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The Shaggy Alien Slaves are the residents of an unnamed planet in the Vega system. Despite their appearance and size they're a friendly and peaceful lot; as such even Cy-Kill can conquer them. They are also one of the few alien races inconsiderate enough to not know English.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]


In the early phase of the Renegades' attempts to conquer the galaxy they largely ignored the Vega system until they identified one of its' planets as a source of varium, the fuel needed to power the gigantic Roguestar. They were easily able to enslave the locals and set up a mining operation overseen by Screw Head and Scorp, with Zods to help keep the workers in line. This activity was detected by UNECOM and the Guardians and their human friends set out to investigate on the Command Center but their plans were given away by the spy Snoop. When they arrived on the planet the heroes were ambushed. Leader-1, Turbo and Small Foot were imprisoned while Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns were put to work mining varium. When A.J. collapsed from exhaustion one of the aliens went to help, though his actions were initially misinterpreted by Nick - though it soon became clear that the alien meant no harm. The Guardian Scooter had been able to escape capture as Snoop believed she had killed him. He was able to free his friends, with the Vega natives joining them in general uprising against the Renegades. While this was successful a chain reaction among the fuel cells left on the planet led to its' destruction, though the GoBots, the humans and the Vega miners were all evacuated. Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap Hopefully the Guardians actually found them somewhere else to live.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The designation "Shaggy Alien Slave" comes from the animation model and thus is as close to an official name as we're likely to get. Though they're not really aliens as the unnamed planet seems to be their home.
  • Two types of the slaves are seen in the episode - the shaggy chaps pictured above are the most numerous but there are also hammerhead guys. Whether they are all part of the same species or anything is unknown, and likely to stay that way unless Peter Anderegg can remember. Which first requires someone to locate Peter Anderegg.
  • Assuming the show's scale chart is being followed the aliens are about 2 metres tall, typically about a head taller than Matt.
  • There's a fair chance the aliens' vocalisations were provided by Frank Welker, who's good at that sort of thing.