Braxis Gone Bonkers

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Challenge of the GoBots ep 57
"Braxis Gone Bonkers"
Airdate December 3, 1985
Written by Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward, Steve DeKorte and Mark Zaslove
Animation studio Hanna-Barbera

Not one, but two, groups of GoBots deliberately ask Doctor Braxis for help. Let's watch.


Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


"Ach, ze impertinence. In ze old days, ve had vays of dealing with his type."

-Professor Von Joy makes some very scary implications about his previous activities.


  • When Leader-1 makes the decision to remove Braxis from prison, A.J. and even General Newcastle makes remarks as if Leader-1 is the final authority on the matter. It raises the question of what the Guardians' relation with UNECOM truly is. Previously they seemed like partners in most matters, with Leader-1 and General Newcastle conferring as equals, but the tone here is that Leader-1 outranks Newcastle on his own planet.

Continuity notes[edit]

  • Gadgets and Powers:

Continuity errors[edit]

Animation and technical errors[edit]

  • The gray on Cop-Tur's chest is blue when the Renegades intercept Leader-1 and Turbo's conversation.
  • Doctor Go is briefly drawn on Earth in place of Professor Von Joy, and Von Joy appears in his place on Roguestar moments later.
  • Matt is drawn in place of Nick on the Command Center after the trap is sprung.
  • Sparky's red is completely gray when she exits the Command Center on Titan.
  • When Turbo deploys his robot head in vehicle mode, it's pointed in the wrong direction. His head should be upside-down when flipped out like that.

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