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Welcome to GBWiki, the GoBots Wiki. This sister site to TFWiki is an unofficial knowledge database of the GoBots franchise.

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A proponent of "might makes right" who follows only the strongest leader, Fitor is fanatically loyal to Cy-Kill to the point that he will gladly sacrifice his life for the Renegade cause if need be. In turn, Cy-Kill affords Fitor respect, considering him a vital cog in the Renegade machine that he will go to great lengths to preserve. He serves as Cy-Kill's second-in-command, usually remaining behind on Gobotron or on Roguestar to lead the Renegades while his master is busy elsewhere.


Did you know...

  • ...that you can add your own "did you know" tidbits right here?
  • ...that Bladez was the only Monster GoBot not to appear in the Challenge of the GoBots cartoon?


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