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Element X is a revolutionary power source developed by the Guardian scientist Professor Von Joy.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

The Guardians hoped that Element X would provide enough energy to power than Transmuter, which would be able to detect even Renegade craft using Stealth Devices. However, research by Professor Von Joy and Sparky on the Guardian Space Lab was interrupted when Crasher was able to destroy the satellite. Thankfully quick thinking from Sparky meant she was able to save Element X, but testing was instead switched to a secret UNECOM facility on Earth. While Leader-1 attempted to draw Renegade attention away by commanding a decoy ship, Cy-Kill was still able to guess and attack the Command Center carrying Element X, crewed by Turbo, Small Foot and Scooter. Turbo held the Renegades off while Small Foot and Scooter tried to get Element X to safety but instead got entangled up in an adventure with space princess Astral. While she initially allied with the Renegades in her search for crylinium she eventually realised the Guardians meant no harm. Professor Von Joy then realised crylinium could be synthesized from Element X and handed it over, even if he was sad at the impact this would have on his research. Element of Danger