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Imagine if Wheelie was in every episode...

Scooter doesn't much like fighting. Unfortunately for him, his hologram projector makes him an indispensable member of Leader-1's team, meaning he ends up on the front lines more often than he'd like. Because Scooter is an abject coward, frequently having to be cajoled into any sort action by his friend Nick Burns or team-mates like Small Foot. He maintains a friendly rivalry with Turbo, teasing the Guardian muscle-head for his stupidity and getting mocked for his own lack of physical stature. While Scooter is craven, weak and has a voice that makes nails on a blackboard sound like Etta James, Leader-1 keeps him on hand due to the fact he's a walking plot device. And if you're as bad a commander as Leader-1 having someone like that along is crucial.

Do we have to?

—Scooter's response to any situation

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Frank Welker

Typically the third member of the Command Center crew under Leader-1, Scooter was one of the smallest Guardians at around 8 feet tall, and younger than most of his comrades. As an engineer and general techie he carried no armament but this was offset both by his highly advanced hologram projector (backed with his own skill for vocal impressions) and a vast array of tools, including cutting lasers, lock picks and fire extinguishers. He was online around the end of the first Renegade Revolt[1]"Et Tu, Cy-Kill", and was programmed in GoBana's Building Cyber-12 and grew up in the city on GoBotron. Lost on GoBotron

"Wait, there's meant to be a head in here somewhere..."

He joined the Guardians and was part of the force sent to finally take the Renegade Fortress on GoBotron. The unarmed Scooter thus drove at the head of the task force in his scooter mode in another brilliant tactical gambit from Leader-1. Somehow this approach gave Cy-Kill plenty of time to escape the Fortress with Crasher and Cop-Tur onboard Thruster, leaving Fitor to hold off the Guardians. Leader-1 wasn't fooled and boarded a Command Center, taking only Turbo and Scooter to help as Blaster and Dozer were presumably engaged sitting around a big table somewhere. The trio were able to track the Renegades to Earth, battling the Renegades in the desert. Leader-1's mission choices had already reduced the Guardians' fighting strength by a third and Turbo was almost immediately knocked out, resulting in the Renegades getting away. However, the Guardians then allied themselves with a trio of NASA astronauts who had got caught up in the GoBots' arrival - Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns. Scooter and Nick were sent to collect components to repair Turbo from a NASA facility, quickly finding themselves to be on the same idiot savant wavelength before they discovered the Renegades also had a human ally - none other than prominent NASA scientist Doctor Braxis. However, the snooping pair then fell through a skylight and Cy-Kill send Cop-Tur to deal with them. Battle for GoBotron Thankfully Scooter was able to throw the Renegade goon off with a handy hologram and they escaped, even evading the police. The parts meant they were able to repair Turbo and pass on the Renegades' plan to get sorium. The Guardians followed their enemies to Stolbovoy Island, where Scooter and Nick manned the Command Center while the useful ones tried to prevent the Renegades capturing sorium from the laboratory of Anya Turgenova. However, Cy-Kill had Zod waiting for them and the ship was sent crashing through the ice while the rest of the team were buried. Target Earth While they all survived and even captured Crasher, the Renegades were able to get the sorium and complete construction of Braxis' pulsar generator. This gave them control of every human on Earth - even Nick, who released Crasher. She made short work of Scooter as the battle turned against the Guardians, with Leader-1 forced to cover for Turbo and Scooter - soon getting shot down and captured. Conquest of Earth This left Turbo and Scooter on the run from every other being on the planet. They evaded capture for several exhausting weeks before a combination of Turbo's stubborn-headedness and Scooter's holograms gave them a chance to rest in Peaceful Hills. The pair were soon found by Crasher and Cop-Tur, who threatened the lives of A.J. and Nick to draw the Guardians out. However, Scooter was able to turn the tables on the Renegades by using a hologram of Cy-Kill to trick them into leaving. Despite the protests of the mind-controlled humans Scooter and Turbo took them to New York, which Scooter had detected was free of humans. There he was able to find parts to build frequency neutralizers and block out the pulsar generator's control over the pair. The Renegade Tank then led a huge force of humans to catch the group but they were able to escape and free Matt into the bargain. Turbo and Matt were then able to mount a distraction that allowed Scooter, A.J. and Nick to return to the Command Center. However, Cy-Kill soon arrived and forced them to hide - just as the Renegade dropped the injured Leader-1 down to be fed upon by Zod. Earthbound Scooter later used his hologram projector and his gift for mimicry to successfully infiltrate the Renegades' Cheyenne Mountain nerve-centre. While he was eventually rumbled by Braxis the deception allowed the Guardians and their allies to gain access to the base and disable the pulsar generator, ruining Cy-Kill's hold on the planet. Between events on Earth and GoBotron, most of the Renegades were captured. The Final Conflict


Scooter was one of the Guardians who arrived at GoBotron's Prison Moon to collect Cy-Kill for trial, only to find the Renegade leader had escaped along with Fitor. Along with Nick he went to the moon's control centre to see if he could locate the fugitives. However, Cy-Kill disabled the moon's power system and the other inmates were also freed; Scooter and Nick soon found themselves cornered by Crasher, Cop-Tur and Destroyer until the boy spotted an escape route. They were chased by Crasher but one of Scooter's holograms gave them chance to hide in a forgotten room full of debris. There Nick accidentally activated an ancient teleporter, transporting them to the Moon of Knowledge. The pair found themselves in a small room with various ancient GoBotic recordings and Scooter recognised that one of them was left by the Last Engineer. When they were rescued by Leader-1, Small Foot, Matt and A.J. he passed this on, and the Guardians set off for the Last Engineer's lab on Antares III in order to help the dying Turbo. Cy-Kill's Escape When they arrived at the planet Scooter was predictably nervous at the violent atmosphere and remained on the Command Center while Leader-1 and Matt looked for the Last Engineer. He did however summon up the courage to join Path Finder in a search for them when communication was lost, managing to dodge Scorp's attacks until Blaster and Flip Top arrived to help. He was later able to connect to the presumed Last Engineer's suspended animation chamber, reviving the GoBeing. Turbo was repaired and Scooter idly explained the Command Center's functions and extolled on GoBotron's current status to his apparent creator, only for the man to reveal himself to in fact be the Master Renegade, and took Small Foot hostage.Quest for the Creator When Crasher came across to collect the Master Renegade some opportunism from Turbo and Scooter meant the Guardians avoided destruction and were able to return to GoBotron and warn the Guardian Council. The Renegade fleet attacked the planet soon afterwards; Scooter was unable to reach his Command Center due to heavy fire and ended up crashing through a hole in the planet's surface along with Turbo and Small Foot, accidentally discovering the real Last Engineer. They took the stranger back to what remained of Guardian Headquarters where the GoBeing revived but there was no time to celebrate as moments later Cy-Kill announced the capture - and imminent Disassembling - of Leader-1. Scooter was among the team led by Sparky that sneaked onto the Prison Moon onboard a shuttle to save their commander; however by the time the group had fought past the Renegade guards he was unable to reverse the machine and Leader-1 was broken down into his components. At the Last Engineer's urging the group collected the parts and set about a plan to restore Leader-1, starting with raiding components from Dome 7. Scooter worked with Turbo, Small Foot and Sparky to draw off the guards but was chased away by BuggyMan; Sparky was able to save him but the pair were now separated from their comrades.The Fall of GoBotron BuggyMan recovered and resumed the chase, now backed up by Geeper-Creeper; Sparky suggested they hid in a cargo ship silo but BuggyMan guessed where they were hiding and fired the pair off towards GoBotron's sun. However Sparky spotted an orbiting Command Center and the pair were able to reach it. They looked inside and saw it was being used as a holding facility for captured Guardians. Scooter was able to use his talents to hack into the ship's systems and tricking the Renegades onboard into believing it was about to explode. After they ran for it Scooter freed the prisoners and was reunited with Turbo, who set course for Earth. Flight to Earth The landing was fraught due to the damage taken by the ship but Leader-1 was able to save them using the Last Engineer's new Power Suit. On arrival at the UNECOM base where the valiant Leader-1 had been hiding while his troops fought on GoBotron, the Last Engineer had built a full set of the Power Suits. Scooter selected one with telekinesis before Small Foot used her own suit to detect Renegade spies Crasher and Fitor. While Turbo and Leader-1 dealt with them Small Foot and Scooter tracked down the Renegades' Thruster. Destroyer was guarding the ship and spotted the pair of Guardians. Luckily, despite his gun literally being aimed at them the second he saw them the Renegade took several weeks to open fire, giving even the inept Scooter time to levitate rocks onto him. The Guardians then opted to use the Power Suits for a frontal assault on Roguestar in order to forestall Cy-Kill and the Master Renegade's assault planned assault on Earth. As Sparky was relegated to watching the Stealth Device captured from Thruster and the small army of Guardians brought to Earth were busy Scooter stayed in control of the same suit for the attack, which despite the open goal left by the Master Renegade undertaking an ill-timed coup against Cy-Kill did not go well until the Last Engineer arrived with his space ship, allowing them to form the Power Warrior Courageous. This was able to turn the tables on the Renegades, forcing Cy-Kill to withdraw and returning GoBotron to Guardian control. Zeemon honoured Scooter and his comrades in the aftermath. Return to GoBotron

