it arrived; however, he soon learned from Snoop that the Guardians had survived. Thanks to her information Leader-1, Turbo, Small Foot, Matt, Nick and A.J. were soon captured. However, Scooter was able to slip away after Snoop failed to kill him and then rescued his friends, who linked up with the enslaved aliens working in the mines. Cy-Kill and Screw Head attempted to put down the uprising but Cy-Kill was taken out by a mine cart let loose by Scooter. The Guardians then blew the planet up after evacuating the slaves, though Cy-Kill and his troops were able to escape.Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap Next he had Pincher rescue Braxis from Tri-State Prison in order to build him a new super-weapon. After testing the new Nova Beam on the sun of Nywilak he sadistically had Braxis returned to his next target for his next target - Earth. However he warned the Guardians, who then extrapolated the Renegades' firing point and dragged a comet into the path of the beam. Cy-Kill then realised they didn't know how to turn off the beam, which drained Roguestar's power so much it became visible. He was forced to jettison the device as a result.Nova Beam

GeniusandSon cykill grinning.jpg

Despite this, the Renegades' alliance with Braxis persevered, and he made them aware of Doctor Mobius' Inverta-ray, which the Renegades went to take. An embittered Mobius joined them despite the pleas of his son Danny, and despite the efforts of a Guardian team to stop the Renegades they were able to get away with the device. Mobius himself then thwarted an attempt to use it to destroy the Command Center when he realised Danny was onboard, resulting in a battle on Pluto where which Cy-Kill fought and defeated Scratch. As they had the Plutocite they needed to give the Inverta-Ray enough power to attack GoBotron and Crasher had been injured he called a retreat. He then threatened to destroy GoBotron unless Zeemon turned control of the planet over to the Renegades. Scooter delayed them by projecting a hologram of the planet which Braxis instead fired at, by which point Danny and his repentant father were able to prevent the Inverta-Ray from being fired - with the boy accidentally Astrobeaming the Renegade leader to the surface of GoBotron. There he was chased by Guardian security forces until Crasher and Cop-Tur were able to pick him up in Thruster. Genius and Son Next he planned to capture and brainwash Scooter in order to allow the Renegades access to a UNECOM Science Facility in Utah. While a trap did damage Scooter the disabled Guardian was instead found by Clive, and the Renegades had to track him down. That done they carried out the brainwashing successfully, only for Clive to intervene again, damaging Scooter and undoing the Renegade programming. As such Cy-Kill led his troops into the maw of a fully warned Guardian squad who blasted them from both sides. However, the Renegades were accidentally saved by Professor Von Joy, who accidentally froze the Guardians with his new invention long enough for Cy-Kill to call a retreat. It's the Thought that Counts Cy-Kill then allied with the supervillain Trident to capture UNECOM's new Disruptor and modify it as an improved Astrobeam. Thus they were able to kidnap many of humanity's leaders - along with Matt, A.J. and Nick. However, the Guardians were able to free everyone and the Renegades escaped, leaving Trident to be captured by the authorities after an idiotic attempt to attack Matt. Trident's Triple Threat Cy-Kill used his opportunism when the Renegades and Guardians ran into Alva-Nar and his powerful fleet of warships, quickly convincing the alien that the Guardians were aggressors against the Renegades. He was even able to pass Alva-Nar's truth scanner through a careful choice of words and the fleet was primed to 'liberate' GoBotron. Cy-Kill plotted to take over the ships for himself after finding out they were all coordinated from Alva-Nar's flagship Avenger, which easily repelled an attempted attack by the Guardians. Despite Alva-Nar's belief that delaying in scrapping with the Guardians was a mere sideshow Cy-Kill got involved in another tussle, chasing Turbo around in one of the Avenger's drones until he was shot down and damaged. While Alva-Nar repaired him, the day before the planned attack on GoBotron an impatient Cy-Kill attempted to seize control of the fleet, only to be thwarted by the Avenger's computer. Alva-Nar finally saw through the Renegades, dropping them off right in front of GoBotron and forcing them to brave a barrage of Guardian fire before escaping. Renegade Alliance

"Oh no, the predictable consequences to my own actions!"

Cy-Kill ordered construction of a new Renegade base in the Omega Prima system but it was spotted by Scooter and Nick, scouting the system in a Command Center. Thruster shot the observer down and it crashed on an uncharted planet; however, on inspection they found the crew had survived and Cy-Kill ordered the planet searched. However, despite nearly getting sacrificed by the primitive natives Scooter and Nick managed to stay free until a rescue party appeared, with Leader-1 blasting Cy-Kill before the three-headed monsters that also lived on the planet forced the Renegades into a retreat. With the intel from Scooter and Nick a Guardian fleet then destroyed the new base.Dawn World Cy-Kill took Pincher to raid the Command Center for the Guardians' new Enigma Device; while they successfully swiped the unit both the Guardian ship and the Renegades' Thruster were then hit by meteorites and forced to crash-land on a planet swarming with mechanical spiders. Furthermore neither ship could take off due to the planet's strange magnetic field, and thus both factions had to work together to plot their escape after Leader-1 rescued Cy-Kill from one of the spiders - with the Renegade leader even handing back the Enigma Device as a gesture of good faith. However, he assured an unhappy Crasher that he had a plan. Pincher found crystals that negated the magnetic field and would allow take-off, causing Cy-Kill to order his troops to turn on the Guardians and escape in Thruster, with Cop-Tur planting a bomb on the Command Center's hyperdrive and swiping the Enigma Device. While the Renegades were able to leave the planet Turbo managed to switch the Enigma Device and the bomb over first, however improbable that may seem. Fortunately Thruster survived the damage done when it went off. Forced Alliance Thanks to an oscillation rod devised by Scooter being stolen by Crasher, Cop-Tur and Scales, Braxis was able to put the final touches to his Dimensional Interfacer, which would allow them to call forth fearsome allies from other dimensions. An impatient Cy-Kill seized control of the device from the quavering scientist and quickly settled on the ferocious Insectoids of Level 21 as the ideal candidates. While their leader Exor thought she was ready to conquer the Earth, Cy-Kill instead intended to reverse the Interfacer after the Insectoids weakened Earth's defences for him. However, she outwitted him and was able to take control of Roguestar and instead use the Interfacer to summon reinforcements. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part I Captured by the Insectoids, Cy-Kill and his cronies were placed in energy-sapping bonds along with Turbo and Scooter after a failed Guardian counter-attack. Braxis was still free but, worried over Cy-Kill's possible retribution for the bungled scheme, opted to only release the Guardians. However, a firefight between Turbo and the Insectoid guards saw Cy-Kill's restraints damaged. He was able to free Crasher and Cop-Tur, with the pair regaining control of Roguestar, while the Guardians were able to send the Insectoids back where they came from. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part II

"Okay, which one of you said it should be called 'Dr. Go's Shrinking Ray'"?

Cy-Kill set up a new base near Barstow to set up his new Electromagnetic Neutralizer, build to cripple America's power grid. Turbo nearly discovered the device, with Cy-Kill dispatching a group led by Crasher to deal with him. While they got involved in the Barstow Grand Prix in the process, Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur worked on the machine, with Scales holding off Leader-1 and Van Guard when they arrived to stop him. While he was able to briefly fire up the Neutralizer the pair of Guardians were able to pin Scales by dropping a roof on him and then overpowered Cy-Kill before wrecking the machine. Speed Is of the Essence When Cy-Kill learnt of a multi-species anti-Renegade alliance with talks being held in GoBotolis he set up an operation in Old GoBotron with Fly Trap and the alien Gorn. The pair of henchmen abducted Earth delegates Matt, Nick and A.J. from GoBana. However, the trio were able to escape and were taken in by the old GoBot Wrecks, who later risked his life to get them to safety. While this earned Cy-Kill's enmity he was powerless in the face of Wrecks' urchins, who dropped a net on Fly Trap and then a wall on Cy-Kill. Lost on GoBotron He changed tack and decided to use Dr. Go's new Molecular Transfuser to threaten cities on Earth, intentionally drawing the Guardians into a trap where he shrank them down to a tiny size. After a while it became clear that this made them harder to destroy, and so Cy-Kill had himself, Crasher, Cop-Tur and Scales so they could match the Guardians. However, they had made friends with juvenile Guardian fanboy Nathan, who promptly hoovered up the toy-sized Renegades. They were able to escape and destroyed the ray before it fell into Guardian hands, but it was yet another entry in the "Loss" column. Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray His next scheme was to take over GoBotron by replacing key Guardians with robot-controlled duplicates. Initially the plan worked well, even if his identical double of Leader-1 had a totally different personality and instead of disposing of the captured real Guardians he instead stored them in a big warehouse on the Moon of Shadows. This meant that while numerous Guardians were replaced successfully both Small Foot and Scooter were able to work out something was up, and travel to the moon. There they released the Guardians and the duplicates were wiped out in a huge battle on GoBotron. Doppelganger

Terms of enrampagement.

