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Turbo is the muscle of Leader-1's team. He's always spoilin' for a fight and doesn't waste any opportunity to give the Renegades a face full of laser beams. But his headstrong attitude often lands him in a heap of trouble.

Their similar alternate modes lead to a rivalry between himself and Crasher.

Time to go!

—Turbo, at every given opportunity

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Escape to Planet Earth storybook[edit | edit source]


Turbo was one of Security Forces, who caught and imprisoned Cy-Kill and his Renegade group on GoBotron. The prisoners were able to escape to Earth though, having learned how to change their forms. Leader-1 discovered this reviewing security tapes, and then summoned Turbo along with Dozer, Hans-Cuff, Dumper and Pumper to the Command Center in order to give chase. On the journey they also took on vehicle modes, with Turbo becoming a racing car. He detected the Renegades after Pete and Nancy accidentally hacked the bad guys' computer systems. The Security Forces were able to force the Renegades into a retreat, and Turbo watched as Leader-1 honoured their new human chums with medals and the status of honorary citizens of GoBotron.Escape to Planet Earth

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Arthur Burghardt

At the time of the first Renegade revolt Turbo was working as a miner on the quarry planet of Garleon when Crasher, Cop-Tur and Geeper-Creeper attacked the facility. Along with Treds, High Protector Leader-1 was providing security for the miners but the Renegades toppled some huge machinery in his direction; Turbo bravely saved the Guardian and helped drive off the raiders. Leader-1 took Turbo back to GoBotron to a heroes' welcome and offered him a place on the Guardians, though he was unable to stop Cy-Kill and Dart from defecting to the Renegades with the freed Crasher and Cop-Tur. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" Turbo would then be a constant presence among the Guardians, backing Leader-1 up in frequent tussles with Cy-Kill. He developed a particular rivalry with Crasher, the pair inevitably ending up battling in any confrontation. Strong, fast and gruff, Turbo would become Leader-1's right hand GoBot and general battering ram, providing the muscle for most of their missions together. He was very protective of smaller Guardians and other lifeforms. Turbo would develop a worlds-collide friendship with Scooter, and seemed to pretty much accept that his diminutive team mate was several times smarter. Which was fair, as Turbo was thicker than most Guardians - though his bravado, daring and complete disregard for his own safety when a friend was in trouble made him invaluable. Among his campaigns alongside Leader-1 was the battle with the Tri-Cats of Fedge, alongside Blaster. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part I

BattleforGobotron turbo injured.jpg

After Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur stole the prototype Astrobeam the Guardian Council finally gave Leader-1 permission to mount an assault on the Renegade Fortress, with Turbo joining the assault team - flying above the Guardian assault force and attacking with his hand-blasters. However, Cy-Kill's plan was more layered than that - he left the Fortress onboard Thruster while most of the Renegades fought a delaying action. Worried, Leader-1 spoke to Zeemon, who authorised the Guardian commander to take Turbo and Scooter in pursuit of the Renegades. However, by the time they arrived the Renegades had already reached Earth, wrecking the NASA Argos satellite and chasing down the shuttle Intrepid, destroying the ship and chasing crew Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns around. Turbo did not hesitate to hurl himself into battle to save the humans; while he was successful in drawing the attention of the Renegades he was then critically injured by Cy-Kill. As human military forces arrived the Renegades withdrew, while Leader-1 and Scooter took Turbo back to the Command Center for repairs. Finding the damage was heavy, the Guardians realised the only way to save Turbo's life was by contacting the trio of suspended NASA astronauts they had saved for help getting the components needed. Battle for GoBotron While scavenging the necessary parts from a NASA facility, Scooter and Nick discovered that the Renegades were plotting with Doctor Braxis to conquer Earth. However, repairs to Turbo had to come first - and Scooter is able to carry them out, much to the delight of A.J., who had rapidly taken a shine to the rough and tumble Guardian. The pair then had to team up to save Matt from a NASA dragnet after he tried to make contact with his superiors, who had already been hoodwinked by Braxis. The Guardians then followed the Renegades to Stolbovoy Island, only to find the Renegades had called up the fearsome Zod. Turbo was forced to take cover in a cave with Leader-1, his rival Crasher, Matt, A.J. and the scientist Anya Turgenova, with Cy-Kill tossing an unstable Sorium crystal in to finish them off. Target Earth Thankfully, Leader-1 was able to use his forcefield to contain the blast until Scooter and Nick were able to arrive in time to save them with the Command Center. They were able to get Crasher back to the Command Center and Brainstorm her, revealing the Renegades' next target to be Cheyenne Mountain. However, by the time they got there Braxis had gained access to the base's NORAD satellites thanks to Geeper-Creeper, allowing him to use his Pulsar Generator to take over the entire human race. Their allies seconds before turned on them and released Crasher, who took control of the Command Center. Leader-1 ordered Turbo and Scooter to run, covering their escape - but getting shot down and captured. Conquest of Earth Turbo and Scooter were then hounded by every human on the planet for weeks before finally getting a chance to rest in Peaceful Hills - after a game of chicken with a combine harvester. There they overheard that Cy-Kill was sending Crasher and Cop-Tur out with the controlled A.J. and Nick to try and draw the Guardians out. Scooter was able to construct a pair of Frequency Neutralizers for the humans and used a hologram of Cy-Kill to draw the Renegades out, allowing them to return A.J. and Nick to their normal selves. They were chased to New York by Tank and a huge army of humans, but were able to also get a Frequency Neutralizer on Matt too. After spotting Thruster, Turbo and Matt prepared to mount a rescue attempt to recover Leader-1 - only for the Renegade ship to drop him into a scrapyard as a morsel for Zod. Earthbound However, Turbo was able to distract Zod long enough for Leader-1 to lead the monster to the junkyard's car crusher and damage its' jaws, while Anya was also given a Frequency Neutralizer and used Zod's power to restore Leader-1 to fighting shape. The group were then able to get back inside Cheyenne Mountain thanks to Scooter, A.J. and Nick. Turbo then intercepted Crasher when she tried to intervene, besting his rival. Cy-Kill overloaded the Pulsar Generator and left, but Leader-1 was able to Astrobeam the Sorium into the path of a fleet of Zods bound for GoBotron, saving the planet from invasion. Turbo then asked their human friends if they wanted to join the Guardians in hunting down Cy-Kill, to which the group happily agreed. The Final Conflict


