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Rest-Q is the medic for the Guardians. He is skilled in the use of the Modifier, as well as improving and focusing the self-repair systems of his fellow Guardians to the appropriate injured areas.


Challenge of the GoBots[edit]

Rest-Q was stationed on GoBotron when the Renegades stole the Astro-Beam from the Guardians. He was injured in the raid, but warned Hans-Cuff of the theft. Battle for GoBotron The Final Conflict

Cy-Kill's Escape Quest for the Creator The Fall of GoBotron Flight to Earth Return to GoBotron

It's the Thought that Counts Doppelganger Whiz Kid

Fun Publications[edit]

RenegadeRhetoric Farewell Rest-Q.jpg

Transformers Timelines[edit]

Sunrise High Noon Journey's Eve

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

When Cy-Kill discovered a cyber-mimetic virus at an ancient temple in the Himalayas, he wasted no time unleashing it on the Guardians. Fortunately, Rest-Q developed a cure that managed to save his fallen friends. The Best Medicine

Rest-Q reported via Astro-Beam when Leader-1 was seriously injured fighting Cy-Kill. He confirmed Leader-1 was reliving his own nightmares and memories of failure, keeping him in a comatose state. Still, A.J. and the Guardians managed to change the narrative, reminding Leader-1 of all the good he had accomplished, and the Guardian commander soon recovered. Nightmares of a Leader



  • Rest-Q (GoBot, 1983)
    • Friendly Robot Ambulance
    • ID number: 26
A repackaged import of the Machine Robo Ambulance Robo toy, Rest-Q converts from robot to ambulance.