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Nick Burns is one of the Guardians' human allies. He is frequently seen with also mentally young, weak Guardian Scooter, usually being the muscle, brains, heart and guts of the pair. Nick has a high intelligence but also a similarly high likelihood of doing something impulsive and dumb that causes a lot of problems.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Sparky Marcus (mini-series), Ike Eisenmann (regular series)

A young NASA cadet, Nick was drawn into the GoBots' war when Thruster destroyed the Argos satellite he was meant to be repairing along with fellow cadet A.J. Foster and senior pilot Matt Hunter. In order to prove their story, Matt took their shuttle Intrepid after the undetectable ship, only for the Renegades to attack them. They were saved by the timely arrival of the Guardians but both groups of GoBots withdrew before the authorities arrived. As such at the subsequent court martial over the loss of the Intrepid all three were suspended by General Newcastle, especially as Doctor Braxis lobbied hard against them due to his dislike of Matt. The trio gathered at Matt's house to work out how to clear their names, only to be contacted by the Guardian commander Leader-1, who offered to do so if they would help repair the damaged Turbo. As a result, Nick and Scooter travelled to a NASA base to get components, inadvertently stumbling on Braxis meeting with the Renegades. However, the skylight they were watching through collapsed, leaving them at the mercy of Cop-Tur. ​Battle for GoBotron They were able to escape thanks to Scooter's Holo-Projector, and his ability to fly enabled them to evade a pair of dumb cops as well before they returned to the Command Center with the parts. Turbo was repaired, while Scooter and Nick told Leader-1 that the Renegades were looking for Sorium, allowing the Guardians to track them to Stolbovoy Island. Scooter and Nick stayed on the Command Center while the others went in, but Zod buried Leader-1, Turbo, Matt, A.J., the Soviet scientist Anya Turgenova and Crasher in a cave, and Cy-Kill threw an unstable Sorium crystal in after them. Target Earth Thankfully Leader-1's forcefield saved them, giving Scooter a chance to recover everyone with the Command Center's traction beam. After Brainstorming Crasher they found the Renegades' next target was the NORAD base at Cheyenne Mountain; however, by the time they arrived Braxis and Geeper-Creeper had already got inside, allowing the scientist's Pulsar Generator to be hooked up to the military's satellites. This gave Cy-Kill mind control of the entire human race, and he immediately made a hypnotised Nick release Crasher, allowing her to use the Command Center against the Guardians, with Leader-1 being captured covering his team-mate's escape. Conquest of Earth Over the following weeks Turbo and Scooter stayed free, causing irritation to Cy-Kill. Wanting to draw the pair out so they could be captured, he sent Crasher and Cop-Tur to Peaceful Hills with the mesmerised Nick and A.J., threatening to kill the pair if the Guardians didn't surrender. However, Scooter was able to trick the pair with a hologram of Cy-Kill and after a brief struggle Nick and A.J. were fitted with Frequency Neutralizers that blocked out the Pulsar Generator's signals. After a clash in New York with Tank and an army of controlled humans they were able to free Matt and Anya too before setting off to find out what happened to Leader-1. However, as they arrived they saw the injured Guardian dumped into a scrapyard with a ravenous Zod. Earthbound Turbo was able to distract Leader-1 long enough for Zod to be disabled, and Anya then used the monster's power cells to recharge Leader-1. The group went on the attack, with Scooter using his Cy-Kill disguise to get himself, Nick and A.J. into Cheyenne Mountain. They were discovered but by then were well inside, allowing Nick and A.J. to disarm Braxis. After dodging the base's controlled guards they managed to get into a tank, using it to help Turbo disable Cop-Tur and Crasher. Meanwhile Leader-1, Matt and Anya were able to force Cy-Kill into a retreat, with Leader-1 able to prevent the overloading Pulsar Generator from destroying the area by Astrobeaming its' unstable Sorium into the path of a fleet of Zods destined for GoBotron. As everyone else returned to normal, Nick and his friends accepted the Guardians' offer to help them track down Cy-Kill instead of doing boring explaining. The Final Conflict

"C'mon Scoot, help me desecrate these corpses, it'll be fun!"