Despite this series of defeats, due to the key asset of the Stealth Device technology the Renegades' flagship Roguestar still proved a huge asset, able to move deep within Earth's solar system and function as a base for numerous raids - including Cy-Kill himself being able to attack an industrial plant in Russia. While the Guardians were able to repel an attack on Pittsburgh they resolved to destroy the ship to end its' threat. They attempted to sneak a team onboard using the Seta 6 Metallurgical Station as bait, but Cy-Kill soon realised something was up - though the Guardians were able to escape into the ship before he had the captured station melted down. A battle onboard Roguestar soon broke out, during which Path Finder was able to place an L-Ron detonator on the ship's power core. However, Cop-Tur found the explosives and - after a quick game of hot potato with Cy-Kill flushed them into space. Quick thinking from Cy-Kill saw the Stealth Device then activated, tricking the Guardians into believing the ship had been destroyed and enabling the Renegades to continue their raiding. The Quest for Roguestar Perhaps emboldened by this, Cy-Kill then set his eyes on a fresh target - Tri-Ceti, where the inoffensive Trindles possessed the powerful Tramulet. Despite the arrival of a Guardian taskforce Cy-Kill was still able to take possession of all three parts of the Tramulet, using it to blot out one of the planet's suns in a demonstration of power. Realising how dangerous the object could be in his hands, the Guardians and Trindles prepared to evacuate and destroy Tri-Ceti. However, Cy-Kill realised what they were up to and left the planet first, trapping both the Command Center and the Trindle ark on the exploding planet with a forcefield. Renegade Rampage, Part I Scooter was able to find a flaw in the forcefield that allowed the ships to escape but Cy-Kill created a Somnalizer component for the Tramulet's amplifier and attached it to UNECOM's satellite network, allowing him to take over numerous installations on Earth by sending the staff to sleep. Matt and A.J. then enacted a ploy where they distracted Cy-Kill by appealing to his vanity by presenting the Renegade leader with a statue of himself as apparent tribute from humanity to its' new leader. While he realised something was up the resulting scuffle allowed Matt to swipe two of the three Tramulet components from around Cy-Kill's neck. The third was then taken by Scooter after he sneaked onboard Thruster, and the Renegades retreated once again - though Cy-Kill swore he would be back to threaten them again. The Renegades' Rampage, Part II

What do you know, he does have a brain...

Next Cy-Kill decided that Zod was long overdue an update, and decided to have Ultra Zod constructed as a replacement. However, for reasons best known to himself, he decided to base the construction in the American town of Waldron, enslaving the population to work on the new weapon. This fell apart even quicker than usual, as A.J.'s Uncle William and Aunt Kathryn were among the residents and when she made a visit to see them the UNECOM cadet was able to warn the Guardians. Cy-Kill was able to keep Leader-1 busy enough that Ultra Zod could be brought online to fight them; while the monster was a match for the Guardians they called up their Power Suits and Courageous was able to destroy it - not least because, again for unknown reasons, Cy-Kill had carried over the giant red circle that marked the weak-spot from the original design. As the Renegades again fled Cy-Kill bemoaned all the hard work going to waste. Ultra Zod UNECOM responded to the ongoing Renegade threat by designing the huge, powerful robot Sentinel. However, much like Cy-Kill they didn't bother doing a lot of testing first and when they switched the thing on it immediately decided all organic lifeforms were unworthy and should be destroyed. While having an organic brain himself, Cy-Kill was able to use his robotic appearance to convince Sentinel to ally with the Renegades. However, several levelled cities later Leader-1 was able to point this out to Sentinel, who scanned Cy-Kill and his goons; furious at being deceived, Sentinel chased them off Earth into space. Sentinel Keeping up the theme of just using other people's superweapons Cy-Kill found out about Professor Robert Frost and his weather-altering Climatizer when the scientist attempted to hold Earth hostage from Antarctica. Sensitive to this encroachment on his act, he captured the device thanks to Screw Head and took over negotiations with UNECOM, sending Frost and his idiot nephew Sidney adrift on an ice flow. When Leader-1 and Turbo arrived to stop him Cy-Kill simply froze them in ice; however, Scooter and Dive-Dive were able to rescue Frost and Sidney. With information gleaned from them Dive-Dive and Nick were able to score a precise hit on the Climatizer that caused the machine to blow up in Cy-Kill's face, turning him into a block of ice. Cop-Tur and Screw Head were forced to collect him before another retreat. Cold Spell

AutoMadic controldevice.jpg

After thawing out, Cy-Kill decided on another change of tack - allying with Earth's criminal element. He called a meeting of crime bosses at the Pinewood Resort, owned by Murchison, and an alliance was formed. The Guardians and UNECOM were soon overstretched by the ceaseless crimes the alliance carries out, leading Matt Hunter to go undercover as a biker looking to work for Murchison. Like everyone else with an ounce of sense Cy-Kill quickly saw through this disguise and had the UNECOM captain captured. Dr. Go was then able to complete a forcefield generator that literally made the Renegades and human criminals untouchable; a joint Guardian/UNECOM force in Washington, D.C. was literally trampled into submission. However, Flip Top was able to stay at large and freed Matt, who in turn disabled the forcefield generator. This allowed Flip Top to knock out Cop-Tur before dumping Cy-Kill and Crasher in the Potomac, where they had to be rescued by Thruster. Crime Wave Cy-Kill identified the Power Warrior Courageous as a key factor in Renegade defeats, and designed the Puzzler in response. In order to built the giant he enlisted the help of car dealer Larry E. Cocoa to purchase a factory and act as a front, while sending the Monster GoBots to gather resources. However, the latter attracted Guardian attention, and the plan went further awry when Larry's overbearing wife Hilda seized the remote control for the Puzzlers, causing chaos. While Cy-Kill was able to regain control of the robot, Puzzler was then defeated by Courageous easily, making the whole exercise a colossal waste of time. Auto Madic Instead Cy-Kill decided to simply steal the Power Suits from the Guardians. For this purpose he organised diversionary attacks by first Screw Head in Hawaii followed by Cop-Tur and Bad Boy in Alaska to keep Leader-1 and Turbo busy while he, Crasher and Scorp gained entry to the Command Center. However, despite having traded his holo-projector in for hand-blasters he was largely incapable of using, Scooter was able to work with Small Foot to keep the Renegades busy until the Guardian heavy-hitters returned to foil the plan. Scooter Enhanced

AncientGobonauts darkheart.jpg

Cy-Kill tried subterfuge once again by claiming the Renegades were abandoning their campaign against Earth to find other, less Guardian-infested planets. Instead of actually following this promising idea he instead used Dr. Go's new Holographic Image Inducers, with Cy-Kill disguising himself as Leader-1, to frame the Guardians as a menace while they were off-planet, leading to the United Nations banishing them from Earth. However, the Guardians simply returned to Earth anyway, working on gathering evidence to clear their names. As a result they were able to capture Dr. Go, who quickly confessed all, and the embargo was swiftly lifted.Tarnished Image He then took the archaeologist Doctor Cunningham as an ally, which paid dividends when the UNECOM reserve officer found a drone detached from the ship of the legendary Evil One during a dig in Ecuador. While the Guardians were alerted to the find the Renegades were able to arrive at the site before Scooter destroyed the drone. However, thanks to Cunningham the Renegades were able to follow the Guardians to the Evil One's last resting place in Peru, where Cy-Kill was able to take control of the rogue GoBot's most feared weapon - the Dark Heart. However, Leader-1 pleaded with Cy-Kill not to use the powerful anti-matter device, claiming it would make him a genuine monster reviled by the universe. This actually seemed to get through to his old friend, but Cunningham had less scruples and activated the Dark Heart anyway. The Guardians and Renegades then worked together to contain the anti-matter reaction, though Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur had to withdraw damaged before Leader-1 finished the job. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts After coming worryingly close to having a Character Moment, Cy-Kill reverted to usual territory when both the Guardians and Renegades were captured by the alien B'oosa, immediately trying to persuade his boss Crespas that he was worth more as an ally. It didn't work, and he found himself put in the arena to fight Leader-1. Thankfully the loyal Fitor had launched a search mission, making a brief alliance of convenience with Hans-Cuff when the Guardians did the same searching for their missing comrades. This meant help was on hand when Nick was able to create a device to release the GoBots from B'oosa's energy restraints.Gameworld He reverted to another tried, tested and failed gambit by inserting a spy inside the Guardians - this time Bad Boy, pretending to be Heat Seeker with an Image Simulator Circuit. As such, the Renegades were able to destroy the Quantico Radar Telescope, the Guardians' new Sonic Drill and steal Professor Von Joy's new Nucleonic Power Pack, which Cy-Kill used to power his new Polarity Invertor, which was set up at the South Pole. However, the Guardians were able to eventually flush out the spy and destroy the device. Wolf in the Fold

An eye-popping piece of technology.

