The Secret of Halley's Comet

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Challenge of the GoBots ep 63
"The Secret of Halley's Comet"
Airdate December 11, 1985
Written by Lane Raichert
Animation studio Hanna-Barbera

The GoBots desire the power of quantumite, but will Halley's Comet give up its mysteries?


Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Guardians Renegades Humans



Continuity notes[edit]

  • Gadgets and Powers:
    • Cy-Kill uses his mesmerism to make Matt Hunter deliver a stilted A-OK report to the star fortress. He also spontaneously turns an entire squad of UNECOM soldiers against the Guardians.

Continuity errors[edit]

  • Nick and A.J. hear explosions back at the ship, despite the vacuum of space.

Animation and technical errors[edit]

  • Cy-Kill says the energy shield surrounds the whole planet, but it only surrounds the space station in the animation.
  • Crasher's chest is gray instead of black when the Renegades prepare to depart.
  • The vents on the side of Leader-1's chest glow instead of the center chestpiece when he activates his radio during the Renegade intrusion.
  • Sparky's missing her left arm when they start digging Leader-1 out of the rubble.
  • Small Foot is drawn instead of Sparky as the Guardians race to save the quantumite.
  • As the Renegades flee, Pincher's "nose" in vehicle mode is blue instead of its normal gold.

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