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UNECOM - United Earth Command—is a human agency formed after overt first contact with the GoBots. The organisation is commanded by General Newcastle.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of Cy-Kill's attempted invasion of Earth[1], UNECOM was formed as the GoBots became public knowledge. The agency brought in numerous highly qualified personnel from other organisations, most notably ex-NASA employees General Newcastle, Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster, and Nick Burns. Newcastle became the organisation's commanding officer while their experience with GoBots during the NEURAL crisis saw Hunter, Foster, and Burns appointed as ambassadors to GoBotron[2]. The international organisation formed strong links with the Guardians of GoBotron, providing bases and facilities in exchange for shared technology, and represented the planet as part of the anti-Renegade alliance[3].

The Guardians' Command Center docked at a UNECOM facility.

While many of the organisation's bases, including their Headquarters, were located in the United States they maintained facilities in other countries including Japan[4], and drew on experts from around the world, including Doctor Anya Turgenova[5]. They also took over the majority of Earth's space programme, including collaborating with the Guardians on building the short-lived Star Fortress[6], while also attempting their own projects, including the robot Sentinel. They also provide security for possible assets such as the psychics Sean Roberts[7] and Mira Shaw.[8]

In addition to these facilities UNECOM also retained land[9], air[10] and sea forces[11], or at least had the power to second them from other branches of the military. However UNECOM was still accountable to the United Nations, who were able to issue executive orders that overrode UNECOM[12].

Known UNECOM Personnel[edit | edit source]

Others who have worked with UNECOM but may or may not be full UNECOM personnel include: -

Known UNECOM Bases[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The precise events that led to UNECOM effectively replacing NASA between the initial Challenge of the GoBots mini-series and the 'regular' series were not explained on-screen and there is no progression regardless of the order the series is watched in. Between "The Final Conflict" and any other episode the GoBots become public knowledge and trusted allies of Earth & UNECOM with no transition. In reality this was due to the retooling of the series when it was commissioned as a regular syndicated daily show, and as episodes were made to be shown in a flexible order the format simply changes off-screen.
  • It is possible that the A.S.C. featured in some storybooks was a working name for UNECOM.

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