When the Guardians arrived at the Prison Moon to collect Cy-Kill for trial, Turbo was among those to find out the Renegade leader had escaped along with Fitor. He tracked the pair to a ship readied by Cy-Kill and attacked; however, he was blindsided by Fitor and left hanging by his fingers. Cy-Kill then shocked Turbo with an electrical cable, leaving him to fall into a trench on the moon's freezing dark side. Despite his injuries he was able to activate his distress signal and was found by Leader-1, who was able to use his force-field to raise Turbo's temperature and he was able to return to the Command Center under his own power. However, soon afterwards Turbo collapsed due to overheating cranial insulation. His ailment was beyond Rest-Q's ability to fix, so the Guardians set course for Antares III in the hope of finding the Last Engineer. Cy-Kill's Escape Turbo survived the trip and was brought before the assumed Last Engineer, instantly recovering in one of his machines. However as they headed back to GoBotron the GoBeing revealed himself to in fact be the Master Renegade, taking Small Foot hostage. Quest for the Creator While Crasher came across to collect the Master Renegade some opportunism from Turbo meant the Guardians avoided destruction and were able to return to GoBotron and warn the Guardian Council. When Roguestar and the Renegade fleet arrived over the planet Turbo scrambled along with Leader-1 and Scooter but heavy fire meant they were unable to reach the Command Center. Leader-1 converted to jet mode to join the battle while Turbo and Scooter met up with Small Foot, Matt, A.J. and Nick. The group fell beneath the planet's surface but serendipitously found the real Last Engineer, taking him back to the ruined Guardian Headquarters. Soon after Cy-Kill announced the capture and forthcoming disassembling of Leader-1; Turbo was part of the team Sparky took to the Prison Moon to try and save his commander. However despite Turbo personally blasting Spoiler, Stallion and Psycho they were too late to save Leader-1. Thankfully the Last Engineer had a plan and they chased down Leader-1's jettisoned parts, with Turbo catching the capsule himself. He then helped the Last Engineer sneak inside Dome 7 to gather parts, working with Scooter, Small Foot and Sparky to take care of the Renegade guards. However, Slicks escaped and was able to call Thruster back-up, forcing Turbo to withdraw with the Last Engineer, Small Foot and the humans while Scooter and Sparky became separated from the group. Turbo was then overjoyed when the Last Engineer was able to restore Leader-1, even hugging the GoBeing. However, the group were then found by Crasher and Fitor. The Fall of GoBotron With Leader-1 still weak Turbo took the pair on but the arrival of Tank and Cop-Tur left the odds to great. Turbo was able to keep them busy while the rest of the group escaped in Courageous and later sneaked onboard the Renegades' Thruster. He was able to thwart their attempt to shoot the Courageous down but the jolt took the Thruster out of hyperspeed, and Turbo was knocked out. Tank and Cy-Kill worked him over before dropping the Guardian off at a Command Center being used for detaining captives. Twin Spin wasted little time in menacing him and Turbo was thrown in a cell. However, his plight was watched by Scooter and Sparky, who tricked the Renegade guards into leaving the ship and freed the prisoners. Turbo had already started tearing out the wall of his cell and gathered Blaster, Flip Top and Van Guard before breaking onto the bridge - only to be reunited with his friends. He then managed to pilot the half-crippled ship into hyperspeed and head towards Earth. Flight to Earth Once there, he attempted to land the ship at a UNECOM base - only to find that the damage to the Command Center meant the legs couldn't move into the landing position correctly. Thankfully Leader-1 was able to use the new Power Suit built by the Last Engineer to manually move them into place. After they had landed he was presented with a Power Suit of his own - one that greatly boosted his firepower. Turbo immediately used it to easily capture a spying Crasher. The Guardians decided to use the Power Suits for a counter-attack against Roguestar. Despite the Renegade defence being thrown into chaos by the Master Renegade's ill-timed coup against Cy-Kill they still struggled to make an impression on the Renegades until the Last Engineer joined the battle in Courageous, which joined with the Power Suits to form a Power Warrior. The resulting attack forced the Renegades to retreat and abandon GoBotron, where Turbo was honoured by Zeemon after a return to Guardian rule. Return to GoBotron

ThoughtThatCounts mistaken saboteur.jpg

Turbo then joined Leader-1, Scooter, Matt and Nick in attempting to stop the Renegades from using Professor Ling's Chronos Time Transporter - only to be sent back to Rome in 217B.C. There, the Renegades dropped rocks on them and Turbo took some time to be repaired while Cy-Kill and his cronies were able to convince the people of Rome they were actually gods. Thankfully Matt was able to dabble in a bit of gladiatorial combat and make chums with trainer Marcus, while A.J. and Path Finder also went back in time to help expose the Renegades before everyone returned to the present. Time Wars He later joined the Guardians' mission to investigate a Renegade Varium mine in the Vega system; however among the Guardians was Snoop, who was in fact a Renegade spy and warned Cy-Kill they were coming. As such he found himself captured by Cy-Kill and Scorp soon after arriving. Scooter was able to remain at large and free his friends, however, and the Guardians freed the slaves at the mine before destroying the planet. Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap He later helped thwart the Renegades' plan to target Earth with Braxis' new Nova Beam Nova Beam and later tried to prevent them gaining control of Doctor Mobius' Inverta-ray. While Turbo was able to injure Crasher in a battle on Pluto in the end it was Mobius' own son Danny who saved GoBotron. Genius and Son On Earth, Turbo joined the other Guardians in watching a demonstration of Professor Von Joy's upgrades to the Power Suits in a UNECOM facility in Utah. After Scooter disappeared, Turbo and A.J. joined the search for him - finding the Guardian being ridden by the human Clive, who gave them the slip in the streets of Salt Lake City. By the time they found the human he had already been attacked by Cop-Tur, who had captured Scooter. The Renegades tried to use Scooter to gain access to the base, but further meddling from Clive undid their brainwashing. Forewarned, Turbo joined Leader-1, Blaster, Scratch, Dozer, Dumper and Road Ranger in ambushing the unsuspecting Renegade force, and they might have destroyed Cy-Kill's troops but for the well-intentioned intervention of Professor Von Joy, whose new weapon backfired, disabling the Guardians for long enough to allow the Renegades to retreat. It's the Thought that Counts

