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Waldron is a town in Denver, USA on Earth. It is the home of William and Katherine, uncle and aunt of A.J. Foster. It also contains the imaginatively named Waldron Crafts shop and the even more imaginatively named shop just called Waldron. And also something called Ftun Bure.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

The Renegades covertly took over Waldron, forcing its' population to work on constructing Ultra Zod and using the town's children as hostages to prevent any of the residents contacting the outside world for help. However, A.J. Foster took a vacation from UNECOM to visit her family there. She spotted BuggyMan and Crasher but was captured before she could do anything about it. She was able to slip away and met Turbo and Nick Burns, who had followed Cop-Tur to Waldron. Turbo took care of BuggyMan and the group called in Leader-1 and Scooter for back-up; however, Ultra Zod was soon activated and rampaged around Waldron, with Turbo destroying a bridge in an attempt to stop him. Thankfully the town was saved when Rest-Q arrived with the Power Suits, allowing the Guardians to form Courageous and destroy Ultra Zod. Ultra Zod


  • While there are several Waldrons in the USA there isn't one in Denver.