Next on the Evil Overlord Checklist came "Underwater Base", and so Cy-Kill had the Starfish constructed and landed in Earth's ocean near Micronesia. There the Renegades set up a piracy operation, with Water Walk spotting merchant ships which were then sucked into the base and stripped down for their resources. The Guardians were initially unable to locate the base, and instead hid Matt, Nick and A.J. on one of the ships. They were able to deactivate the Starfish's Stealth Device, allowing Dive-Dive to detect the base and attack. Cy-Kill was forced to surface the Starfish, only to find it surrounded by naval forces led by Leader-1 and General Newcastle. The Renegades were forced to abandon the base in order to escape. Depth Charge Next he tried to seize the Guardians' new Proton Cultivator at its' unveiling - part of a plan to Astrobeam Leader-1 and Scooter into the sun. However, due to an ion storm it instead shunted the pair into a parallel universe, where they met Cy-Kill's heroic mirror universe self, locked in a struggle with the evil Leader-1, who was trying to destroy Kroy Wen with the Proton Destructor. In the normal universe Cy-Kill had made the same modifications but Turbo and Matt were able to keep him busy until Leader-1 and Scooter were returned to their usual universe, allowing Nick to take control of the device.Transfer Point Cy-Kill returned to the idea of using Earth as a staging ground for a Renegade army. Firstly he needed an upgraded Astrobeam, and after Dr. Go was unable to complete the work on Roguestar's example before the Beam he used to travel there reversed. Impatient, Cy-Kill instead led a raid to capture the Guardians' latest prototype Astrobeam from the Astro-Science Center on GoBotron. This achieved, they headed to Earth and took over the hydroelectric plant at Hoover Dam and Steamer was dispatched to level nearby Boulder City for use as a base. However, unknown to Cy-Kill the Renegade had already refused to execute Sparky and now objected to a plan that would cause gratuitous loss of human life, and walked out on the Renegades. Furious, Cy-Kill sent Crasher and Cop-Tur after Steamer, but he gave them the slip and confessed all about the plan to the Guardians. Cy-Kill instead tried to discredit Steamer by acting like the information leak was all part of his plan. Abandoned by the Guardians, Steamer set out to stop the Renegades alone - until Nick convinced Leader-1 to join him in stopping Cy-Kill's plan. Steamer's Defection

"I told you I'll be ready in five minutes, Stop calling me every half hour."

After learning that Scooter had rigged a new Renegade detection system Cy-Kill and the Renegades decided to discredit it by feeding it false information, causing panics on the Moon of Knowledge and the Spa Moon. After finding out Scooter had devised the array with the help of his human friend Billy, Cy-Kill had the boy kidnapped and Braimstormed in order to find out what other useful knowledge he might have. In the bad books with his fellow Guardians after the false alarms, Scooter set off to rescue his friend. They were able to collapse part of the Renegades' cave lair on Cy-Kill before the rest of the Guardians turned up with the Command Center, forcing a Renegade retreat. The GoBot Who Cried Renegade Another of his plants, the UNECOM officer Major Benedict, helped the Renegades abduct the psychic boy Sean Roberts. However, he wouldn't tell 'Uncle Cy' anything, so Cy-Kill had Sean's mother kidnapped as leverage, though Benedict was compromised in her kidnapping and interrogated by the Guardians. After Cy-Kill mesmerised his mother Sean became more cooperative, and showed a vision of a Renegade victory. Eager to hurry things along, Cy-Kill mounted a phoney rescue of Benedict to draw the Guardians into apparent defeat, but had incorrectly guessed the context of some of what Sean had predicted. Confronted with the Guardians, he tried to use Sean as a hostage, threatening to use the Brainstormer to burn out the boy's mind, buying the Renegades time to escape.The Seer More kidnapping fun followed when another young human named Buddy devised a Spectrometer capable of taking over GoBots; after she used it to briefly control Cop-Tur, Cy-Kill led a squad out to capture her. While the girl was able to destroy her work she was Brainstormed and another was built, allowing Cy-Kill to take control of Leader-1, Turbo, Blaster and Good Knight, who he sent to GoBotron to kidnap the Guardian Council and hand them over to the Renegades. However, a fortuitous modification meant Scooter remained free with Nick, and the pair were able to rescue Buddy and undo the effects of the Spectrometer before the plan could be completed.Whiz Kid

One of Cy-Kill's few triumphs was Rickrolling every member of UNECOM

Next on the list was mucking with Earth's tectonic plates, and Cy-Kill dutifully set up a machine to do just that on a Pacific island. He contacted UNECOM, threatening to wreck the planet if the Guardians didn't surrender themselves. For some strange reason Cy-Kill let himself be argued down to just Leader-1 handing himself over, though he had Crasher, Pincher and Scorp shoot down the Command Center to be on the safe side. He then joined Cop-Tur and Vamp in zapping Leader-1 and dangling him over a pool of lava as he embraced the descent into movie serial villain territory. Alas, poor script continuity allowed Scooter and Small Foot to do something to his machine, triggering another defeat. Ring of Fire He then decided to take a less OTT tack, deciding to apparently arrange peace talks with the Guardians. He made all the right noises, agreeing to preliminary talks in GoBotolis and agreeing to release Guardian prisoners. Turbo was less than convinced however, and crept around during the talks - finding that Scales was around, undeclared. Leader-1 managed to smooth things over, even when Cy-Kill and Turbo clashed again at the prisoner handover. Instead the Guardians pressed on to hold final talks in Vienna on Earth. There he finally revealed the full extent of his plan - to use Dr. Go's latest personal stealth devices to secrete Renegades around the meeting room and massacre the high-ranking Guardians and humans present for the treaty signing. However, his decision to only tell this plan to his troops when actually in Vienna meant his plans were overheard by Turbo, Scooter and their human friends, who were able to intervene just as Cy-Kill dramatically tore up the peace treaty and unleashed his hidden forces. However, Scooter was able to use a decoder to reveal their position, and the Guardians fought back until Cy-Kill ordered a retreat. Pacific Overtures Instead he went back to basics, and when UNECOM fired scientist Eiji Tsuburaya for inventing a machine that turned cloned dinosaurs into rampaging moments he decided to have some of that, swiftly taking control of the beasts Jerigan, Kaitudan and Ichigar before sending them rampaging around Japan. However, his attempts to learn the secret of the machine were less successful as Tsuburaya's rigid code of honour made him uncooperative. He gave Dr. Go the slip and used a mysterious gas to put the creatures to sleep after the Guardians struggled to match them even with Courageous. Defeated once again, the Renegades made a strategic withdrawal. Destroy All Guardians

"This is the strangest wedding I've ever been to."

Greater indignity came when he was lured into a trap on Earth by the Guardians, with Block Head and Geeper-Creeper wasting no time in abandoning their leader when he became comically wedged inside a ring of rock in a canyon. However, Guardian attempts to Brainstorm him were unsuccessful as none of the devices on GoBotron were powerful enough to break his resolve. Instead he was taken to the secret Guardian prison on Elba, where Van Guard, Heat Seeker, Street Heat and Royal-T were charged with security. He soon picked up on the dissatisfaction of the latter pair with their assignment and was able to mesmerise them into turning on the other two Guardians. They released Cy-Kill, who took out Van Guard and Heat Seeker - just as a fresh team of Guardians arrived. Fortunately the latter included Fitor and Geeper-Creeper, who had feigned defection in order to find their leader's location. The other Guardians on the team - Turbo, Spay-C and Hans-Cuff - were soon overwhelmed, and the Renegades took the latter pair as shields while planning to use their Command Center to sneak into UNECOM Headquarters on Earth. However, unknown to Cy-Kill inside Turbo was Matt, who released the Guardians held on Elba and was able to foil their attempts to turn the situation to their advantage. Escape from Elba He got to repay Fitor's loyalty almost immediately as he decided his crucial lieutenant with a brain packed full of Renegade secrets was the ideal candidate to lead a random raid on the new UNECOM Surveillance Station with Bad Boy, Stinger and Stallion. Thanks to Leader-1 he was trapped and unable to return with the rest of the team when their Astrobeam reversed, leaving Cy-Kill furious. While Crasher and Cop-Tur were less fussed Cy-Kill nevertheless sent them on a rescue attempt, nixing Crasher's plan to simply kill Fitor to prevent his knowledge from falling into Guardian hands. The attempt was unsuccessful anyway, and instead Cy-Kill took a different approach - taking Scooter, Matt, Anya, A.J. and Nick prisoner and bartering them for Fitor's release. Leader-1 agreed and a handover took place at GoBotron's Sector 17; Cy-Kill obviously tried to double-cross the Guardians but was thwarted when Fitor's Astrobeam finally reversed just as he had the Guardian leader at his mercy. Turbo arrived with reinforcements however, and Cy-Kill settled for returning to Roguestar to plot anew with Fitor. Fitor to the Finish