ForcedAlliance turbo versus spider.jpg

Along with Leader-1 and Scooter, Turbo was busy on a mission in space when the Renegades and their latest ally Trident targeted the train carrying UNECOM's new Disruptor, which Small Foot was unable to save from capture. Turbo immediately recovered his injured comrade before joining the Guardians in attacking Trident's volcano lair, helping free the world leaders the villain had abducted. Trident's Triple Threat On another occasion, the Renegades attempted to ambush the Command Center shortly after it left GoBotron. Turbo returned fire, knocking out Thruster's Stealth Device before both groups then had their ships taken onboard the Avenger, the huge ship belonging to the powerful alien Alva-Nar. Cy-Kill was able to convince Alva-Nar the Renegades were the oppressed party and the alien put his mighty fleet to the task of conquering GoBotron on their behalf. Alva-Nar freed the Guardians as he knew they could not oppose him, but Leader-1 tried to come up with a plan anyway. After the alien ships helped take over Industrial Moon Zeta Three, Turbo and Scooter tried to find out more about the Renegades' plans, discovering that the ships aside from the Avenger were remote-control drones before they were discovered. The Guardians then attempted to hack the drones; the plan was foiled but Turbo managed to take over one, damaging Cy-Kill in the process. As it turned out Cy-Kill turned out to be the Guardians' saviour, as his impatience led to him trying to take control of the fleet before the assault on GoBotron, allowing Alva-Nar to finally see his true nature and break off his alliance with the Renegades before moving on. Renegade Alliance After Scooter and Nick's Command Center was shot down on a reconnaissance mission in the Omega Prima system Leader-1 and Turbo raced to save them, arriving in time to hold the Renegades off - though they needed an intervention from one of the unnamed planet's three-headed monsters to really swing the battle in their favour. Dawn World Later the Command Center was fitted with the UNECOM's new Enigma Device; the Renegades attacked it with Thruster to take the technology but both ships were drawn to a strange, primitive planet and crashed, with neither able to take off due to the planet's composition. Crasher snatched the device as both groups landed and tried to set off with it; Turbo gave chase but both of them were caught in the web of one of the native mechanical spiders. The Guardians and Renegades worked together to free them and a truce was proposed while they found a way off the planet. However, once Pincher found a cave of crystals that would counter the planet's magnetic field and allow escape the Renegades turned on them, with Cy-Kill blasting Turbo. The Renegades even attempted to sabotage the Command Center with a bomb, but thankfully Turbo had already found it and switched the explosives with the Enigma Device somehow, allowing the Guardians to escape too. Forced Alliance

SpeedofEssence turbo repaired.jpg

Turbo and Scooter were assembling a new perimeter station for UNECOM on Earth when they were attacked by Scales. This was just a cover so Crasher and Cop-Tur could steal Scooter's new oscillator rod, needed to complete Braxis' Dimensional Interfacer. The Renegades then used that to call in Exor and her Insectoids from Level 21, which then teleported to UNECOM Headquarters. Turbo led a squad of tanks to attack the extra-dimensional invaders, but they were tough - injuring Turbo and capturing Scooter. Turbo was able to limp back to the Command Center, and likened the Insectoids to the Tri-Cats of Fedge. Ever the concrete thinker, Leader-1 decided to call in Blaster for his past record of fighting the Tri-Cats of Fedge. The Guardians then counter-attacked on Roguestar, now under Insectoid control. However, Exor was able to seize control of the Interfacer, thanks to Braxis, and bring through reinforcements. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part I This left Turbo and Blaster attempting to prevent the Insectoids swarming them as Leader-1 and Small Foot attempted to overload the ship's generators in an attempt to stop Exor's forces. At that moment, Blaster's Astrobeam reversed, and Turbo told his friends to escape while he was captured. He was imprisoned with Scooter as well as the Renegades, but the pair of Guardians weren't captives long - Braxis had realised Exor was running out of uses for him, and wary of freeing the vengeful Cy-Kill instead let the Guardians loose. Braxis led them back to Leader-1, Small Foot and Heat Seeker, where the Guardian commander made Turbo follow through on his promise to let Braxis escape. They were eventually able to reverse the Interfacer and send the Insectoids back to Level 21, after which Turbo destroyed the device and threatened to do the same to Braxis if he ever build another. Invasion from the 21st Level, Part II Turbo was then sent to scout out a new Renegade base; he found it but due to its' jammers was unable to alert the whole team. Instead he attacked alone, only to find Crasher, Tank and Screw Head defending it. He battled hard but they tricked him into walking into an explosive trap; badly injured Turbo tried to withdraw but the Renegades gave chase. Running low on energy and unable to shake them, Turbo ducked into a junkyard in nearby Barstow, evading his pursuers but using the last of his power, shutting down. He was nearly crushed as a wreck before he was saved by the humans Don and Greg, who naturally mistook him for a car. Their repairs were enough that Turbo's automated systems kicked in, though he still couldn't do anything and the pair entered him in the Barstow Grand Prix. There he was spotted by Snoop, who alerted the Renegades. Cy-Kill was busy building his new Electromagnetic Neutralizer, so he sent Crasher along - summoning Slicks and Spoiler to join her. Instead of just attacking Turbo the trio decided to instead join the race, which was already a dangerous affair thanks to Don and Greg being targeted by town bullies Rick and Bill. Thankfully Turbo was recovering throughout the race and began to assist his drivers, allowing them to dodge the tricks of the bullies and the Renegades until the Astrobeam reversed, sending Slicks and Spoiler backs to Roguestar. By this point Scooter and Small Foot had tracked Turbo down, with the latter joining in the race too. Meanwhile Cy-Kill was briefly able to activate his Neutralizer before it was taken out by Leader-1 and Van Guard, but the moment's darkness was enough to deal with Crasher, leaving Turbo to cross the line to win the race - and turn into his robot mode, fully repaired, amazing Don and Greg. Speed Is of the Essence

