Boris Bulkanikov

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Boris Bulkanikov is a human from the Soviet Union.


Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit]

After workers had reported seeing a dinosaur near the top-secret Project-X, Bulkanikov flew Anya Turgenova to Siberia in order to investigate. However, their plane was swallowed whole by Zod. The pair were taken hostage in order to force the Guardians to give up their new Battle Suit, something Boris was sure was a capitalist plot. He was more alarmed that Anya knew Matt Hunter than by the Renegades, though eventually Crasher told him to shut up while Cop-Tur threatened to crush the captives. However, when Turbo offered to abandon Battle Suit once the pair had been released they were let go - and promptly ran to a nearby railway tunnel for cover while the Guardians simply attacked the Renegades. Even after being rescued Boris still threatened to report Anya to Moscow for her fraternisation with capitalists, until she gently pointed out his superiors wouldn't believe the tale. He finally calmed down, and instead angled for a go on the controls of the Battle Suit. The Capture of Comrade Boris