However, presumably some explanations were made in the end as Earth formally allied with the Guardians via the new agency UNECOM. Matt, Nick and A.J. were not only pardoned and returned to service, but were appointed ambassadors to GoBotron. The trio were sent as a representatives of Earth at the forthcoming trial of the Renegades on GoBotron - much to Nick's annoyance, as he disliked the UNECOM dress uniforms. He was onboard the Command Center when it arrived at the planet's Prison Moon to collect Cy-Kill for trial, only to find the Renegade leader had escaped along with Fitor. Along with Scooter, he went to the moon's control centre to see if he could locate the fugitives. However, Cy-Kill disabled the moon's power system and the other inmates were also freed; Scooter and Nick soon found themselves cornered by Crasher, Cop-Tur and Destroyer until the boy spotted an escape route. They were chased by Crasher but one of Scooter's holograms gave them chance to hide in a forgotten room full of debris. There Nick accidentally activated an ancient teleporter, transporting them to the Moon of Knowledge. The pair found themselves in a small room with various ancient GoBotic recordings and Scooter recognised that one of them was left by the Last Engineer. When they were rescued by Leader-1, Small Foot, Matt and A.J. he passed this on, and the Guardians set off for the Last Engineer's lab on Antares III in order to help the dying Turbo. Cy-Kill's Escape Nick remained with the Command Center when the Guardians arrived at Antares III but met the man purporting to be the Last Engineer when he was rescued by Leader-1 and was brought onboard. However, the visitor turned out to be the Master Renegade, who took Small Foot hostage on the ship's bridge. Quest for the Creator The hostage situation was resolved by Turbo and Nick visited the injured Small Foot. At Matt's suggestion suggestion Rest-Q and Professor Von Joy put her through the Modifier for a second time. Matt, A.J. and Nick were delighted when this restored her converting abilities. Moments later Roguestar appeared over GoBotron and Small Foot took the three humans in her vehicle mode as they headed towards her post. They met up with Turbo and Scooter but the whole group then crashed through a hole, landing next to and reviving the real Last Engineer. Nick was later part of the team that attempted to stop Leader-1 from being disassembled and, when that failed, recovered his parts and saw him repaired at the Last Engineer's secret workshop. The Fall of GoBotron The Renegades found the group but the Last Engineer was able to convert the workshop into the ship Courageous, allowing the group to escape to Earth. There they reported the fall of GoBotron to General Newcastle, with Matt recommending that UNECOM put their resources to helping the Last Engineer finish the Power Suit system, something the General agreed with readily. Flight to Earth The Power Suits were completed and the arrival of a Command Center piloted by Turbo, Scooter and Sparky carrying further Guardians left Leader-1 resolving to make a desperate direct attack on Roguestar and the huge Renegade fleet. So naturally when Matt and the kids said they wanted to come along he chuckled and let them. As such the trio of humans manned the Command Center's bridge while most of the Guardians vanished. After their stolen Stealth Device was accidentally disabled by Sparky the Command Center was left a sitting duck, though thankfully the Last Engineer soon arrived with a modified Courageous, allowing the Guardians to form the Power Warrior and sending the Renegades into retreat. Return to GoBotron


Cy-Kill considered Nick and his pals such a threat that the best use he could think of for Professor Ling's Chronos Time Transporter was to travel back in time and kill the trio of humans when they were children. The Guardians arrived to try and stop them and the resulting kerfuffle led to Nick, Matt, Leader-1, Turbo, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur and Crasher being transported to Rome in 217 B.C. The Guardians were soon damaged while the Renegades managed to convince the Romans they were gods. Matt and Nick were able to slip away but were noticed by guards, captured and trained as gladiators by Marcus. After defeating their panther-backed opponent in the ring Marcus befriended them and helped expose the Renegades, preserving the course of history before everyone returned to their own time. Time Wars He got to pilot the new recruit Snoop in a race against Matt and Leader-1; they narrowly lost, at which point she blamed Nick for the defeat. They were interrupted by a report from Small Foot, passing on a message from General Newcastle that a new Renegade base had been detected in the Vega system, and Nick was completely oblivious as to how terrible Snoop's attempts to get out of joining them were. When they arrived the Command Center walked into a trap, being shot down and then everyone bar Scooter being captured by the Renegades as surprisingly the shifty, irritable Snoop turned out to be a Renegade spy. They were put to work mining Varium alongside other alien slaves but with Scooter's help were able to get free and overthrow the Renegades. Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap Nick was also a member of the GoBotron Security Council and fitted in with the rest of the committee by not really having any ideas what to do when Pincher sprung Braxis from Tri-State Prison to build the Nova Beam for the Renegades. Nova Beam Nick hung around a UNECOM facility in Utah, narrowly avoiding being captured by Crasher and Pincher due to the timely intervention of Leader-1. It's the Thought that Counts After Matt was captured by Trident and the Renegades, Nick and A.J. went to rescue him alone in a jet from the villain's Caribbean lair. Obviously this went swimmingly and they were both immediately captured, and had to be freed by the Guardians. Trident's Triple Threat Scooter and Nick were getting packed off to the Omega Prima system to search for a new Renegade base. Incredibly the base wasn't just a ruse to get rid of them, though the pair were shot down by Thruster and crashed on an uncharted planet. They escaped the ship before the Renegades came looking for survivors, though they were soon chased into a tar pit by one of the native monsters. Scooter was able to use his utility beam to knock down a branch so they could get out. However, they were soon caught by the planet's primitive natives, who planned to sacrifice the pair - perhaps showing they weren't that stupid after all. Scooter managed to project a hologram making the tribesmen believe a statue they worshipped had come to life. They were eventually rescued by Leader-1 and Turbo, and passed on their intel. Dawn World