History's greatest monster salutes the previous incumbent.

Along with Leader-1 and Turbo he tried to prevent the Renegades using Professor Ling's Chronos Time Transporter to murder the Guardians' human allies as children. However, in the resulting fight he was kicked it the machine, changing the settings to 217B.C. and resulting in the Guardians, Renegades and humans being sent back to Ancient Rome. The Guardians took a battering while there, relying on Scooter's hologram skills to buy time for Matt and their ally Marcus to come up with a scheme. Thanks to reinforcements in the form of Path Finder and A.J. they were able to prevent history being changed - for the most part anyway; for reasons best known to the Romans they saw fit to erect a statue of Scooter doing a Nazi salute. Time Wars When the Guardians went to a planet in the Vega system to investigate news of a Renegade mining operation they were shot down due to their approach being given away by a spy in their midst. Scooter and Nick were left to repair the Command Center while Leader-1, Turbo and Small Foot walked into a trap. Realising that Snoop was the spy when he found her contacting her true masters - having missed the huge clues her arrogant attitude and awful cover stories should have given everyone. She then shot Scooter, but sadly neglected to kill him. As such he was able to disguise himself as a Zod and sneak into the mines, where the humans, Guardians and other aliens were able to get free and overthrow the Renegades before escaping the planet. Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap When Earth was threatened by Braxis' new Nova Beam Scooter took his seat on the GoBotron Security Council, and his technical skill was vital in calculating where the Renegades would be when they fired the device. While he failed to take the lunar tidal effect into account his work did allow them to get close enough for Leader-1 to drag a comet into the nova beam's path. Nova Beam He later used his holograms to conjure up a phantom GoBotron to delay Braxis' attempt to fire the Inverta-ray at the planet. Genius and Son On assignment to a UNECOM base in Utah, Scooter was disabled by a Renegade device while performing solo maintenance. However, unfortunately his inert form was instead found by van-driving predator Clive, briefly throwing off the Renegade plot. This led to both the Guardians and the Renegades searching for Scooter; Cop-Tur found him first and Scooter was subsequently brainwashed as part of a plan to get access to the base. However, Clive interfered with Scooter again, inadvertently undoing the programming and allowing the Guardians warning of Cy-Kill's plans. This allowed them to lure the Renegades into a trap that might have destroyed them but for the intervention of Professor Von Joy, whose experimental weapon accidentally froze the Guardians and allowed Cy-Kill to escape. It's the Thought that Counts

DawnWorld scooter welding.jpg

After the Renegades captured the new Disruptor, Scooter scanned Earth for signs of it being used - and easily discovered Trident's stupid Caribbean base. He then helped the Guardians by using the Disruptor to beam the Renegades to the Crab Nebula. Trident's Triple Threat He later undertook reconnaissance when Alva-Nar joined forces with the Renegades, discovering the alien's huge fleet was composed of drones. With help from Turbo he attempted to reprogram the drones but ended up being launched in one. Cy-Kill chased him and shot the thing down, but Scooter was rescued by Leader-1. Thankfully for the Guardians, Cy-Kill later overplayed his hand with Alva-Nar, who soon dumped the Renegades when he realised how aggressive they were. Scooter was happy to have Cy-Kill leading another retreat, but Leader-1 insisted they give chase instead, much to the small Guardian's disappointment. Renegade Alliance Presumably the Guardians either got bored or it was just a plan to get rid of Scooter and Nick, as the next mission involved the pair getting packed off to the Omega Prima system to search for a new Renegade base. Incredibly the base wasn't just a ruse to get rid of them, though the pair were shot down by Thruster and crashed on an uncharted planet. They escaped the ship before the Renegades came looking for survivors, though they were soon chased into a tar pit by one of the native monsters. Scooter was able to use his utility beam to knock down a branch so they could get out. However, they were soon caught by the planet's primitive natives, who planned to sacrifice the pair - perhaps showing they weren't that stupid after all. Scooter managed to project a hologram making the tribesmen believe a statue they worshipped had come to life. They were eventually rescued by Leader-1 and Turbo, and passed on their intel. Dawn World Just in case they hadn't had their fill of uncharted planets they got stranded on one soon afterwards, though this time the rest of the Guardians and the Renegades were along, the two crews having to strike an impromptu alliance when the planet paralysed their ships. Working with Pincher, Scooter and Nick discovered crystals which countered the planet's magnetic field, but the Renegade turned on them, snaffling up the crystals for the Renegades and leaving the pair trapped in a cave. Leader-1 rescued them and both groups of GoBots were able to escape the planet. Forced Alliance He created an oscillation rod for a new UNECOM base but a Renegade raid saw he and Turbo distracted by Scales, allowing Crasher and Cop-Tur to steal it. His invention was put to use by Doctor Braxis on his Dimensional Interfacer, bringing Exor and her Insectoids from Level 21 to help the Renegades invade Earth. They immediately attacked the Guardians, taking Scooter prisoner and strapping him to a Sapper in Exor's rapidly-built base. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part I He later had a captured Turbo thrown in a cell with him; the pair were then freed by Doctor Braxis, who had fallen out of favour with Exor. They were able to escape, with Braxis telling the Guardians how to reverse the Dimensional Interfacer. Scooter was able to do so, with Leader-1 using it to send the Insectoids back to their own dimension. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part II

Doppelganger drgo neural locked.jpg

Along with Small Foot he was sent to search for Turbo in Barstow, finding him disabled and being used by the humans Greg and Don in a motor race. Their erstwhile comrade became a target of the Renegades; unlike Small Foot, Scooter didn't use this as an excuse to join in the race but was still reunited with Turbo after he won the race and his self-repair circuits had revived the Guardian. Speed Is of the Essence Later when Matt, A.J. and Nick visited GoBotron for a vital anti-Renegade peace conference Scooter was put in charge of looking after the trio. He took them to see his hometown GoBana, and greatly enjoyed finding his childhood playground once again. However, he was mugged by Fly Trap and Gorn, who kidnapped the trio and took them to Old GoBotron. Thankfully he was found by Leader-1, and the pair stumbled upon the humans, who had been taken under the wing of the old GoBot Wrecks. Lost on GoBotron Back on Earth, Scooter attempted to help Leader-1 and Turbo find a new Renegade superweapon after one of Cy-Kill's threatening transmissions; however, he got shot by Cop-Tur and required saving by Leader-1 - leading to Turbo getting captured. The pair were then trapped by the Renegades and shrank down to tiny size; thankfully a boy named Nathan helped them once again defeat the Renegades before being returned to their normal size. Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray Scooter kept his mouth shut when Leader-1 decided to take Small Foot off active duty due to her inexperience, especially when the testing of the new Space Bender was a resounding failure. Leader-1 was then replaced by a Renegade duplicate, who also demoted Scooter. He soon realised what was happening as other key Guardians were replaced. With help from Small Foot, Matt, A.J. and Nick he travelled to the Moon of Shadows, where the Renegades were building their duplicates and keeping the real Guardians. Small Foot helped free the Guardians and Scooter projected a hologram of Zod to stymy their Renegade pursuers. Returning to GoBotron itself, Scooter was then present as the Guardians routed the robot copies and retook control of the planet. Doppelganger

