UNECOM Headquarters

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UNECOM Headquarters is a UNECOM base in the United States of America, where General Newcastle can normally be found.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

UNECOM Headquarters was overrun by Insectoids during Exor's attempted invasion of Earth. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part II It was later used to protect the psychic Mira Shaw during a Renegade attack, where a forcefield was deployed to help repel the assault. However, for reasons unknown UNECOM decided to shift her to a random motel for the night, and she was captured as part of a convoluted Renegade scheme involving an abandoned funfair. Thankfully it also involved escaping in a train pulled by Loco so everything shook out in the end. Renegade Carnival Doctor Braxis was later hosted at the base when he was recruited to help detect Roguestar. Braxis Gone Bonkers