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Road Ranger is a tough but friendly Guardian soldier. He's not that truck guy. No, really. He's not.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Road Ranger was a Guardian security agent at a UNECOM facility in Utah. After Cy-Kill failed to get a brainwashed Scooter to destroy the base for him, Road Ranger and the Guardians confronted the Renegades directly. They were on the verge of victory over the Renegades when Professor Von Joy tried to help, and his malfunctioning invention created a distraction for the villains to escape. It's the Thought that Counts

WolfintheFold leader1 addresses troops.jpg

When the Renegades started anticipating Guardian missions with suspicious frequency, Leader-1 declared there must be a traitor in their midst. As the two unimportant Guardians on Earth at the time, Road Ranger and Heat Seeker seemed to be likely suspects. However, Turbo's brash actions drew suspicion on him, before Leader-1 supposedly was caught destroying the Astro Beam on the Command Center. In fact, "Heat Seeker" was really the Renegade Bad Boy in disguise, but the Guardians came up with a plan that made him reveal himself. Wolf in the Fold

Road Ranger was serving a stint on the Guardian Council when they were taken hostage by Leader-1 and several others, who had been brainwashed with Beta frequencies. Despite outnumbering Leader-1's brainwashed goons nearly two-to-one, the Council put up little fight when they were forced aboard a Command Center to Roguestar. Fortunately, Scooter and Nick were able to cancel out the beta frequencies, and the Guardians reverted to normal. Whiz Kid

Road Ranger was running security at a manufacturing plant on GoBotron when it was attacked by Zero, Crasher, and Cop-Tur. He activated the auto-gun defenses, which proved too much for the Renegades and forced them to retreat. The Third Column

Fun Publications[edit]

Transformers Timelines[edit]

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Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Using the Power Suits, Road Ranger, Treds, Royal-T, and Dozer formed Courageous in order to deter Cy-Kill's monstrous new combiner named...Monsterous. One Born Every Minute



Gekisou Sentai Roooooad Ranger!
  • Road Ranger (GoBot, 1983/1984)
    • Friendly Robot Transport Truck
    • ID number: 18
Road Ranger transforms from robot to articulated transport truck, featuring die-cast metal and chrome parts. He was released in the first series of GoBots figures in 1983.
Road Ranger is a straight import of the Machine Robo Truck Robo toy.

Machine Men[edit]

  • Semi-Trailer Man (Machine Men, 1983/1984)
    • Friendly Robot (1984)
    • ID Number: 14
The second toy from the third wave of figures, Semi-Trailer Man was released by Bandai Australia in 1983. He remained identical to the original Truck Robo toy, albeit packaged on a blue backing card.
In 1984, the figure was re-released with his GoBots name and faction on a new black backing card depicting a yellow-tinted alien landscape.

Robo Machine[edit]

  • Articulated Lorry (Robo Machine, 1984)
    • ID number: RM-18
A carded repackage of Truck Robo, the figure now articulately known as Articulated Lorry was released by Bandai Europe in 1984. While he was never reissued, catalogs and packaging from 1985 onward listed the toy under his GoBots name.

Collector's Edition[edit]

  • G1 GoBots (Multi-pack, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: 84
Road Ranger is a redeco of the Transformers Mini Vehicle Huffer, transforming into a cabover-syle semi truck of indeterminate model. He was only available in an e-HOBBY-exclusive Collector's Edition six-pack with Bad Boy, Bug Bite, Path Finder, Small Foot, and Treds.


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