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Robotron is a planet that is the home of the Robo Machines. It is located in the Proxima system, four light years from Earth, and has very advanced technology.


The Robo Machines comic[edit]

By 1984 the planet's scientists had mastered computer transplants, and many of the planet's residents were 99% robotic. Advanced machines were used for everything - even houses were robotic. The civilian population are protected by the Security Forces, who are called into action when the dissident Stron-Domez attempted to assassinate the newly elected president of Robotron with the help of his Robo Machines Cy-Kill and Tank. The president survives and Stron-Domez flees the planet, heading to Earth. . Fearing Stron-Domez will conquer Earth and use it as a base to invade Robotron, the president dispatches Supreme Overlord of the Security Forces Ex-El in pursuit onboard the Command Centre, together with volunteers to be turned into Robo Machines.The Robo Machines, Story 1

Later Robotron residents gathered to watch news broadcasts updating them on the situation on Earth. The Robo Machines, Story 2