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Crasher is a member of Cy-Kill's personal entourage, and one of his favorite Renegades. Her open enthusiasm for the cause is second to none. Merciless in combat, Crasher's boots contain seismic generators able to send waves of energy through the ground with a single stomp. She is obsessed with defeating her Guardian opposite number, Turbo, but may focus on Leader-1 from time to time as well.

She is sometimes known as Fracture.

Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha!'

—Crasher, "Battle for GoBotron" et al.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Marilyn Lightstone

Crasher joined the Renegades before their first rebellion, and in the aftermath participated in a raid on the Guardian mining plant on Garleon along with Cop-Tur. There she battled the Guardians Leader-1 and Treds but was ultimately defeated and captured thanks to the intervention of a miner named Turbo. She was imprisoned but released by Cy-Kill and Dart when they defected to the Renegades."Et Tu, Cy-Kill"


As Cy-Kill rose to become Renegade leader Crasher became one of his most trusted troops, being taken on most missions to provide muscle and general mayhem. She was arguably more interested in destruction and violence than the Renegade cause, but Crasher's dedicated brand of insanity was a useful tool for Cy-Kill. While Crasher wasn't especially smart, she was very powerful, thanks partly to the electrical attacks she could summon up from her feet. Crasher was a serious threat to any Guardian, and only Leader-1 and Turbo could hold their own against her regularly. She developed a rivalry with Turbo, especially during the Renegades' frequent clashes with the Command Center 1 team. Crasher wasn't a team player, seeming to have a barely-restrained dislike of most other Renegades, usually relishing any opportunity to attack them that presented itself. However, her fear or respect of Cy-Kill usually kept her in line. Aside from her leader, the only other Renegade she seemed to have much time for was frequent partner in crime Cop-Tur.

BattleforGobotron crasher shockwaves.jpg

When the Guardians invented a portable Astrobeam, Cy-Kill took Crasher and Cop-Tur to steal it from a Guardian facility on GoBotron. Despite being injured, Rest-Q was able to raise the alarm and Hans-Cuff pursued the Renegades. However, Crasher transformed to robot mode and took the Guardian out with her electric boots, allowing the trio to escape to their fortress. This escapade drew the ire of the Guardian Council, who authorised a full-scale assault on the fortress; however, Cy-Kill was one step ahead of them; he took Crasher and Cop-Tur to Earth by Thruster to enact his latest strategy. On the way the ship encountered the NASA shuttle Intrepid, destroying the satellite the crew were repairing. After the Intrepid gave chase Crasher joined the attack on crewmembers Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns. It was at this point they found out that Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter had followed them in a Command Center. The resulting battle left Turbo badly injured and the Renegades moved on to meet up with their ally on Earth - the treacherous human scientist Doctor Braxis.Battle for GoBotron The meeting was observed by Scooter and Nick, with Cop-Tur and Crasher being sent to prevent the pair escaping. They failed, and Cy-Kill forbade the attention chasing after them would bring. Instead, they carried out the next stage of the plan - setting off to Stolbovoy Island to capture sorium created by Doctor Anya Turgenova. After Zod had chased off the guards they succeeded in capturing her, only for the Guardians and their human allies to arrive. A battle broke out, and Crasher took Anya hostage inside her cockpit - only for a stray blast from Thruster's weapon to bury her along with her prisoner, Turbo, Leader-1, Matt and A.J. under an avalanche - next to an unstable sorium crystal. Believing her doomed, Cy-Kill was forced to reluctantly abandon her and move on to the next stage of his plan. Target Earth Leader-1 was able to save everyone with his forcefield however, and the now-captive Crasher was taken back to the Command Center for Brainstorming. Initial interrogation only saw her divulge her nostalgia for demolition derbies and an old crush on Leader-1 before the Guardians found out the Renegades' next stop was Cheyenne Mountain. However, they were unable to arrive before the Renegades were able to get inside with the help of Braxis and activate their Pulsar Generator. As such the entire human race - aside from Braxis, fitted with a Frequency Neutralizer - came under Renegade control, and Nick immediately freed Crasher. The Renegades and every human in the area turned on the Guardians, with Leader-1 opting to cover the escape of Turbo and Scooter - until he was shot down by Crasher, now in control of the Command Center, and captured.Conquest of Earth While Leader-1 was a Renegade prisoner Turbo and Scooter remained at large, despite the entire population of Earth being hostile to them. Cy-Kill sent Crasher and Cop-Tur out with the mesmerised A.J. and Nick to draw the pair into the open, but Scooter tricked the Renegades with a hologram of Cy-Kill and was able to get his own hurriedly-made Frequency Neutralizers onto their erstwhile allies. Nevertheless the Renegade plan to use Earth as a launchpad for a fleet of Zods to invade GoBotron, though Matt and later Anya were both freed by Turbo and Scooter. Earthbound After helping save Leader-1 from being eaten by Zod, the Guardians and their human friends sneaked inside Cheyenne Mountain until they met the Renegades. Crasher battled Turbo while Nick and A.J. were able to use tanks to take Cop-Tur out; Crasher was disabled by the Guardian moments later. His plan falling apart, Cy-Kill purposefully set the sorium powering the Pulsar Generator to explode before escaping via Astrobeam, hoping to at least kill the Guardians. However, they were able to use the sorium to destroy the GoBotron-bound armada of Zods, while Crasher, Cop-Tur and Braxis were taken into custody. The Final Conflict


