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The Guardians keep the peace on GoBotron and beyond, mostly in the form of fighting the revolt of the Renegades. Led by Leader-1, they ally with UNECOM and the Good Rock Lords to fight the Renegades on Earth and other worlds.

They are sometimes known as the Security Forces or simply as Friendly GoBots.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]


The precise origin of the Guardians is unclear but they were GoBotron's main defenders at the time of the First Renegade Revolt "Et Tu, Cy-Kill". The organisation since looked after both the defence of GoBotron and actively combating other threats to galactic peace. While this usually centres on combatting the Renegades and their various allies, the Guardians also campaigned against the Parthian Raiders "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" and the Tri-Cats of Fedge. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part I.

The Guardians' command structure involves close co-operation of the Guardian Council with the organisation's leader. In the aftermath of the First Renegade Revolt the Guardians were led in battle by a trio of High Protectors - Cy-Kill, Zeemon and Leader-1. However this arrangement was undone when Zeemon was seriously injured in battle on Parthis and Cy-Kill became disaffected and left to join the Renegades. Leader-1 was therefore left as defacto Guardian leader, though he insisted he would not become a military dictator in the process. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" Zeemon for his part went into politics, soon becoming head of the Guardian Council.

While the Guardian leader has field authority he can be overriden by the Council The GoBot Who Cried Renegade, who liaise with GoBotron's civilian population. Mission: GoBotron Due to the good working relationship and mutual respect between Zeemon and Leader-1 the exact chain of command has rarely been tested.

BattleforGobotron guardian assault.jpg

The Guardians largely have military superiority over the surface of GoBotron, with various Renegade footholds - such as the Renegade Fortress - usually being dealt with, The Final Conflict though Cy-Kill's access to Stealth Device technology means incursions were frequent and had to be dealt with reactively. The Guardians also briefly lost control of the planet when the Master Renegade returned from exile and allied with Cy-Kill. The Fall of GoBotron Additionally, semi-forgotten areas of the planet such as Old GoBotron Lost on GoBotron and Level 17 The GoBots That Time Forgot were lawless and had no Guardian presence.

The Guardians gained a large positive reputation across the galaxy, and became one of the key movers behind a cross-species alliance against the Renegades. This involved a strong alliance with the human organisation UNECOM due to the Renegades' growing interest in Earth, while their aid was sought out by the Rock Lord Solitaire on behalf of the inhabitants of Quartex. Battle of the Rock Lords The Guardians largely enjoyed a good relationship with their allies, especially the humans of Earth. Not only was the agency UNECOM effectively formed to work with the Guardians, providing considerable logistical support, but a trio of allies made during their first campaign on Earth - astronauts Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns, who were subsequently appointed as ambassadors to GoBotron on behalf of UNECOM. Cy-Kill's Escape In return the Guardians have been happy to share their knowledge, ranging from defence systems to other helpful technology.

Much of the Guardians' operations revolved around the versatile Command Center, which was used tor transportation, patrolling, exploration and planetary defence, as well as being used as mobile bases for their units. GoBots aspiring to join their ranks have to go through the Guardian Academy before undergoing final Modification and becoming full-fledged Guardians Guardian Academy. While the organisation's primary focus is military in nature the Guardians do carry out numerous other duties, including scientific research Element of Danger and also gathering material for and assembling new sections of the expanding planet. Mission: GoBotron

Robo Machines comic[edit | edit source]

The Security Forces were responsible for law-keeping on Robotron, and their forces were partly responsible for foiling an attempt on the assassination of the planet's President by the evil scientist Stron-Domez and his minions, the new converting Robo Machines Cy-Kill and Tank. However, they were unable to prevent Stron-Domez and his creations from fleeing the planet and heading to Earth. Realising they planned to conquer Earth and use it as a base against Robotron, the President charged Ex-El with the task of stopping him. Taking a group of volunteers and the Command Centre, he set out to follow them. On the way he turned three of the volunteers - Leader One, Hans-Cuff and Dozer - into Robo Machines, and they arrived in time to curtail Stron-Domez's attack on Cholkham. After arriving Ex-El added Rest-Q, Truck and Night Ranger to their forces, and while an attempt to forge an alliance with the British military was foiled by circumstances they did recruit a human ally in the form of Charlie Bampton. Reinforced, the Security Forces were able to free the workforce of the Datafile Electronics factory taken over by Stron-Domez. The resulting raid saw all but Stron-Domez and Cy-Kill captured and deactivated. The Robo Machines, Story 1

Turbo, Scooter, Royal-T and Carry-All were also added to the Security Forces. However, they were tested immediately when Stron-Domez converted himself into Zod and attacked the Command Centre. Royal-T was badly damaged defending the ship, while Carry-All was separated from the rest. He found Zod's base but was mortally wounded in the process. The rest of the Security Forces were able to track him and battle Zod, disabling him. Unfortunately he had dispatched his new Devil Invader Casmodon to attack London. The Guardians all agreed to fight the monster but it shrugged off their combined firepower. Night Ranger and Truck were destroyed in short order while Dozer was injured, and the Guardians made a fighting retreat to the Command Centre, planning to return to Robotron in the hope the scientists there could devise weaponry to match the Devil Invaders. The Robo Machines, Story 2

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The episode "Whiz Kid" suggests that every GoBot has a panel inside their chest identifying whether they are running on the alpha frequencies used by the Guardians or the beta frequencies used by the Renegades. However, this binary divide between the factions and at-a-glance way of checking if a GoBot is "good" or "evil" is inconsistent with the depiction of allegiance shown in other episodes, even by Challenge of the GoBots standards.
  • As a strong indication of the poor integration of the GoBots franchise the toyline launched with the good guys named as simply the 'Friendly' GoBots, and stayed that way well into the second series of toys in 1985, even though the cartoon had by that stage firmly established them as the Guardians. The Friendly 'faction' was used on some early GoBots print material (e.g. the storybook "Escape to Planet Earth") but most tie-in books used "Guardian" as they arrived after the series, with Tonka one of the last to fall into line.
  • Similarly outside Tonka's North American market, Bandai largely kept to "Friendly" for Robo Machine and Machine Men, with varying implementation in spin-off material - the Machine Men pack-in comics used Friendly, while the Robo Machines comic strip started off using "Security Forces" before slowly changing to "Guardian".
  • While the Guardians do have an insignia as pictured at the top of the page it is only used on two toys - Courageous and Rumble - and does not feature significantly in any media based on the franchise (only being used on Rumble's animation model).
  • The term "Guardian" is only used once in the IDW comics. By Cy-Kill.
  • The use of the faction 'Team Guardian' in the 2019 Japanese Machine Robo Duel franchise is unlikely to be a coincidence.

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