Doppelganger mirror routine.jpg

Turbo was present as part of a conference on GoBotron aimed at creating a multi-species alliance against the Renegades. He was presumably left running the Guardians' operation after Leader-1 left to find the missing Scooter, Matt, A.J. and Nick. Lost on GoBotron After Cy-Kill threatened to destroy human cities, Turbo set out to find the Renegades but walked into a trap and was ambushed by Crasher, Scales, Scorp and Pincher. He was taken prisoner and used as bait to lure the Guardians into the path of Cy-Kill's new Molecular Transfuser - which shrank Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter down to miniature size. The Renegade's plan backfired when this made the Guardians harder to deal with, especially as they quickly found a friend in the form of human Guardian fan Nathan. The Renegades also shrank themselves down so they could fight the tiny Guardians, but were defeated by Nathan's vacuum cleaner before escaping. Returning to full size, they tried to level the apartment but the Guardians survived - as did Nathan, safe inside Turbo's chest. By way of thanks for Nathan's help the Guardians then visited him when the boy was hanging out with his friends. Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray Cy-Kill's next plan was to replace key Guardians with robot duplicates in order to gain control of GoBotron. Leader-1 was the first to be replaced, and his double tricked Turbo into coming face to face with his own replacement. Turbo being Turbo, he failed to realise what was happening before he was knocked unconscious, despite the Leader-1 duplicate using a needlessly theatrical reveal. The real Turbo was then imprisoned on the Moon of Shadows with other replaced Guardians. However Small Foot, Scooter and the humans were still free and realised what was going on after Small Foot used the new Space Bender on the Turbo double, frying its' robot brain. The group then rescued the real Guardians, and they were able to purge GoBotron of the robots. Doppelganger When increased Renegade raids in Earth's solar system left the Guardians feeling they had to destroy Roguestar, Turbo was naturally part of the assault team that sneaked onboard the ship. While Path Finder was successful in planting an L-Ron Detonator on the ship's power core before the Guardians got out, the Renegades were able to flush the explosives into space before they blew up. The Quest for Roguestar When the Guardians learned of the Renegades' campaign on Tri-Ceti, Turbo joined the team in travelling to the planet to help the native Trindles. However, the Trindle Elders mistook them for more aggressors and trapped them in a powerful forcefield. Things were soon explained but Cy-Kill was able to take the powerful Tramulet that created the forcefields; realising the implications for the rest of the universe, Leader-1 decided to evacuate the Trindles and destroy Tri-Ceti with the Renegades on it, with Turbo helping lay a chain of Antimatter Detonators to blow the planet apart. However, just as the Command Center and the Trindle Ark were leaving the planet Cy-Kill realised what was happening and escaped - using a forcefield to trap the other two ships in Tri-Ceti's atmosphere. Renegade Rampage, Part I Thankfully Scooter was able to find a weak point in the shield to allow both ships to escape. Eventually the Guardians took back the Tramulet and used it to restore Tri-Ceti. The Renegades' Rampage, Part II


Turbo helped repel a raid by Cop-Tur on Pro-Tex Laboratories, chasing the escaping Renegade to the edge of Waldron. There he and Nick encountered A.J., who had been visiting family in the town only to find the population were being forced to build Ultra Zod by Cy-Kill. Turbo easily knocked BuggyMan off her tail and alerted Leader-1, but by the time the Guardians got to Waldron the work had been finished and Ultra Zod was activated. In an effort to minimise risk, Turbo tried to lead Ultra Zod out of town, baiting him across a bridge that collapsed under the weight of the machine as Guardian reinforcements arrived. Ultra Zod survived but it gave Turbo time to save Scooter from Crasher - and for Rest-Q to bring up the Guardians' Power Suits. Turbo joined his comrades in forming Courageous, which was able to match Ultra Zod until finding the weak spot on the monster's belly and destroying it. Ultra Zod He was later present as UNECOM proudly unveiled its' new anti-Renegade robot Sentinel. He was initially amused, but found it less humorous when a missed semi-colon in the robot's code left it with the desire to destroy all organic life - including the cyborg Guardians, Cy-Kill having tricked Sentinel into thinking Renegades were fully robotic. Turbo and Leader-1 were thrown away easily by the giant rogue robot, and Scooter had to project a hologram of the Guardians being destroyed to save their lives. After they recovered the Guardians had to call in reinforcements in the form of Blaster and Heat Seeker, who risked Astrobeaming in with the Power Suits despite solar flares. Courageous was still only able to delay Sentinel, but it gave Leader-1 time to expose Cy-Kill's lies and the angry robot chased the Renegades off into space. Sentinel When the Renegades seized control of Professor Robert Frost's Climatizer, Turbo joined Leader-1 in attacking. However, both of them were frozen in a big block of ice and it was up to Dive-Dive to save the day. After he had destroyed the machine the other Guardians were thawed out. Cold Spell He was later one of the first to find out that the Renegades had allied with America's criminal population, leaving the Guardians overstretched - and Turbo alone against Fly Trap, Scales and Stretch, unable to prevent them raiding the Federal Gold Depository. When the alliance was further bolstered by a forcefield generator built by Dr. Go the Guardians were all but knocked out. However, Flip Top and Matt were able to disable the forcefield and allow a fightback, with Turbo decking Stretch as the Renegades and their ally Murchison were booted out of Washington, D.C.. Crime Wave Cy-Kill's next plan was to build Puzzler, sending the Monster GoBots to steal components. Turbo was sent to Detroit after Scorp stole metal from the city; he and A.J. found the Renegade at it again but were knocked into a sewer before tricking their enemy into falling from an overflow pipe. By the time they got back Puzzler had been activated, and Turbo joined Leader-1 and Staks in trying to keep the giant busy until Path Finder arrived with the Power Suits. Courageous was then able to destroy Puzzler. Auto Madic

