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Hand-blasters are the primary weaponry of GoBots, used by both the Guardians and the Renegades. They allow any equipped GoBots to fire powerful beams of energy from their hands.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Most members of the Guardians and the Renegades are equipped with hand-blasters in both arms, in addition to any specialised weaponry. All GoBot weapons, including hand-blasters, are charged from a Power Pack located in the chest, which can be removed to effectively disarm a GoBot if desired. Cy-Kill's Escape The hand-blaster unit can be switched out for a Holo-Projector. Scooter Enhanced The weapons have a reasonable range and level of power, with the exact amount depending on the energy levels of the user; protracted use can drain a GoBot accordingly. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts


  • The hand-blasters were devised by Hanna-Barbera due to the vast majority of GoBots toys coming without accessories, also making things much easier for the animators. This also has the sensible upside of making the characters harder to disarm, which makes sense. The few characters who did come with guns (such as Dozer and the Secret Riders) tended to use hand-blasters anyway. While Professor Von Joy did carry around his toy's gun he rarely seemed to use it.
  • The only GoBot depicted as explicitly eschewing hand-blasters was Scooter, though Professor Von Joy was never shown using them and Doctor Go was only shown to do so once (in "Pacific Overtures").
  • While the titles show the Guardians firing blue blasts and the Renegades firing yellow blasts, there was no real co-ordination for colours to factions in the show itself, where both factions used both colours largely at the whims of the animators.