She was subsequently imprisoned on GoBotron's Prison Moon along with several other important Renegades. However Crasher was freed when Cy-Kill disabled the prison's security systems, happily reuniting with Cop-Tur and Destroyer. The trio went to the facility's control room and tried to capture Scooter and Nick as hostages; the pair escaped into the moon's tunnels when a perplexed Crasher was unable to use her electrical stomp attack due to her weaponry being disconnected. Instead she chased after them, though she was deceived by one of the diminutive Guardian's holograms. As it was, Crasher's disappointment was soon reversed when Destroyer contacted her, having found their weapons.Cy-Kill's Escape Cy-Kill later collected Crasher and Cop-Tur from the Prison Moon and used them to crew a Thruster which intercepted the Guardians' Command Center on route to GoBotron from Antares III. In the resulting stand-off it became evident that the Guardians had not rescued the Last Engineer from Antares III but instead had released the Master Renegade. Quest for the Creator Crasher was sent over to collect the Master Renegade but Turbo was able to blast the pair of them back into their shuttle. After apologising to Cy-Kill for the Guardians' escape she piloted a Thruster in an attack on GoBotron, locating Leader-1. Cy-Kill shot the Guardian down with Roguestar's weaponry and Crasher collected his injured body, sending him to be disassembled at the Prison Moon. The Guardians were eventually able to repair their leader thanks to the real Last Engineer. However soon after Leader-1 was revived Crasher and Fitor discovered the hidden workshop.The Fall of GoBotron However they were rushed by Turbo, who hurled some machinery at them, allowing the Last Engineer time to convert his workshop to the ship Courageous and escape GoBotron. Cy-Kill was furious when she told him of Leader-1's survival and ordered her and Fitor to chase Courageous down. They enlisted Cop-Tur and Tank to help, piloting two Thrusters into hyperspeed. However Turbo had stowed away onboard Cop-Tur's ship and was able to sabotage the attempts to catch the ship, forcing both Thrusters to abandon the chase. However while Cop-Tur turned around for repairs Crasher and Fitor pressed on, cloaking their Thruster and spying on Leader-1's tests of the first Power Suit. Flight to Earth When Small Foot received her suit its' advanced detectors picked them up; Crasher was chased and subdued by Turbo before she and Fitor were put through the Brainstormer at UNECOM Headquarters, allowing the Guardians knowledge of the forthcoming Renegade invasion of Earth. Using the Last Engineer's new Power Warrior, the Guardians were able to thwart the assault. Return to GoBotron


Cy-Kill identified the Guardians' human allies as a major factor in the Renegades' failures and decided to use Professor Ling's Chronos Time Transporter to kill them as children; Crasher especially liked the idea of running over a juvenile Matt Hunter. However, the Guardians arrived and attempted to stop them, and instead both groups were sent back to Ancient Rome, where Cy-Kill quickly adapted his plan to involve making himself Emperor of Rome. However, helped by gladiator trainer Marcus, the Guardians were able to dethrone the Renegades and return history to its' correct course - give or take the odd statue of Scooter doing a 'Roman' salute. Time Wars After Pincher freed Braxis and the Renegades put him to work building a superweapon to destroy Earth, Cop-Tur idly squabbled with Crasher over which one of them would get to kill the annoying scientist when their use for him was over. Ever the diplomat, Cy-Kill promised his underlings half each. Crasher and Pincher later attempted to prevent Leader-1 from intercepting a comet bound for Earth, but he was able to out-fly them. Nova Beam She was present when the Renegades tried to enlist Braxis' old colleague Doctor Mobius and his new Inverta-ray, taking him to Pluto. However, when Mobius switched the thing off before it could take out his son Danny onboard the Command Center, Crasher was enraged and would have stomped the scientist to death if Cy-Kill hadn't stopped her. The Guardians then attacked, and the Renegades withdrew after Crasher was damaged by Turbo - much to Cy-Kill's irritation. The Renegades later used the device to threaten GoBotron before Danny was able to convince his father to rebel against the Renegades, which led to Cy-Kill being transported to the midst of GoBotolis - requiring Crasher and Cop-Tur to rescue him before they could retreat. Genius and Son After Scooter was brainwashed by the Renegades to allow them access to UNECOM's base in Utah a Renegade Detector operated by Nick Burns nearly gave the game away, so Crasher and Pincher were sent to off the boy but he was saved by Leader-1. With help from Clive the Guardians were able to reverse Scooter's brainwashing and use it against the Renegades, with Crasher part of the force that walked into a trap inside the base. A withering crossfire might have meant the end for all of them but for the intervention of Professor Von Joy, whose attempts to help the Guardians with a new experimental weapon backfired, giving the Renegades a chance to escape. It's the Thought that Counts She later joined Cop-Tur and Loco in attacking a train transporting UNECOM's new Disruptor; despite the best efforts of Small Foot - who Crasher shot down - the raid was successful, though the wider plan was ultimately a failure as it saw the Renegades ally with the absurd, inept super-villain Trident. Trident's Triple Threat Crasher was later part of the scheme to manipulate the powerful alien Alva-Nar into destroying the Guardians on behalf of the Renegades by pretending to be the aggrieved party in the war. She wasn't able to contain her mirth at Alva-Nar's gullibility, but thankfully he was so colossally stupid it was some time before he realised that they were obviously the bad guys.Renegade Alliance