After all thoroughly mining out the possibilities of prisoner handovers Cy-Kill instead directed his minions to capture the new Hermetic Condenser developed by Doctor Aeolis. He used the device to miniaturise and capture almost the entire human race, using them as leverage to be installed as Overlord of GoBotron. He took his new duties very seriously, though a group of dissident Guardians led by Leader-1 kept spoiling things by not falling into line. He stored the captive humans in a vault guarded by Fitor and Bad Boy, who were only just able to prevent Leader-1 from recovering the orbs holding them when Scooter used his holograms to disguise them. Zeemon, Turbo, Blaster and Van Guard were all captured by his enforcers and he arranged court proceedings, while also crushing one of the globes purportedly full of a billion humans to keep the rest of GoBotron's population in line. He passed sentence of Disassembly on the Guardians but moments later his guards brought in a captured Leader-1. The Guardian commander belatedly revealed he had actually transferred the humans to safety some time ago and was just being a massive drama queen since. He freed the rest of the Guardians, who soon overwhelmed the Renegades and sent them running from GoBotron. Clutch of Doom Later he sent a raiding party consisting of Crasher, Cop-Tur and Zero to the planet to raid a Guardian weapons factory - only for them to be repelled by the defences. Upon returning to the Renegades' asteroid base, Zero was vocal in his dissatisfaction with Cy-Kill's dreadful track record. Twin Spin and Geeper-Creeper agreed with Zero and followed him on a successful raid on GoBotron's main power station. He then returned and challenged Cy-Kill to single combat, easily beating him and winning the right to command the Renegades; though Crasher, Cop-Tur, Tank and Fitor remained loyal to Cy-Kill the four of them were kicked off Roguestar. Bad Boy initially stayed with Cy-Kill too but only so he could blindside Crasher and deliver her to Zero in order to grease the wheels with the new boss. Zero later invited Cy-Kill to retrieve her from Dengon Beta - where Leader-1 had travelled to collect a similarly-captured Turbo. Cy-Kill cheated by bringing Tank along, who blasted Leader-1. However, Zero had tricked both of them, using dummies to ensure they were busy while sparking a huge fight on GoBotron. The Guardians eventually managed to track Zero to his base, where his followers left him as he set the base for self-destruct. Bad Boy warned Cy-Kill when he arrived, and Cy-Kill allowed the rebels to return to his command before leaving on Thruster.The Third Column

"Oh, Leader-1, this isn't even the dumbest idea I've had this week."

After yet another Renegade raid was foiled by Leader-1 an off-hand comment from Crasher about how useful the Guardian would be on their side was enough to send Cy-Kill off on another one of his whacky schemes. Fitor piped up and recommended the people of Fabricon, who built him an exact (sic) copy of Leader-1's Power Suit that would invert his personality and turn him evil. To get his archenemy to don the suit he sent a meteor shower to Earth while Dr. Go used a personal stealth device to sneak onboard the Command Center. In this situation Cy-Kill could perhaps have had Dr. Go plant explosives or simply hang around until Leader-1 returned and shoot him in the face, but the Renegades were too far down the exo-suit road and so instead the scientist simply switched the suits, failing to even get the real Power Suit off the station and instead hiding it in a convenient cupboard. Ever impatient, Cy-Kill then had Fitor sling a huge asteroid at Earth, necessitating the Guardians to use their Power Suits to save the planet. As advertised, the exo-suit soon took over Leader-1, who insulted Turbo and Scooter before leaving to Roguestar. While his former comrades saved the planet Leader-1 travelled to Roguestar to conspire with Cy-Kill, and the next day stole UNECOM's latest computer hardware. Initially everything seemed to be working a treat before the evil Leader-1 realised the biggest problem with the Renegades was Cy-Kill, and seized command. Fitor stayed loyal to Cy-Kill, seeing to his repairs after the deposed leader was accidentally injured by Cop-Tur. Cy-Kill instead travelled to the Command Center and confessed all to the Guardians, promising to return Leader-1 to his normal self. As such Cy-Kill was returned to command - and planned to make Crasher, Cop-Tur and Dr. Go suffer for siding with the inverted Leader-1. A New Suit for Leader-1 When UNECOM unearthed another psychic in the form of Mira Shaw Cy-Kill attempted to capture her, but the defences of UNECOM Headquarters prevented it. With the full-frontal assault a failure, Cy-Kill went for the only other logical option - using his human ally Wheeling to rent out an abandoned carnival near the hotel where Mira was staying and using it as a front for another of his agents, Doctor Helstrom, to give information that allowed her to be captured. Amazingly this would have worked - if Cy-Kill hadn't decided that instead of just flying away with his prize he would instead throw a bone to the underappreciated Loco and leave by train. Predictably the Guardians were able to catch them and free Mira, while Wheeling was captured.Renegade Carnival


During the carnival off-season Cy-Kill switched back to basics with a good old satellite station destruction, even getting Zod out of mothballs for the occasion. However, the battle was disturbed by the arrival of piscine alien Alaric, who had the magic formula of a hugely powerful weapon and immense stupidity. Despite one group of GoBots causing massive property damage with their huge human-eating dinosaur on wheels and the other just generally asking them not to the credulous freak was quick to buy Cy-Kill's well-polished speech about how the Guardians were horrible. Even after the Renegades kidnapped Alaric and slapped him in a Brainstormer the alien didn't really question this and happily handed over his staff to Cy-Kill. However, first time out Matt was nearly able to snatch the thing, and Alaric also fell into Guardian hands. Their compassion finally convinced Alaric that they were noble. Concerned that he might have further power to impart to the Guardians, Cy-Kill summoned Blades and Tork to finish the guy. However, Alaric was able to summon the staff back to himself and, with the last of his power, dispatch the Renegades to the Moon. The Gift Next Cy-Kill made another secret Renegade base to investigate strange energy readings in central America; sadly for everyone they emanated from Tinotchka, a mystical and obtuse shaman who the Renegades tried to exploit by threatening. He went along with them but his help largely consisted of tiresome illusions and even more tiresome speeches before he died, making the whole escapade a complete waste of everyone's time.The Last Magic Man The Renegades then went back to raiding, this time to glean components for a new base on Titan. Struggling with Roguestar's range once again, the Guardians enlisted a thoroughly unstable Braxis to help devise a web of satellites that would detect the ship's approach. However, these didn't work as planned - instead causing the ship's molecular structure to break down. Cy-Kill and Crasher abducted Braxis, who despite his eccentricities was able to reverse the damage before escaping, though the Guardians were able to destroy the base on Titan.Braxis Gone Bonkers

"Villain? Meeeee?"

Cy-Kill's next plan was "Operation Inside Job", which involved inserting the Monster GoBots into the computer systems of the Command Center, causing the Guardians all manner of problems. However, thanks to help from Professor Von Joy, Leader-1 was able to take Turbo and Van Guard inside the computers as well via Astrobeam to investigate. The Renegades boarded the ship but the resourceful Scooter was able to keep Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Crasher busy until they returned. Inside Job The Renegades then attempted to hijack the Guardians' new Element X, part of their research to negate the Renegades' stealth technology, during its' transit to Earth. However, Crasher and Cop-Tur accidentally shot down the ship carrying the element, and a furious Cy-Kill ordered an investigation of the wreckage. Turbo held them off while Scooter and Small Foot tried to get Element X to a secure facility. However, they accidentally awakened the alien Astral, and - after impassively watching her trash Crasher and Cop-Tur - the opportunistic Cy-Kill was quick to convince the princess that what the Guardians and UNECOM were actually protecting was the element Crylinium. However, Leader-1 was eventually able to expose his duplicity and the Guardians gave Astral the sample of Element X as a substitute. The Renegades retreated, with an optimistic Cy-Kill claiming that the slowing down of Guardian research was a victory in itself - though his battered underlings didn't agree.Element of Danger Next he planned to kidnap Zeemon and Brainstorm him for his knowledge; to this end he sent the Dread Launchers undercover as cadets at the Guardian Academy. This stage of the plan went well with Chaos, Re-Volt and Traitor accepted as the Red Team of Guardian trainees, despite keeping their very villainous names. They then set up a miniature Astrobeam that would allow Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur to snatch Zeemon at their graduation ceremony - while they were discovered by Tri-Trak they were able to disable him. However, on the day things fell apart as Cop-Tur wrecked the portal before the group could escape. While the Dread Launchers were able to get Zeemon to their Thruster, Cy-Kill's group were harassed by the full Guardian force after getting confused and mistaking the academy's Thruster simulator for the real thing. They were able to escape but the Dread Launchers were less lucky as Tri-Trak was able to stop their Thruster, allowing Tork, Twister and Staks to capture them and free Zeemon. Guardian Academy

"Just like that old gypsy woman said!"

