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If one were to look up "valiant" in a GoBotic dictionary one would likely see a picture of the Guardian Small Foot. She never lets a diminutive stature stop her from doing her part in the battle against the Renegades, often taking on ridiculous odds without a second thought. This can occasionally lead to Small Foot taking damage; typically when this happens she apologises for letting her team-mates down and gets straight back up again for more. Leader-1 knows that this never-say-die attitude and infectious level of courage makes a good Guardian and as such values Small Foot highly, regularly making her a key member of any Guardian operation.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: B.J. Ward

Small Foot was part of the team on the Command Center when it was sent to collect Cy-Kill from GoBotron's Prison Moon for trial - however, by the time the Guardians arrived the Renegade leader had already escaped. She helped Path Finder and A.J. locate the injured guards Blaster and Flip Top and get them back to the ship for treatment from Rest-Q. Onboard the ship she joined in the search for Cy-Kill and later the missing Scooter and Nick, who had been transported to the Moon of Knowledge. Small Foot was able to track them to the pedestal of a statue of the Last Engineer and, along with Leader-1, cut through the wall and free the pair. Cy-Kill's Escape She later travelled to Antares III to find the Last Engineer, watching as the person they believed to be their creator repaired the critically-injured Turbo. However, once the stranger was onboard the Command Center and bound for GoBotron he revealed himself to really be the Master Renegade. He blasted Small Foot with a paralysing ray and then held her at gunpoint - plucky as ever, she urged her team-mates to rush the Master Renegade and not worry about her.Quest for the Creator Thankfully an opportunity came up when Crasher arrived to collect the Master Renegade, with Turbo blasting the pair and Scooter taking the ship away. However, the Master Renegade's weapon left her injured and somehow removed her ability to convert. At Matt's suggestion Rest-Q and Professor Von Joy put her through the Modifier a second time, restoring her vehicle mode. However, she had little time to celebrate before Roguestar appeared over GoBotron. Small Foot drove towards her battle station with Matt, A.J. and Nick onboard but they bumped into Turbo and Scooter. The group were diverted underground by a volley from a Thruster, luckily finding the real Last Engineer. They reported to what was left of Guardian Headquarters, where Small Foot helped Van Guard carry in an injured Staks. She was then part of the team that went with Sparky to the Prison Moon to try and save Leader-1 from being disassembled. Despite Small Foot personally taking Stinger out the raid was unsuccessful, though the Last Engineer and Turbo were able to recover Leader-1's components. Small Foot helped the band get components from the now Renegade-occupied GoBotron, allowing the Last Engineer to use his workshop to repair Leader-1 - however they were discovered by Crasher and Fitor moments later.The Fall of GoBotron The group were able to escape when the Last Engineer converted his workshop to the ship Courageous and flies into hyperspace to Earth, where Small Foot and Leader-1 are seemingly the last free Guardians. She then observed Leader-1 test the first of the Last Engineer's new Power Suits.Flight to Earth Following Turbo's arrival with a Command Center full of Guardian refugees Small Foot herself was given a Power Suit, featuring advanced scanners. She immediately used it to find that Crasher and Fitor were spying on them; the Guardians set off after the pair and Small Foot soon discovered their Thruster. After Scooter knocked out Destroyer the ship's stealth device was fitted to the Command Center and Leader-1 took the ship to attack Roguestar and forestall the Renegade invasion of Earth. Her suit's scanner detected the Monster Gobots' ship but she was shot down by the craft soon afterwards; Leader-1 and Scooter were also hit coming to her aid but the Last Engineer soon arrived with Courageous. The Guardians were then able to form the Power Warrior and force the Renegades into retreat. Small Foot and the rest of the team were then praised by Zeemon after GoBotron was liberated. Return to GoBotron

TridentsTripleThreat smallfoot shot down.jpg

Small Foot was posted on Earth when UNECOM detected that the Renegades were building a mining base in the Vega star system, passing on a notification from General Newcastle asking the Guardians to investigate. However, the spy Snoop was able to warn the Renegades they were coming and their Command Center was show down, with Small Foot being knocked out by an underground attack from Screw Head shortly afterwards. She was imprisoned with Leader-1 and Turbo but Scooter was able to get into the mines, inspiring an uprising that took care of the Renegades. Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap. Small Foot was later entrusted with escorting UNECOM's new disruptor on a high-speed train across America, along with Matt. The pair were given a hard time by escort commander General Orlando. However, the Renegades and their new ally Trident were watching, with Crasher, Cop-Tur and Loco launching an ambush. Small Foot fought valiantly against the odds before being shot down by Crasher and left for dead while the Renegades stole the train. When news reached UNECOM Turbo was sent out to recover the injured Small Foot. She was repaired in time to storm Trident's volcano headquarters with the rest of the team and help the Guardians win the day. Trident's Triple Threat