SpeedofEssence crasher crashes through.jpg

After a Command Center piloted by Scooter and Nick discovered the Renegades' new base was shot down Cop-Tur joined the expedition to an uncharted planet in order to make sure the pair were unable to report back. He spotted them in the hands of the local primitives but ultimately the duo were able to escape when Leader-1 and Turbo arrived to help; the latter kicked Crasher into a tar pit in the resulting scuffle. Dawn World This added to the awkwardness when the Guardians and Renegades were forced to work together when their ships both crash-landed on a planet inhabited by mechanical spiders, and Crasher had to pair up with Turbo. The pair got stuck in a huge spider's web. With his help, she got free - and then left her sparring partner stuck. Leader-1 and Cy-Kill worked to rescue him, before the latter took Crasher to one side and explained his plan to work with the Guardians until they could escape the planet and then betray them. She struggled with the basic concept and was much happier when the time came for the double-crossing - though the Guardians were able to avoid getting stuck after all. Forced Alliance Crasher and Cop-Tur were next sent to attack a UNECOM perimeter station on Earth, stealing Scooter's new oscillator rod with help from Scales. This was the final part needed for Braxis' new Dimensional Interfacer, which allowed the Renegades to call up Exor and her Insectoids from Level 21 to help invade Earth. However, they were soon ambushed by the extent of Exor's ambitions. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part I The Renegades were imprisoned on Roguestar but escaped and retook control of the vessel, while the Guardians were able to return Exor and her minions to their home dimension.Invasion from the 21st Level, Part II Crasher was later at a new Renegade base near Barstow on Earth with Tank and Screw Head when Turbo stumbled upon it. The trio attacked the Guardian and caused him considerable damage before chasing Turbo into town, where he gave them the slip. He was found and partly repaired by the humans Don and Greg, who entered him in the Barstow Grand Prix - unaware that their new car was actually a dormant GoBot. Snoop spotted him so Cy-Kill sent Crasher, Slicks and Spoiler to finish the job. Rather than just shooting him the trio decided the best way to achieve Turbo's destruction was just by joining the race. Turbo recovered enough to take control of himself and keep his human 'drivers' out of trouble until the Astrobeam reversed and returned Slicks and Spoiler to Roguestar, but Crasher didn't care. After barging numerous cars out of the race she was having the time of her life and became more focused on winning the race than destroying Turbo. However, Cy-Kill's parallel activation of his Electromagnetic Neutralizer knocked out the circuit's lights and she crashed in the dark close to the end. Speed Is of the Essence

RenegadeRampagept2 scooter avoids discovery.jpg

After Cy-Kill threatened to destroy a city to draw the Guardians out Crasher joined Scales, Pincher and Scorp in mugging and capturing Turbo in order to draw in Leader-1 and Scooter; the trio of Guardians were then shrank down by Dr. Go's new Molecular Transfuser. However, the tiny Guardians then slipped out of Crasher's hand and began causing trouble. Crasher was also shrank down along with Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Scales to combat them. However, the tiny Renegades all then fell victim to Nathan's vacuum cleaner. Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray When Cy-Kill decided to replace numerous Guardians with evil robot duplicates Crasher and Cop-Tur helped restrain Leader-1 so Dr. Go could fit him with a neural lock so a doppelganger could take his place. The real Guardians were imprisoned on the Moon of Shadows; Scooter and Small Foot along with their human friends travelled there to rescue their friends, tricking Crasher into thinking she had destroyed them. It wasn't one of her brightest days as shortly afterwards Scooter tricked her into abandoning her guard post with a hologram of Zod, and the real Guardians made short work of the duplicates. Doppelganger Thanks to Roguestar's ability to move around near-Earth space without detection Crasher was able to successfully raid Lunar Enterprises' Mine #6 on the Moon, and badly injured Path Finder when the Guardian attempted to intervene. However, this was one of several raids that forced the Guardians to mount a daring attack on the Renegade flagship itself. When a team sneaked onboard Path Finder was able to plant an L-Ron detonator on the ship's reactor after gaining revenge by blasting Path Finder. Thankfully Cop-Tur recovered the charge and - after some hot potato - the Renegades were able to flush the explosives into space and live to fight another day. The Quest for Roguestar She was later part of the Renegade invasion of Tri-Ceti - being particularly in her element chasing Trevor and Troilene around. The Renegades were able to capture the powerful Tramulet. Renegade Rampage, Part I After the Guardians evacuated the Trindles to Earth Cop-Tur and Crasher continued to mildly harass the elfin creatures, deciding to chase Trevor and Troilene around a golf course until the pair of Trindles jumped into a small stream, at which point the ever-capable Renegades collided. They followed this up by totally failing to prevent Scooter from retaking the Tramulet, leading to yet another defeat. The Renegades' Rampage, Part II

CrimeWave armored car robbery.jpg

Along with BuggyMan, she was assigned to guard duty in Waldron during the construction of Ultra Zod - capturing A.J. Foster when she arrived in town to visit relatives. However, she was later able to escape and warn the Guardians, who attacked the town and ultimately used Courageous to destroy Ultra Zod within moments of it being activated. Crasher herself was taken out of the fight when Scooter used a hologram to trick her into driving off a mountain. Ultra Zod Once again she was paired up with Cop-Tur to hit a weapons factory on Earth; the raid was a key factor in UNECOM developing the robot Sentinel, which briefly attempted to extinguish humanity after being deceived by Cy-Kill before chasing the Renegades off into space after scanning Crasher and realising she had an organic brain. Sentinel Crasher was then part of Cy-Kill's plan to ally with Earth's criminals and overwhelm the Guardians and UNECOM. She spotted Matt Hunter sneaking in to find out more of their plans, joining the rest of humanity it not being convinced by his biker disguise. However, Matt was later able to destroy the forcefield generator that was a key part of the wheeze, and as a result Flip Top was able to dump Cy-Kill and Crasher in the Potomac when the Renegades were booted out of Washington, D.C.. Crime Wave She later helped in the construction of Puzzler, later joining Pincher and Cop-Tur in raiding an army base for parts - only for the trio to walk into a trap laid by Leader-1 and General Newcastle from which they barely escaped. Auto Madic Along with BuggyMan and Fly Trap, Crasher attempted to kidnap A.J. and Nick from a demolition derby but were foiled by the Guardians and their Power Suits. Incensed, Cy-Kill devised a plan to draw Leader-1 and Turbo away from the Command Center so he, Crasher and Scorp could steal the suits. However, they were embarrassingly foiled by Scooter. Scooter Enhanced Crasher later used one of Dr. Go's Holographic Image Inducers to pose as Scooter before attacking Earth, leading to the Guardians briefly being exiled from the planet before the truth was revealed - partly because Crasher forgot herself and fired her hand-blasters, equipment the real Scooter didn't have. Tarnished Image