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Along with Leader-1, Turbo again donned his Power Suit to drive off a Renegade attempt to kidnap Nick and A.J. from a demolition derby. This fuelled Cy-Kill's desire to steal the Suits, and he sent Screw Head to a UNECOM facility in Hawaii to draw Leader-1 and Turbo away from the Command Center. The Renegade withdrew, while Leader-1 and Turbo were then drawn to a raid in Alaska by Cop-Tur and Bad Boy. When they too retreated Leader-1 and Turbo finally realised they were being kept busy; thankfully Small Foot and Scooter had been able to prevent Cy-Kill from stealing the suits. Scooter Enhanced Along with Leader-1 and Scooter, Turbo was banished from Earth after the Renegades used Holographic Image Inducers to frame them as villains after luring the Command Center away with a phony distress call. He helped convince Matt, A.J. and Nick of the Guardians' innocence, and working together they were able to capture Dr. Go, who immediately spilled the beans to General Newcastle, clearing the Guardians. Tarnished Image Along with Leader-1 he was away on a mission when Doctor Cunningham unearthed a drone ship containing information about the location of the Evil One's spaceship in Ecuador, but returned in time to drive off the Renegades when they attempted to steal the knowledge. The group then found the ship in Peru, only for Cy-Kill to seize the Evil One's fearsome Dark Heart. Leader-1 successfully convinced Cy-Kill of the dire consequences of using such an abominable weapon, but Cunningham activated it anyway. The Guardians and Renegades then worked together to contain the antimatter reaction, until first the Renegades and then Turbo were unable to expend any more energy. Thankfully Leader-1 was able to contain the last of the Dark Heart's power, and Earth was saved. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts During a battle between the Command Center and Thruster in space both ships were kidnapped by the alien bounty hunter B'oosa, who sold the GoBots on to Crespas, gamesmaster of Kolob after easily overpowering Turbo when he tried to get free. The Guardians and Renegades were restrained and made to fight in an arena for the entertainment of Crespas' customers. Turbo was able to batter BuggyMan before saving Path Finder from Cop-Tur before the group were ultimately able to escape when Nick made a device that could negate the restraints. Gameworld Turbo was sent to repair the Quantico Radar Telescope, but his mission was leaked and he was ambushed by Crasher, who destroyed the installation. Coupled with other incidents, this led Leader-1 to believe there was a spy on the Command Center, and began to set a series of largely bizarre plans to expose who it was - with one of his ideas leading to Scooter, Nick and A.J. escorting Professor Von Joy's new Nucleonic Power Pack, which was unsurprisingly captured by the Renegades. Understandably frustrated, Turbo instead decided to find out who the leak was by spying on the Renegades; however, as he hadn't told anyone this allowed Heat Seeker to suggest his furtive behaviour was down to Turbo being the spy. Frustrated, Leader-1 declares that the Guardians will Astrobeam back to GoBotron to undergo Brainstorming, but before they can the Astrobeam is destroyed - seemingly by Leader-1. However, this was all part of a plan to expose the real spy - Bad Boy, using an Image Simulator Circuit to pretend to be Heat Seeker. No sooner had the Guardians tricked him into revealing himself than his Astrobeam reversed, but the Guardians were then able to travel to the South Pole, preventing Cy-Kill from using the Nucleonic Power Pack to power his Polarity Invertor, with Turbo tricking Crasher into driving into a snowdrift during the fight. Wolf in the Fold

GoBotWhoCriedRenegade energy grid breakout.jpg

After the Renegades set up the Starfish base to plunder human freighters the Guardians set up a sting operation that involved Turbo and Scooter hiding onboard a ship while Matt, Nick and A.J. posed as the crew, with Flip Top as escort - allowing himself to be drawn away by Water Walk to avoid raising suspicion. It worked and the freighter was drawn into the Starfish. Turbo was then able to keep Crasher and Cop-Tur busy until he was able to destroy the base's forcefield generator - allowing Dive-Dive to blast it, forcing the Renegades to surface and abandon the Starfish before Leader-1 and UNECOM naval forces could destroy them. Depth Charge Turbo was present when the Guardians unveiled their new Proton Cultivator to a group of human dignitaries. However, the launch soon came under attack. While Turbo got the VIPs to cover, Crasher fired an Astrobeam at Leader-1 and Scooter - sending them into the sun. Turbo was unable to contact GoBotron due to an ion storm, while the Renegades got away with the Proton Cultivator, converting it into a metal-melting Proton Destructor. He tried to attack the Renegades backed up by some jets led by Matt, and when that failed tried again. However this time the Renegades were able to hit him with the Proton Destructor; thankfully at that moment Leader-1 and Scooter returned. The ion storm had sent them into a mirror universe instead, complete with evil Turbo. They soon forced the Renegades to retreat before Scooter restored the Proton Cultivator and fixed Turbo's wounds. Transfer Point When the Renegade Steamer attempted to defect to the Guardians, Turbo was very cynical as to his sincerity, refusing to believe he had turned over a new leaf even after he saved Nick's life. When Cy-Kill framed Steamer to undermine him Turbo was quick to scold Nick for believing him but the former Renegade then risked his life to protect Boulder City. Turbo pitched in to save him, and apologised as Steamer was welcomed into the Guardian ranks. Steamer's Defection Next Turbo had to face his greatest fear - a lull in Renegade activity. Fortunately for him they broke cover to attack a Guardian industrial outpost, and the Command Center set out to help. Unfortunately he had to break off the fight along with Leader-1 when Crasher dunked Scooter in a lake. The diminutive Guardian tried to make amends by devising a new detection system, but the Renegades hacked it and after a couple of false alarms the Earth team ended up in Zeemon's bad books, relegated to cargo hauling duty. However, the Renegades then kidnapped Scooter's friend Billy, causing him to set out on a solo rescue mission. Leader-1 and Turbo followed him and helped the pair to freedom, clearing Scooter's name. The GoBot Who Cried Renegade When the young psychic Sean Roberts was kidnapped by the Renegades his mother was taken to UNECOM's space station for safekeeping. However, the UNECOM officer Major Benedict was in fact a Renegade spy and sent Leader-1, Van Guard and Scooter off on a wild goose chase to Triton before lowering the station's shields. Crasher, Cop-Tur and Pincher then overwhelmed Turbo and left with Sean's mother. The boy was then forced to begin sharing his visions with the Renegades, seemingly predicting a decisive Guardian defeat. Eager to bring it into being, Cy-Kill had his troops 'rescue' Benedict to lead his enemies into a trap. However, the vision was actually of a hologrammatic ruse devised by Scooter, and the Guardians were soon able to defeat the Renegades, with Benedict finally seeing sense and helping save Sean. The Seer