Next the Renegades targeted the human colony ship Pilgrim; however, they were driven off by the arrival of Leader-1 and the Secret Riders, who then transported the colonists to New Earth via Command Center - when the Renegades made a second attack on the Pilgrim after it left GoBotron they found it packed with Guardians. Even worse back at Roguestar, Vamp and Scorp had conspired with Creepy from Antares III to release the Monster GoBots' creator, the Master Renegade, from his cell on the Renegade ship. They also headed for New Earth and Cy-Kill gave chase to put down the rebellion. The Master Renegade's troops soon took out the Secret Riders before a Renegade v Renegade battle broke out, during which the Guardians got free. Cy-Kill was able to persuade Vamp and Scorp to abandon the Master Renegade as the battle turned against the GoBeing, though Creepy spirited his creator away. However, after Tri-Trak blasted Cy-Kill he decided to quit while he wasn't too far behind and withdrew from New Earth. Quest for New Earth Next he consulted his rolodex of treacherous humans and linked up with Doctor Janus, who had just rediscovered Atlantis and was leading a UNECOM/Guardian expedition to the lost city ahead of a full exploration. Once the group were inside the city the Renegades struck and took out the escorts, though Janus' ambition ambushed Cy-Kill. The human had already taken control of the Amulet of Power that allowed him to call forth monsters from other dimensions. After being trounced by a giant minotaur wearing a red loincloth Cy-Kill was forced to renegotiate his deal with Janus on the human's terms while biding his time. He later snatched the amulet when Janus was startled by Scooter and went nuts releasing monsters - inevitably ending up with more than he could control before calling a retreat after they proved just as happy to attack Renegades as Guardians. On the way home Crasher delivered a withering evaluation of Cy-Kill's avarice. Terror in Atlantis After finding a stash of Parthian Reduplicators the Renegades set a trap for the Guardians on Garleon, but despite injuring Tri-Trak they were driven off by return fire. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" After the Guardians discovered the powerful element Quantumite on Halley's Comet Cy-Kill was eager to take possession of it. However, the crystal powered the Star Fortress' shields to such an extent Thruster couldn't get anywhere near the station. Instead the Renegades attacked a second UNECOM probe to the comet and used that to sneak onboard thanks to Cy-Kill mesmerising Matt. This achieved, they then battled their way through until they found the Quantumite. Crasher brought Thruster in to get them back out, unaware that Nick and A.J. had sneaked onboard after escaping on the surface of the comet. When Cy-Kill reached the ship their presence startled him and made him drop the Quantumite - which went critical. The Renegades were forced to escape without it as the Guardians and UNECOM evacuated the base, which was at least destroyed in the chaos.The Secret of Halley's Comet


Hoping to discredit the Guardians in the eyes of the population of GoBotron, Cy-Kill oversaw a series of raids on convoys of materials bound for the reconstruction of the planet while also raiding new sections as they were completed - causing considerable damage to a new forest sector with Crasher and Cop-Tur. He then decided to schedule the next attack in full view of Guardian top brass including Zeemon and Man-O-War in direct view of GoBotolis. The plan seemed to work well, with Sky-Jack and new recruit Gunnyr able to draw off the Guardian escorts before Thrusters attacked the convoy, sending materiel cascading down on the city until Ace was able to activate the defences. Cy-Kill planned to then mount a full-scale Thruster attack on the planet to drive home the advantage - responding violently to Gunnyr's query as to the wisdom. As it was, Leader-1 had somehow span the events at GoBotolis into a Guardian victory and received backing to set a trap - the Thrusters were initially met only by himself, Mach-3, Ace and Bolt but this was just to draw in the Thrusters, which were pounced on by a fleet of Command Centers. The Renegades took heavy losses in the resulting battle. Cy-Kill left his Thruster to attack personally only to get blasted by Leader-1. Crasher and Cop-Tur rescued him before the remnants of the Renegade fleet retreated.Mission: GoBotron Nevertheless the Renegades were able to rebuild, and when Fitor passed word onto Cy-Kill of Magmar's plans to create the Ultra Scepter on Cordax the Renegades mounted an assault on GoBotron, taking the Guardians by surprise. Along with Pincher, Fitor and Bugsie he was able to capture the Rock Lord envoy Solitaire along with Small Foot, A.J. and Nick, using the hostages to leave the GoBotron Fortress safely. He then had Solitaire Brainstormed and set course in Roguestar for Cordax. On arrival he travelled down to the planet with Crasher, Bugsie, Pincher and Hornet - arriving just as Magmar's troops came under attack from Solitaire's ally Boulder. The Renegades' arrival turned the battle in Magmar's favour and - after seeing he had Solitaire's Power Scepter - he soon allied with Cy-Kill, though both made little secret of their dislike for each other. The Guardians meanwhile had followed them to Cordax thanks to the help of Solitaire's valet Nuggit and soon allied with Boulder's troops, only to be attacked by the combined forces of Cy-Kill and Magmar, leaving Leader-1 and Turbo damaged. While they were attempting to trek to Magmar's Stonehead fortress the Renegade/Evil Rock Lord alliance took the Power Scepter of the Fossil Lord and began work on creating the Ultra Scepter. As soon as it was finished Cy-Kill snatched the weapon, breaking his pact with Magmar just as a repaired Leader-1, Boulder and their troops arrived in Stonehead. However, not for the first time he had underestimated the power of the weapon and was unable to control even his own flight while using the Ultra Scepter; taking pity on him Leader-1 shot the thing out of his hand before Cy-Kill was destroyed, and it impacted into Stonehead. And with that, it was retreating time for the Renegades once again. Battle of the Rock Lords

The Robo Machines comic[edit]


Cy-Kill was a criminal from Robotron recruited by Stron-Domez and rebuilt as a Robo Machine, along with Tank. He took part in Stron-Domez's unsuccessful attempt to assassinate the President of Robotron, using his motorcycle mode to help his master escape the Security Forces and then joining him on a ship to Earth. There, along with Tank and Fitor he participated in the attack on Cholkham, hiding in his motorcycle form before using a Fission Cannon built for him by Stron-Domez to cause destruction - including obliterating a police officer. However, Cy-Kill was distracted when a resident drove a truck into Tank, believing it to be his fellow Robo Machine's fault and punching him. The group were then drawn out of town by Leader One, Hans-Cuff and Dozer and engaged in battle. To break the stalemate Stron-Domez ordered his Robo Machines to attack a nearby school before fleeing. The group then took over the Datafile Electronics plant in Westbridge. Cy-Kill was assigned as a sentry, watching the main gate in motorcycle mode. However, Truck was able to get past masquerading as an Earth vehicle thanks to Charlie Bampton and free the hostage workers. This allowed the Security Forces to attack; Cy-Kill was the only one of Stron-Domez's creations to escape, spiriting his master away. The Robo Machines, Story 1


The pair hid out at a disused railway station near London, where under Stron-Domez' instruction Cy-Kill modified his master so he could become the fearsome gigantic monster Zod. The operation was a success, though the sheer size of Zod alerted the human scrap dealer Alf Meeker, who the pair then strong-armed into gathering material to construct further Robo Machines. However, Zod's Robo-Machine Radio-Emissions were so strong they alerted Leader One and Charlie, in orbit above Earth on the Command Centre. However, when the Security Forces moved in to investigate Zod was able to match their power, gravely injuring Royal-T. Returning to Meeker's scrapyard, Zod revealed his plan to build the Devil Invaders Casmodon, Falgos and Zarios to Cy-Kill, who then set off with the human to recruit a workforce of vagrants to build them. This activity was detected by Carry-All of the Security Forces, who flew in to investigate. Cy-Kill attempted to intercept but was struck by one of Carry-All's blades. He was able to recover and blast the enemy however, who was then mortally wounded by Zod. The rest of the Security Forces zeroed in on their dying comrade's signal but by that time Casmodon had been completed. Cy-Kill was greatly impressed by the Devil Invader's power, but was becoming unhappy with Zod and plotted to have Casmodon instead work for him. The Devil Invader shot down the scouting Leader One before heading to attack London; Cy-Kill fought the downed Security Forces commander until he had a crane dropped on him. The arrival of the remainder of the Security Forces saw Zod disabled, at which point they headed off to try and stop Casmodon's rampage. Cy-Kill was able to get free and abandoned the incapacitated Zod, instead wanting to watch as Casmodon destroyed the Guardians. On the way he stopped to attack some of the traffic fleeing London - and was met by Charlie and the Guardian Scooter. The courier was no match for Cy-Kill until Charlie suggested blasting the road under his enemy. Cy-Kill then fell into the London Underground and was promptly hit by a train. By the time he escaped Charlie had been able to temporarily disable Casmodon; Cy-Kill tried to kill the boy and Scooter as they retreated towards the Command Centre but was blasted by a covering Leader One. The surviving Guardians were then able to make it back to their ship and escape to Robotron for reinforcements - leaving Cy-Kill unopposed on Earth.The Robo Machines, Story 2 He was owed a win.

