Space Wars

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Machine Men
Toy Comics
"Space Wars"
Publisher Bandai Australia
First published December 1984
Page count 10
Price Free

Cy-Kill and his army invade Earth, home of Leader-1 and the Machine Men. Wait, what?


The Friendly Machine Men, under the command of Leader-1, have spent many peaceful years on planet Earth. While they themselves have chosen to lay down their weapons, their evil counterparts have not. For Earth has been chosen as the next target for conquest by Cy-Kill, leader of the Enemy Machine Men and depraved ruler of their homeworld, Robotron.

Believing the Friendly forces have gone soft, Cy-Kill declares that the planet will make for an easy kill. On his orders, the Enemy Machine Men launch an all-out assault on Earth. Their arrival has not gone unnoticed however, as Leader-1 detects their descent through the stratosphere. His forces arrive, only to discover Cy-Kill's army have already smashed Friendly forces to pieces. While valiant in battle, the Friendlies are outmatched, and make for a hasty retreat back to the Command Centre.

Leader-1 informs his troops they must plan to win the battle. Hans-Cuff is full of questions, such as how they can find a way to fight back, and whether the Command Centre can withstand wave after wave of Enemy barrages. Now that they're robots, the Friendly Machine Men should have a chance at saving the Earth. That is, unless Zod arrives and destroys them all...

To be continued...

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Friendly Machine Men Enemy Machine Men


"Can we, the Friendly Machine Men, change ourselves back into robot fighters and regain control of Earth???"

Leader-1 puts forward a challenge to his team.


  • The Friendly Machine Men (i.e. the Guardians) are portrayed as natives of Earth (which seems not to have any humans on it) with the Enemy Machine Men (the Renegades) as invaders from the 'black planet' Robotron. This will not be explained any further, or even referenced in the other Machine Men mini-comics. Which is very strange considering they knew enough to give everyone their GoBots-based names.


  • On page 4, stratosphere is misspelt "stratasphere".


  • This comic was given away free at Australian retailers in late 1984 to promote the Machine Men toyline. In addition to the 10-page strip it included a four-page line art 'catalogue' and an entry form for the "Stunning Silver Porsche Machine Men" promotional figure.
  • The art is heavily sourced from extant material, drawing especially from the "Escape to Planet Earth" GoBots storybook and its' mini-catalogue, with the latter especially being very toy-based.
  • As a result, both Pumper and Screw Head feature despite not being released in Australia.

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