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Scorp is a Monster GoBot created by the Master Renegade.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Paul Eiding

Scorp was built by the Master Renegade on Antares III along with Vamp to guard him when he went into suspended animation after fleeing GoBotron. The Guardians' search for the Last Engineer brought them to the planet and when Leader-1 and Matt Hunter entered the Master Renegade's chamber they were attacked by Vamp and Scorp and captured. However Guardian reinforcements in the form of Scooter, Path Finder, Blaster and Flip Top overpowered them, and when they attempted to use their captives as hostages Leader-1 knocked them both out. The Master Renegade was awakened and left the planet - taking advantage of the Guardians by posing as the Last Engineer.Quest for the Creator Vamp and Scorp remained on the planet as their creator revealed his true identity and made an alliance with Cy-Kill. However, his growing demands angered Cy-Kill, who decided to circumvent his greedy ally by getting Dr. Go to abduct a GoBot and convert it into the Monster GoBot Pincher to win the trust of Vamp and Scorp. It worked and the trio headed back to GoBotron, where their appearance helps the Renegades before their ship is damaged by Courageous.Return to GoBotron Despite this failure, Scorp and Vamp subsequently joined up with the main Renegade force.

"Ah, trying to steal the X-2 Transmitter Array Antenna, are you? You won't succeed, not if my lethal Robo-Scorpions have any say in the matter."

Scorp was subsequently stationed at a Renegade base in the Vega system, overseeing mining operations varium ore to power Roguestar, where they supervise a large number of aliens. Thanks to information from the Renegade spy Snoop he and Cy-Kill were able to lure and shoot down the Command Center. They head down to hunt for survivors, where Snoop is revealed but too late to prevent the crew - apart from Scooter - being captured, with Scorp joined Cy-Kill to take out Turbo, Nick Burns and A.J. Foster. The humans are put to work in the mines but are freed when Scooter finds them; the group then inspires the miners to rebel and drop pit machinery on Scorp. He recovers in time to evacuate onboard Thruster before the planet is destroyed.Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap

"Even now, my deadly Robo-Scorpions swarm across Big MT with their pincers and pointy laser tails. Soon, all Science will be mine." (Scorp is the one on the right.)

When Scorp was onboard Thruster the ship shot down a Command Center piloted by Nick and Scooter in the Omega Prima system. Cy-Kill took the Renegade ship down to check there were no survivors. Finding none at the wrecked ship, the group split up to search until Cop-Tur saw the pair about to be sacrificed by the planet's primitive natives and regrouped to watch. However when the cavemen spot the Renegades they attack them as well, allowing Scooter and Nick to escape and link up with a Guardian search party. Battle is soon joined but Scooter and Nick are able to trick one of the planet's three-headed giant monsters to attack the Renegades, who are forced to retreat. Dawn World Another time Cy-Kill planned to use Dr. Go's new Molecular Transfuser to hold the planet to ransom. The Guardians tried to find them and Turbo managed it, though he stumbled in to Scorp along with Crasher, Pincher and Scales and was knocked out. Along with Pincher, Scorp was left on guard duty while the rest had fun shrinking adventures with the Guardians. Scooter was able to trick the pair into returning to Thruster thanks to a hologram of Cy-Kill, allowing the Guardians' human friend Nathan to return them to full-size and stop the Renegades' scheme.Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray


When a bold Guardian plan saw Roguestar itself boarded, Cop-Tur and the Monster GoBots were dispatched to deal with the invasion. Pincher ended up chasing Path Finder out into space but she tricked him into flying into an asteroid. He made it back onboard the ship in time to find that the bomb the Guardians have planted has been disabled and that their belief that Roguestar has been destroyed will actually benefit the Renegades, who gather for a heart round of "MWA-HA-HA"s.Quest for Roguestar Jealous of the Guardians' Power Warrior Courageous, Cy-Kill decides to build Puzzler to counter it and dispatches the Monster GoBots to steal the materials needed - with Scorp taking large amounts of steel from Detroit. When he makes a second run later he finds Turbo and A.J. investigating; he chased them through the city's sewers until Scorp was tricked into falling out of a water pipe. Worse came when Hilda Cocoa, wife of their ally Larry, gets hold of the remote for the prototype Puzzler, causing its' units to chase the Renegades around. This attracted the attention of the Guardians, who call up Courageous and destroy the Puzzler, forcing the Renegades into retreat.Auto Madic