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On Earth she joined in the Renegades' attempt to find the Evil One's last resting place, and thus the powerful Dark Heart. When they did eventually find the his tomb she instead joined the Renegades in helping the Guardians in preventing an anti-matter beam from destroying basically everything, though along with Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur she was forced to withdraw damaged before the job was done. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts Crasher was one of the GoBots captured by B'oosa and forced to fight on Kolob for the amusement of Crespas and his patrons. This was basically heaven for Crasher, who chased Scooter around happily. Unfortunately for her, both sets of GoBots were later able to escape Kolob thanks to the inventiveness of Nick. Gameworld Thanks to information leaked by Bad Boy - undercover as the Guardian Heat Seeker - Crasher was able to destroy the Quantico Radar Telescope, and later steal the new nucleonic power pack from Scooter, Nick and A.J. The Guardians were later able to expose Bad Boy and combat the polarity invertor using the power pack; Turbo buried Crasher in a snowdrift in the resulting battle in Antarctica. Wolf in the Fold She later worked at the Renegades' short-lived Starfish undersea base before it was destroyed by the Guardians, with Matt dropping a load of girders on Crasher in the process. Depth Charge Crasher later helped the capture of the new Proton Cultivator, and attempted to Astrobeam both Leader-1 and Scooter into the sun as a bonus. However, due to an ion storm the device instead set the pair of Guardians to a mirror universe, where they met Crasher's much calmer mirror self, who sounded a lot like Path Finder for some strange reason.Transfer Point She joined Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Steamer in raiding GoBotron's Astro-Science Center for an improved Astrobeam. Battering Night Ranger didn't give her much of a high, and she was so hyper she nearly destroyed the prototype and had to be told off by Cy-Kill. Later on Earth, Steamer began having doubts about Renegade doctrine and walked out, Cop-Tur and Crasher were sent after him - though the defector was able to escape. Steamer was eventually able to convince the Guardians of his credibility in time to foil the Renegade plans. Steamer's Defection

Psycho Gundam.

Along with Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Fitor she took part in a raid on an industrial outpost on GoBotron, showing scant regard for the Geneva Convention when she took out Rest-Q when the Guardian went to the aid of the injured Heat Seeker, and then threw Scooter in a nearby lake for an encore. Crasher later helped capture the human Billy in order to use his scientific knowledge against the Guardians, but the boy was rescued by Scooter - who tricked Cy-Kill and Crasher into collapsing a cave on themselves in the process. The GoBot Who Cried Renegade After the Renegades captured the psychic boy Sean Roberts and found him uncooperative, Cy-Kill sent Cop-Tur and Crasher to capture the boy's mother from UNECOM custody - helped by the treacherous Major Benedict. They got away but Benedict was captured; Cy-Kill later ordered his rescue but while Cop-Tur was successful in grabbing the spy the whole thing was a ruse to draw the Guardians into a trap. A trap that failed, naturally. The Seer Crasher was later posted at the Renegades' Big Horn Mountain base when Cop-Tur's systems were briefly taken over by the human girl Buddy; the Renegades later descended on her house in order to find out more about the Spectrometer that made this possible. The Renegades' plan to use the spectrometer against the Guardians were later undone by Scooter, Nick and Buddy, with Crasher being required to make an impressive repair job on Thruster's Stealth Device so the Renegades could escape unscathed. Whiz Kid After a chastening encounter with the UNECOM shuttle Resolute and its' new rail gun the Renegades made a completely unconnected attempt to destroy Earth through use of its' volcanos. Leader-1 surrendered as per Renegade demands, while Crasher shot down the Command Center. However, Small Foot was able to save the day and bury Crasher under rocks. Ring of Fire


Crasher was present with Cy-Kill when her leader unexpectedly decided to sue for peace with the Guardians. She generally struggled with the concept of the war ending, even when it became clear Cy-Kill was actually laying a complex trap. She provided security for the initial talks in GoBotolis and still had trouble comprehending things when the talks switched to Vienna, trapping Turbo, Scooter, Matt, A.J. and Nick under an avalanche on the way. An irritated Cy-Kill made Crasher and Cop-Tur save the group before he finally explained the ploy to use Dr. Go's new personal Stealth Devices to fill the conference with Renegades. Unfortunately Turbo discovered the plans, and despite Crasher once again taking Path Finder out (this time with a chair) the plan was a failure. Pacific Overtures While she was party to the Renegades' plan to take control of mutated lizards Kaitudan, Ichigar and Jerigan, Crasher had little to do while the group had other ways of causing mindless destruction. Fortunately for his employment prospects the monsters were eventually neutralised. Destroy All Guardians After a Guardian sting operation left Cy-Kill captured, Cop-Tur joined Crasher in an attempt to rescue their leader. It wasn't successful, and instead Fitor later developed a gambit that fully exploited Leader-1's gullibility and allowed them to trace Cy-Kill to Elba, helping his escape attempt. Escape from Elba When it was Fitor's turn to get captured, Crasher was less enthusiastic about mounting a rescue as she believed him to be a wimp, but did so anyway on Cy-Kill's orders. Ultimately the Guardians were able to transfer the prisoner to GoBotron; however, Cy-Kill captured their human allies and forced a prisoner exchange. Attempts to turn that to the Renegades' advantage largely failed, but at least Fitor got free. Fitor to the Finish Crasher was later party to Cy-Kill's scheme to miniaturise and kidnap the entire population of Earth. With the human race as bargaining chips, the Renegades took control of GoBotron. Some Guardians still held out, but their cause took a heavy hit when Crasher and Cop-Tur were able to capture the rebels Turbo and Zeemon. He later sat as part of the court sentencing Turbo, Blaster and Van Guard to Disassembly. However, their regime was undone when Leader-1 made the dramatic revelation that Earth's population were safe. Clutch of Doom She joined Crasher and Zero in attacking a Guardian weapons factory on GoBotron; however, Road Ranger and Blaster were able to activate the building's automatic defences and the raid was a failure. Zero snapped afterwards and lead a coup, seizing control of the Renegades; Crasher stayed loyal to Cy-Kill despite his defeat to Zero in single combat. However, she was later blind-sided by Bad Boy who delivered her to Zero in an attempt to curry favour. She was soon joined by old rival Turbo when he was also captured by Zero's troops. The pair were used to bait Leader-1 and Cy-Kill to Dengon Beta, where Zero placed dummies; the real things were able to cooperate just long enough to escape from Zero on Roguestar. As a result, Zero's forces were eventually defeated by the Guardians, with his followers returning to Cy-Kill's command. The Third Column


