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Jerigan was a mutated dinosaur who menaced Japan.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Jerigan began life as cloned Elasmosaurus created from bones by Doctor Hyashi at UNECOM's Japanese base. However, it was mutated by her vengeful colleague Doctor Eiji Tsuburaya, becoming the violent Jerigan and breaking out of the base. While Ichigar tussled with the Guardians Jerigan made off out to sea and threatened a fishing boat until the Command Center arrived. Jerigan shot the craft down with its' eye-beams and chased it under water, only to be caught by Cy-Kill's Astrobeam. He was later used by the Renegades to attack Tokyo and caused considerable damage until Tsuburaya was able to gas it into unconsciousness. The beast was then returned to his Elasmosaurus form. Destroy All Guardians