The Exploding Toads of Primus

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Robo Machine featuring The Challenge of the GoBots Annuals
The Exploding Toads of Primus
Publisher World International Publishing Limited
First published Autumn 1985
Cover date 1986
Writer Uncredited
Artist Uncredited
Printed in Robo Machine featuring the GoBots Annual 1986


In a secret underground base on GoBotron, Herr Fiend and Psycho Astrobeam a mysterious box to Cy-Kill on Thruster. As he explains to Doctor Braxis, it contains five Exploding Toads from Primus, which can steal mental energy from other beings until they explosively reproduce. The creatures can then transmit hateful thoughts and be used to turn humanity against the Guardians. Cy-Kill plans to send a toad to each continent while Braxis returns to NASA to await the start of the plan - fretting that Cy-Kill might go back on his word to not use a toad on him.

Braxis' nerves get the better of him and he makes for the safety of Thruster. However, Guardian agents have informed Leader-1 of the plot, and he has Road Ranger and Spay-C capture Braxis as he leaves. They bring him back to the Command Centre, where Scooter threatens to unleash one of the Toads on Braxis unless he tells where the other teams are being dropped off. The terrified scientist tells all - before belatedly realising Scooter may only have an empty box. Scooter opens it to reveal a toad, and after Braxis passes out Leader-1 orders the Guardians onto action.

Above the fields of England, Royal-T grabs the Toad intended for Europe the second Fitor drops it before zipping away. In Peking, Dumper and Dozer smashed into Geeper-Creeper, allowing Dozer to grab the box containing the Toad. In Sydney, Turbo and Hans-Cuff attack Cy-Kill and make off with the Toad he was dropping there. In Cairo, Scooter, Matt and Nick mug Crasher.

All five toads are recovered, Leader-1 assigns Spay-C to take them back to Primus. Braxis has escaped, but A. J. mocks that he was tricked into fainting by a common garden toad.


(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


  • Who collected the Toad sent to New York isn't covered.
  • The Renegades have an underground base on GoBotron.
  • Herr Fiend appears using his toy name.