Despite her usual loyalty when the Renegades used a fake Power Suit - actually an exo-suit built by the people of Fabricon - to invert Leader-1's personality she soon joined this new leader when he usurped Cy-Kill as Renegade commander. The new Renegades were looking dangerous - until an embittered Cy-Kill went to the Guardians and told them how to return Leader-1 to his normal self. Along with Crasher and Dr. Go, Cop-Tur adeptly changed his allegiance back to Cy-Kill. A New Suit for Leader-1 After being part of an unsuccessful attack to capture the psychic Mira Shaw from UNECOM custody, Crasher was a factor in Cy-Kill's more oblique Plan B, which involved taking over a fairground run by their human ally Wheeling. Somehow this almost worked as it enabled Block Head to capture Mira; sadly Cy-Kill's self-sabotaging personality saw her recaptured when the group attempted to escape via Loco instead of just flying, with Turbo tricking Crasher into driving into some rocks. Renegade Carnival More straightforward was the plan to combat a new UNECOM satellite warning system by just smashing the receiving stations, and Crasher even got to run Turbo and A.J. off the road in the process. The fight was interrupted by the arrival of the powerful and credulous alien Alaric. Cop-Tur had fun backing Cy-Kill and Crasher in tricking the pink idiot into believing the Guardians were tyrants until they were able to swipe Alaric's staff. However, after Alaric belatedly discovered the truth about the Guardians he sent Crasher and the other Renegades to the Moon before they could harm his new friends. The Gift She was later part of the plan to exploit another tedious cretin in the form of Tinotchka. The Last Magic Man Crasher joined Cop-Tur and Fitor in raiding a Guardian convoy of materials, forcing Staks and Sparky to abandon ship; the equipment they gleaned was soon put to use in the Renegades' new base on Titan. Braxis Gone Bonkers She later joined Cy-Kill and Crasher in trying to board the Command Center while Leader-1, Turbo and Van Guard were busy inside the ship's computers trying to resolve issues with the computer systems. However, Scooter used his holograms to keep the Renegades off-balance - including pretending to be Cop-Tur and insulting Crasher - until the other Guardians found the true cause of the problems - the Monster GoBots Vamp, Scorp and Pincher. Inside Job


Crasher was able to somehow destroy the Guardian Space Lab, nearly destroying Element X. Later she was one of the first to discover the power of the awakened Princess Astral; she impulsively charged the alien in car mode and was hurled up in the air, eliciting little sympathy from Cy-Kill, who instead realised her potential as an ally against the Guardians when the Princess followed that up by taking out Cop-Tur. As usual Astral swallowed his "the Guardians are baddies" spiel for some time before realising the truth. In the process he was again shot down by Leader-1; while the Renegades were able to escape when everything backfired, the usually loyal Cop-Tur was quick to call Cy-Kill on his attempts to frame the escapade as a Renegade victory.Element of Danger Along with Cop-Tur, she joined Cy-Kill in Astrobeaming directly onto the ceremonial stage at the Guardian Academy as part of a plan to abduct Zeemon. While the Renegades' undercover agents the Dread Launchers succeeded in at least getting Zeemon to a Thruster before being undone by the efforts of Guardian cadet Tri-Trak, the other trio had one of their more chastening outings. Cop-Tur accidentally destroyed the miniature Astrobeam that was meant to be their escape route and snapped at Crasher before they confused the Academy's Thruster simulator for a real ship and only narrowly escaped the combined might of the entire Guardian force. Guardian Academy Along with usual muckers Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur, she attacked the Earth colony ship Pilgrim; however, they were driven off by the arrival of the Secret Riders, with Crasher attacked by Throttle. Plans for a second attack were foiled - the Guardians had sent the colonists on to New Earth in a Command Center, instead filling the Pilgrim with troops. However, the Renegades later travelled to the colony anyway to put an escaped Master Renegade back in his place, battling with Vamp before again being blasted by Throttle. After Vamp and Scorp returned to the Renegade ranks and Creepy whisked his master away Cy-Kill then decided another retreat was the order of the day. Quest for New Earth After being tipped off by the power-hungry Doctor Janus, the Renegades were able to sneak into the rediscovered Atlantis. Janus then used the Atlantean Amulet of Power to call forth a slew of monsters to attack Guardian and Renegade alike, while Crasher was tricked by Scooter into a wild goose chase, believing she was chasing Tork around Atlantis when in fact it was a hologram. Cy-Kill led a trademark retreat, and Crasher delivered a withering appraisal of his over-ambitious plan as Thruster withdrew. Terror in Atlantis