Just in case they hadn't had their fill of uncharted planets they got stranded on one soon afterwards, though this time the rest of the Guardians and the Renegades were along, the two crews having to strike an impromptu alliance when the planet paralysed their ships. Working with Pincher, Scooter and Nick discovered crystals which countered the planet's magnetic field, but the Renegade turned on them, snaffling up the crystals for the Renegades and leaving the pair trapped in a cave. Leader-1 rescued them and both groups of GoBots were able to escape the planet. Forced Alliance He was then assigned to join Matt and A.J. at a crucial peace conference on GoBotron, but Scooter took them on a trip to GoBana, where the humans were kidnapped by Fly Trap and Gorn, who took them to Old GoBotron. They escaped but were captured by Wrecks, who made Matt fight for his life while Nick and A.J. were put on show in his freakshow. However, he showed a softer side when Cy-Kill came looking for the humans, letting them go when Cy-Kill came looking for them and helping Leader-1 recover them safely. Lost on GoBotron After Leader-1 was replaced by a Renegade duplicate, who demoted Scooter and Small Foot, Nick and his fellow UNECOM humans felt something was going on. He soon realised what was happening as other key Guardians were replaced. He helped Small Foot, Scooter, Matt and A.J. traveled to the Moon of Shadows, where the Renegades were building their duplicates and keeping the real Guardians. Small Foot helped free the Guardians and Scooter projected a hologram of Zod to stymy their Renegade pursuers. Returning to GoBotron itself, the Guardians routed the robot copies and retook control of the planet. Doppelganger Nick joined the Guardians when they travelled to Tri-Ceti, but the Renegades took control of the Tramulet and used it to trap the Command Center in a forcefield with the detonating planet. Renegade Rampage, Part I Scooter was able to help them escape by finding a flaw in the shield, and the Guardians were eventually able to recover the Tramulet. The Renegades' Rampage, Part II With A.J. on holiday in Waldron, Nick joined Turbo in chasing Cop-Tur after a raid on Pro-Tex Laboratories. The chase took them in the direction of Waldron, where they ran into A.J. being chased by BuggyMan. After Turbo dealt with the Renegade, A.J. told them the population of the city had been put to work to construct Ultra Zod. Nick helped A.J. free the town's captive children while the Guardians fought and destroyed Ultra Zod, though Nick felt A.J. should give advanced warning to the destination of her next holiday. Ultra Zod

Gameworld nick and prisoners.jpg

After UNECOM's new robot Sentinel went nuts and decided to wipe out the human race Nick joined Matt and A.J. in attacking it with the Command Center, but it shrugged off their fire. Sentinel Nick enjoyed piloting Dive-Dive on an undersea mission, and his experience proved important when the Renegades seized control of Professor Robert Frost]'s Climatizer, first rescuing Frost and his nephew Sidney and then knocking out the machine. Cold Spell After Murchison allied his criminal army with the Renegades and took over Washington, D.C. Nick joined A.J. and Matt in surveying the situation from onboard Flip Top. Crime Wave After Vamp raided the International Bank Gold Depository, tactical genius Leader-1 sent Nick and Scooter to picket the building; predictably when she tried again all they managed to do was get briefly locked in a vault. Auto Madic Nick went to a demolition derby to see Dolby Danger with A.J., Small Foot and Scooter, but the Renegades used the event to attempt to kidnap them before Leader-1 and Turbo turned up with the Power Suits to save the day. Scooter Enhanced After the Renegades framed the Guardians as a threat to Earth using Holographic Image Inducer, Nick and A.J. convinced Matt they owed their friends a chance to clear their name, helping them capture Dr. Go, who soon spilled the beans when he was threatened with manual labour on the Moon of Fire. Tarnished Image Along with Scooter and A.J. he travelled to Ecuador when UNECOM reservist and swole archaeologist Doctor Cunningham found an ancient GoBot spaceship. The Renegades soon followed, and Cy-Kill took Nick hostage so Scooter would had over a Holocube containing information about the ship, which was a drone linked to the Evil One. However, Nick got loose and set the drone to self-destruct before escaping. The Guardians then tracked the Evil One's tomb to Peru, where Cunningham triggered the Dark Heart antimatter weapon, with both the Guardians and Renegades working together to prevent it devastating Earth. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts Nick was jealous when A.J. received plaudits for her star-chart skills but had a chance to show his own skills went both the Guardians and Renegades were kidnapped by the alien bounty hunter B'oosa and sold to Crespas, who made them fight for entertainment on Kolob. However, Nick was able to build a device that overrode the GoBots' restraints, allowing them to escape the planet. Gameworld