Turbo was with Scooter and Leader-1 on Earth when they were switched from Alpha frequencies to Beta frequencies by teen human scientist Buddy's Spectrometer, but her mother made the girl turn it off. UNECOM arrested Buddy but found out she wasn't malicious, and the Guardians sent her home. Determined to prove herself she attempted to use it to control the Renegades but instead it just alerted them to the device's existence. They were able to Brainstorm her and learn how to build one, promptly giving Cy-Kill command over Turbo along with Leader-1, Blaster and Good Knight - with Scooter only able to escape its' influence thanks to a modification carried out by Nick and Buddy. After an unsuccessful attempt by Turbo and Good Knight to catch Scooter the controlled Guardians set off for GoBotron, where they captured Zeemon and the Guardian Council. They then took them to hand over to the Renegades for Brainstorming but thankfully Scooter and Nick were able to free Buddy and the trio restored the other Guardians to their usual selves in the nick of time. Whiz Kid When the Renegades threatened to destroy Earth by disrupting its' tectonic plates unless the Guardians surrendered Cy-Kill still managed to get himself talked down to just Leader-1 handing himself over. Turbo followed to the meeting place in the Command Center but was attacked by Thruster, Pincher and Scorp. However, the ship survived and Turbo was able to join Scooter and Small Foot in saving their leader, battling the Monster GoBots. Ring of Fire Turbo joined Leader-1, Scooter and Wrong Way in clearing out a Renegade base on Earth, only for Cy-Kill to claim he wanted to end the fighting and instead arrange peace talks. This was met with disbelief by Turbo, who decided to investigate the preliminary talks in GoBotolis. He evaded the guards but was caught by Scales, who chased him back towards the Hans-Cuff and Night Ranger, who nearly opened fire. Cy-Kill wanted Turbo destroyed for his unauthorised snooping before Leader-1 pointed out Scales shouldn't have been there either. Irritated at Turbo's attitude, Leader-1 sent him to oversee a prisoner exchange along with Scooter, who is also unconvinced Cy-Kill means to end the fighting. The prisoners are handed over but Scooter's new decoder picks up several additional Renegades, hidden by personal Stealth Devices, and a fight breaks out before Cy-Kill stops it. Leader-1 is growing more irritated by Turbo's misbehaviour and doesn't listen, instead assigning Turbo and Scooter to help Matt, A.J. and Nick complete final preparations for the talks in Vienna. On the way there they are spotted by Crasher crossing the Alps, and she buries them under an avalanche. It turned out Crasher was having as much trouble as Turbo with the idea of peace, and Cy-Kill had the Guardians and their friends saved immediately. However, once in the palace in Vienna used for the talks Turbo and his friends accidentally discovered a secret chamber, and overhead the Renegades revealing their true plan - to pack the conference with cloaked Renegades. Leader-1 finally listened and with help from Scooter's decoder the Guardians were able to fight back against the plan, forcing a Renegade retreat. After the battle, Leader-1 apologised to Turbo for doubting him. Pacific Overtures


The UNECOM scientist Doctor Hyashi invited Leader-1 and Turbo to Japan to show them her work in genetic cloning, which had seen her recreate a trio of dinosaurs. Her subordinate Doctor Tsuburaya tried to show off his own invention, a device that could modify organic creatures into living weapons. Believing it to be dangerous, Hyashi immediately suspended him. Angered and humiliated in front of the Guardians, Tsuburaya used his device to turn the dinosaurs into the monstrous Ichigar, Jerigan and Kaitudan, who immediately go on a rampage. Turbo attacked Ichigar but found it impervious to his weapons and was knocked out of the sky by the beast's tail. Worse was to come as Cy-Kill heard of the events and began bringing the creatures under his control, starting with Ichigar. Turbo then joined Leader-1 in trying to battle Kaitudan in the mountains, but was again shot down - this time by the monster's eye-beams - before it too was captured with Cy-Kill, who also added Jerigan to his menagerie. The Renegade set the trio loose on Tokyo, and even the arrival of Hans-Cuff and Blaster with the Power Suits didn't solve the problem as the monsters were able to match Courageous. Instead Tsuburaya had seen the error of his ways and knocked the monsters out with gas, allowing them to be returned to normal, everyday dinosaurs once again. Destroy All Guardians Along with Scooter he led Cy-Kill, Geeper-Creeper and Block Head into an ambush on Earth, where they were attacked by Leader-1, Path Finder and Heat Seeker. Cy-Kill was captured but the Guardians found their Brainstormer was not strong enough to get any information from the Renegade leader, and so he was imprisoned on Elba while an improved version was built. Soon afterwards Fitor and Geeper-Creeper came to the Guardians to defect, offering a Thruster and a Stealth Device as a sign of goodwill. Suspicious of their true motives, Leader-1 decided the best way to find out whether the pair were genuine was to send them along to the secret location of Elba along with Turbo, Spay-C and Hans-Cuff to investigate an SOS sent by Heat Seeker but immediately countermanded by Royal-T. When they arrived on the planet they found that Cy-Kill had talked Royal-T and Street Heat over to his side, capturing Heat Seeker and Van Guard while Fitor and Geeper-Creeper immediately turned on the Guardians. Turbo was imprisoned along with Heat Seeker and Van Guard, while the Renegades took control of Hans-Cuff and Spay-C, planning to use their Command Center to get past Earth's defences. However, unknown to the Renegades, Turbo had Matt hidden inside his chest compartment, and the human was able to free the trio of restrained Guardians. They soon overwhelmed and captured the two turncoats left on guard. Turbo was able to get a warning to Leader-1 on Earth and help foil the Renegades' plans, but as they celebrated victory realised he had left Matt on Elba. Escape from Elba He was present on Earth when Anya showed off the latest UNECOM Surveillance Station, though he felt the technology was primitive. He was more in his element when the Renegades attacked the base, flattening Stinger and Stallion before helping Leader-1 capture Fitor, preventing the Renegade from returning to Roguestar when Cy-Kill reversed the Astrobeam. They tried to take their captive for interrogation, but the fervent Renegade attempted to disable the Command Center he was being transported in rather than talk. Turbo was all in favour of making Fitor talk through violent means, but was overruled by Leader-1, instead opting to take him to GoBotron where there was a powerful Brainstormer that could be used before the Astrobeam's 48-hour limit reversed. However, shortly after they arrived the Guardians found that Cy-Kill had captured Scooter, Matt, Anya, A.J. and Nick and wanted to exchange them for Fitor. A handover was planned at Sector 17, but Cy-Kill went against the terms and tried to use it to destroy Leader-1. However, Turbo arrived with reinforcements and the Renegades were forced to retreat after Fitor's Astrobeam finally reversed, allowing the captives to be rescued. Fitor to the Finish