RenegadeRampage scooter looks into camera.jpg

Scooter later helped devise a sensor rig to detect the roving Roguestar, and while it only partially worked his quick-thinking meant the Guardian team were able to get onboard. His computer skills then helped the team locate the Renegade cruiser's energy reactor - and take over the ship's weapons to blast Vamp off Leader-1's tail. They were able to plant explosives on the reactor and escape, though Cy-Kill was able to dump the bomb before Roguestar was destroyed. The Quest for Roguestar He was on monitor duty when the Renegades began their attack on Tri-Ceti and part of the Guardian team that responded; however, after Cy-Kill took possession of the Trindles' Tramulet they were forced to evacuate and destroy the planet - only to be trapped when their plan was rumbled. Renegade Rampage, Part I Thankfully Scooter was able to detect a flaw in the forcefield Cy-Kill was using to block their escape, allowing both the Command Center and the Trindle ark to escape the exploding Tri-Ceti. He continued his unusual display of initiative by concealing himself onboard Thruster and disguising himself as a computer bank, waiting for an opportune moment to swipe the Tramulet back from Cy-Kill. He then gracelessly fell out of the craft's airlock and was lucky that Leader-1 and Turbo were following in the Command Center, collecting him and the Tramulet, allowing Tri-Ceti to be restored. The Renegades' Rampage, Part II He later attempted to help stop Cop-Tur from stealing fuel rods from Pro-Tex Laboratories, only to be shot and injured. He was repaired in time to join Leader-1 in heading to Waldron, where Turbo and Nick have found A.J. - who tells them the population have been enslaved and forced to build Ultra Zod. Scooter later donned a Power Suit to help destroy the new Renegade creation. Ultra Zod He joined Anya and other UNECOM scientists in working on Sentinel as a new weapon against the Renegade threat, though predictably the robot decided to kill everything on Earth instead. He tried to help combat the robot but was taken out by a burst water main, but later helped his fellow Guardians escape destruction by using his holograms to deceive Sentinel. He later called upon Zeemon to send through their Power Suits; while he sat out the fight himself Courageous was able to match Sentinel long enough for the robot to realise it had been manipulated by Cy-Kill, and it chased the Renegades off Earth.Sentinel

ScooterEnhanced smoking fingers.jpg

Along with Leader-1, Turbo and their human allies Scooter was present when Dive-Dive recovered a downed satellite from Earth's ocean. When Cy-Kill took possession of Professor Robert Frost's Climatizer Scooter and Dive-Dive were relegated to Command Center duty while Leader-1 and Turbo set off to fight the Renegades. Which worked out - the fighters were frozen while Scooter and Dive-Dive were able to locate Frost and his idiot nephew Sidney, cast adrift on an ice floe. With their input Dive-Dive and Nick were able to destroy the device and free their comrades. Cold Spell During an apparent lull in Renegade activity Scooter joined the other Guardians in helping thwart human criminals, using his vocal talents to capture bank robbers. However, the Renegades were actually planning a dangerous alliance with the crime lord Murchison. In order to find out more about this axis of crime, Scooter went under cover as a motorcycle - with Matt posing as his rider - to infiltrate the Pinewood Resort they were using as a base. While Cy-Kill rumbled them the pair were able to get information back to the Guardians. However, knowing the enemy's plans was ultimately useless, as thanks to Dr. Go's forcefield generator the Renegades and their allies were able to simply trample the Guardian/UNECOM force sent to stop them. Thankfully Matt and Flip Top were able to destroy the generator and turn the tables on the bad guys. Crime Wave When a spate of Renegade raids broke out Leader-1's astute tactical brain saw him dispatch Scooter and Nick to protect the International Bank Gold Depository. So when Vamp turned up predictably all the pair could do was run away from the Renegade. When the Guardians found out the reason for the thefts was to construct Puzzler, Scooter was ordered to call in the Power Suits and Courageous once again destroyed the threat. Auto Madic His general lack of combat ability was thrown in his face when he and Small Foot escorted Nick and A.J. to watch a demolition derby. The Renegades attempted to kidnap the humans and after his hologram generator was damaged Scooter was helpless, leaving Small Foot to fight alone until Leader-1 and Turbo arrived. With Leader-1 unable to repair the hologram projector Scooter travelled to GoBotron for repairs, and instead insisted Professor Von Joy instead replace the unit with hand-blasters. Upon Scooter's return to Earth, Screw Head attacked the UNECOM Satellite Tracking Station in Hawaii; Leader-1 took Turbo along, sceptical of Scooter's experience with his new weapons. As the raid was just a distraction to allow Cy-Kill, Crasher and Scorp to attack the Command Center, he was soon proven right - unable to control his blasters, Scooter was of no help to Small Foot in defending the ship. He was imprisoned in the Command Center's brig but used his other skills to escape and trick the Renegades into leaving. While he was able to prevent the Renegades from achieving their goal of stealing the Power Suits, Scooter realised he was better off with his projector, and had Professor Von Joy return him to normal. Scooter Enhanced Along with Leader-1 and Turbo, he was exiled from Earth after the Renegades sent the Guardians on a wild goose chase while they used Holographic Image Inducers to frame their enemies as a menace to Earth. However, when Crasher disguised herself as Scooter she forgot herself and fired her blasters, something spotted by Matt in video footage. Scooter later used a hologram of Courageous to help the Guardians capture Dr. Go, who was forced to tell the Renegade plan to the Earth authorities, clearing the Guardians' name. Tarnished Image

AncientGobonauts gobotic device.jpg

After UNECOM reservist and ripped archaeologist Doctor Cunningham discovered a mysterious alien craft buried in Ecuador he sent word to General Newcastle, who in turn contacted Scooter. The Guardian identified it as being 6,000 years old - massively predating known GoBot visits to Earth - and pondered whether it could be connected to the mythical figure known as the Evil One. While Scooter was blasé about it being a real story he was nevertheless sent to South America with Nick and A.J. to join Cunningham and investigate the find. On arrival he quickly identified the craft as a drone ship, and found a Holocube that confirmed his worst fears - the Evil One was real and had visited Earth. However Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur soon arrived but Nick was able to set the ship to self-destruct. The trio tried to escape but Scooter obviously fell in quicksand; thankfully Leader-1 and Turbo arrived to save them. Later Matt recognised the location shown on the Holocube to be the Nazca Lines in Peru, and despite Scooter's cowardice they set out to try and beat the Renegades there. However, like a good 75% of UNECOM's staff Cunningham was actually a Renegade agent and tipped off the Renegades, who arrived in time to snatch the Evil One's fearsome antimatter weapon, the Dark Heart. Leader-1's warning to Cy-Kill of the dangers of the weapon actually made the Renegade think twice but Cunningham triggered it anyway. The Guardians and Renegades then worked together to contain the antimatter reaction, though Leader-1 was the only GoBot able to see it through to the finish. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts He was later onboard the Command Center when both the Guardians and the Renegades were captured by the alien bounty-hunter B'oosa, who sold the GoBots to Crespas so they could fight in his arena on Kolob. This saw Scooter pitched against Crasher - or rather running away from Crasher and sheltering behind Leader-1's forcefield. Thankfully Nick built a device that blocked the signals to the restraining collars stopping the GoBots from escaping. Once they were safe Leader-1 and Turbo openly mocked Scooter for his cowardice and suggested he might have a career as a gladiator; however, Scooter felt he was better suited to being a librarian.Gameworld When the Guardians had a spy in their midst Leader-1 decided to split them up into teams to transport the new Nucleonic Power Pack, and for reasons that were unclear entrusted the real thing to the unit made up of a nervous Scooter along with A.J. and Nick to take the real thing. Unfortunately this was leaked, allowing Crasher and Cop-Tur to attack them. Scooter for once had a go at defending them but was quickly overwhelmed and dumped in industrial waste by Cop-Tur, requiring Nick to rescue him. Back at base, Heat Seeker accused Scooter of being the traitor and staging the whole thing, but later changed tack and instead accused the absent Turbo. Scooter tried to clear his friend's name by spying onboard Thruster to free him, but by the time they got back it looked like Leader-1 was actually the traitor. However, this was all part of the Guardian plan and Scooter used a hologram of Cy-Kill to draw out the real spy - Bad Boy, using a Holographic Image Inducer to pose as Heat Seeker. While the Renegade punk escaped the Guardians were able to find out about the Renegades' plan to use the Nucleonic Power Pack to run a Polarity Invertor in Antarctica, and were able to travel there in time to stop it - with Scooter disabling the device's force field so it could be destroyed. Wolf in the Fold