The trio of Renegades later armed themselves with a cache of Parthian reduplicators in order to ambush the Guardians on Garleon; however, strong fire forced the Renegades to retreat. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" Crasher was chosen along with Cop-Tur, Pincher and Sky-Jack to join Cy-Kill in seizing control of a UNECOM expedition to Halley's Comet; they then used the ship to sneak past the defences of the Star Fortress and stole the quantumite powering the station. Crasher waited in Thruster as getaway pilot but the heist went awry when Cy-Kill dropped the quantumite, forcing everyone to evacuate before the Star Fortress was destroyed. The Secret of Halley's Comet She then joined in various nuisance raids to hinder the Guardians' repairs to GoBotron, including attacks that destroyed a convoy of materials bound for the planet, and damaging the construction of a new forest area. Along with Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Hornet he caused huge metal panels to fall down on GoBotolis, causing considerable destruction before Ace was able to activate the defences. However, an all-out Thruster assault saw the Renegade fleet take heavy damage, and Cy-Kill was damaged in a duel with Leader-1 - with Cop-Tur and Crasher having to collect him for the inevitable retreat. Mission: GoBotron When the Renegades captured Solitaire and made for Cordax to find out more about Magmar and the Power Scepters of the Rock Lords, Crasher joined Cy-Kill, Bugsie, Pincher and Hornet in travelling to the planet's surface. While she made her scorn of the rock-like beings of Cordax known she participated in the Renegades' alliance with Magmar. While Cy-Kill was able to take possession of the Ultra Scepter despite the efforts of the Guardians and their ally Boulder the power was too much for him and the Renegades were defeated once again.Battle of the Rock Lords

Machine Men mini-comics[edit | edit source]

Crasher was one of the Enemy Machine Men from Robotron who joined Cy-Kill in targeting the peaceful planet Earth for conquest.Space Wars

GoBots Heroic Champions storybooks[edit | edit source]


Along with Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Braxis, Crasher helped capture Scooter and planned to use him as a hostage to force the Guardians to leave Earth. However, he soon escaped and instead was able to tell the Guardians all about Operation Dark Net, the Renegades' latest crazy scheme, which was soon foiled despite Crasher damaging the machine Blaster built to stop them. The Hideaway She was later peripherally involved in Braxis' attempt to build a robot duplicate of Matt, which didn't work either. Race to the Stars Crasher then gave away that the Renegades were up to something at the Saltsea Fresh Water Power Plant when she ran Scooter and Nick off the road on the journey there. Scooter drew her and Cy-Kill away with one of his holograms; while they were able to capture the small Guardian it gave time for Leader-1 and Turbo to arrive and thwart their plan to harvest high-energy fuel from the station.The Power Machine She was later part of a needlessly complex mission to transport parts needed to repair Thruster overland - through 4th July celebrations. Despite - or perhaps - the Renegades disguising themselves as figures from the American Revolution (with Crasher as Martha Washington) the ploy was a failure when they were spotted by Turbo. Operation Hoax

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots Mini World storybooks[edit | edit source]


Crasher attempted to kill a group of ASC astronomers outside of their telescope as they observed Halley's Comet. However, her attempts to flatten as many of the humans as possible was thwarted by the arrival of Matt Hunter and Dumper, who shot her in the arm and forced Crasher to withdraw. She had meant to be carrying out reconnaissance, but Cy-Kill was quick to realise she'd probably been mucking around instead. But her mention of the comet inspired Doctor Braxis to come up with a scheme to use the object against Earth. Crasher helped terrorise the people of Mixafon into giving the Renegades a gravity component to drag the comet off-course towards Earth. Crasher was left guarding the component against interference. However, Matt worked out what was happening and set off to battle her in Spay-C. The shuttle GoBot was far too nimble for Crasher in space and sent the Renegade running, before disabling the gravity component.Collision Course Comet

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit | edit source]


Along with Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur, Crasher attempted to raid a sorium shipment detected by Doctor Braxis. However, it was a Guardian trap - the truck carrying it was none other than Road Ranger, being driven by Matt Hunter. The Rescue of Road Ranger She later stalked and captured Professor James Hobby, absorbing his knowledge of Magma Worms, but was prevented from killing the scientist by the arrival of Leader-1. The Guardians later foiled the Renegade attempt to harvest the worms from a volcano on Earth.The Rumbling Jungle She later worked with Cy-Kill and Braxis to turn waxworks into a robot army, but Turbo found them and flattened her. Meltdown in the Museum Crasher was assigned as lookout as part of Braxis' plan to kidnap Anya Turgenova. However, with Matt's help she turned the tables on Braxis, while Scooter tricked Crasher into getting jammed in an alleyway. The Aliens Steal a Scientist She later helped in another kidnapping plan, sending Matt, Nick and A.J. to GoBotron where Baron Von Joy planned to frame them for assassinating the Council of Guardians. That didn't work either. By Astrobeam to GoBotron Braxis then invented a ray that could freeze GoBots in their vehicle modes, but despite half of the Guardians being stuck the rest of them still battered Crasher and her comrades. Battle of the Beams As part of the Renegades' plan to use the Exploding Toads of Primus to enslave mankind Crasher was dispatched to Egypt to deliver one of the creatures. She successfully dropped it off in Cairo, but Scooter, Matt and Nick were able to whisk it away immediately thanks to information they got out of Braxis.The Exploding Toads of Primus Crasher was part of a pitched battle between the Guardians and Renegades in a forest, though her attempts to destroy Scooter were foiled by Turbo. The Renegades were forced into a retreat when Scooter overdosed on energy and grew to giant size.Scooter Strides Out


