The Scootonium Scenario

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Renegade Rhetoric is a virtual continuation of Challenge of the GoBots via text stories.
Renegade Rhetoric Episode 56
Cy-Kill's presented order
"The Scootonium Scenario"
Publisher Fun Publications
First published January 15, 2016
Written by Jim Sorenson

The secret of Cy-Kill's disappearance revealed!


When a UNECOM probe passed by Neptune's moon of Larissa, it discovered a new element, atomic number 199. Because of Scooter's aid in the space program, the element was dubbed Scootonium, and the little Guardian dedicated himself to studying its properties. He discovered a trans-phasic ability of Scootonium, which he harnessed into a Quantum Tunneling Armband. Turbo volunteered to test it out, and soon proved to be completely intangible thanks to the dimensional displacement caused by the Scootonium.

Unfortunately, the Renegades learned of the Armband and came to steal the Scootonium. During the fight, Turbo tackled Cy-Kill into Leader-1's force field, jolting the Armband with energy. After the Renegades made off with the Scootonium, Turbo realized he was permanently intangible! Meanwhile, Doctor Go improved on Scooter's work to create a Quantum Tunneling Shield for Cy-Kill, programmed to activate in response to ballistic or energy-based attacks only. With his newfound invincibility, Cy-Kill attacked a Guardian supply depot and destroyed three Command Centers.

The Guardians created an Anti-Phase-Displacer Blaster to counter Cy-Kill's new power, and had Zeemon announce a tour of the GoBotron Fortress to lure Cy-Kill out. Renegades spies identified the stationary APD Blaster situated at the front entrance, however, prompting Cy-Kill to go around it. Cy-Kill's invincibility had a flaw, though—the intangible Turbo! Able to touch Cy-Kill (if nothing else), Turbo grabbed the Renegade leader and thrust him in front of the Anti-Phase-Displacer Blaster, which fired and seemingly displaced Cy-Kill out of existence. With the help of the Quantum Tunneling Shield he had ripped off of Cy-Kill, Turbo was soon restored to normal.

Meanwhile, Cy-Kill found himself in "processing" on a strange new world...

Featured characters[edit]

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  • Challenge of the GoBots Season 2 was a virtual continuation of the original show related by Vector Prime (from his multiversal perspective) and Cy-Kill (who lived it).
    • In realities where this story aired on television, it premiered on November 27, 1986.
  • This episode was named in an Ask Vector Prime post on December 21, 2015.

Continuity notes[edit]

  • And thus, the secret of Cy-Kill's arrival on Axiom Nexus is revealed. The final scene harkens back to Cy-Kill's cameo in 2008's Transcendent: Part 1. Cy-Kill would have a series of escapades on Cybertron, chronicled in part during his original Renegade Rhetoric broadcasts from October 13 to October 21, 2015, before returning to his home Level in "Opportunity Knocks Part 2".
    • Cy-Kill previously pondered whether his exposure to the super-intelligent Cop-Tur's Gluon/Boson Inverter in "Cop-Tur the Genius" was responsible for his unexpected arrival on Axiom Nexus. This episode reveals that the Inverter was not an obvious contributor to his disappearance.