Moon of Knowledge

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The Moon of Knowledge is one of the moons of GoBotron, and seems to largely be full of statues - including one of the Last Engineer. It has an oxygen atmosphere.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]


Before he planned to leave GoBotron for Antares III, the Last Engineer left a recording detailing his plans in the pedestal of a statue of... himself. The information was meant to be found via a teleportation link set up from the Prison Moon but this was forgotten about in the subsequent battle between the Guardians and Renegades, though a rumour that the base contained the secret behind the Last Engineer's disappearance circulated. Nick Burns accidentally activated the teleport link on the Prison Moon, transporting himself and Scooter to the Moon of Knowledge, where they viewed the Last Engineer's message among a series of recordings from the days of the First Renegade Revolt. The pair were soon located by the other Guardians, who landed the Command Center nearby. Leader-1 and Small Foot were able to track Scooter and cut through the base of the statue and free their friends, who then set off for Antares III in hopes of repairing Turbo.Cy-Kill's Escape

At some point the Moon was made a more visitor-friendly place and attracted scholars from all around the universe to its' many libraries. However, after the Renegades worked out a way to send false alarms through Scooter's newly-devised detection system the Guardians issued a false alarm to the Moon of Knowledge, throwing the place into chaos and causing great embarrassment for the GoBotron administration. Coupled with an earlier false warning directed at the Spa Moon this was enough for Zeemon to demote Leader-1's team to cargo-hauling duty for a month as punishment. The GoBot Who Cried Renegade