Crasher was later involved in the mysterious Renegade construction work spotted by Leader-1 at Silvermoon Mine - but they cleared out before a Guardian task force arrived. The Secret of Silvermoon Mine She returned to the area with the Enemy Invaders, nearly capturing Turbo and Nick before the hermit Grogan dropped a rock on her. The Monsters and Mister Grogan Crasher later helped capture the human freighter Global Trader. While their plan was ultimately foiled, the Renegades were able to finish work on Zod for use against the Guardians.Captain Clegg's Dream Crasher was later present when the Renegades took Anya and Brigadier Boris Bulkanikov hostage after they were captured by the newly-completed Zod. Cop-Tur threatened to crush the pair of humans unless the Guardians handed over their new Battle Suit, and released them when Turbo agreed to do so. However, once Cop-Tur released them Turbo did nothing of the sort, and he and Nick ran over Crasher before the Battle Suit chased away the Renegades. The Capture of Comrade Boris During a swamp battle Cop-Tur shot down Heat Seeker, who was then taken out by Crasher. However triumph was followed by a fall as he later walked into a trip-wire left by the human Billy Jack, who went on to free the captive Guardian. Billy Jack Makes a Friend She was later part of the huge assembly of Renegades Cy-Kill gathered at Mauna Mauna, but had a temple dropped on her by Dozer. The Battle at the End of the Earth

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots Little Owl Superstars storybooks[edit | edit source]

Crasher was part of the Renegades' scheme to use a machine to drain Guardians of their power, but was buried inside the device by Leader-1 before she could use it on him. Railway Rampage! Later she was part of a pitched battle that saw the Guardians buried under rocks before moving on to attack a nearby city. However, the Guardians were dug out by their human friends and were able to thwart the assault.Avalanche!

GoBots Magazine[edit | edit source]


Crasher was present when Braxis told the Renegades of his phoron gun, giving general maniacal support to the device and the plan to use Pincher to capture Scooter and Nick as bait. When Leader-1 arrived she headed off to a different room of Thruster but Braxis was confused by Scooter's hologram projector and the scheme failed. The Blast of Doom! She was later part of a squad sent to grab the Guardian Path Finder, to have her processed by Braxis' brainwashing ray. However Scooter had unravelled the Renegade scheme, tricking them into attacking a huge magnet disguised as the Command Center. She was then stuck when the magnet was activated and hurled off into space.Scooter's Mighty Magnet Crasher then worked with Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur to steal ultium from Sarkofony. However when the sentient volcano they took the material from refused to let the Renegades go, blocking them with a forcefield Crasher flew right into, she worked with her old enemy Turbo to save both groups of GoBots. Well, she shot him and then came up with the idea of throwing tyres full of water into the mountain, but that's teamwork the Crasher way.The Wrath of the Mountain She then travelled to Quartex as part of a joint wheeze with the Evil Rock Lords. The Renegades "tried" to steal a stone statue from an ancient city on the planet which was stopped by the Guardians and the Good Rock Lords, with Crasher getting shot by Turbo. However, the theft was a ruse - the statue actually contained Magmar, Brimstone and Slimestone, and once it was onboard the Command Center they opened the doors, allowing Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur inside. Scooter and Nuggit were able to raise the alarm, though, and Crasher was again blasted by Turbo before the bad guys were tricked into exiting the Command Center in the middle of space thanks to one of Scooter's holograms, with Crasher then having to carry Brimstone to safety. Conquest of the Command Center!

Fun Publications[edit | edit source]

Echoes and Fragments Deadlift Fracture.jpg

"Brain Problem Situation"[edit | edit source]

When the Autobot Spy Changers arrived on Strata 22, Crasher was one of Cy-Kill's Renegades who helped drive off the Guardians during a misunderstanding between them and the Spy Changers, and tried to forge an alliance with the dimensional invaders. Brain Problem Situation

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit | edit source]

For their own amusement, Sideways and Gong played with reality so that elements of a Gargent stream blended in and out of a Primax stream. After the first reality-shift, Crasher and the Renegades assaulted a Command Center on its way to Autobot City on Earth. When the crew was disabled Crasher, Cop-Tur, Slicks, and Psycho assumed the controls. Several shifts later, Crasher was among the injured Renegades and Decepticons fleeing the Battle of Autobot City aboard Astrotrain with their weakened leader, Megatron. On their way back to Cybertron, Zero used a thin pretext to toss Megatron, Crasher, and the other injured soldiers out into space. They were found by Unicron, who recruited Megatron to be his servant in exchange for reformatting the villain and his troops into new bodies. Crasher became the warrior known as Fracture, while Slicks became her "armada". Echoes and Fragments

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]


Crasher was one of several Go-Bots to go rogue and evade deactivation. She then lived as an outlaw near Route 66, where she linked up with other rogues to form the Renegades. Crasher personally led a raid on a filling station, where she traumatised and injured an attendant. Together with the rest of Cy-Kill's Renegades she later surrounded Leader-1, helping to subdue him so Tank could access his military knowledge, and took part in the subsequent full-scale rebellion against humanity.Issue 1 With Cop-Tur she captured the human-loyalist Scooter, forcing him to lick her tire treads clean or be handed over to Psycho. Issue 2


Over the many years of inter-Go-Bot war that followed she developed a love/hate rivalry with Turbo until the latter left Leader-1's service. She became a key lieutenant to Cy-Kill, flattering his vanity, and even gave herself a darker colour scheme. Crasher exchanged barbs with Turbo once again as the groups faced off on GoBotron's organic core - in fact the abandoned and devolved Earth. While Leader-1, Turbo and their allies were busy fighting Zod, Cy-Kill and the Renegades took over the Command Center, capturing Scooter. Issue 4 This resulted in Turbo mounting a rescue that saw the fighting-mad Go-Bot take out several Renegades in a brutal fashion, with Crasher opting to take cover instead of fighting. Disgusted with Cy-Kill's cruelty to captured humans, Turbo killed him and rescued Scooter. Crasher initially activated the Command Center's defences to kill them before Turbo was finally able to persuade her to let the Go-Bots' war die with Leader-1 and Cy-Kill. The pair ended their rivalry and shook hands before returning to the surface of GoBotron together in the Command Center. However since their departure Braxis' massed Vamps had swarmed all over the planet and they had to be saved by Road Ranger and his followers. As he took charge of the remaining Go-Bots to lead them towards a new future she remarked, without rancour, on the irony of a new generation taking over just as they were making progress. Issue 5