She was assigned to Earth again when Cy-Kill allied with aliens from the 21st level to invade Earth, but when the Guardians tried to intervene on Roguestar their queen called in a fresh wave of troopers, forcing them into retreat. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part I Taking refuge in the ship's engine rooms, Leader-1 and Small Foot attempted to overload Roguestar<no wiki>'</no wiki>s engines to destroy the ship while Turbo and Blaster held off the insectoid troopers; however when Blaster's Astrobeam reversed the group were swamped, with Leader-1 and Small Foot forced to abandon Turbo before flying back to Earth. There they were able to reach the Astrobeam at UNECOM Headquarters, where in a brief misunderstanding they were captured by Matt and A.J. Thankfully they were soon released and the humans were able to use the base's Astrobeam to summon Heat Seeker from GoBotron, who helped Small Foot distract Exor's guards as the Guardians were eventually sent back to their own dimension. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part II When Turbo disappeared after a solo recon mission Small Foot and Scooter were able to track him to Barstow, where he was disabled in car form and had been unwittingly entered in a car race by Don and Greg. They found their wayward comrade and were able to frustrate Renegade attempts to finish him off long enough for Leader-1 and Van Guard to arrive, helping save Turbo. Speed Is of the Essence

Doppelganger smallfoot fires spacebender.jpg

Another visit to Earth saw her pitched once again against Crasher, who barged her over a cliff, though Small Foot was able to think quickly and use her winch to stop herself from falling. However, the Renegades swiftly withdrew soon afterwards - unknown to the Guardians the whole point of the attack was for Snoop to get footage of Leader-1 which would allow Doctor Go to make a duplicate of the Guardian. In the meantime the Guardian commander felt Small Foot lacked experience, and returned her to GoBotron. While she was there the duplicate Leader-1 replaced the real thing, which was put in storage on the Moon of Shadows. Soon the Renegades stepped up their duplication efforts until many key Guardians had been switched out for their doubles. The Leader-1 clone announced that Small Foot and Scooter would be retired from active duty due to their weakness. Scooter, Matt, A.J. and Nick became suspicious of the behaviour of their comrade, and had their feelings confirmed when they witnessed Turbo being actively replaced and kidnapped. They went to find Small Foot, who rapidly proved herself to still be the real deal by using the Space Bender to destroy the duplicate Turbo. She then joined them on a Command Center to locate the real Guardians, showing her piloting skills on the way by using an asteroid to hide from missiles fired by Crasher, then ordering Scooter to disguise their ship as a Thruster. Using the Turbo duplicate they were able to sneak into the facility where the Renegades were storing the kidnapped Guardians and disable Doctor Go. Working with Scooter she was able to engineer the group's escape from the Moon of Shadows, using her winch once again to traverse a chasm. The restored Guardians returned to GoBotron and battled the duplicates, but the battle was a confusing affair until Small Foot turned the Space Bender on the copies, shutting down their computer brains. With the Renegade scheme foiled Leader-1 personally thanked Small Foot and reversed his decision to remove her from the Guardian team on Earth. Doppelganger

ScooterEnhanced powersuits securitygrid.jpg

She later attended a stunt car rally with Scooter, Nick and A.J. when the Renegades attacked, hoping to kidnap the humans. Fly Trap captured the pair but Small Foot used her winch to get them to safety and frustrate the Renegades until Leader-1 and Turbo arrived with the Power Suits and forced the villains to retreat. She tried to console Scooter over the lack of contribution he had been able to make in the fight after his hologram unit was destroyed, but he nevertheless decided to get them replaced with blasters. The Renegades then embarked upon a plan to distract the Guardians so they could capture the Power Suits, with Screw Head successfully drew Leader-1 and Turbo away to Hawaii. Cy-Kill, Crasher and Scorp then attacked the Command Center, manned by Small Foot and Scooter. However, the latter's unfamiliarity with his blasters saw him destroy the ship's communications system. While Scooter was thrown in a cell the trio of Renegades tried to force Small Foot to give them access to the Power Suits but she held firm until an escaped Scooter was able to trick Cy-Kill into releasing her. The pair were then able to stay free until Leader-1 and Turbo returned, driving off the Renegades.Scooter Enhanced