TransferPoint scooters.jpg

Scooter was later part of the Guardians' attempt to negate the Renegades' underwater Starfish base, hiding onboard a merchant ship along with Turbo while Matt, A.J. and Nick masqueraded as crew members. As expected the ship was soon spotted by Water Walk, and escort Flip Top only made a token attempt to fight back, allowing the freighter to be captured. The group were able to deactivate the Starfish's Stealth Device before Scooter surrounded them with a bubble to escape. Damage caused by Dive-Dive then forced the Starfish to surface, at which point it was surrounded by Leader-1 and human naval forces, and abandoned by the Renegades. {[storylink|Depth Charge}} Later the Renegades attacked the Guardians' unveiling of their new Proton Cultivator. The attack saw Crasher box Leader-1 and Scooter in a canyon, where she then attempted to Astrobeam them into the Sun. However due to interference from an ion storm the pair of Guardians instead found themselves sent to a mirror universe, where he encountered the creepy, evil version of himself, who was hell-bent on using the Proton Destructor to devastate the city of Wen Kroy. Leader-1 and Scooter were damaged by the beam, but with the help of the dimension's friendly Renegades were repaired and able to stop the evil Guardians' plans before the Astrobeam reversed and returned them to their usual reality, just in time to save Turbo and Matt from the effects of their Proton Cultivator. Transfer Point Like the other Guardians, Scooter was sceptical as to the true motives of Steamer when the Renegade attempted to warn the Guardians of a plan to flatten Boulder City - especially when he discovered secret blueprints of the Command Center on Steamer's person. He even went so far as to pour scorn on Nick's belief in Steamer, but the human was ultimately right as Steamer was able to frustrate Cy-Kill's plans for long enough for the Guardians to see he was telling the truth. Steamer's Defection During a fight on GoBotron near a Guardian industrial outpost Scooter was as useless as usual in a combat situation, getting dunked in a lake by Crasher, needing Leader-1 and Turbo to break off in order to save him. Leader-1 then set Scooter to work trying to devise a boosted detection system. However, the Renegades hacked his work and were able to feed the new system false information. As such Scooter triggered a false alarm on the Spa Moon, causing chaos and irritating the holidaying Zeemon. After getting tricked a second time and causing a panic on the Moon of Knowledge - greatly embarrassing the Guardians in front of many of their allies - Scooter was left depressed when Zeemon censured the Earth team. He contacted his friend Billy for help and advice - only for the human to be kidnapped by the Renegades mid-conversation. In bad augur with Leader-1 and Turbo, Scooter set out by himself to rescue Billy. While he was able to get Billy free the pair then got lost in the Renegade hideout - by which point Leader-1, Turbo and Matt had got captured looking for them. The pair were able to rescue their friends, and after realising the Renegades had been behind Scooter's apparent failures the Guardians apologised to Scooter. The GoBot Who Cried Renegade


After the Renegades found the captured psychic Sean Roberts to be uncooperative they planned to kidnap his mother as leverage. As yet another Renegade spy had made it past UNECOM's stringent screening process Major Benedict sent the Guardians to investigate a purported Renegade base on Triton while they captured Sean's mother. After seeing a vision that predicted the Guardians' destruction the Renegades then sprang Benedict to lure them in, and Scooter found himself being chased around by Crasher and Block Head. However, Scooter in fact used his holograms to trick the Renegades and were able to free Sean. The Seer He lost control of himself to the influence of Buddy's Spectrometer. A subsequent UNECOM interrogation found that Buddy was well-intentioned and she hung out for a bit with fellow nerds Scooter and Nick, modifying the Guardian before General Newcastle send her home. However, Buddy continued to tinker with her invention and briefly took control of Cop-Tur, leading to Cy-Kill and the Renegades capturing her. After Brainstorming Buddy they were able to build their own Spectrometer, taking control of Leader-1, Turbo and Good Knight - with Scooter being unaffected due to Nick and Buddy's modifications. The pair fled their hostile friends, with Scooter using a hologram so he and Nick could escape on a random passing train. Fortunately it conveniently ran past the Renegades' Big Horn Mountain base, and the pair sneaked onboard a Thruster to rescue Buddy. They were discovered by Spoiler, but Scooter dropped a door on him and watched as Nick tore handfuls of circuits out of the Renegade, allowing them to get back to Roguestar undetected. There they helped Buddy escape from Dr. Go, with Scooter using his holograms to help them evade Slicks and BuggyMan then flee on a shuttle. Whiz Kid Scooter travelled into Earth orbit with Matt and Nick in order to test a railgun fitted to the USS Resolute. The mission was a success despite running into Thruster, though the Renegades were able to continue to Earth and threaten the planet with a chain reaction from a Megablaster directed at the planet's tectonic plates. After Cy-Kill broadcast his demands to UNECOM, Scooter came up with the brilliant idea of looking for the Renegades. Leader-1 was delighted with this strategic masterstroke, though Cy-Kill told them where he was moments later. He demanded the Guardians come to him to save Earth but Leader-1 perplexingly got him to agree to just Leader-1 himself going along. Small Foot and Scooter followed their leader, which may or may not have been part of a plan, and watched as the Renegades started to knock Leader-1 around. After standing around for a bit they got bored with this and decided to intervene, with Scooter using a local breakdown in the laws of physics to use his holograms to give him the physical aspect of a boulder and flattening Pincher. While Small Foot kept the other Renegades busy, Scooter deactivated the Megablaster. Ring of Fire


Scooter worked at coming up with a Stealth Device decoder, but it seemed to be all for nothing when Cy-Kill requested a truce and proposed peace talks between the Renegades and the Guardians. As he had no other practical abilities Scooter kept tinkering with the device anyway. He agreed with Turbo that the Renegades had to be up to something, but his friend was typically active about his discontent and nearly jeopardised the preliminary talks held in GoBotolis. Leader-1 was able to smooth things over, also securing the release of Guardian prisoners. To keep Turbo in line, Scooter was sent along to the handover with his friend - where his detector revealed that Screw Head, Tank and Geeper-Creeper were present using personal Stealth Devices. Cy-Kill was able to talk his way out of that one and final talks were arranged, to take place in Vienna. Turbo, Scooter, Matt, A.J. and Nick travelled there across the Alps, but were spotted by Crasher - who buried them in an avalanche. An enraged Cy-Kill then had Crasher and Cop-Tur dig them out and apologised. However, on arrival in Vienna the quintet overheard Cy-Kill explaining his true plan - to fill the conference with hidden Renegades and kill the Guardian and UNECOM's leadership. He revealed his hand and the Guardians were in disarray until Scooter arrived with his detector, allowing them to fight back. Cy-Kill destroyed the detector but ran away anyway. Pacific Overtures He joined A.J. and Nick in investigating a mysterious gas seepage on Earth; as UNECOM hadn't bothered giving the humans any protection gear they were both knocked out, but Scooter got them to safety. Quick to realise a plot device, Matt suggested later that they use the gas to knock out the mutated monsters Jerigan, Kaitudan and Ichigar, who the Renegades had unleashed on Japan in the main storyline. However, first they had to use the Command Center to draw Jerigan away from a boat; they managed it but the monster shot the Guardian craft down. Thankfully Cy-Kill was in a self-sabotaging mood and Astrobeamed the creature away before it could finish the job. As Matt predicted, the gas was then used by Doctor Tsuburaya to incapacitate the beasts. Destroy All Guardians He was present when Cy-Kill hilariously wedged himself in a rock on Earth and was taken into Guardian custody. However, as he was too powerful for the Brainstormer the Guardians had on GoBotron, so the Renegade leader was imprisoned on Elba while Scooter built an improved one. But once Cy-Kill got to the planet he mesmerised Royal-T and Street Heat over to his side, turning them against fellow guards Heat Seeker and Van Guard. The pair managed to get off an SOS message before Cy-Kill took them out, and Scooter was suspicious about the explanation given by Royal-T. Thankfully Turbo and Matt were able to resolve the situation, though Cy-Kill escaped before he could be Brainstormed.Escape from Elba

