There's Ssomething Flashing over There

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Rock Lords mini-comics
"There's Ssomething Flashing over There"
Publisher Tonka
First published 1986
Writer Uncredited
Illustrator Uncredited
Page count 11

Magmar attempts to steal the Jewel Lords' newest creation.


Magmar, Saberstone, and Spearhead are riding the Stone Wing when "something" suddenly becomes jammed and they crash in the Rock Glades. Seeing something flashing in the distance, they discover the stronghold of the Jewel Lords—the Crystal Palace. Hidden by the grass, they spot Boulder saying his farwells to Solitaire and leaving in his Rock Pot. After Solitaire punches in a code to enter the palace, Magmar, curious as to what his enemies are up to, follows. Saberstone tries punching in the code, but is unable to remember it, so Spearhead uses his head, literally smashing the panel with his cranium. This manages to work and the three enter the open gate.

Inside, the villains stumble in the dark till they find the Jewel Lords in a laboratory. They perform an experiment that produces a "true nuclo-crystal" with unbelievable power. The experiment's resulting smoke induces coughing fits in Magmar and his henchmen, alerting the Jewel Lords to their presence. Magmar bluffs that his forces are greater than they seem and Spearhead grabs the hot nuclo-crystal, only to drop it. Sunstone tries to grab it, but is burned himself as well. Magmar grabs the crystal and has the Jewel Lords tied up.

Sunstone isn't worried and reveals to his fellow Jewels that Magmar is only in possession of a projection he made. Also, fortunately, Boulder and his gang of good Rock Lords were checking out the area and have come to the Jewel Lords' rescue. Magmar and his cronies escape through the roof. Solitaire remarks to let them go, explaining that Sunstone still has the actual nuclo-crystal, while Magmar only has an illusion.

Out in the Rock Glades, Magmar thinks he's dropped the crystal and orders his minions to search for it...

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Good Rock Lords Evil Rock Lords


  • This minicomic was packaged with the second series of Rock Lords product.
  • This issue technically has no title. In lieu of one, the line stated by Saberstone on the cover is used for convenience.


  • On page six, Solitaire says "here" instead of "hear".
  • On page seven, Magmar says "your" instead of "you're".