When Leader-1's team disappeared Small Foot was one of the Guardians taken on a Command Center commanded by Hans-Cuff to search for them, eventually locating the missing group as they escaped from Kolob. Gameworld She was later part of the team on standby on Earth when Cy-Kill attempted to use the Pacific "ring of fire" to cause huge tectonic damage to Earth. His terms for surrender were that Leader-1 arrive on the island where his Megablaster was set up alone, but Small Foot and Scooter secretly followed their leader. They watched Leader-1 get captured and Cy-Kill reveals he will trigger the volcanic chain reaction to destroy the planet anyway, and Small Foot decided it was time for action. She shoulder-charged Crasher into a wall, causing a rockfall and scattering the Renegades before saving Leader-1 while Scooter disabled the Megablaster, saving Earth.Ring of Fire Small Foot was later on GoBotron when Cy-Kill used Doctor Aeolis' condenser to take Earth's population hostage, setting himself up as Overlord of GoBotron. She watched his televised diktats in GoBotolis along with other Guardians, unable to help without endangering the captured humans. Clutch of Doom Following the destruction of the Guardian Space Lab, Small Foot detected a bug in the Guardian base - unaware that it was monitoring them even as they moved tests on Professor Von Joy's Element X to a secret UNECOM base on Earth. Along with Turbo and Scooter, she transported the element to Earth onboard a Command Center but they were shot down by Renegades en route. Turbo was able to land them near the base, sending Small Foot and Scooter with the element while he held off their pursuers. Evading Renegades, they discovered the captive form of Princess Astral of Crylos. She switched places with Scooter and flies off, leaving Small Foot to try and find help for her friend. She later found Leader-1 in time to protect his injured form from Renegade attack; her bravery and compassion convinced Astra the Guardians were good, despite Cy-Kill's claims otherwise. Together with the Princess, the Guardians were able to drive off the Renegades. Element of Danger

BOTR SmallFoot.jpg

She was later present at the Guardian Academy when the undercover Dread Launchers attempted to abduct Zeemon; while the Blue Team of cadets chased after the kidnappers Small Foot was part of the Guardian effort to surround Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur. Guardian Academy Small Foot was at the GoBotron Fortress when Solitaire and Nuggit told the Guardians of the situation on their home world of Cordax. A Renegade attack then drew most of the Guardians off, with Small Foot, Scooter, Matt, Nick and A.J. left protecting the Rock Lord when Cy-Kill breached the Fortress with Fitor, Pincher and Bugsie. Small Foot tried to take them on but was knocked out along with Solitaire and captured along with the kids. They were imprisoned on Roguestar, but while Cy-Kill took an expedition down to Cordax the humans were able to escape and free Small Foot. She caused chaos on the Renegade ship by evading the guards and wrecking the communications equipment, before stealing a Space Hawk and heading down to the surface. Small Foot then located the Guardian team on the surface and helped cannibalise the Space Hawk to repair the damaged Leader-1, Turbo and Nuggit. Ultimately she helped defeat Cy-Kill and Magmar's plans to use the Ultra Sceptre for universal domination, bidding farewell to their new friends before returning to GoBotron.Battle of the Rock Lords

Fun Publications[edit]

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Cy-Kill unleashed a mutant, fast-growing form of plant called Go-Vines to entangle the world. Small Foot and Sparky sneaked aboard Thruster to steal some seeds, which Professor Von Joy was able to reverse-engineer in order to create a working defoliant. The GoVine Incident In an alternate universe created by Cy-Kill messing with the timeline, the Renegades ruled Earth and Gobotron. In this reality, Small Foot and Zeemon were the personal servants of Overlord Cy-Kill. Renegade Victory Part 1 As the Renegades sought an object of great power from the world of Amazonia IV, the Valkyries of that world organized the Three Trials of Boudica to determine whether the Guardians or the Renegades would receive the power. After one victory apiece for the competitors, Small Foot (with the help of A.J. Foster) competed against Crasher in the final trial. Presented as a challenge of speed, the GoBots weaved their way through a high-velocity obstacle course. A small child fell onto the tracks during the competition, prompting Small Foot to give up her lead to save the girl from the deadly traps. Crasher crossed the finish line first, but victory was awarded to Small Foot anyway. The Valkyries revealed the final challenge was one of honor, not speed. Small Foot and the Guardians received the ancient wisdom found in the Valkyrie's scroll. Ladies Night