When the Guardians had a spy in their midst Leader-1 decided to split them up into teams to transport the new Nucleonic Power Pack, and for reasons that were unclear entrusted the real thing to the unit made up of a nervous Scooter along with A.J. and Nick to take the real thing. Unfortunately this was leaked, allowing Crasher and Cop-Tur to attack them. Scooter for once had a go at defending them but was quickly overwhelmed and dumped in industrial waste by Cop-Tur, requiring Nick to rescue him. Wolf in the Fold After the Renegades set up a pirate operation off Micronesia, the Guardians resorted to having Matt, Nick and A.J. pose as a freighter crew while Turbo and Scooter hid in the ship's hull. The ploy worked as they were taken inside the base, which allowed the Guardians to disable its' Stealth Device, allowing Dive-Dive to put the base out of commission. Depth Charge After Leader-1 and Scooter disappeared during a clash with the Renegades, Nick sneaked off to find out more by spying on Thruster. He found out that Cy-Kill had Astrobeamed the pair into the sun, and only avoided capture when Matt arrived with a flight of jets. The Renegades also captured the Proton Cultivator, turning it into a metal-destroying Proton Destructor that badly damaged Turbo. It turned out Leader-1 and Scooter had instead be sent into a mirror universe, and they returned in time to help save the day. Transfer Point Nick was the only member of the UNECOM team to show any faith in the defecting Renegade Steamer when he came to the Guardians to tell them of Cy-Kill's latest plan. As a result he found himself the object of Scooter and Turbo's scorn, but refused to let his faith in Steamer be shaken - until Cy-Kill fitted the rogue Renegade up. However, Steamer proved his good intentions by trying to stop the Renegades' plan himself until the Guardians arrived, and Nick helped Steamer destroy the drones that Cy-Kill had sent to level Boulder City, before Turbo and Scooter apologised to the pair of them. Steamer's Defection. After Scooter set off to rescue his friend Billy, the Guardians set off to rescue him, with Nick and A.J. providing back-up from the Command Center. The GoBot Who Cried Renegade After the Renegades captured the precognitive Sean Roberts, his mother was moved to a UNECOM space station with Nick among the security detail. Obviously this wasn't enough to save the poor woman from capture. The Seer


Nick was operating with the Guardians when they were inadvertently taken over by Buddy's Spectrometer. Once UNECOM were satisfied she wasn't a Renegade agent he quickly struck up a friendship with his fellow nerd and they repaired Scooter together. However after she returned home and tried to tinker with the spectrometer to use it against the Renegades they tracked her and took her to Roguestar. Cy-Kill soon used Dr. Go's version of the spectrometer to take over Leader-1, Turbo, Blaster and Good Knight; Scooter, immune due to the repair, and Nick escaped them and were able to get onboard Thruster to rescue Buddy. Nick personally took care of the Renegade Spoiler when he discovered the stowaways and they freed Buddy before returning the Guardians to their usual selves. Buddy then offered to show Nick her computer-hacking skills. Whiz Kid Nick then devised a new railgun which was fitted to the shuttle Resolute, successfully damaging Thruster - though the Renegades were able to continue to Earth and threaten the planet with a chain reaction from a Megablaster directed at the planet's tectonic plates. After Cy-Kill broadcast his demands to UNECOM, Scooter and Nick came up with the brilliant idea of looking for the Renegades. Leader-1 was delighted with this strategic masterstroke, though Cy-Kill told them where he was moments later. Ring of Fire When Cy-Kill requested a truce and proposed peace talks between the Renegades and the Guardians, Nick helped arrange the final conference, to take place in Vienna. Turbo, Scooter, Matt, A.J. and Nick travelled there across the Alps, but were spotted by Crasher - who buried them in an avalanche. An enraged Cy-Kill then had Crasher and Cop-Tur dig them out and apologised. However, on arrival in Vienna Nick mucked around with a throne and revealed a secret room, allowing the quintet overhear Cy-Kill explaining his true plan - to fill the conference with hidden Renegades and kill the Guardian and UNECOM's leadership. He revealed his hand and the Guardians were in disarray until Scooter arrived with his detector, allowing them to fight back. Cy-Kill destroyed the detector but ran away anyway. Pacific Overtures A.J. and Nick were sent along with Scooter to investigate a mysterious gas seepage on Earth; as UNECOM hadn't bothered giving the humans any protection gear they were both knocked out, but Scooter got them to safety. They spent over 8 hours unconscious, but the gas later useful in stopping the monsters Kaitudan, Ichigar and Jerigan from destroying all of Tokyo. Destroy All Guardians


