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Old GoBotron is a region of GoBotron. In fact, it is GoBotron, or at least the original version of the planet before the upper levels were built by the GoBots. Now it's a literal underworld, largely forgotten by most of those on the levels of 'new' GoBotron. It is divided into more than 200 levels, around the top 80 of which are known to be inhabited by various aliens, vagrants and misfits. Some of the levels contain water, and others wild Zods.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

After the disappearance of the Master Renegade, the original GoBotron was reportedly terrorised by the Evil One before he fled the planet. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts

When Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns arrived on GoBotron to attend a conference with many alien delegates to form an anti-Renegade alliance Cy-Kill targeted the humans to sabotage the talks. As a result, when Scooter, Matt, Nick and A.J. visited GoBana he had Fly Trap and Gorn knock the Guardian out and bring the trio to Old GoBotron. However, shortly after their arrival Matt was able to lead an escape attempt, only for the humans to fall into the clutches of gladiator trainer Wrecks. He put A.J. and Nick into his freakshow before forcing Matt to fight for his life against various other illegal aliens. Matt was able to fight impressively enough for Wrecks to consider freeing the trio, who were by then being searched for by Leader-1 and Scooter, though Cy-Kill and his goons found them first. However, Wrecks and his urchins showed an unexpected soft side and helped the humans to safety, where they were able to meet back up with the Guardians. In gratitude Leader-1 offered Wrecks a place on the surface but the old GoBot opted to stay with his charges in Old GoBotron. Lost on GoBotron

Unknown to anyone even further down on Level 17 of Old GoBotron the rogue GoBot Gunnyr and his lieutenant Bug Bite ran their own private kingdom, brainwashing anyone they found to believe that there were no other parts to GoBotron or even a universe beyond their domain. They used the Crystal Mountain to suppress anyone else's ability to convert or use weapons but were eventually foiled, deposed and captured when Scooter, Leader-1 and Turbo visited Level 17, working with Dart and Ace. The GoBots That Time Forgot