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Astral is a princess from the planet Crylos.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Astral was leader of her people but when Crylos' sun stopped producing the crylinium they needed to survive they travelled to Earth and went into suspended animation to wait until the planet's sun was old enough to produce more of the element. Astral herself lived inside a crystal until Scooter disturbed her, upon which she switched places with her. Astral was then discovered by Cy-Kill, who convinced her that crylinium was plentiful but was being hoarded by the callous Guardians. Astral then turned her not-inconsiderable powers on the nearby UNECOM laboratory, much to the delight of the Renegades. She damaged Leader-1 but when Small Foot blocked her next attack Astral realised the Guardians were compassionate and she had been lied to by Cy-Kill. She turned on the Renegades, sending them into retreat, before releasing Scooter and preparing to return to waiting for Earth's sun to mature enough to produce crylinium. However, Professor Von Joy realised his experimental Element X would work as a substitute and a grateful Astral was able to gather her people and leave Earth. Element of Danger