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Anya gave the Guardians and their human friends a guided tour of the new UNECOM Surveillance Station, though Scooter and Turbo were unimpressed by the technology and made cruel comments about it over her head. Moments later Fitor led Bad Boy, Stallion and Stinger to attack the station. Thankfully despite the handicap of having Scooter on their side the Guardians and UNECOM personnel were not only able to repel the attack, but also captured Fitor in the process. Scooter and the humans were left to sort out the damage to the station but unfortunately they were captured by Cy-Kill, who then used them as leverage to get Fitor back. Scooter covered himself with his usual dignity by pleading with Leader-1 to rescue him, and embarrassed for his fellow GoBot the Guardian commander acquiesced. Unfortunately for the Guardians while Cy-Kill's attempt to murder Leader-1 at the handover failed he did return Scooter. Fitor to the Finish Everyone attempted to use him as a guinea pig for Doctor Aeolis' hermetic condenser before the Guardians found out it would only work on organic beings. As such he had to settle for nearly killing Matt and A.J. by dropping the globe containing their miniaturised forms. Obviously the tech then fell into Renegade hands, and Cy-Kill took the entire population of Earth hostage, using them as leverage to install himself as Overlord of GoBotron. Scooter hid out with the usual crew on the Command Center until Leader-1 finally decided to reveal he had ensured the safety of the human race some time before and has just been waiting for a dramatic moment to let friend and foe alike about it. Clutch of Doom After Zero captured Turbo and set up a handover at Dengon Beta, A.J. badgered Scooter into following him down. Good thing she did, as Cy-Kill was also there to recover Crasher - and had brought Tank along, who blindsided Leader-1. Thankfully Scooter was able to hide Leader-1 behind a holographic rock until Dozer arrived to help. The Third Column After the Guardians thwarted another raid Cy-Kill took another tack, instead having Leader-1's Power Suit switched out for an exo-suit build by the engineers of Fabricon that inverted his personality. The newly evil Leader-1 insulted Turbo and Scooter before heading off while they dealt with a meteor bound for Earth. Leader-1 then joined the Renegades, ousting Cy-Kill and helping Dr. Go glean numerous Guardian secrets. Put out, Cy-Kill cooperated with the Guardians to return Leader-1 back to his usual self while Scooter, Matt, A.J. and Nick interfered with Dr. Go and wiped the stolen data. A New Suit for Leader-1

Currently being spoken to by Operation Yewtree

After the Renegades failed to capture the psychic Mira Shaw from UNECOM, Cy-Kill set up a funfair nearby instead. Leader-1 immediately made the connection, treating the threat with the response it deserved - sending Scooter and Nick to investigate. Scooter donned a horrifying giant clown costume and Nick got screwed with by the Renegades for no good reason, with the pair failing to notice Cop-Tur being inexplicably disguised as a ride incorporating his distinctively-spelt name. Scooter was later standing guard when UNECOM decided right after a kidnapping attempt was the best time to switch Mira from a military base to a random hotel, and she was easily kidnapped by Block Head. In the resulting fairground confrontation Loco managed to get a neural lock but Scooter freed him. The Renegades managed to get away with Mira initially but as Cy-Kill decided to make Loco feel wanted by escaping via train, so the Guardians easily caught back up and won. Renegade Carnival He then devised a new satellite system to protect Earth, though the first run induced adverse weather. Things got worse when the Renegades got Zod out of storage and began wrecking the satellite tracking stations; the Guardians arrived to stop them but the alien traveller Alaric turned up, his abilities causing Scooter to faint. Alaric fell for Cy-Kill's claims the Renegades were in the right and went with them, with the Guardians later rescuing him. Scooter and Nick got the pink idiot to safety before the Renegades were defeated. Alaric was so impressed by the Guardians' compassion he gave his knowledge to them, having it uploaded to the Computer Moon before he finally died. The Gift Later Scooter managed to meet someone even more awful than himself - Tinotchka, a sorcerer so powerful he directed all of his energies into trying to show off magic tricks to a GoBot with a head shaped like a melted toaster. Cy-Kill tried to use Tinotchka's powers for evil but it didn't come off and Scooter watched apathetically when the shaman died after realising his own pointlessness. The Last Magic Man


When the Guardians enlisted an unhinged but more amiable Braxis to devise a new satellite network designed to detect Roguestar Scooter joined Turbo. A.J. and Nick in escorting a convoy used as bait, but the device didn't work and only Scooter's quick thinking allowed their Command Center to escape destruction. Later Leader-1 for some reason picked Scooter along with Sparky and Turbo to investigate a new Renegade base on Titan, which they were able to neutralise. Braxis Gone Bonkers When the Monster GoBots shrank themselves down and infiltrated the Command Center's computers, Professor Von Joy suggested Leader-1, Turbo and Van Guard do the same. However, once they were inside Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur boarded the Guardian ship, where only Scooter remained. However, the small Guardian put on one of his better showings, hiding himself with one of his holograms while he devised a plan. Using his Holo-Projector and his gift for impressions he pretended to be Cop-Tur and insulted Crasher before running off, before disguising himself as Cy-Kill and sending the pair on a wild goose chase back to Thruster. He was then able to get inside the computers to warn his team-mates but by that point Cy-Kill was thoroughly spooked, believing the strange happenings to be a sign that the ship was about to blow. When the Monster GoBots returned to normal size all of the Renegades escaped, and when the Guardians also returned Scooter took great pride in telling them of his part in the escapade. Inside Job After the Renegades destroyed the Guardian Space Lab the Guardians switched research into Professor Von Joy's new Element X to a secret facility on Earth, with Leader-1 flying a decoy Command Center while Scooter, Turbo and Small Foot took the real Element X to Earth. As it was a fifty-fifty chance anyway the ship carrying the real element was shot down by Crasher and Cop-Tur. Turbo covered his comrades to get the element to safety but Scooter got distracted by a crystal containing Astral. The princess promptly switched places with him, leaving Scooter imprisoned in her place before becoming yet another super-intelligent alien who believed Cy-Kill's claims the Guardians were evil. Small Foot and Leader-1 were eventually able to convince her otherwise, but there was a downside as she released Scooter. Element of Danger

"Now stop being a little bitch."
"Wow, you really don't know much about top worlders..."

