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Charlie Bampton is a young human from England with ESP. He's less annoying than Nick

Fiction[edit | edit source]

The Robo Machines comic[edit | edit source]

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Living in Cholkham with his parents, Charlie displayed signs of extra sensory perception, something which was noted by his teacher Mr Fenner but led to his peers deriding him as " Barmy Bampton".

When Stron-Domez's Renegades attacked his school and the Security Forces intervened Charlie was the first to realise that not all of the aliens were aggressive to humans, his ESP telling him Dozer could be trusted and helping save his class. Hans-Cuff offered him a lift home but when Charlie arrived he found that Stron-Domez's earlier attack on Cholkham had devastated his street. The boy overhead from two police officers that his parents were killed and he was now an orphan. With no other family he accepted Hans-Cuff's offer of a place on the Command Centre, something that went down poorly with Ex-El. Nevertheless he was chosen to act as an ambassador for the Security Forces when the British army arrived, meeting them with Hans-Cuff. However a grief-stricken farmer fired his shotgun at the Guardian; the bullet bounced off the armoured Robo Machine and struck Charlie instead, enraging Hans-Cuff. He took the badly injured boy back to the Command Centre, where Rest-Q was able to revive him with bionic surgery.

While the attempted alliance with the army had failed and Ex-El felt Hans-Cuff was too emotionally involved with Charlie the boy was still a vital part of the Security Forces plans to free the Datafile Electronics factory in Westbridge. First Night Ranger took him past the security at the factory at night and he was able to locate the enslaved human workers - narrowly avoiding being detected by Loco and Stron-Domez. Then he masqueraded as a driver, allowing Truck to sneak past Cy-Kill and free the workers. Once they were clear Charlie watched the Security Forces mop up the Renegades, though Stron-Domez was able to escape on Cy-Kill. The Robo Machines, Story 1

He remained on the Command Centre as the Security Forces located Stron-Domez. However, the villain had rebuilt himself as Zod and attacked the ship first, with the Command Centre only escaping when Royal-T and Carry-All drew the monster off. When Scooter used the ship's scanners to locate the junkyard base of Cy-Kill and Zod; the Guardian courier was left behind with Charlie when the rest of the Guardians took off to fight the monster. However they soon realised that the signals pointed to an even more powerful foe - the Devil Invader Casmodon. The pair set off to warn their friends. They took to the air when the fallout from the battle blocked the streets until Scooter noticed Cy-Kill attacking humans and decided to intervene. Despite his best efforts he found himself no match for the Renegade - until Charlie hit on the idea of shooting under Cy-Kill. Scooter did so, dropping Cy-Kill into the London Underground and giving them chance to escape. By the time they spotted the other Guardians Leader One had called a retreat. However before Scooter could follow Casmodon grabbed the boy. The courier chased after the Devil Invader until Charlie was able to sabotage it from the inside, with Scooter able to jump up and save his friend from a serious fall. He took off after the other Guardians but a vengeful Cy-Kill tried to intercept them. Thankfully Leader One had spotted them and blasted the Renegade, allowing the pair to board the Command Centre for the journey back to Robotron. The Robo Machines, Story 2