GoBots Heroic Champions storybooks[edit]


Along with Crasher, Cop-Tur and Braxis, Crasher helped capture Scooter and planned to use him as a hostage to force the Guardians to leave Earth. However, he soon escaped and instead was able to tell the Guardians all about Operation Dark Net, the Renegades' latest crazy scheme, which was soon foiled despite Crasher damaging the machine Blaster built to stop them. The Hideaway He was later peripherally involved in Braxis' attempt to build a robot duplicate of Matt, which didn't work either. Race to the Stars Next, Cy-Kill and Braxis targeted the Saltsea Fresh Water Power Plant, hoping to harvest the super-fuel EnergeX from it. However, Crasher alerted Scooter and Nick to the operation; Scooter drew her and Cy-Kill away with one of his holograms. While the Renegades were able to capture the small Guardian it gave time for Leader-1 and Turbo to arrive and thwart their plan.The Power Machine He later devised a needlessly complex mission to transport parts needed to repair Thruster overland - through 4th July celebrations. Despite - or perhaps - the Renegades disguising themselves as figures from the American Revolution (with Cy-Kill as George Washington) the ploy was a failure when they were spotted by Turbo. Operation Hoax

Machine Men mini-comics[edit]


Cy-Kill was the dreadful leader of the Enemy Machine Men from the black planet Robotron. He targeted Earth for conquest, believing it to be an easy target. Initially he was right and his forces routed the planet's native Friendly Machine Men. However, they regrouped at the Command Centre and counter-attacked, with Leader-1 battling Cy-Kill. Space Wars Along with a group of his minions Cy-Kill was captured and imprisoned in a laser beam gaol on Robotron by the Friendlies. Thankfully Zod was able to free them and the group escaped to Earth, followed by Leader-1 and his troops, with battle starting once again. Space Wars II In a subsequent battle he decked Leader-1 with a mighty punch The Combat and when his opponent was further distracted clobbered him a second time before jumping up and down on his foe. He survived the resulting nuclear attack by the Australian army and continued fighting.Challenge of the Machine Men

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots Mini World storybooks[edit]


Cy-Kill and Doctor Braxis came up with a plan to wipe out the ASC's top scientists and cadets by tampering with the sticks of the Lixil Lions plastikice hockey team ahead of their final against the Oilers. However, Matt Hunter foiled the plan and Rest-Q prevented Cy-Kill from intervening. Deadlocked, he grabbed Braxis and fled, their scheme in tatters. Champions of Lixil Cy-Kill chewed Crasher out after her unsuccessful attempt to run over numerous ASC scientists, but her escapade did lead to Braxis realising Halley's Comet could be used against Earth. He joined Crasher in intimidating the council of Mixafon into giving the Renegades the components of a gravity machine to pull the comet off course. He then beamed an ultimatum to the ASC, ordering them to surrender or be destroyed. However, while he was busy monologuing to A.J., Matt zipped up into orbit with Spay-C and destroyed the gravity component. Collision Course Comet Together with Braxis, he planned to drop the dangerous everything-eating weeds of Calcheron on the ASC's Command Centre. With help from Cop-Tur he spread the seeds around his enemies' base. While Matt was unable to stop the weeds Cy-Kill was foiled by his own impatience - he had chemically accelerated the growth of the plants, which then died out rapidly. The Weeds of Calcheron After Geeper-Creeper failed in a mission Cy-Kill listened to another of Braxis' plans. They recruited the Wagner Sirens from Wagner 11, forcing the creatures to use their sonic powers on the Command Center. However Matt, A.J., Turbo and Road Ranger were able to shield themselves long enough to turn the sonic waves on the Renegades, who retreated. The Wagner Sirens

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit]

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The Renegades followed a tip from Braxis about a truck shipment of sorium - only to find it was a trap, as the truck was actually Road Ranger, driven by Matt Hunter. However, a chance lightning strike had sent the Command Center back to prehistoric times, and the bait was nearly captured before they sorted themselves out and drove the Renegades into retreat. The Rescue of Road Ranger Next he planned to harvest Magma Worms from a volcano discovered by Professor James Hobby but Leader-1, Dozer and Dumper were able to destroy the creatures before they could be gathered up. The Rumbling Jungle He was also involved in Braxis' scheme to bring waxworks to life in order to kill A.J. and Nick but got punched through a wall by Turbo. Meltdown in the Museum Cy-Kill later waited to receive the captured Anya Turgenova, only to open the chest that should have contained the scientist to find it to instead have Braxis inside after she and Matt had turned the tables on the treacherous Doctor. The Aliens Steal a Scientist He then captured Matt, Nick and A.J. before sending them to GoBotron, where the evil Baron Von Joy and his sidekick Psycho planned to frame them for the destruction of the Guardian Council. However, Turbo learnt of the plans and saved his friends. By Astrobeam to GoBotron He oversaw the capture of Leader-1 and Rest-Q after they were frozen in their vehicle modes by Braxis' new freezer beam. However, the other Guardians rescued them. Battle of the Beams Cy-Kill then planned to unleash the brainwave-controlling Exploding Toads of Primus in five locations around Earth. However, the Guardians captured Braxis and tricked him into revealing the locations they would be unleashed at and the plan was foiled, with Cy-Kill himself being mugged in Sydney by Turbo and Hans-Cuff. The Exploding Toads of Primus Later during a jungle battle he captured Nick and A.J., but they were recaptured when Scooter got doped up on energy and briefly grew to giant size. Scooter Strides Out


Cy-Kill then worked with Braxis to raise money via criminals in order to purchase an abandoned mine at Silvermoon. The Guardians caught wind of the scheme, but by the time they arrived in force the Renegades had already abandoned the base. The Secret of Silvermoon Mine The Renegades then began working with the Enemy Invaders Vamp Scorp and Pincher, who joined in attacking the Guardians. As such the rest of his troops were able to cause considerable damage to the Guardians, and as such the Renegades were free to capture the freighter Global Trader. The remaining Guardians were able to save the ship, but Cy-Kill warned them to beware, as Zod was coming. Captain Clegg's Dream Together with the Enemy Invaders he tried to prevent Matt and Spay-C from bringing Professor Von Joy's new Battle Suit to Earth, but after a chase around the universe they were able to evade him thanks to the timely arrival of Path Finder. The Professor's New Baby With help from Tux, he then tried to take control of the industrialist Walter Wilson and his assets, but Matt and the Guardians were able to foil their plans. Walter Wilson's Millions Cy-Kill then assembled a huge army of Renegades at Mauna Mauna, launching a missile attack on Earth's capitals. However, the Guardians were able to destroy the missiles and then defeat them, with Cy-Kill forced to call another retreat. The Battle at the End of the Earth

GoBots Magazine[edit]


Doctor Braxis devised a Phoron Gun capable of reversing every ion in Leader-1's body, much to Cy-Kill's delight. He enlisted Pincher to kidnap Scooter and Nick to function as bait to get the Guardian leader onboard Thruster so they could use it on him. Leader-1 promptly arrived to barter for the release of his friends but Braxis was confused when Scooter projected a hologram of Leader-1 and shot the wrong one - giving the real Leader-1 time to destroy the gun and escape with the hostages. The Blast of Doom! Next the Renegades planned to kidnap key Guardians, starting with Path Finder. However, Scooter was able to pick up their transmissions and warn her in time. Instead the Guardians set up a huge magnet, disguised by one of his holograms. When Cy-Kill led the Renegades in to attack what they thought was the Command Center they found themselves trapped by the huge device, which Scooter then set to repel - firing them into space. Scooter's Mighty Magnet Cy-Kill then took Crasher and Cop-Tur to steal ultium from Sarkofony. However when the sentient volcano they took the material from refused to let the Renegades go, blocking them with a forcefield, and the two groups had to work together to leave the planet, with Cy-Kill helping Leader-1 lug the crystals back into the mine. The Wrath of the Mountain Cy-Kill then travelled to Quartex as part of a joint wheeze with the Evil Rock Lords. The Renegades "tried" to steal a stone statue from an ancient city on the planet which was stopped by the Guardians and the Good Rock Lords, with Leader-1 blasting Cy-Kill. However, the theft was a ruse - the statue actually contained Magmar, Brimstone and Slimestone, and once it was onboard the Command Center they opened the doors, allowing Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur inside. Scooter and Nuggit were able to raise the alarm, though -before the bad guys were tricked into exiting the Command Center in the middle of space thanks to one of Scooter's holograms, with Cy-Kill then having to carry Magmar to safety. Conquest of the Command Center! Through a bug Night Fright placed on Super Couper the Renegades overheard that an automatic freighter loaded with zintrinium for the repair of GoBotron had malfunctioned and needs to be repaired. Cy-Kill set off with Clutch, Cop-Tur and Night Fright in Thruster where they held the upper hand until Leader-1 found the bug. The Guardian leader then tricked the Renegades into the freighter's hull, which Clutch noticed had no exits. Trapped, the Renegades were sent off to the Crab Nebula by the Guardians for an unwanted holiday. A Spy Among Us

Fun Publications[edit]

Transformers Timelines[edit]

