The Aliens Steal a Scientist

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Robo Machine featuring the GoBots Annual 1986
The Aliens Steal a Scientist
Publisher World International Publishing Limited
First published Autumn 1985
Cover date 1986
Writer Uncredited
Artist Uncredited

In which the aliens fail to steal a scientist.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In the Arctic Leader-1 and Royal-T have located two Renegade signals indicating an attack. As they speed across the icescape they approach the figures of Crasher and Cy-Kill and fire at the pair. To their surprise their blasters go straight through them and they realize the two are holograms. Leader-1 realize that the signal was a decoy to lure them out here. Royal-T wonder if the Command Center is under attack and Leader-1 states they’ll find out when they get back.

Meanwhile, Turbo flies over the seaside and transforms when he reaches the ground. Just after the jets had left for the Arctic, Scooter had intercepted a Renegade signal from GoBotron about how they planned to send reinforcements in Thruster,that had been disguised as a submarine. Turbo scans the area and realizes that he’s been tricked and rushes back to base.

At the Command Center, Scooter is only Guardian remaining, as the others are all out of patrol. Matt and A.J. rush in and inform him that he needs to come with them to Desert Springs where the International Convention of Scientists is being held with Anya Turgenova in attendance, along with the evil Doctor Braxis. They believe Anya is in danger.

At the conference Braxis uses a bypass beam on the locked door of Anya's room. Braxis enters her room and begins to empty her trunk. Waiting for her to return, Braxis plans to force her into the trunk and then radio the disguised Cop-Tur who is hidden among the other guests’ helicopters. Cop-Tur would then fly up to the balcony, take the trunk and fly back to the Renegades secret base in a hidden valley, There Anya would be interrogated her for information her secret projects. And with all the Guardians distracted there would be no-one to stop them. In addition Crasher is patrolling the streets below.

Anya is about to enter her room when she is suddenly grabbed by Nick. He explains that she’s in danger and tells her to come with him to the basement. Outside Scooter attempts to distract Crasher, so that Matt and A.J. can get inside. Scooter rushes out from behind a bus and taunts her and begins to lead her through the town. The chase continues until Scooter suddenly turns into a narrow alleyway and the surprised Crasher following him ends up jammed in the alleyway.

Back at the hotel Matt and Nick enter Anya’s room and find Braxis. In the confusion Matt kicks Braxis over, and his communicator falls out. It is activated, signalling to Cop-Tur to go ahead with the Renegades plan. Hearing the Renegades voice Matt realizes their plan and decides to give them a surprise. Shortly afterwards the helicopter arrives and brings the trunk with him to the hidden base. Cy-Kill is pleased that the plan worked and smashes the trunk open. To his surprise Braxis is inside.

With Anya safe humans return to the Command Center and Scooter boasts about how brave he was, only for Matt to appear behind him imitating Crasher, causing Scooter to jump 40 feet in the air.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Mentioned characters: Road Ranger, Rest-Q and Dumper.
  • Its mentioned that passers-by are surprised by the lack of a rider on Scooter, but not his visible face. The writer probably only had reference to the toy, which lacked the character model's distinct face.

Continuity and plotting errors[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the text says Matt is the one to get the drop on Braxis the art shows Nick instead.

Adaptations[edit | edit source]