Anya gave the Guardians and their human friends a guided tour of the new UNECOM Surveillance Station, but moments later Fitor led Bad Boy, Stallion and Stinger to attack the station. Thankfully despite the handicap of having Scooter on their side the Guardians and UNECOM personnel were not only able to repel the attack, but also captured Fitor in the process. Scooter and the humans were left to sort out the damage to the station but unfortunately they were captured by Cy-Kill, who then used them as leverage to get Fitor back. Scooter covered himself with his usual dignity by pleading with Leader-1 to rescue him despite the humans saying not to do it, and embarrassed for his fellow GoBot the Guardian commander acquiesced. Unfortunately for the Guardians, while Cy-Kill's attempt to murder Leader-1 at the handover failed he did return Scooter. Fitor to the Finish Nick was one of the few humans to escape when Cy-Kill took the entire population of Earth hostage using Doctor Aeolis' hermetic condenser to capture them as leverage to install himself as Overlord of GoBotron. Nick hid out with the usual crew on the Command Center until Leader-1 finally decided to reveal he had ensured the safety of the human race some time before and has just been waiting for a dramatic moment to let friend and foe alike about it. Clutch of Doom After Zero set up a breakaway faction of Renegades he attempted to capture Matt, Nick and A.J. to use against the Guardians; unfortunately Stretch failed at this task, but the group managed to capture Turbo instead. The Third Column After Cy-Kill turned Leader-1 evil using an exosuit built by the people of Fabricon, Nick helped the effort to restore the Guardian leader to his normal self, and then helped wipe intel stolen by Dr. Go. A New Suit for Leader-1


After Leader-1 decided a funfair was almost certainly a Renegade front he sent Scooter and Nick to investigate. Despite Cop-Tur being 'disguised' as a ride and Cy-Kill giving Nick an inside tour of Block Head's mixing drum for no reason the pair completely failed to detect the Renegades, and were similarly useless when they kidnapped Mira Shaw. However, she was later able to telepathically contact Nick, allowing the Guardians to prevent the Renegades from getting away with the psychic. Renegade Carnival During a confrontation with the Renegades Zod was about to eat Nick when Alaric suddenly appeared and tipped the monster. While Alaric was soon tricked by Cy-Kill, Nick kept his faith in the small alien, helping Scooter rescue him from the Renegades before he moved on to a different plane of reality, leaving his wealth of knowledge at GoBotron's Computer Moon. The Gift He was lucky enough to largely avoid having to interact with self-important conjurer Tinotchka, at least. The Last Magic Man He was later dismissive of Leader-1's idea to get Doctor Braxis working for the Guardians, and as a result was used as bait to see if the insane scientist's new satellite network could detect Roguestar. It couldn't, though Nick managed to narrowly avoid death. Braxis Gone Bonkers He was later stationed at a secret UNECOM island station, helping defend it when it came under attack from the deceived Astral. Thankfully Leader-1 and Small Foot were able to convince her that Cy-Kill had misled the alien princess. Element of Danger Along with A.J., he was later assigned to the Guardian Academy on GoBotron, helping instruct new recruits from the Red and Blue teams, having to intervene when they began squabbling. The pair then investigated after Tri-Trak disappeared, finding him unconscious in the Academy's shooting range. He was able to convince them that the Red Team were the Renegade Dread Launchers, and foiled their plan to kidnap Zeemon. Guardian Academy.