RenegadeRhetoric Farewell Cy-Kill.jpg

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Once he arrived on Axiom Nexus, Cy-Kill went through processing the same as any offworlder. Transcendent: Part 1 TFWikiFavicon.png As he acclimated himself to the Offworlder Zones, Cy-Kill began recruiting allies for his cause. A trio of Aurex Cluster Transformers called the Instigation Mini-Con Team were his first recruits. Pow Wow, Odd Ball, and Breez were soon joined by former Decepticons Clutch and Warpath. Finally, Cy-Kill ventured into the Heap and challenged the leader of an infamous band of Uniend cluster Predacons. Cy-Kill beat Fright Face in single combat, winning his loyalty. So impressed with the dedication of his new troops was Cy-Kill that he recreated the Puzzler combination technology, turning his Predacon followers into the giant Monsterous. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/16

After securing his minions, Cy-Kill and Clutch planned a raid on TransTech scientist Shockwave's laboratory to liberate research for how to convert sparks to his cause. Swindle, Swindle, and Swindle also provided him with a Verronian Warp Star. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/15 Meanwhile, Cy-Kill secured time on the air for the ANN. The unsuspecting (and lax) Rook recruited him as a fill-in host for "Ask Vector Prime", ANN's most popular feature. Cy-Kill couldn't pass up unrestricted and largely unmonitored access to the airwaves, and began spreading the Renegade message of rebellion. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/13 He also made contact with a mysterious Renegade from another reality, able to assist him in returning home.Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/17 Cy-Kill's forces made a successful raid on Shockwave's research and development facility in Lower Tesarus. Traffic was backed up for megacycles. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/18

After several days of Renegade Rhetoric on the air, someone at the OZSA actually listened to the broadcast. They realized Cy-Kill was an "obscure faction leader" and likely responsible for the attack on Shockwave's laboratory. Cheetor and an OZSA team stormed the broadcast booth, but Cy-Kill and his Renegades were ready for them. Having acquired an abundance of new troops and resources, Cy-Kill summoned Gong (his mysterious ally) and returned to Level 1. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/21

"Brain Problem Situation"[edit]

Cy-Kill and the Renegades made an alliance with Gog of planet Moebius, organizing a series of bases around the unusually shaped world. By universal coincidence, these bases somehow worked with the planet to create a crude Dimensional Interfacer, and began drawing power extra-dimensionally from 21 stratas away. Optimus Prime and the Autobots of that universe tracked the multiversal drain, and chose to investigate it in new bodies as Spy Changers. When the Spy Changers arrived on the GoBots' Earth, a misunderstanding led to a fight between the Spy Changers and Guardians, so Cy-Kill's Renegades joined the battle on the side of the Spy Changers. Quickly realizing Optimus Prime was a heroic fool cast in the image of Leader-1, Cy-Kill nevertheless maintained an alliance with the Spy Changers to keep them opposed to the Guardians. Prime was no fool, however, and soon recognized Cy-Kill's true nature. The Spy Changers and Guardians formed their own alliance, and the Renegade bases on Moebius were destroyed, saving the Spy Changers' reality. Brain Problem Situation

Echoes and Fragments Renegade meeting.jpg

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit]

Sideways and Gong attempted to have some fun by mingling the universal streams of a GoBots reality with those of a Transformers reality during the events leading to the latter's first encounter with Unicron. As a result, Cy-Kill naturally found himself playing out the role of Decepticon emperor of destruction, Megatron. When Optimus Prime prepare to make a special run to Autobot City on Earth from Moonbase One, Cy-Kill's spy Snoop was there to intercept the new orders. Cy-Kill congratulated her on her espionage skills while simultaneously mocking Zero for his past failures. The Renegades attacked the Autobot Command Center en route to Earth, killing the crew of Prowl, Brawn, and Ratchet, while keeping Ironhide as a potential bargaining chip. As they reached Earth, however, the hole in the Command Center was spotted from Lookout Mountain, and the Renegades were forced to begin their attack before penetrating the Autobot defenses. Although the battle continued through the night, Sideways and Gong's antics shuffled Cy-Kill out of reality, replacing him and his troops with Decepticons, now attacking Guardian City. Echoes and Fragments

Go-Bots comic[edit]


Cy-Kill was created on Earth as Go-Cycle Red, a Go-Bot to be ridden by other Go-Bots; ironically one of the earliest stages of his programming involved playing catch with Leader-1, his future arch-enemy. Go-Cycle Red's planned role didn't go down too well with him and he instead ended up as Cy-Kill, a fighter in T. Coriander Banks' illegal Go-Bot fight club. Banks tweaked his G-chip to allow Cy-Kill to be more violent, with considerable success as he soon became the prize fighter in the bouts. However, Banks didn't reckon with the damage his unlawful modifications were causing, and after an abortive attempt to persuade racing car driver Matt Hunter to join the series and a brief stand-off with Hunter's Go-Bot Turbo, Cy-Kill participated in a massacre of humans and Go-Bots before going on the run near Route 66, soon gathering a band of fellow renegade Go-Bots. By the time the US military sent Leader-1 and Nick Burns to investigate his group had grown to well over a score of Go-Bots. The group were able to batter Leader-1 in combat and fatally wound Nick before taking military secrets from the government Go-Bot's brain, allowing them the perfect opportunity for a full uprising against humanity.Issue 1

He told Pocket and Crossword to destroy Leader-1 before heading a general rampage in the first town they came across, with Cy-Kill having fun kicking some humans to death. He was angered to find not all had joined the uprising, taunting and torturing Scooter when he found out the small Go-Bot was still loyal to A.J. Foster, who promptly hit him with an improvised petrol bomb. At this point Screw Head voiced concerns about the violence involved, which were dismissed by Cy-Kill, who promptly forced Scooter to drive over tyre-spikes. Turbo attempted to challenge him but was easily defeated before Leader-1, having escaped execution, arrived backed with an army of his own. A second brutal duel between the pair took place, with Leader-1 the winner. The injured Cy-Kill declared he could see right through Leader-1, who he believed only wanted power for himself.Issue 2


Cy-Kill was right, and the pair wasted countless years in an endless perpetual war during which Earth was surrounded by Gobotron. During this period Cy-Kill and his Renegades were captured several times by Leader-1 and the Guardians and had their minds wipe, allowing the conflict to start all over again each time. For his part Cy-Kill became cruel, vain and obsessive. In order to break the deadlock, Cy-Kill enlisted Zod to his cause by feeding the monster the unfortunate Dumper. With Zod on their side, the Renegades undertook a night assault on the Command Center, but Leader-1 switched the base to its' space-going mode, killing Twin Spin in the process. The Renegades gave chase in Thruster.Issue 3

The Renegades tracked them to the inner core of Gobotron - the long-forgotten Earth - soon afterwards. There Cy-Kill ordered the harvesting of a group of surviving humans for experiments that largely seemed designed for his own amusement, and then travelled around his birthplace on a throne towed by Loco, BuggyMan and Tank. When Leader-1 arrived with the Lazer Lance, a weapon that could destroy Zod, Cy-Kill was able to snatch it from him and snap it. However, he was then attacked by Boulder and the Go-Lems, who left him dangling over the edge of a chasm. While Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter, Spay-C and Screw Head tackled Zod, Cy-Kill and the Renegades took the opportunity to steal the Command Center and turn it on the Guardians. He used its' weapons to fatally wound Leader-1 and injure numerous other Guardians, while also kidnapping Scooter. Issue 4


He took considerable pleasure in taunting the imprisoned, brain-damaged Scooter and relished the opportunity to have the Command Center at his disposal, planning to begin interrogation of prisoners. His attitude caused BuggyMan to quietly wonder if he was actually any better than Leader-1. Before political debate could start Turbo completed his storming of the Command Center, having set off on a lone mission to recover Scooter and fought his way past Fitor, Tank and Loco. Bursting onto the bridge, he shot BuggyMan and Geeper-Creeper, forcing Crasher into a retreat. He then attempted to reason with Cy-Kill to abandon his desire to lead in favour of uniting the GoBots. However, his human friends pointed out the carcasses left from Cy-Kill's experiments. The Renegade then attempted to blast Turbo with his "third eye", a laser coming out of the top of his head. However, Turbo ducked the beam and shot Cy-Kill through both eyes, destroying his head. Later, Road Ranger and Bug Bite chose not to rebuild Cy-Kill, instead combining his parts with those of Leader-1 to create a new Go-Bot. Issue 5



  • Cy-Kill (GoBots, 1983)
    • Enemy Robot Leader
    • ID number: 01
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
Cy-Kill was released by Tonka in the first series of GoBots, and converts from robot to futuristic motorcycle in 8 steps. The toy was a repackaging of Bike Robo from Machine Robo, with no significant changes. At the time of the original release the figure had recently been released in America by Bandai as the Machine Men figure Cycle-Man. Unlike the majority of GoBots figures, Cy-Kill requires parts-forming, as his wheels move to his shoulders and his engine block is removed when converting to robot mode. Due to this, the rubber tires, the extensive chrome detailing (even simply moving his arms can cause chrome to rub off in the shoulder joint), the thin handlebars and the easily-lost knee stickers, loose Cy-Kill figures are often found incomplete or damaged. The figure has articulation at the shoulders, hips and knees, though the hips are bound by a single bar and any posing of the knees requires care to be taken to not overbalance Cy-Kill, as even small falls can damage the chromed parts.
  • Cy-Kill was offered in the first-ever assortment of GoBots figures manufactured in 1983 (#7200). The figure remained available throughout the line's life as part of the second and third series' Enemy/Renegade assortment (#7254) - remaining in production alongside the recoloured version of the figure. The third series version came with a card-mounted 3-D GoBots Sticker. The figure was one of a handful that were available for the line's entire life on toyshelves.
  • Bilingual Canadian releases named the figure as Morto.