Turbo was unable to prevent the Renegades stealing Doctor Aeolis' hermetic condenser, which they used to capture nearly every human on Earth, using them as hostages to leverage Cy-Kill being made Overlord of GoBotron. Leader-1's team hid out on GoBotron and attempted to rescue the globes containing the miniaturised humans, but both Turbo and Zeemon were found and captured by the Renegades during a raid. Turbo was sentenced to Disassembly by Cy-Kill but Leader-1 arrived to save him, having previously got the humans to safety and not mentioned it to anyone. This allowed the Guardians to boot the Renegades off the planet once more. Clutch of Doom Fed up with numerous defeats, Zero seized control of the Renegades and began putting a plan into action along with his followers Bad Boy, Twin Spin, Geeper-Creeper and Stretch. They planned to capture Matt, A.J. and Nick at a deserted UNECOM base but when the Guardians turned up to save them Zero settled for knocking out Turbo and taking him instead. Onboard Roguestar he was imprisoned with his rival Crasher, still loyal to Cy-Kill but captured by Bad Boy. After initial rancour the pair were eventually able to work together to escape before heading back to their respective leaders, where Turbo helped the Guardians sent Zero's forces into retreat. The Third Column After the Guardians thwarted another raid Cy-Kill took another tack, instead having Leader-1's Power Suit switched out for an exo-suit build by the engineers of Fabricon that inverted his personality. The newly evil Leader-1 insulted Turbo and Scooter before heading off while they dealt with a meteor bound for Earth. Leader-1 then joined the Renegades, ousting Cy-Kill and helping Dr. Go glean numerous Guardian secrets. Put out, Cy-Kill cooperated with the Guardians to return Leader-1 back to his usual self. A New Suit for Leader-1 Turbo helped defend the precog Mira Shaw from a Renegade raid on UNECOM Headquarters, which they were able to repel. However, for some reason Mira was then switched to a hotel for accommodation and with the help of the treacherous Doctor Helstrom the Renegade Block Head was able to evade the guards and kidnap her, taking the human to an abandoned fairground Cy-Kill was using as a base. The Guardians followed, but walked into a trap and Turbo was disabled when Loco placed a Neural Lock on him. Scooter was able to free him and they chased after the Renegades, helped by Cy-Kill's decision to escape via train. Turbo defeated Crasher once again and Mira was rescued. Renegade Carnival He joined Leader-1 and Scooter in trying to repair a group of satellite tracking stations, only to find the Renegades were there, with Zod. Battle was joined but Crasher forced Turbo and A.J. off the road; they were saved by the unexpected arrival of the alien Alaric, who levitated them back to safety. However, the gullible alien then fell for Cy-Kill's sweet talk and his powers were put at the Renegades' disposal. Turbo joined Matt in trying to get Alaric's staff from the Renegade leader, but while Turbo was again able to best Crasher his human friend was less lucky, getting blasted by Cy-Kill. Matt was critically injured but the compassion shown by the Guardians and their friends was finally enough to show Alaric they were noble. He recalled his staff and sent the Renegades to the Moon, giving his huge knowledge to the Guardians before joining the rest of his people on another plane of existence. The Gift He was later briefly disabled by the shaman Tinotchka but largely avoided contact with the tedious sorcerer before he died of old age. The Last Magic Man


Frustrated by the continuing inability to detect Roguestar, the Guardians and UNECOM freed Doctor Braxis from a mental hospital to devise a system of satellites to negate the Stealth Device. As a test, Turbo was placed onboard a Command Center with Scooter, Nick and A.J. to test them. However, the satellites didn't work as planned and the ship barely escaped destruction. Later the Guardians discovered that the Renegades were building a new base on Titan, and Leader-1 took Turbo, Sparky and Scooter to investigate - unaware that Braxis' satellites had caused Roguestar to start disintegrating on a molecular level. The battle on Titan was level until Dr. Go reported that he and Braxis had saved Roguestar, at which point Cy-Kill decided to abandon the Titan base and return to the ship, allowing the Guardians to destroy the facility. Braxis Gone Bonkers During a search for the source of a distress call Turbo and Van Guard kicked back and enjoyed an oil bath - only to have it disrupted when the Command Center's computers went haywire. Professor Von Joy was Astrobeamed in to help and diagnosed an electromagnetic infestation, reworking the Astrobeam so Turbo, Leader-1 and Van Guard could be sent inside the computer to find it. Leaving Scooter on guard, they went in but Turbo got sucked into a magnetic vortex and they were attacked by the perpetrators of the infection - the Monster GoBots. After a running battle they were able to trick the system's cleaner drones into attacking the Renegades, and both groups left the computer - to find that Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur had tried to take over the Command Center while they were in the computers, and had been frustrated by Scooter's initiative. Inside Job After Crasher destroyed the Guardian Space Lab, Leader-1 decided to switch research on Element X to a secret UNECOM base on Earth, with Turbo, Small Foot and Scooter transporting the crystal while Leader-1 took a decoy ship. However, the Renegades saw through the plan and attacked the ship, shooting it down as it approached the island the UNECOM facility was on. Turbo sent a distress call and then held off the Renegades, ordering Small Foot and Scooter to get Element X to safety. He was overwhelmed and about to be Brainstormed by the Renegades when Princess Astral appeared, and fell for Cy-Kill's usual talk of the Guardians being evil. She used her powers to attack the UNECOM base, dumping Turbo. He was found and repaired by Professor Von Joy and Sparky, while Leader-1 was able to convince Astral of the truth. Element of Danger Turbo travelled to the long-forgotten Level 17 of GoBotron with Leader-1 after Scooter managed to get himself lost there; however, the effect of the Crystal Mountain meant neither of them were able to convert or use their hand-blasters. While they made an ally in dissident Dart they were then captured by Bug Bite, right-hand GoBot of Level 17's cruel leader Gunnyr. Thanks to Dart's quick thinking the pair remained free and armed themselves with weapons from Bug Bite's guards. Scooter and his new friend Ace were able to take out Crystal Mountain, restoring his friends' abilities, and Turbo took revenge on Bug Bite in battle. The Guardians returned to the surface, taking Gunnyr and Bug Bite prisoner while adding Ace and Dart to their ranks. The GoBots That Time Forgot He was then present at the graduation of the Blue and Red teams at the Guardian Academy; however, the Red Team were in fact the Renegade Dread Launchers, who used the ceremony to kidnap Zeemon. While the Blue Team chased after the spies Turbo joined the rest of the Guardians, who were able to herd Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur into a dummy Thruster. While they escaped the Blue Team of Tri-Trak, Twister, Tork and Staks were able to free Zeemon and capture the Dread Launchers. Guardian Academy


