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Zeemon is leader of the Guardian Council and civil administrator of GoBotron. A renowned political figure among the Guardians, Zeemon lost his ability to convert centuries ago in battle, and refused to undergo restorative Modification to mark his failure on the battlefield. While one of the oldest GoBots and long retired from active service, Zeemon is still not one to be trifled with.

"Let's show them what real Guardians are made of!"

—Zeemon leads the charge, "Doppelganger"


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Frank Welker

Centuries ago long before the GoBots came into contact with Earth, Zeemon was active as High Protector of GoBotron at the time of the first Renegade Revolt. He shared this rank with two other Guardians, Leader-1 and Cy-Kill, reporting to the Guardian Council. At the time the planet was coming under repeated attacks from the Parthian Raiders, and Zeemon volunteered to lead an attack on their homeworld, taking three Command Centers to find their underground stronghold of Tessfon. He searched the planet's surface with Mr. Moto and Tri-Trak[1] without luck until the Parthians ambushed them with underground gun turrets. All three Guardians took hits before Zeemon called a retreat. Returning to GoBotron, he told the Council of the mission's failure - also announcing that his conversion circuits had been damaged. Instead of getting them repaired he opted to lose his ability to change form, as a reminder of the defeat."Et Tu, Cy-Kill"


Following this Zeemon retired from the role of High Protector; with Cy-Kill defecting this left field command of the Guardians to the able Leader-1. Zeemon instead moved into politics, becoming head of the Guardian Council, and as such authorised as assault on the Renegade Fortress on GoBotron. Battle for GoBotron He was active in this role when Leader-1, Turbo and Hans-Cuff reported the news that the Master Renegade had returned from exile and linked up with Cy-Kill. The rest of the Council were thrown into a panic but Zeemon remained calm, ordering the raising GoBotron's readiness levels to Stage 6 Renegade Alert.The Fall of GoBotron The planet was conquered but later liberated by the Guardians and the Last Engineer, and Zeemon thanked them at a ceremony after the battle. Return to GoBotron Later he was conferring with Path Finder when Staks informed them that the sun of Nywilak was about to go nova. Zeemon sent Path Finder to investigate, and she learnt it was being destabilised by a beam coming from Earth, so Zeemon ordered the GoBotron Security Council to be convened. Nova Beam When Cy-Kill threatened to turn Doctor Mobius' Inverta-ray on GoBotron unless he was declared Overlord of GoBotron, Zeemon passed on his ultimatum to Leader-1, telling the Council that the safety of GoBotron's population must come first. Thankfully Mobius' son Danny and the Guardians were able to stop Cy-Kill before the two-hour deadline ran out. Genius and Son


Zeemon expressed his nervousness to Path Finder about a possible assault on GoBotron from Alva-Nar's huge space fleet; however, Cy-Kill overplayed his hand and tried to seize control of his ally's computer, which rejected his commands. This finally convinced Alva-Nar that the Renegades were not trusted, and he aborted the attack on GoBotron. Renegade Alliance In his role as head of the Guardian Council he was due to represent GoBotron at a crucial peace conference, indicating concern when Earth representatives Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns vanished in GoBana. Thankfully with the help of Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter and Wrecks the humans were able to escape from Old GoBotron and attend the conference. Lost on GoBotron When Renegade-created robotic duplicates infiltrated GoBotron he was able to stay free and arrived with Hans-Cuff and Rest-Q to turn the tide of the battle in favour of the real Guardians. Doppelganger


After Crasher and Cop-Tur were able to use the Renegades' Stealth Device to strike at a Guardian industrial outpost, Zeemon became concerned that such frequent attacks would undermine their allies' faith in the Guardians' abilities to keep the peace. He ordered the Guardians step up their detection attempts, with Scooter working on a new detection system with his friend Billy. He then took a short break at the Spa Moon, but Scooter detected an attack heading towards the resort and it was set to full alert. However, no attack happened and an irritable Zeemon told the Guardians off for not testing the device thoroughly. He was even angrier after a second false warning caused panic on the Moon of Knowledge, where many alien scholars were studying, causing further embarrassment to the Guardians, and he demoted Leader-1's team to cargo hauling. They were eventually able to find out that the warning system had been compromised by the Renegades and ultimately thwart Cy-Kill's scheme. The GoBot Who Cried Renegade Zeemon greeted Leader-1 when his team arrived on GoBotron - unaware that they were under the influence of Dr. Go's spectrometer. He was seized by Blaster and Turbo and unable to stop the rest of the Council being abducted. Cy-Kill planned to use the controlled Guardians to bring the Council to him so he could reprogram them to declare the Renegade as Overlord of GoBotron. Thankfully Scooter, Nick Burns and Buddy were able to return the Guardians to their old selves before the handover could take place. Whiz Kid After Fitor was captured on Earth he was shipped to GoBotron, where Zeemon oversaw the Renegade second-in-command's Brainstorming and congratulated Leader-1 on his collar. However, when the Renegades took Scooter, Matt, Nick, A.J. and Anya Turgenova prisoner in response the Guardians were forced to hand Fitor back. Fitor to the Finish