Under attack from Cy-Kill's new allies, the sorcerers Mumbo and Jumbo, Small Foot was temporarily transfigured into a cow. Mumbo Jumbo On one occasion, Doctor Braxis appeared before the Guardians and claimed to wish to reform. He provided the Guardians with his Destabilizer Cannon modification, a significant upgrade to their standard hand-blasters. Small Foot joined Leader-1's team as they tested the Cannons against a Renegade raid in Rio. Turbo was too suspicious to accept the upgrade, however, which proved advantageous once Braxis revealed his Cannon mod also allowed him to control the Guardians' minds. Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 1 Small Foot and Leader-1 were among the Guardians sent by Braxis to destroy Turbo and Scooter, the only remaining free Guardians. Braxis eventually overreached by trying to conquer the Renegades as well, and the Destabilizer Cannons were disabled. Once Braxis Twice Shy Part 2 Small Foot and Turbo found the Renegades raiding a UNECOM warehouse. They attacked Blades and Psycho, inadvertently allowing the third faction of Zero and the Master Renegade to make off with their stolen items. Trash and Treachery

Small Foot and Leader-1's command team defended Fermilab and its particle accelerator from the Renegades and a Zod attack. They were being overwhelmed until the temporarily giant-sized Scooter saved the day. Attack of the 50 Foot Guardian She also fought against King Talpidae and the Mole Men when Cy-Kill formed an alliance with them against UNECOM and the surface world of Earth. The Mole Men of Prototheria Small Foot and Scooter were attending to Professor MacDonald Guffin and his MacGuffium experiments when the Renegades attacked, inadvertently exposing A.J. to MacGuffium radiation(TM). When A.J. discovered the laboratory accident had given her strange, unearthly powers, she decided to use them as a local super-hero called "Go-Girl", with Small Foot proudly serving as her "Go-Mobile". A.J. began taking greater and greater risks, however, and Small Foot became concerned her powers might not be permanent and wink out at the worst moment. An argument split up their partnership right before Small Foot was captured by the Renegades. Cy-Kill forced A.J. to steal valuable items for him in exchange for Small Foot's life, but sure enough A.J.'s powers finally faded. While supposedly delivering the last of Cy-Kill's requested loot to the Renegades, A.J. instead gave them a dose of unstable MacGuffium, stunning the Renegades long enough for her to free Small Foot. Go-Girl

Small Foot was a member of Leader-1's basketball team when Cy-Kill challenged them to a game for the fate of Earth. Double Dribble Small Foot and the Guardians were surprised by the Master Renegade when they visited New Earth. His polymorphic inducer transformed the Guardians into human beings, and of course he turned on Cy-Kill and the Renegades as well. They suffered the indignities of flesh and blood until Matt Hunter rallied their spirits and Scooter created a polymorphic amplifier to undo the inducer's effects. Human Resources Small Foot operated a Power Suit as part of Courageous when the Guardians made their big push against Rogue Star in Cy-Kill's absence. Cy-Kill returned from Axiom Nexus in the midst of the battle, however, and his new combiner Monsterous tore Courageous back into its component pieces. Opportunity Knocks Part 2 Trident's Guardian Smashers sought the Horn of Gabriel from a dig site in the Middle East. Turbo and Small Foot opposed them, but Benedict used a Lightning Suit designed by Professor Frost and held back the Guardians. The Guardian Smashers