The Monster GoBots were later used as muscle during Cy-Kill's attempts to manipulate the Earth's tectonic plates. The trio struggled to match Turbo and Pincher was somehow crushed by one of Scooter's holographic boulders, making it one of the group's less successful outings.Ring of Fire Later Scorp was one of the Renegades hidden at the Vienna peace conference by a personal stealth device planning to ambush the Guardians at phony peace talks; however the tenacious Turbo was able to expose the ruse thanks to Scooter creating a decoder and the Renegades were sent packing. Pacific Overtures Scorp, Vamp and Pincher were miniaturised and covertly placed inside the Command Center's computer systems, wreaking havoc. In response Professor Von Joy does the same to Leader-1, Turbo and Van Guard to combat them. Initially the Guardians had to fight carefully to avoid causing further damage before realising they could lead the Monster GoBots into the path of the system's automated cleaning drones, forcing the trio to escape from the computers and return to normal size, where they are tricked into fleeing back to Thruster by Scooter's quick thinking.Inside Job Again in concert with Vamp and Creepy, Scorp attacked the Blue Team of Guardian recruits before they were chased off by the Red Team - however, the whole attack was orchestrated as the Red Team were really the Renegade Dread Launchers posing as Guardians as part of a plot to kidnap Zeemon.Guardian Academy.


Unknown to most of the Renegades a third of the Master Renegade's creations, Creepy, had remained hidden on Antares III and receives a signal from Scorp and Vamp. Creepy heads to Roguestar and knocks out its' stealth device while Scorp and Vamp knock out Stretch and spring the Master Renegade from his cell. He leads them to New Earth, seeking a reckoning with the Last Engineer and planning to use the planet as his new base. The Monster GoBots are able to capture the Guardians escorting the Last Engineer and the inbound human colonists. Cy-Kill then arrived with Crasher and Cop-Tur to settle things with the Master Renegade and the resulting fight allows the Secret Riders to break free and able to attack the Renegades. As the tide turned both Scorp and Vamp returned to Cy-Kill's side and fled the planet in Thruster, leaving Creepy to escape with the Master Renegade.Quest for New Earth

Machine Men mini-comics[edit | edit source]

During a battle between the Friendly Machine Men and Enemy Machine Men on Earth, Scorp zapped Royal-T. The Combat

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit | edit source]


Hailing from the moon Zarios, Scorp was one of the Enemy Invaders who travelled to Earth to join Cy-Kill's Renegades. After Vamp was able to injure Turbo his friend Nick was forced to trek out of the woods near Silvermoon Mine, with help from the hermit Grogan. The boy was able to get back to the Command Center and return to Turbo with Leader-1, Heat Seeker and Hans-Cuff; Scorp battled Leader-1 until the rest of the Guardians' Earth Force arrived. The Enemy Invaders fled, but their alliance with the Renegades greatly worried Leader-1. The Monsters and Mister Grogan The threat they posed began to wear down the Guardians, with Scorp damaging Night Ranger, Road Ranger and Flip Top in an ambush. As a result, Heat Seeker cause a distraction as Scooter put his plan to take the Enemy Invaders out of action - getting Dumper and Dozer to dump a huge amount of quick-drying cement on them.Captain Clegg's Dream The monstrous trio were freed in time to try and stop Matt, Scooter and Spay-C from delivering Professor Von Joy's new Battle Suit to Earth, but they were able to evade the Renegades until Path Finder arrived to help them home. The Professor's New Baby When the Battle Suit was put into service by the Guardians it was easily able to drive off an assault on the Command Center by the Enemy Invaders. The Capture of Comrade Boris Later they were among the huge force of Renegades gathered at Mauna Mauna by Cy-Kill, but joined the retreat when the Guardians were able to arrive and battle them. The Battle at the End of the Earth

Fun Publications[edit | edit source]

Renegade Rhetoric[edit | edit source]

"Intruder, you will not escape the eyes of my Robo-Scorpions! Or their pincers!"

