The Battle at the End of the Earth

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Robo Machine featuring The Challenge of the GoBots Annuals
The Battle at the End of the Earth
Publisher World International Publishing Limited
First published Autumn 1986
Cover date 1987
Printed in Robo Machine featuring the Challenge of the GoBots Annual 1987



The deserted island of Mauna Mauna is covered in ancient ruins but has rarely been even visited in modern times - until Zod trundles out of the water. Later that day Thruster arrives to meet him, and Cop-Tur begins preparing an arsenal of missiles while Crasher Astrobeams in a huge army of Renegades at Cy-Kill's command. His plan is to use the missiles to level Earth's cities then have his troops gather up the planet's resources in order to conquer GoBotron.

The missile launches are picked up by Scooter on the Command Centre, and Leader-1 puts the Guardians on full alert, activating the new central control reference grid so they can coordinate their response. Guardians take off and begin destroying the missiles, much to the fury of Cy-Kill as he watches them vanish from his scanners. Before he can rant further Battle Suit - piloted by Turbo, Matt, Road Ranger, Night Ranger, Sparky and Spay-C - arrives on Mauna Mauna. Zod, the Enemy Invaders, Crasher and Destroyer all attack it, but knocking it down just causes it to split into its' five components and continue attacking.

Scooter, Nick and A. J. oversee the Guardians from the Command Centre, directing Dive-Dive to Mauna Mauna. The Guardian immediately blasts a stone idol, which falls on Psycho. Elsewhere Leader-1, Heat Seeker and Path Finder continue to take out the missiles, infuriating Cy-Kill further. Dumper and Dozer are the next Guardians to reach the island, using their vehicle modes to attack Crasher, dodging her blasts - which instead collapse a temple on Geeper-Creeper, BuggyMan and Bad Boy. Crasher herself is then taken out by Battle Suit. With Dive-Dive's help, Night Ranger's section of Battle Suit begins to burn out some of Zod's obedience circuits, sending it out of control. Hans-Cuff also joins the battle but finds himself dodging Vamp, Pincher and Scorp. However he is saved when the Command Center arrives, dropping off Flip Top and Good Knight, who send the Enemy Invaders running.

The battle rages on for hours until Leader-1, Heat Seeker and Path Finder arrive, having destroyed the last missiles. Realising his plan has failed, Cy-Kill orders a retreat. Unable to follow them due to their own weakened condition, the Guardians withdraw in the Command Center, giving the damaged Zod time to trundle back into the sea - leaving Mauna Mauna deserted once again.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Guardians Renegades Humans Others


  • Royal-T, a very visible Guardian in the last annual, is mentioned as a treacherous member of the Renegades now. Someone clearly got "The GoBotron Saga" on video for Christmas.