An official treaty between Earth, Gobotron, and Quartex was a cause for celebration, bringing representatives from all factions to the Ingot Ampitheater on Quartex. Small Foot and the Jewel Lord named Flamestone were part of the security detail. Magmar and his evil Rock Lords attacked the proceedings, with Cy-Kill and the Renegades enlisted as well. Small Foot was disabled in the first wave by Cy-Kill himself. Combiner Wars Part 1 Although Cy-Kill and Magmar managed to kidnap their leaders, the heroes eventually regained their confidence and approached Stonehead. With a plan in their heads and teamwork in their hearts, they rescued Leader-1, Boulder and the others, and Small Foot helped Scooter and Nuggit take control of the Action Shock Rock drones. Combiner Wars Part 2

Go-Bots comic[edit]


At some point in the centuries following the ascendance of the Go-Bots on Earth, Small Foot became one of Leader-1's followers onboard the Command Center. She spoke with Dozer and new arrival Spay-C in the ship's cafeteria, complaining about the food as they set off for Gobotron's organic core - actually the regressed planet Earth - as they reached the end of the planet's highways and prepared to off-road in the search for the Lazer Lance. Issue 3 When they arrived on Earth and began the search Small Foot had the temerity to ask how far it was to the Lazer Lance; Leader-1 met her with an acidic, threatening response, asking if she was tired. Knowing the undertones and his regime's penchant for mind-wiping and disintegration, she knew what his idea of "rest" likely involved and fell silent. She survived the subsequent battle with Zod and the Renegades, though Leader-1 didn't. As his surviving troops, including Major Domo, Tail Pipe, Pumper, Good Knight and Night Ranger, buried him in the chest of the Go-Bot god Courageous she noted he was a difficult Go-Bot but she believed she was true to him as they were watched by Eno. Issue 4 After the Go-Bots were united under new leader Road Ranger she watched Spay-C take four of his crew back through a time tunnel through the Command Center's dis-integration chamber in an attempt to change Earth's tortured past. Small Foot noted to Path Finder that they would never know if the mission was a success, seeming apathetic to the idea of the current timeline being erased.Issue 5

Small Foot's gender in the IDW Go-Bots comic is not revealed, but for the time being GB Wiki is assuming it is the same as her other fictional appearances.



GBW SmallFoot.jpg


  • Small Foot (GoBot, 1984)
    • Friendly Robot 4x4 Truck
    • ID number: 14
    • Accessories: Front grill/bumper, rollbar (2)
Small Foot was released by Tonka in the second series of GoBots, and converts from robot to Toyota Hilux MR5 truck in 6 steps. The toy was a repackaging of Offroad Robo from Machine Robo, with no significant changes apart from the omission of the additional sticker sheet that came with the Japanese version. There is really no reason for her rollbars to be separate pieces other than for them to get lost. Small Foot has articulation in the shoulders and the knees.
  • Small Foot was never issued in Europe or Australia, possibly because the small roll-bar pieces failed choking-hazard toy safety regulations. If this was the case you would have to wonder why they weren't just omitted, though.
  • Small Foot was first released in the initial GoBots assortment of eight new figures that kicked off the second series (#7203). When the assortments were reorganised later in 1984 she became part of the Friendly assortment (#7253). The figure remained available as third series' Guardian assortment (#7253). The third series version came with a card-mounted 3-D GoBots Sticker.
  • Bilingual Canadian releases used the alternative name Pied agile.

Transformers Collector's Edition[edit]

She's the one that doesn't look anything like Small Foot.
  • G1 GoBots (Multi-pack, 2004)
    • Takara ID number: 84
Small Foot is a redeco of The Transformers Mini Vehicle Gears, transforming into a diesel truck as well. She was only available in an e-HOBBY-exclusive Collector's Edition six-pack with Road Ranger, Bug Bite, Path Finder, Bad Boy, and Treds. Despite being a Minibot mould, the toy is surprisingly low on chronic design problems; with a little extra work and better materials it might even have been good enough to be a GoBot.


  • Challenge of the GoBots regularly portrayed Small Foot as turning into a pickup with standard-sized wheels, completely missing the irony of her name.
  • Likewise, the 3/4 front view model sheet (see right) for the character was missing its' pupils, which may explain why they commonly disappeared during the show.
  • Small Foot's vehicle mode was seen as General Newcastle's transport in "Crime Wave", but the character had no lines and didn't appear in any other scenes in the episode, making it unclear whether it was a bona fide appearance by the Guardian or just a reuse of her animation model to represent a UNECOM vehicle.
  • Despite featuring heavily in the show, Small Foot seemed to miss the boat for tie-in merchandise.

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