Scorp and the other Monster GoBots briefly betrayed Cy-Kill back to the Master Renegade when he and Bladez seized control of Gobotron. Cy-Kill gave them a good blasting once he escaped the Prison Moon, and seemingly brought his monster troops back in line again. Graduation Day Scorp and Crain Brain flew a pair of Space Hawks as they intercepted Hi-Way and his crew on their way back to Gobotron. Brother's Keeper Scorp and the Renegades traveled to Quartex so Cy-Kill could recruit Jaw Bone, the Fossil Lord, and his combined Fossilsaurus mode to their cause. When Jaw Bone didn't agree fast enough, Cy-Kill had Spoons take his daughter, Ulna, hostage. On Earth, Fossilsaurus helped the Renegades attack UNECOM and Scorp was able to download vast amounts of classified intelligence data. Unfortunately, the Guardians freed Ulna and Fossilsaurus turned against the Renegades. Fossil Fallout

Cy-Kill, Scorp, and Klaws assaulted the Guardians at the undersea Charybdis Labs. An explosion of Scylla-Waves allowed nearby sealife to begin communicating with the humans and GoBots, and Cy-Kill convinced the whale Leviathan to lend his people's strength to the Renegade cause. The Guardians eventually convinced the sea mammals of Cy-Kill's treachery, however, breaking the alliance. Scylla and Charybdis From Axiom Nexus, Cy-Kill described the origins of Vamp and Scorp, while congratulating himself on his own brilliance in creating Pincher as an ambassador to bring the Monster GoBots into the Renegades. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/15 Still, Cy-Kill was aware of their murky loyalties and continuing ties to his hapless rival, the Master Renegade. Seeing the influence Vamp and Scorp had gained over Pincher, Cy-Kill was concerned about introducing his newly acquired monstrous troops like Odd Ball and Monsterous to the Monster GoBots once he returned to Level 1. Renegade Rhetoric 2015/10/16 As he feared, Cy-Kill saw Vamp and Scorp bring Odd Ball into their sway. Fortunately, they seemed incapable of influencing the implacable Fright Face and his Monsterous combiner. One Born Every Minute

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit | edit source]

As Sideways and Gong played with mixing universal streams, Scorp and the Monster GoBots took Hot Rod and Kup prisoner for the Master Renegade on Antares III. Echoes and Fragments

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]

Scorp was one of the insectoid Go-Bots that appeared on Gobotron, the metal world built around Earth. When Spay-C arrived with six human astronauts Scorp joined Pincher in menacing the humans, but was shoulder-charged by the shuttle Go-Bot. Initially Spay-C seemed to have the measure of the pair, but the arrival of Hornet, Klaws and Heart Attack seemed to change the odds. However, the whole bunch of them were scared off by the arrival of Zod.Issue 3

Toys[edit | edit source]


GoBots[edit | edit source]

GoBots[edit | edit source]

  • Scorp (GoBot, 1984)
    • Enemy Robot Monster
    • ID Number: 47
    • Accessories: none
Scorp was released by Tonka in the second series of GoBots, and converts from robot to monstrous tank-scorpion in 5 steps. The toy was a repackaging of the Devil Invader Zarios from Machine Robo, with no significant changes. He features die-cast metal parts. The sliding joints inside his legs wear down very easily, meaning most loose samples of Scorp will have difficulty standing in robot mode. Scorp also features ball-jointed elbows, a rarity for a 1980s robot toy.
  • In Europe, the toy retained the name Zarios.
  • Scorp was released in the Hot Shot assortment (#7255) for the second series. He was switched to the Renegade assortment (#7254) for the third and final series, and given a 3-D GoBots Sticker.
  • For bilingual Canadian packaging the same name was retained.

Robo Machine[edit | edit source]

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

  • Scorp (Machine Men, late 1984)
    • Enemy Robot
    • ID number: 30
    • Accessories: none
The sixth new figure sold after the shift to Tonka-based titles, Scorp retained both his GoBots name and faction. He was repackaged and released by Bandai Australia on a black backing card depicting a blue-tinted alien landscape.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unsurprisingly, Scorp's Cybertronian-style body in the "Cataclysm universe" is modeled on Scorponok from the Energon toyline.

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