Challenge of the Machine Men

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This article is about the Australian mini-comic. For the Australian cartoon, see Challenge of the GoBots (cartoon).
Machine Men
"Challenge of the Machine Men"
Publisher Bandai Australia
First published 1986
Page count 8

The war of the Machine Men brings the Rock Lords to the forefront.


The Evil Machine Men have invaded Earth, seeking to bring humanity into servitude. Fortunately, the Friendly Machine Men have come to defend the planet against the villains!

While the two sides are embroiled in battle in an Australian city, Helicopter Wincher and Battle Base shoot down Winch Truck. Leader One calls out for his soldier, but is taken unawares by an attack by Cy-Kill, who stomps on his nemesis while he's down! Up in the air, Vamp and Spy Eye are stuck in a dogfight, but Spy Eye is able to use his robot mode to give Vamp a well-deserved kick.

Elsewhere, a general from the Australian army looks on with Throttle, who apologizes for the devastation wrought on the city. The general takes it in stride, noting that after the human evacuation is over, the army will assist... by dropping a nuclear bomb on the Enemy Machine Men! On the battleground, Hans-Cuff is taken out by a team-up of Pincher, Ace, and Skyjack, leaving Turbo to fend for himself...

The evacuation has completed, and the Friendly Machine Men are ordered to retreat, as well. Minutes later the bomb is dropped, completely flattening the city and seemingly destroying the Enemies! When the Friendlies return to the site to investigate, a rumbling slowly evolves into an eruption as Pulvereyes emerges from the ground! Spay-C can only remark that the nuclear blast has awakened the Evil Rock Lords before she and Road Ranger are knocked away by the giant Rock Lord. Sticks and Stones and Stoneheart also emerge and attack the Machine Men.

The power of the Evil Rock Lords is too much for the Machine Men, and Road Ranger desperately blasts Tombstone, which does take him down, but not for the count. Thankfully, the day is saved by the Good Rock Lords, who come out of the planet's crust to assist the Friendly Machine Men. Boulder stops Magmar from crushing Dive-Dive, but they soon discover that the Enemy Machine Men have survived the blast and are angry... Meanwhile, the terrible Narlies have also arrived.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Friendly Machine Men Enemy Machine Men Good Rock Lords Evil Rock Lords Others