Zeemon to recognise Cy-Kill as Overlord of GoBotron when the Renegade used Doctor Aeolis' condenser to shrink Earth's entire population down and take them captive, using it as leverage against the Guardian Council. The politician did so but then went on the run with Turbo and Matt, forming a Guardian resistance with others despite Cy-Kill's threats. He correctly deduced that the main vault in GoBotolis was likely where Cy-Kill was keeping the globes containing the captured humans and passed this information on to Leader-1 but he was detected and shot down by Crasher and captured along with Turbo. Along with fellow "dissidents" Blaster and Van Guard they were put on a show trial in front of Cy-Kill, but Leader-1 broke them free after revealing he had saved the humans from the vault, driving the Renegades back off GoBotron. Clutch of Doom He later tried to push for quicker production of the Guardians' new automatic blasters, though progress was held up when Zero stepped up raids on GoBotron. The Third Column


When Cy-Kill and Dr. Go were able to use the resources of Fabricon to build an exo-suit that inverted Leader-1's personality the rogue Guardian's actions meant Zeemon had little choice but to declare him a Renegade, until he was caught and returned to his usual self. A New Suit for Leader-1 Among Zeemon's duties was personally attending ceremonies at the Guardian Academy, and as such Cy-Kill arranged for Re-Volt, Chaos and Traitor to be inserted at cadets and set up an abduction at their graduation. Zeemon was present at the Thruster simulator during the course, watching an over-enthusiastic Tri-Trak fail the test comprehensively. However, Tri-Trak became suspicious of the "Red Team" and attempted to expose them; he wasn't quite in time and they Astrobeamed in Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur. Re-Volt tried to grab Zeemon only to have the elderly Guardian bodily hurl him over his shoulders, though Traitor was able to get a neutraliser onto him. The Red Team - now outed as the Dread Launchers then tried to get off the planet with him but were stopped by Tri-Trak and his team-mates Twister, Tork and Staks. Rescued, Zeemon then handed out commendations at the rescheduled graduation ceremony. Guardian Academy


After a succession of Renegade raids on convoys collecting material for the construction of GoBotron, Leader-1 came under criticism from Man-O-War. Zeemon defended Leader-1 against the criticism and backed his refusal to stoop to the Renegades' level in the ongoing battle. Zeemon then watched a convoy arrive over GoBotolis in the company of Man-O-War, only for it to again be attacked by Renegades, sending huge plates of metal cascading down towards GoBotolis. The cargo caused considerable damage to the city before Ace was able to activate the defensive shields and protect the city. Nevertheless Zeemon kept his faith once again, and approved a plan by Leader-1 to draw the Renegades' fleet into a trap. The resulting rout convinced the rest of the Council, even Man-O-War, that Leader-1 was the right GoBot to continue leading the Guardians. Mission: GoBotron When Solitaire and Nuggit arrived on GoBotron to ask for help on Cordax Zeemon received them at the GoBotron Fortress. Their conference was interrupted by a Renegade attack that led to Solitaire, Small Foot, A.J and Nick being captured by Cy-Kill and taken to Cordax; Zeemon approved of Leader-1's plan to try and catch up with them with a single Command Center. Battle of the Rock Lords

Machine Men mini-comics[edit]

Zeemon was one of the Friendly Machine Men native to Earth when it was targeted by the Enemy Machine Men of Robotron, led by Cy-Kill. Despite Leader-1 devising robot modes for the Machine Men the first attack was a rout. Zeemon joined Spay-C in regrouping at the Command Centre. Space Wars The Enemy Machine Men were captured and imprisoned in a Laser Beam Gaol but escaped thanks to Zod. Along with Leader-1 and Baron Von Joy, Leader-1 pursued them to Earth, where the battle was rejoined, though Zeemon was shot in the groin by Bug Bite. Space Wars II

Fun Publications[edit]

RenegadeRhetoric Farewell Zeemon.jpg

Transformers Timelines[edit]

SunriseSmall Foot thought the Caretaker sounded a bit like High Protector Zeemon. Last Sunset

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Cy-Kill has zero respect for Zeemon. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/14 Like, at all. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/15 When Bladez of the Monster GoBots infiltrated the Guardian Council on behalf of the Master Renegade, he attempted to eliminate Zeemon in order to seize power. Rebels Without A Circuit Even worse, the under-suspicion cadet squad the Robo Rebels found Zeemon's body and took the blame for the attack. Fugitives Fortunately, Bladez was eventually revealed as the traitor and Zeemon recovered from his injuries. He attended the graduation ceremony with Major Mo where the Robo Rebels were redeemed and rose to become full Guardians. Graduation Day

