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This article is about the Renegade weapon. For the episode, see Ultra Zod (episode).

For when Zod isn't enough there's Ultra Zod - the next generation of giant angry roaring Renegade superweapon.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

UltraZod on the rampage.jpg

As part of his latest plan to defeat the Guardians and take over Earth, Cy-Kill was able to take over the town of Waldron in Denver, putting the human population to work on an upgraded version of Zod he christened "Ultra Zod". Unfortunately for the Renegades among the kidnapped townsfolk were UNECOM member A.J. Foster's Uncle William and Aunt Katherine, and as the town was deserted with the distinctive Crasher on sentry duty she soon worked out something was up. Leader-1, Turbo and Nick Burns soon arrived to investigate Renegade activity but were too late to prevent Ultra Zod from being activated. Turbo attempted to decoy the huge beast, eventually leading it across a bridge that collapses under the monster's weight. That didn't slow Ultra Zod down but it did give the Guardians time to summon their Power Suits. Courageous was able to blast the ground from under Ultra Zod, causing it to fall and display its' weak underbelly - which the Power Warrior shot, destroying the machine. Ultra Zod.

Ultra Zod was never constructed again.


  • Ultra Zod was invented for Challenge of the GoBots and had no toy.
  • Why Cy-Kill upgraded Zod but kept exactly the same vulnerable underbelly problem in place is both implausible and completely in-character for the Renegade leader.