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Solitaire is a Rock Lord from the planet Quartex. She is on the side of good and fights against the forces of evil. As the leader of the Jewel Lords she has a leadership position among the forces of the good Rock Lords and is chosen to travel to the Planet Gobotron to seek the help of the Guardians to defeat Magmar and the evil Rock Lords. She is also the holder of one of the power scepters, powerful weapons held by the leaders of the various factions on Quartex.


GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords[edit]

Solitaire traveled with Nuggit to the planet GoBotron, seeking the help of the GoBots in their quest to stop Magmar from conquering the planet Quartex. While on GoBotron, Solitaire was captured by Cy-Kill and the Renegades. Taken back to Quartex by the evil GoBots, she was turned over to Magmar and his forces. After the defeat of Magmar and Cy-Kill by the combined forces of Boulder's Rock Lord troops and the Guardians, Solitaire was freed. rejoining her friends. GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Echoes and Fragments[edit]


Rock Lord Solitaitre toy.jpg
  • Jewel Lord (Good)
Rock Type - Diamond
Solitaire transforms from a Rock Lord Warrior into a Diamond.


  • Interestingly for a female character from the 1980s, there is no indication of a romantic relationship between Solitaire and any other Rock Lord. Boulder's reation to her being freed at the end of the movie is essentially: "Oh good, you're back".