  • Cy-Kill (GoBots, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot Leader
    • ID number: 45
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
Cy-Kill was released by Tonka in the second series of GoBots, and converts from robot to futuristic motorcycle in 8 steps. The figure was recoloured in a black/grey/green scheme and assigned a new GoBot number. As with the concurrently issued recolour of Leader-1 Tonka's famous complete absence of any biographical material on the figures means there is no explanation as to what this change means, though it was perhaps an attempt to make the toy look more 'evil'. The new scheme was however not picked up in any media, and only one known piece of merchandise, AHM's Battle Train set; everything else continued to use the original white/red/blue colours. The recoloured version of Cy-Kill was exclusive to the GoBots line and was not issued outside of North America as a result. It is not to be confused with the Machine Robo Best 5 version of Bike Robo, which features some black but is otherwise different. As the toy incorporates all the fragility and easily-lost accessories of the original but was available for a shorter period of time and in considerably fewer markets the recoloured Cy-Kill is considerably rarer than the standard version, albeit more common than most of the third series figures.
  • The recoloured Cy-Kill was offered in the second and third series' Hot Shot assortment (#7255) - the original remained in production alongside the recoloured version of the figure. The third series version came with a card-mounted 3-D GoBots Sticker.

  • Renegade Gift Pack #1 (GoBots Gift Pack, 1984)
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
The original version of Cy-Kill was released in one of the Renegade Gift Packs with Twin Spin and Stinger. All three toys are unchanged from their original releases.

  • Renegade 3-Pack #1 (GoBots Gift Pack, 1985)
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
Cy-Kill was planned to be included in a Gift Pack along with Slicks and Water Walk which was advertised in the 1986 Tonka Catalog but was ultimately not released.
*Not available in stores

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Super GoBots Cy-Kill
  • Cy-Kill (Super GoBots, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot Leader
    • ID number: 021
A repackaging of the Machine Robo Big Bike Robo toy, Cy-Kill transforms from robot to futuristic motorcycle. While patterned on the smaller version, the toy featured a revised transformation that negated the need for parts-forming by having the bike's engine and wheels turn into a large backpack, albeit at the cost of the robot losing its' distinctive shoulder-mounted wheels. It is however considerably more durable, eliminating the chrome arms in favour of grey plastic, and retains the same articulation as the smaller version. Despite this, the handlebars are still relatively vulnerable, and can be broken on loose examples. Unlike most Super GoBots Cy-Kill did not come with a sticker sheet, and several from the Japanese release were omitted.
  • The Super GoBots Cy-Kill was offered in the second and third series' Enemy/Renegade Super GoBots assortment (#7252). The third series version featured an updated box, using the same art used for the Robo Machine Super GoBots version; despite this showing the character with a red head the toy was unchanged from the previous release. This release also featured a character biography on the reverse of the box - the only Cy-Kill toy to do so.

Robo Machine[edit]

  • Moto (Robo Machine, 1983)
    • ID number: RM-01
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
A carded repackage of Bike Robo featuring a new starry background, Moto was released by Bandai Europe during the latter half of 1983.

  • Moto (Robo Machine, 1983)
    • ID number: RM-01
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
Moto was later re-released as part of the second wave on a blue backing card. While later catalogues referred to the figure as Cy-Kill, it was only ever issued as Moto in Europe.

Robo Machine/Machine Men version
  • Cy-Kill (Super GoBots, 1985)
    • Enemy Robot
The European release of the larger Cy-Kill figure saw silver paint used on the flat grey parts, making it both more appealing and considerably closer in appearance to the small figure than either the Japanese or American releases. However, it should be noted that as painted parts these can scratch and wear more easily than the other versions. Unlike the smaller version the packaging for this version used the GoBots name. Like all the Robo Machine Super GoBots it also featured fresh box art rather than reusing the extant piece from the North American release; in Cy-Kill's case his gave the figure a red "helmet" but this was not present on the toy itself. Contrary to most European releases, Cy-Kill omitted the extra sticker sheet included with the Japanese release.

Machine Men[edit]

  • Cycle Man (Machine Men, 1983)
    • Enemy Robot
    • ID number: 01
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
The very first of the original six figure wave, Cycle Man was released by Bandai Australia during the second quarter of 1983. He remained identical to the original Bike Robo toy, albeit packaged on a blue backing card.

  • Cy-Kill (Machine Men, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot
    • ID number: 01
    • Accessories: Wheel (2), engine block
In 1984, the figure was re-released with his GoBots name and faction on a new black backing card depicting a blue-tinted alien landscape.

  • Cy-Kill (Super Machine Men, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot
The "Super" scaled Cy-Kill was among the ten figures released under the "Series 2" banner. While identical in design to Big Bike Robo, he featured silver arms, thighs, and engine parts the same as the European release.

Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (Action Toys)[edit]

Bike Robo MRDX-01 toy.jpg
  • Bike Robo (2018)
    • ID number: MRDX-01
Released as part of the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos line by Action Toys, Bike Robo can become Cy-Kill by swapping out his face.



Convertible Model Kit[edit]

Produced by Monogram, Cy-Kill was a plastic model kit that once assembled could convert from robot to motorcycle & rider. As anime bores will no doubt tell you, the kit is in fact the Armor Cycle from Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, known as the Veritech Cyclone from Robotech. While it was moulded in roughly the right colours it required additional painting to look like the picture on the box. The kit is in 1/12 scale and is recommended for model builders aged 13 and up.

Action Puppet[edit]

Produced by The Toy Store, the Action Puppet version of Cy-Kill was a small figurine of the character in robot mode. Pressing in the base of the figure caused the robot to twist and turn through a series of strings and elastic, before returning to his usual pose when the pressure was released. The figure closely followed the original Cy-Kill toy, and as such both the arms and the shoulder-mounted wheels have a tendency to break off.

Collectible Eraser Figurine[edit]

Produced by Monogram Products, the Eraser Figurine version of Cy-Kill was a small rubber figurine of the character in robot mode.


TurnOver Racer[edit]

  • TurnOver Racer (1985)
Produced by Illco, the TurnOver Racer was a "continuous action" track toy. The included somewhat-deformed Cy-Kill motorcycle could trundle around the weird little track that included an upside-down section, a cardboard Command Center section and a robot mode Cy-Kill coloured like E-HOBBY were involved in the process.


Take-A-Part GoBots[edit]

  • Take-A-Part GoBots (1985)
Released by Illco, the Take-A-Part GoBots set consisted of versions of Path Finder and Cy-Kill that were held together by magnets. The arms and legs of both figures could be swapped. The initial set contained two figures; a second set featured three, with a second version of Path Finder in the Cy-Kill figure's colours.


Battle Train[edit]

The controller for AHM's GoBots Battle Train set was styled after Cy-Kill, and could fire its' forearms into the bargain. It was also one of the few items of merchandise to use the character's second black/green colour scheme.


Gum Tresor[edit]

  • Cyclos (1986)
    • ID Number: RV 004
A transforming plastic version of Cyclos (the French name for Crasher) was released in France in 1986 by May Bonneuil in their probably legal range of Gum Tresor figures issued to cash in on Les Defi des GoBots. The all-plastic figure mainly used black, red and white plastic, meaning his show accuracy was not strong.


Tonka promotional art for Cy-Kill.
  • Generally speaking text cannot do justice to Bernard Erhard's scenery-chewing delivery of Cy-Kill's dialogue in Challenge of the GoBots, which is one of the most entertaining aspects of the whole show.
  • For the cartoon's pilot mini-series, Cy-Kill's animation model has four fingers on each hand, and black handlebars on his shoulders. For the series proper, he was refined to have five fingers and grey handlebars, but in practise, his fingers would constantly fluctuate between four and five throughout the show's run. Similarly, animators often differed on how to depict his eyes: sometimes they were tiny orange pupils floating in empty black sockets, while other times, they were featureless orange eyeballs merely ringed in a black "domino mask." An occasional recurring error would even give him orange eyeballs with pupils, represented by a black outline.
  • Cy-Kill featured in 64 of the 65 episodes of Challenge of the GoBots, only being absent from "The GoBots That Time Forgot". Only Leader-1, Scooter and Turbo were ever-present in the series.
  • Cy-Kill's Cybertronian-style body from the "Cataclysm universe" is modeled on Wreck-Gar from the 2010 Transformers toyline with the head of Dragstrip from the Combiner Wars toyline.
  • In the French dub Les Defi des GoBots, Cy-Kill was renamed Cyclos and voiced by Jacques Deschamps.

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