Nick was later selected for the UNECOM/Guardian expedition to the rediscovered city of Atlantis. While the expedition leader, Doctor Janus, turned out to be a Renegade spy Nick and A.J. arrived in a Boomer, even managing to knock out a dragon by firing a block of ice into its' mouth. Terror in Atlantis He was later told the story of Cy-Kill's defection from the Guardians to the Renegades by Scooter. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" Nick showed his resourcefulness once again when an expedition to Halley's Comet was hijacked by the Renegades in order to gain access to the Star Fortress; he and A.J. escaped their attentions and took out Pincher and Sky-Jack. The pair later prevented the Renegades escaping the base with the captured quantumite from the Fortress. The Secret of Halley's Comet Nick later worked on convoys harvesting materials for the construction of GoBotron. Mission: GoBotron When Solitaire, a visitor from Cordax, was captured by the Renegades in a raid on GoBotron, Small Foot, A.J. and Nick were also captured and imprisoned onboard Roguestar. However, the two humans were able to escape and free Small Foot; the trio caused absolute chaos on the Renegade ship in orbit above Cordaxx before stealing a Space Hawk and travelling down to the surface, soon being reunited with Leader-1 and Turbo. Battle of the Rock Lords

GoBots Magazine[edit]


Nick designed a "Super-Duper-Ice-Cream-Scooper" birthday cake for A.J. shaped like a spaceship before setting off with Scooter to buy ingredients. However, the pair were kidnapped by Pincher on the way to the shops and used as bait to get Leader-1 into the range of Braxis' new Phoron gun. Thankfully Scooter was able to trick the evil scientist with his hologram projector, allowing Leader-1 to get them both to safety, and they were able to get the take ready in time for A.J.'s party - though she felt the best present was having her friends safe. The Blast of Doom!

Fun Publications[edit]

"Brain Problem Situation"[edit]

Nick Burns participated in the second encounter between the GoBots of Strata 22 and the Autobot Spy Changers. When the Renegades tricked the Guardians into leaving Earth, Nick and Tri-Trak were the only ones left behind on the planet after the Renegades established an Embargo Field. They used the Reality Beacon to signal the Spy Changers, summoning Wheeljack and Trailbreaker for aid. Trailbreaker's knowledge of force fields helped them identify the source of the Embargo Field. The field was shut off, and the Renegades vanquished by the returning Guardian forces. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/09/30 TFWikiFavicon.png

Go-Bots comic[edit]


Paired with his Go-Bot Leader-1, Commander Nick Burns was one of the US military's most skilled pilots. Despite the rash and ultimately fatal actions of Beaky he was able to save hostages taken by an unknown foreign power after Leader-1 massacred the guards. The pair returned to the Go-Bot Command Center in the Pentagon for debriefing and their next mission - to find and neutralise a band of rogue Go-Bots led by the former gladiator Cy-Kill near Route 66. Nick spoke to one of the Renegade victims, a man who had been traumatised by Crasher, before they set off. Initially the hunt seemed futile before Leader-1 detected the group. Cop-Tur attempted to intercept them but was shot down. However, the pair had underestimated the number of Renegades and the power of Cy-Kill, who engaged Leader-1 in a savage duel. Nick was badly injured during the fight and pleaded with Leader-1 not to listen to Cy-Kill's rhetoric - though his Go-Bot asked him to keep quiet. Leader-1 ultimately turned down Cy-Kill's offer to join him but was overwhelmed by the Renegades, who took his knowledge of codes and other military information from his brain and set off to overthrow mankind. Issue 1

Leader-1 was able to escape crushing at the hands of Pocket and Crossword but the US military were unable to raise Nick during their fight against the uprising. Leader-1 entered the battle on the side of humanity, ultimately beating Cy-Kill in another no-holds-barred fight but then had doubts over whether to lead the Go-Bots to freedom or return them to servitude, cradling Nick's broken body as he pondered his next move. Issue 2

As it was Leader-1 took the third option of setting himself up as autocratic king of the Go-Bots. After he was finally killed by Cy-Kill, Leader-1 had visions of Eno and Nick. Issue 4 When Leader-1's body was later salvaged by Road Ranger and Bug Bite they found Nick had never been removed from the Go-Bot, his skeleton still being in Leader-1's cockpit .Issue 5

The precise point that Nick dies is not clear, though he had no lines after the first fight between Leader-1 and Cy-Kill in the first issue and looks very dead at the end of the second.


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