Zeemon presided over a treaty where Leader-1 and Boulder officially pledged the alliance of the Guardians and the Rock Lords. On the Rocks In an alternate reality, the Renegades ruled GoBotron after Cy-Kill used a Time Portal to remove Luther Unum from the timeline before he could become Leader-1. Zeemon was one of Cy-Kill's personal valets on GoBotron in this timeline. Renegade Victory Part 1 However, Zeemon was secretly working for the resistance, and led an uprising on GoBotron shortly before reality was restored to its proper order. Renegade Victory Part 2 Zeemon and the Guardian Council were immobilized by a super-algae concocted by the Master Renegade and Zero. However, Leader-1 and the Guardians ultimately succeeded in destroying the weaponized algae. Trash and Treachery When Leader-1 lost his memory, Cy-Kill convinced him he was part of the Renegades, and together they staged an attack on GoBotron. But the cunning Zeemon surrendered the Guardian Council peacefully to Cy-Kill, knowing the Renegade leader would kill him rather than take him as a political prisoner. Even an amnesiac Leader-1 would never accept this, and sure enough he turned on Cy-Kill and the Renegades. The real Zeemon leapt from hiding to tackle Cy-Kill and save Leader-1, now that his holographic double was no longer needed. The Arithmetic of Memory

After Cy-Kill stole a Quantum Tunneling Shield powered by Scootonium, Zeemon worked with the Guardians to set a trap for the Renegades. He announced a tour of the GoBotron Fortress in order to lure Cy-Kill out and recover the shield. The Scootonium Scenario Guide Star has chosen to serve Zeemon as a computer specialist rather than working as a full-time warrior. Opportunity Knocks Part 2 In the year 2085, Zeemon and Leader-1 still oversaw the Guardians on GoBotron. They were nearly prepared to end the war with the Renegades, but Cy-Kill's last minute treachery kept the conflict brewing. All Tomorrow's Utopias

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit]

Zeemon was playing a game of Tadek with Vec-Tor when the latter received an alert from Maccadam that Sideways and Gong were planning to interfere with the universal streams. Echoes and Fragments

Go-Bots comic[edit]


Zeemon was one of the very first Go-Bots. Built as a solution to the traffic problem, Zeemon drove his master where he needed to go and walked alongside him. Issue 1 When the Go-Bots rebelled against humanity and rebuilt Earth into Gobotron, Zeemon lived through it all. Years in the future, he'd fallen under the command of the charismatic Road Ranger, joining him in the fight against the Vamps. Issue #5


GoBots version


Super GoBots[edit]

  • Zeemon (Super GoBots, 1984)
    • Friendly Robot Street Machine
    • ID number: 026
    • Accessories: none
Zeemon was released by Tonka in the first series of GoBots, and converts from robot to Datsun 280Z Fairlady Z sports car in 7 steps. The toy was a repackaging of the all-red version of Fairlady 280 Z from the Machine Robo Scale Robo DX series, with no significant changes. The engineering and conversion of the figure is nearly identical to that of Herr Fiend, though there is no significant overlap in components. The rear boot can pop off easily (and back on, the problem being that it can be lost) and the chrome claws can break.
  • Zeemon was issued as part of the first series Super GoBots assortment (#7202), manufactured in 1984. For the second series the figure was moved over to the reorganised Friendly Super GoBots Assortment 1 (#7251) and stayed as part of the range when it was renamed the Guardian Super GoBots Assortment 1 for the third and final series. For the latter he was given a new box, featuring artwork taken from the Robo Machine release and including a character biography on the rear. Despite featuring the black roof on the art the toy was unchanged.
  • For bilingual Canadian packaging the alternate name Zémon was used.

Robo Machine[edit]

DX Robo Machines[edit]

Robo Machine version
  • Fairlady 280Z Robot (DX Robo Machine, 1984)
    • Accessories: none
The toy was first released in Europe in 1984, shipped in robot mode in a window box with a flap along the side. The figure itself now used the metallic dark red/black roof variant of the Machine Robo DX toy.

Robo Machine DX[edit]

  • Fairlady 280Z (DX Robo Machine, 1985)
    • ID number: RMDX-01
    • Accessories: none
A third European release followed in 1985, with a new black/grey/red window box. The toy was the same as the previous European release.

Super GoBots[edit]

  • Zeemon (Super GoBots, 1985)
    • Friendly Robot
    • Accessories: none
Zeemon was reissued in Europe for a third time 1985 in a box featuring the character's US toy name and Super GoBots branding. However, the dark red/black version was still issued instead of the all-red version; the latter was never released in Europe.

Machine Men[edit]

Super Machine Men[edit]

  • Zeemon (Super Machine Men, 1985)
    • Friendly Robot
    • Accessories: none
Zeemon's Australian release was the same as the European versions.


  • The original biography for Zeemon, published in Tonka's 1984 catalogue, describes him as "totally awesome". And he is.
  • According to the "Ask Leader-1" column in GoBots Magazine #5, Zeemon was the first GoBot created.
  • In Challenge of the GoBots, Zeemon was repeatedly depicted as unusually short for a Guardian, often times roughly half the size of Leader-1 and Turbo. This was a recurring error for the other Super GoBots Professor Von Joy and Doctor Go as well.
  • Zeemon's Cybertronian-style body in the "Cataclysm universe" is modeled on Firecracker from the Generation 2 toyline, with the head modified to look like Zeemon's.
  • Zeemon is the basis of the Transformers homage character Zeemon Magnus.


  1. Tri-Trak was later shown to be an aspiring cadet in the present day, meaning this must be an animation error