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Exploding Toads are a type of toad from the planet Primus.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit | edit source]

Despite closely resembling the Earth toad, the Exploding Toad was something different - while not malicious, it naturally drained the intelligence of anyone around it. Once it had absorbed a certain amount of mental energy it burst, with each fragment becoming another toad that absorbed mental energy. As such the species had wiped out everything else on Primus before Cy-Kill hit on the idea of using them to wipe the minds of the human race and then turn them against the Guardians. Herr Fiend and Psycho gathered five of them and Astrobeamed them from GoBotron to Thruster. Cy-Kill sent Renegades to five continents to release the creatures but a panicky Braxis was picked up by the Guardians after their agents got wind of the scheme. Scooter tricked him into telling him exactly where the toads were being released and the Guardians were able to capture all five before Spay-C took them back to Primus. The Exploding Toads of Primus