After receiving a radio signal from the apparently-abandoned Level 17 of Old GoBotron, Scooter reported his findings to Leader-1 and Turbo, who disbelieved him. Convinced he was right, Scooter travelled to Level 17 in an old Transit Capsule - and finding it full of GoBots. However, before he could get a message back to GoBotolis Bug Bite and his guards appeared, destroying the capsule and taking Scooter prisoner. He was taken to the citadel of Level 17's tyrannical ruler, Gunnyr, who believed him to be a spy for a top-world invasion force; Gunnyr used both DX mindwipes and the power-blocking Crystal Mountain to keep the population under control. Scooter was sent to the Brain Drain Chamber to get lobotomised by Ace, but the small Guardian was eventually able to convince the amiable would-be brain surgeon that Gunnyr had lied to him. The pair escaped, but found that Leader-1 and Turbo had followed Scooter, only to be captured along with the rebel Dart due to the Crystal Mountain blocking their powers. Scooter and Ace went to the mountain, disabling its' computers to allow Leader-1 and Turbo to defeat and capture Gunnyr and Bug Bite. The Guardians then took their new friends and the prisoners back to the surface levels of GoBotron. The GoBots That Time Forgot With his experience Scooter actually became an instructor at the Guardian Academy, overseeing the training of new recruits - including Tri-Trak, whose impetuous behaviour saw Scooter dock the Blue Team of cadets 200,000 penalty points. He also poured scorn on Tri-Trak's assertion that he was shot by a friendly target in the shooting gallery. Thankfully Nick and A.J. were less in denial, soon helping Tri-Trak expose the competing Red Team as the Renegade Dread Launchers, and thwart their plan to kidnap Zeemon from the graduation ceremony. Guardian Academy He was later onboard the Command Center when it detected a Renegade attack on the human colony ship Pilgrim, helping tow it to GoBotron after Leader-1 and the Secret Riders chased off the enemy. Fearing another Renegade attack, Leader-1 used Pilgrim as a decoy while the Last Engineer and the colonists were taken on to New Earth. There they came under attack by the Master Renegade and the Monster GoBots, and later Cy-Kill but by the time Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter arrived the battle had been won, and Scooter compared the idyllic New Earth to GoBotron's Picnic Moon. Quest for New Earth


Scooter joined Tork, Matt, Doctor Janus and Lois Ransom in a scouting expedition to the rediscovered city of Atlantis. The group set up a camp but Janus was yet another Renegade agent, and while they attacked the Guardians the archaeologist began summoning monsters from the Crypt of Dreams to carry out his will. The arrival of Leader-1, Turbo plus Nick and A.J. in a Boomer helped until Janus' monster minions buried them under rocks, leaving just Scooter and Tork free. They were able to work together to trick Crasher into chasing off into the streets of Atlantis and using a dragon summoned by Janus to free their friends. A repentant Janus, having lost the Amulet of Power to Cy-Kill, then helped the Guardians bring the monsters under control, with Scooter using his holograms to trick a gorgon into turning itself into stone. Terror in Atlantis After Tri-Trak was injured in a Renegade ambush on Garleon he regaled the new recruit and his human friends with the story of Cy-Kill's defection to the Renegades. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" He was later stationed onboard the new Star Fortress, and helped wire the Quantumite discovered by a probe ship on Halley's Comet into the station, greatly boosting its' shields. Unable to even get close, the Renegades instead attacked the probe ship on its' next run and used that to get past the Star Fortress' defences. This completely worked, allowing the Renegades to take out Leader-1 by dropping a roof on him and run riot on the station as they searched for the Quantumite. Together with Sparky, Scooter helped dig Leader-1 out. However, while the Renegades were ultimately prevented from taking the Quantumite the Star Fortress was destroyed in the process; sadly, Scooter was evacuated along with the rest of the station's complement. The Secret of Halley's Comet He joined Leader-1, Mach-3, Matt, A.J. and Nick in harvesting material from a barren planet to continue the repairs to GoBotron, but Gunnyr and Sky-Jack were able to attack and destroy the resources. Later Scooter was dropped into a ravine when the Renegades used Sonic Generators to damage a new forest section of GoBotron that was under construction. Leader-1 saved him, but as punishment Scooter found his territory as "red 2-wheeled idiot Guardian" threatened by Dart. Mission: GoBotron

At least he stayed in character for his big-screen debut.

Thankfully for Scooter, differing production schedules meant Scooter was on monitor duty at the GoBotron Fortress when a pair of unidentified objects impacted on the planet. These turned out to be the Rock Lord Solitaire and her sidekick Nuggit, requesting the help of the Guardians to prevent Magmar from creating the Ultra Scepter on their home planet of Cordax. Leader-1 readily agreed to help, even if Scooter felt threatened by Nuggit muscling in on his puny dweeb schtick. Unfortunately all of this was overheard by Fitor, who was wandering around GoBotron in plain sight and passed on word to Cy-Kill. The Renegade leader liked the sound of the Ultra Scepter and led a huge Renegade assault on the planet to catch them. Scooter was briefly knocked out by debris but recovered in time to run away before Matt jumped on him and made him fetch help instead. However, by the time they found Leader-1, Turbo and Heat Seeker the Renegades had taken Solitaire, Small Foot, Nick and A.J. hostage and left. With Nuggit's help the Guardians followed them to Cordax - again putting Scooter's flat central face area with inexplicable nostrils out of joint by working out how to track Roguestar. Once the Guardians arrived things went downhill, as the Renegades had already linked up with Magmar's forces and routed the troops of Solitaire's ally Boulder. Both Leader-1 and Turbo soon took damage, and while they were able to convince Boulder they came as friends the group had to take a long, dangerous trek towards Magmar's base Stronghold. They were eventually able to make it, and while Cy-Kill was able to take control of the Ultra Scepter he predictably messed things up. The Renegades legged it while Magmar decided to fight another day, leading the Guardians to part on good terms with their new friends - with Scooter having warmed up to Nuggit. Battle of the Rock Lords

The Robo Machines comic[edit | edit source]


Scooter was a data courier from Robotron who was presumably on-board the Command Centre and built a Robo Machine body. He used the ship's scanners to locate the junkyard base of Cy-Kill and Zod, but was left behind with Charlie Bampton when the rest of the Guardians took off to fight the monster. However they soon realised that the signals pointed to an even more powerful foe - the Devil Invader Casmodon. The pair set off to warn their friends. They took to the air when the fallout from the battle blocked the streets until Scooter noticed Cy-Kill attacking humans and decided to intervene. Despite his best efforts he found himself no match for the Renegade - until Charlie hit on the idea of shooting under Cy-Kill. Scooter did so, dropping Cy-Kill into the London Underground and giving them chance to escape. By the time they spotted the other Guardians Leader One had called a retreat. However before Scooter could follow Casmodon grabbed the boy. The courier chased after the Devil Invader until Charlie was able to sabotage it from the inside, with Scooter able to jump up and save his friend from a serious fall. He took off after the other Guardians but a vengeful Cy-Kill tried to intercept them. Thankfully Leader One had spotted them and blasted the Renegade, allowing the pair to board the Command Centre for the journey back to Robotron. The Robo Machines, Story 2


GoBots Heroic Champions storybooks[edit | edit source]

The Renegades captured Scooter, planning to barter with the Guardians in order to get them to leave Earth. However, he easily escaped and was able to get back to the Guardians with intel about their new plan, Operation Dark Net. Leader-1 called up his scientific expert Blaster (no, for real) from GoBotron to help crack it, which they were eventually able to do despite a Renegade attack. The Hideaway Like everyone who wasn't A.J. he was somehow fooled by the Renegades' robot duplicate of Matt, even after it set off an alarm on the Command Center and referred to the Renegades' hideout as "our secret base". It took Leader-1 stumbling across the real Matt to sort the whole business out. Race to the Stars Sightseeing with Nick, he stumbled over the Renegades and Braxis on their way to harvest EnergeX from the poorly-named Saltsea Fresh Water Plant when Crasher arbitrarily ran them off the road, damaging the Guardian. They went to investigate but were both captured; thankfully the proper Guardians turned up soon afterwards and saved the pair, with Matt bravely saving Scooter from a bag of salt thrown at him by Cy-Kill. The Power Machine The Guardians were then able to disable Thruster but, needing to pad out a whole book, Braxis sent the Renegades on a convoluted, cosplaying over-land journey to get parts for the ship. Scooter had bugged Thruster and the Guardians intercepted; despite Scooter absurdly beaming an image of the Continental Army instead of a police task force capturing Braxis the Renegades gave up and went home. Operation Hoax

Machine Men mini-comics[edit | edit source]

Scooter was one of the Friendly Machine Men native to Earth when it was targeted by the Enemy Machine Men of Robotron, led by Cy-Kill. Despite Leader-1 devising robot modes for the Machine Men the first attack was a rout. Turbo was among those who regrouped at the Command Centre and prepared for a counter-offensive, though there were questions over whether he, Turbo, Dozer and Royal-T had what it would take to push back the Enemy Machine Men. Scooter at least probably didn't. Space Wars

Good aiming, Scooter.

