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The Go-Lems were a race of Go-Bots who remained on Earth after the Guardians and Renegades built Gobotron around it.


Go-Bots comic[edit]


They were first encountered by the human astronauts brought to the planet by Spay-C.Issue 3 Later, when Leader-1 and his Guardians set off to find the Lazer Lance they travelled past Skull Mountain, where they were attacked by Sticks'n Stones, Tombstone and Spearhead. The party were rescued by the arrival of Boulder, Nuggit and Solitaire. After driving off the followers of Magmar they introduced themselves as the Go-Lems. They claimed to be created by neither humans nor Go-Bots, and stated that their main interest was in meditating to achieve a state of oneness with the planet before they left. However, the trio, joined by an army of others including Granite, Marbles, Flamestone, Granite and Pulver-Eyes, later intervened when the Guardians confronted Cy-Kill's Renegades and Zod - who had disturbed their meditation in the state of being known as Quartex. As a result they opened the Earth itself, dropping Zod down inside a canyon where he was eventually killed. Issue 4 After Road Ranger detached Gobotron from Earth the Go-Lems remained, living peacefully with the remains of humanity - who christened them the Rock Lords.Issue 5


  • Exactly how literally Boulder's screed about the Go-Lems' origins can be taken is a matter for personal preference.
  • It is not entirely clear if the term "Go-Lems" refers to Magmar and his followers or just Boulder's cult.