Toys[edit | edit source]

GoBots[edit | edit source]

Series 1 Crasher

GoBots[edit | edit source]

  • Crasher (GoBots, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot Race Car
    • ID Number: 21
    • Accessories: none
Crasher was released by Tonka in the first series of GoBots, and converts from robot to Porsche 956 in 4 steps. The toy was a repackaging of Porsche Robo from Machine Robo, with no significant changes. The figure features very few paint applications, with most of the vehicle mode markings being factory-applied stickers - these carry Rothmans advertising, in line with the famous Porsche team of the time. Unlike Takara/Hasbro figures of the period like Mirage, no attempt was made to alter the spelling. While basically every moving part on the figure is a lightning rod for wear, simple gravity makes this less of a problem than you'd think - though the feet can be difficult to get even on many loose examples of the toy, resulting in a distinctive stagger similar to that of Fitor. Crasher has some articulation in the shoulders.
  • Crasher was offered in the second assortment of GoBots figures manufactured in 1984 (#7201). From the second series onwards the figure was replaced by the recoloured version.
  • Bilingual Canadian releases named the figure as Écraseur.

Series 2/3 Crasher
  • Crasher (GoBots, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot Race Car
    • ID Number: 21
    • Accessories: None
For the second series of GoBots, Crasher was updated to a scheme closer to her appearance in Challenge of the GoBots. All of the white plastic was changed to black and the paint applications were changed to red, while new red/white stickers bearing the character's name were also added. Unlike most of the other recolours in the line, Crasher retained her original GoBots number, presumably as this represented a running change as far as Tonka were concerned rather than a recolour.
  • The recoloured Crasher was offered in the second and third series' Enemy/Renegade assortment (#7254). The third series version came with a card-mounted 3-D GoBots Sticker.

Gift Packs[edit | edit source]

  • Renegade Gift Pack #2 (Gift Pack, 1984)
An unchanged recoloured version of Crasher was included one of Tonka's Renegade Gift Pack #2 sets, with similarly unchanged versions of Tank and Geeper-Creeper.
  • Renegade 3-Pack #2 (GoBots Gift Pack, 1985)
The recoloured Crasher was planned to be included in a second Gift Pack along with Loco and Stallion which was advertised in the 1985 Tonka Catalog but was ultimately not released.
*Not available in stores

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Robo Machine[edit | edit source]

Robo Machines[edit | edit source]

  • Porsche (Robo Machine, 1984)
    • ID number: RM-20
    • Accessories: None
A carded repackage of Porsche Robo, the figure now known simply as Porsche was released by Bandai Europe in 1984, including the original sticker sheet included with the Japanese release. A running change in 1985 saw most of the figures updated to the black and red variant; this still included the extra sticker sheet, while some examples even still featured the original Japanese/European factory stickers. No changes were made to her backing card, despite catalogs and packaging from that year onward listing the toy under her GoBots name.

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

  • Porsche Man (Machine Men, 1983)
    • Enemy Robot
    • ID Number: 16
    • Accessories: None
The fourth toy from the third wave of figures, Porsche Man was released by Bandai Australia in 1983. It remained identical to the original white Porsche Robo toy, albeit packaged on a blue backing card.
  • Crasher (Machine Men, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot
    • ID Number: 16
    • Accessories: None
In 1984, the figure was re-released with her GoBots name and faction on a new black backing card depicting a blue-tinted alien landscape. A running change in 1985 saw the white Crasher replaced with her black and red variant.
Machine Men Silver Porsche

Competition Prize[edit | edit source]

  • Silver Porsche (Machine Men, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot
    • Accessories: None
In late 1984, a limited edition Crasher was offered as a prize by Bandai Australia. Sporting a polished chrome deco, the 'Stunning Silver Porsche' figure could be won by cutting out the Bandai logo from any Machine Men packaging and mailing it (with name and address) to the company's Sydney office. The competition was open to all Australian residents (although South Australians didn't need to supply a logo) until March 22nd 1985, with the prizes drawn the following week. 6000 chrome Crashers were produced, and shipped to winners in a clear plastic bag.


Robo Machines[edit | edit source]

Robo Machines[edit | edit source]

  • Sports Car (Robo Machines, 1993)
    • Accessories: None
The original figure was reissued by Bandai in Europe during 1993 as part of the third series of Robo Machines. Due to copyright reasons and the changing climate the figure's stickers were extensively changed, with the blue and gold of Rothmans changing to black and red and the text replaced with "ROBO MACHINES" and "RM" - though the distinctive Rothmans globe was still used. For trademark reasons the figure was renamed simply Sports Car in the British market, with localised versions of the name used in other markets; in Italy, Giochi Preziosi released the toy as Auto Da Corsa. Sadly, like most of the Robo Machines figures Sports Car uses poor quality materials and suffers from mould degradation; notably the legs often do not fit flush in car mode.

Merchandise[edit | edit source]


Slot Car[edit | edit source]

LJN's Space Chase slot car racing set included a version of Crasher that could race against Leader-1. The toy could transform into robot mode (well, vaguely) while still remaining compatible with the circuit.


Gum Tresor[edit | edit source]

  • Demo (1986)
    • ID Number: DD 004
A transforming plastic version of Demo (the French name for Crasher) was released in France in 1986 by May Bonneuil in their probably legal range of Gum Tresor figures issued to cash in on Les Defi des GoBots. The all-plastic figure mainly used black and white plastic.

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Tonka promotional art for Crasher

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