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots Mini World storybooks[edit | edit source]

Scooter attended a plastikice hockey game with Matt Hunter and A.J. Foster, watching the Lixil Lions play the Oilers. In the stadium, Matt and A.J. spotted Doctor Braxis lurking around. Scooter followed the villain in his vehicle mode but he was ambushed and damaged by the lurking Cop-Tur, who wrecked one of his arms and rendered him unable to switch to robot mode. After Cop-Tur escaped, Matt and A.J. took Scooter back to the Command Centre for repairs. Rest-Q undertook repairs and Scooter was able to back his friends up, foiling Braxis' attempts to assassinate key ASC staff at the plastikice final and driving Cy-Kill into retreat. Champions of Lixil

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit | edit source]


The Guardians planned to use Road Ranger, driven by Matt and Nick, as bait to trap the Renegades, with the trio pretending to be civilians transporting sorium. The Command Center was meant to then come in and help them but instead was struck by lightning and sent back to prehistoric times. While Leader-1 and Turbo fought off the dinosaurs Scooter worked on fixing the problem, and got them back into the present before Road Ranger was overwhelmed. The Rescue of Road Ranger He later played his part in preventing the Renegades from harvesting Magma Worms from a volcano in the Amazon. The Rumbling Jungle When Braxis tried to use museum waxworks as an army of robots Scooter helped block the control signals the scientist was using. Meltdown in the Museum The Renegades were able to draw away most of the useful Guardians with a succession of ruses when Scooter learnt of a Renegade plan to kidnap Anya Turgenova. He worked with Matt and Anya to help her escape. The Aliens Steal a Scientist Scooter was later able to help save Matt, Nick and A.J. when he watched them walk into a Renegade trap, allowing Leader-1 and Turbo to save them from the evil duo of Baron Von Joy and Psycho on GoBotron. By Astrobeam to GoBotron Scooter later helped steal a reversal key that undid the effects of Braxis' Freezer Beam. Battle of the Beams He later worked with Leader-1, Road Ranger and Spay-C to capture Braxis, forcing him to tell them of the Renegades' plans to use the Exploding Toads of Primus to control the population of Earth. The Guardians were then able to stop the scheme. The Exploding Toads of Primus Scooter was left at the Command Centre during a battle with the Renegades, which worked out as when Matt and Nick were captured he was able to jack up on electricity and grow to giant size, easily saving the humans and sending the Renegades running. No-one ever did this again before or after. Presumably World didn't want to use magic lightning more than once in a single book. Scooter Strides Out


Scooter was then assigned to the Guardians' Earth Force, where he helped identify Braxis and the Renegades as being behind the purchase of Silvermoon Mine. However, by the time the Guardians arrived there in force the mine was deserted. The Secret of Silvermoon Mine He was later present on the Command Centre when Nick arrived after Turbo was damaged by the Enemy Invaders near the mine. The Monsters and Mister Grogan With the trio of monsters causing considerable damage to the Guardians, Scooter worked with Heat Seeker, Dozer and Dumper to trap them in concrete. Captain Clegg's Dream He later travelled to GoBotron with Spay-C and Matt to collect Professor Von Joy's Battle Suit. Despite the Renegades attempts to stop them sending the Guardians on a whistle-stop tour of several planets they were able to deliver the new technology to Earth. The Professor's New Baby He later worked with Leader-1 and Matt to investigate Wilson Industries, finding out that Cy-Kill and Tux were controlling Walter Wilson so they could use his wealth to buy sorium. The zany scheme was eventually foiled. Walter Wilson's Millions He later on the Command Center, co-ordinating the Guardians' response to Cy-Kill raising a huge army of Renegades at Mauna Mauna, which was eventually defeated. The Battle at the End of the Earth

GoBots Magazine[edit | edit source]

You can still hear that ****ing voice, can't you?

Scooter gave Nick a lift to the grocery store to buy ingredients for A.J.'s birthday cake, but on the way back they were kidnapped by Pincher as part of a fiendish Renegade scheme to lure Leader-1 into the range of Braxis' new Phoron Gun. However when the Guardian arrived Scooter was able to use a hologram of Leader-1 to confuse Braxis, allowing the real thing to free the pair. A.J. was happy to have them back safe while Scooter had swiped the plans for the phoron gun to boot. The Blast of Doom! He was on monitor duty on the Command Center when he accidentally hacked into the Renegades' communications, discovering a plan to capture Path Finder. He flew out to warn her and hit on a plan to use Cy-Kill's plans against him. He devises a huge magnet which he disguised as the Command Center with a hologram. When Cy-Kill attacked it with Crasher, Cop-Tur, Vamp and Creepy the magnet catches them all before Scooter reverses the polarity and hurls the baddies into space - perhaps teaching the world about GoBot magnetism, whatever that is. Scooter's Mighty Magnet Later he was part of the team that caught the Renegades stealing Ultium from Sarkofony. However when they tried to stop them a sentient volcano belatedly interjected, preventing any of the GoBots from leaving the planet by erecting a forcefield. The groups had to work together to quell the mountain; Scooter measured out a huge plug to block the volcano's crater which Cop-Tur then sliced out of rock with his rotors. The mountain was satisfied and the GoBots were able to escape.The Wrath of the Mountain The Guardians were on Quartex at Boulder's Stronghold when news reached them that the Renegades were stealing a huge stone statue from the Ancient City. As Scooter and Nuggit were both useless cowards they were left behind on the Command Center and read an oversized book called Greek Heroes. The others managed to recapture the statue and brought it on-board. Having conveniently read up on the Trojan horse Scooter and Nuggit suspect the statue is part of some sort of scheme. Instead of raising their suspicions with Leader-1 or Boulder they elected to watch the statue until late at night, when it split open to reveal the Magmar, Brimstone and Slimestone. They raised the alarm after the Evil Rock Lords had let the Renegades into the Command Center, allowing Leader-1 to get to them in time to prevent Cy-Kill from blasting Scooter. The tiny Guardian then used one of his holograms to trick the bad guys into falling out of the ship into space and everyone congratulates him before extolling the virtues of books. Conquest of the Command Center! While Super Couper was repairing GoBotron Scooter spotted Night Fright swooping in and called out to to warn him. However the Renegade soon flew off. There was little time to process this before Leader-1 rounded them up for a mission to collect Zintrinium from a stranded ore carrier. However, the Renegades attacked them as they did so - Night Fright had in fact planted a bug on Super Couper. Leader-1 realised this and used it to trick the Renegades into the ship's empty hold while Scooter fixed the freighter's navigation computer, allowing them to send the trapped bad guys off in the direction of the Crab Nebula. A Spy Among Us

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Transformers Timelines[edit | edit source]

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Before Path Finder's team set off for Level 22, Scooter upgraded their communications equipment and emergency frequencies for the trip. Withered Hope

Renegade Rhetoric[edit | edit source]

"Brain Problem Situation"[edit | edit source]

During a dimensional incursion, the Guardians captured the Autobot Spy Changer named Silverstreak, believing him to be part of a new group of Renegades. Silverstreak was able to convince Scooter and A.J. of his good intentions, leading the Guardians and Spy Changers to join forces against the Renegades and stop the Moebius effect. Brain Problem Situation

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit | edit source]

Sideways and Gong began playing with universal streams, causing elements of the GoBots and their history to merge with a Transformers universe during the first encounter with Unicron. As a result, Bumblebee and Spike Witwicky were intermittently replaced by Scooter, Matt, and Anya aboard Moonbase Two during Unicron's approach to Cybertron. Echoes and Fragments

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]


Scooter was the personal Go-Bot of student A.J. Foster, taking her to her classes at Hillmore University and picking up ride-sharing fares while she attended classes. While surly and occasionally lazy he formed a strong bond with the girl. At one class, that of Professor Braxis, he briefly appeared on-stage as part of a lecture on the effect of Go-Bots on human life. He later went with A.J. when she visited Braxis at home, saving her and threatening the Professor when he tried to trap the girl in his cellar with his sinister personal Go-Bot Vamp. When they emerged from his house they found the Renegade uprising to be in full swing.Issue 1 His friendship with A.J. meant he refused to rise up against humanity, instead helping her escape. They met up with racing driver Matt Hunter and his Go-Bot Turbo, the group escaping the attention of a pair of rogue police Go-Bots before finding the dying Coriander T Banks, whose meddling with Go-Bot programming helped cause the uprising. Soon after the group were targeted by the Renegades; Stretch beat Turbo into the sewers and Scooter was tortured by Crasher and then Cy-Kill. He was saved when A.J. threw a Molotov cocktail at the Renegade leader, taking the girl to safety as Leader-1's army arrived to face the Renegades. Issue 2

Scooter subsequently joined Leader-1's faction of Go-Bots along with Turbo, who he became good friends with, and A.J. However, A.J. became increasingly unsure of Leader-1's true intentions and as a result made Scooter kill her. While he complied Scooter was left traumatised by his actions, begging Leader-1 to have his mental circuits reprogrammed. Furious with Leader-1 over the death of A.J. and his own failure to spot Leader-1's descent, Turbo pulled Scooter from the machine prematurely, leaving his friend with irrevocable brain damage. From this point on Scooter spoke in a childish, idiotic fashion and seemed to have very little of his memory left. Partly out of guilt, Turbo looked after Scooter along with the regressed remainder of humanity, and was still doing so when Spay-C arrived on GoBotron with six human astronauts. Issue 3


One of the pieces of information he still held was the location of the Lazer Lance, which Leader-1 and Turbo formed an uneasy alliance to find in order to end the threat of Zod. Due to his mental condition Scooter greeted Leader-1 with a friendly hug, having long forgotten his later actions. As Scooter could not explain where it was he led the rest of Leader-1's force there on foot, with the group being attacked by Go-Lems and Braxis' army of Vamps before they found it. However, Cy-Kill then destroyed the Lazer Lance before its parts and Zod were dropped into a chasm by the Go-Lems. Scooter volunteered as part of the team that travelled down into the chasm to try and finish Zod off; despite Scooter nearly being eaten by the monster they were ultimately successful. However, on their re-emergence on the surface they were attacked by the Command Center, which had fallen under Renegade control. Leader-1 was fatally wounded and Scooter was abducted by tractor beam.Issue 4 In a cell on the Command Center Cy-Kill taunted the once-haughty Scooter over his mental state. However Turbo mounted a rescue mission with the help of Spay-C, culminating in the death of Cy-Kill. Scooter was rescued and present as Turbo made an alliance with Crasher before they returned to GoBotron on the Command Center. There the trio were attacked by Braxis' army of Vamps and surrounded, until being saved by Road Ranger and his crew. After Road Ranger took leadership of the combined Go-Bot race Scooter shut down for some rest.Issue 5

Toys[edit | edit source]


GoBots[edit | edit source]

GoBots[edit | edit source]

  • Scooter (GoBot, 1984)
    • Friendly Robot Scooter
    • ID Number: 27
    • Accessories: none
Scooter was released by Tonka in the first series of GoBots, and converts from robot to motor scooter in 13 steps. The toy was a repackaging of Scooter Robo from Machine Robo, with no significant changes but omitting the extra sticker sheet of the Japanese release. He features die-cast metal parts. Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you just really love his animation model), his face does not magically shift to the space between his handlebars and the toy version generally looks more business-like compared to the cartoon model. The foil stickers on his chest are commonly missing on loose specimens. Both his head and chest parts can get broken. Scooter's vehicle mode does not have true rear wheel, only a molded ridge where it should be and two small, plastic rollers to either side. The robot mode has decent shoulder articulation due to the use of ball-joints which are less prone to wear than many of the toy's contemporaries.
  • Scooter was offered in the second assortment of GoBots figures manufactured in 1984 (#7201). The figure remained available throughout the line's life as part of the second and third series' Hot Shot assortment (#7255). The third series version came with a card-mounted 3-D GoBots Sticker. The first series card art featured the toy incorrectly transformed, with the arms inside out; Scooter rated highly enough in Tonka's arsenal for them to commission new card art for the second series version, which was used for the third series figure as well.
  • Bilingual Canadian releases retained the Scooter name.

Gift Packs[edit | edit source]

  • Guardian 3-Pack #3 (GoBots Gift Pack, 1985)
*Not available in stores

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Scooter was planned to be included in a Gift Pack along with Hans-Cuff and Road Ranger which was advertised in the 1985 Tonka catalogue but was ultimately not released.

Robo Machine[edit | edit source]

Robo Machines[edit | edit source]

  • Scooter (Robo Machine, 1984)
    • ID number: RM-16
    • Accessories: none
A carded repackage of Scooter Robo, the figure now known simply (and ironically in hindsight) as Scooter was released by Bandai Europe in 1984. He was popular enough to be reissued in 1986 unchanged beyond an updated toy catalog. Obviously due to the prosaic name there was never any need to update his backing card.

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

  • Motor Scooter Man (Machine Men, 1983)
    • Friendly Robot
    • ID Number: 13
    • Accessories: none
The first toy from the third wave of figures, Motor Scooter Man was released by Bandai Australia in 1983. He remained identical to the original Scooter Robo toy, albeit packaged on a blue backing card.
  • Scooter (Machine Men, 1984)
    • Friendly Robot
    • ID Number: 13
    • Accessories: none
In 1984, the figure was re-released with his GoBots name and faction on a new black backing card depicting a yellow-tinted alien landscape.

Robo Machines[edit | edit source]

Robo Machines[edit | edit source]

  • Scooter (Robo Machines, 1993)
    • Accessories: none
The figure was reissued by Bandai in Europe during 1993 as part of the first series of Robo Machines. For trademark reasons the figure was renamed simply Scooter in the British market, completely wrong-footing Hasbro's legal department, with localised versions of the name used in other markets. Sadly, like most of the Robo Machines figures Scooter uses poor quality materials and suffers from mould degradation.

Notes[edit | edit source]

WhY mY ShOuLdErS hUrT?
  • Words cannot do justice to how utterly awful Scooter's voice is.
  • Like Leader-1 and Turbo, Scooter was ever-present in Challenge of the GoBots, appearing in all 65 episodes as well as the feature film GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords.
  • The original bio for Scooter published in Tonka's 1984 catalogue had Scooter as a young eager type who was always left behind at base against his will while everyone else went off on missions, a bit like Bumblebee in the Transformers comics. However, this was largely ignored by Challenge of the GoBots, who made him an outright coward. His portrayal in The Robo Machines comic is perhaps the closest to this original planned personality.
  • All of the GoBots in the animated series had designs and transformation schemes that were hugely faithful to their toys, and Scooter was no exception... save for one detail: in scooter mode, his robot face appeared between his handlebars. As this was entirely impossible based on the toy's transformation, but the animation otherwise depicted his transformation in accordance with how all the parts of his toy moved, Scooter would almost always convert between modes with his back to the audience in one form or another (or off-screen all together), so that the impossible movement of his face couldn't be seen. When they didn't make this accommodation, well...see to the right.
  • His transformation clearly gave Tonka some problems too; not only did they have to redraw his toy card art after making a mess of the arms, the promotional art for the character (see to the left) featured a really, really bad attempt at his scooter mode and perhaps as a result was used on very little official merchandise.
  • Scooter's Cybertronian-style body in the "Cataclysm universe" is modeled on Groove from the Combiner Wars toyline.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. His comment that what he was doing during Cy-Kill's defection would be "another story" suggests he had been created at this point.

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