After the Renegades attacked the human colony ship Pilgrim, Turbo was placed onboard along with Leader-1, Path Finder and an arsenal of weapons when the ship set out from GoBotron, drawing the attention of Cy-Kill. While they held off the Renegades, the colonists and the Last Engineer were taken to New Earth in a Command Center with the Secret Riders. By the time the other Guardians arrived on the colony attacks by both the Master Renegade and Cy-Kill had been repelled. Quest for New Earth He later supported Doctor Janus' expedition to the rediscovered Atlantis, arriving with Leader-1 to back up Tork and Scooter. Janus was in fact working with the Renegades and Leader-1 was injured by the Furies the archaeologist had summoned from the Crypt of Dreams. Along with Leader-1, Matt, A.J., Nick and Lois Ransom he took shelter in a cave and was trapped by a dragon, but Scooter and Tork were able to talk Janus around and the group were saved. Turbo later used his speed to trick the monsters summoned, making the gorgon turn both the minotaur and the griffon that were attacking them into stone. Terror in Atlantis He revisited Garleon while chasing the Renegades, who tried to ambush them with Reduplicators as once used by the Parthian Raiders. Crasher and Cop-Tur collapsed a rock on Turbo before the firepower of the Command Center forced a Renegade retreat; Turbo was fine after Leader-1 dug him out, and joined the search for the Renegades while Scooter and the humans attended to the injured Tri-Trak. "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" Turbo was then based on the brand-new joint Guardian/UNECOM Star Fortress, which had its' shields boosted by the addition of Quantumite discovered on the passing Halley's Comet. As the Guardians knew Thruster was in the area Turbo was added to the crew of the next ship sent to the comet but was knocked out during a Renegade ambush as the ship was then used to get past the Star Fortress' shields. Turbo revived in time to switch the ship's oxygen back on and save the unconscious Matt but by then the Renegades were running rampant on the Star Fortress, capturing the Quantumite. While A.J. and Nick surprised Cy-Kill and made him drop the Quantumite, which then overloaded. The Guardians were able to fully evacuate the station before it was destroyed. The Secret of Halley's Comet


With construction of new sections of GoBotron continuing Turbo joined Leader-1 in responding to a Renegade attack on a new forest area of the planet. While they were able to chase off the Renegades the section sustained heavy damage. Later Turbo returning to his mining roots, controlling a group of Boomers to harvest material from a barren planet. However, the Renegades were able to attack the convoy taking it back to GoBotron and cause heavy damage. Nevertheless Leader-1 retained the faith of Turbo and Zeemon, and was able to martial a trap that annihilated much of the Renegades' Thruster fleet. Mission: GoBotron He was helping Leader-1, Van Guard and Tork work on a new section of the planet when Solitaire and Nuggit arrived from Cordax, appealing for the Guardians' help to defeat the evil Magmar, who was trying to build the Ultra Scepter. After a meeting at the GoBotron Fortress the Guardians were happy to help, but Fitor had overheard the plans and the Renegades attacked, wanting to capture Solitaire in order to find out more about Magmar. He was successful in this regard, also capturing Small Foot, A.J. and Nick - with Leader-1, Turbo and Heat Seeker unable to intervene without endangering the prisoners. Nevertheless Nuggit was able to lead them to Cordax, but by the time they arrived the Renegades had already formed an alliance with the Renegades, and Turbo was damaged by Pincher and Hornet. Stranded on the surface, the Guardians met and allied with Boulder's band of troops and had to undertake a journey across Cordax towards the Kingdom of Fossils. Above, Small Foot, A.J. and Nick were able to escape Roguestar and met them, bringing a Space Hawk which was stripped down to repair Turbo. The allies then attacked Stonehead, and while Cy-Kill was able to get his hands on the Ultra Scepter he found its' power difficult to control - allowing Leader-1 to shoot it out of his hands. With the Renegades retreating, Solitaire returned to Cordax and with Magmar on the back foot the Guardians left their new friends and returned to GoBotron. Battle of the Rock Lords


The Robo Machines comic[edit | edit source]

Turbo was presumably one of the Security Forces troops gathered by Ex-El on Robotron to follow the renegade Stron-Domez to Earth. He appeared in time to join Leader One in an attack on the scrapyard near London where Zod and Cy-Kill were based, following the signal of the mortally-wounded Carry-All. When the signal ceased, Leader One went on ahead while the rest of the Guardians followed in their vehicle modes by road. They arrived in the scrapyard in time to save Leader One from being destroyed by Zod, who they disabled, but Cy-Kill and the newly-built Casmodon were already attacking London. The Guardians all volunteered to attack the giant, but their combined firepower did the huge Devil Invader no damage, and Casmodon's return fire destroyed Night Ranger, and took Truck out soon afterwards. Next Casmodon collapsed a building on Turbo, but he was able to survive without harm - though he and Leader One were pinned down by Casmodon and the Guardians were struggling to find a way to fight it. They decided to retreat to the Command Centre, but Dozer was injured moments later. Turbo refused to abandon his comrade, even after they were both trapped by Casmodon. Thankfully the Guardians' human friend Charlie Bampton was able to temporarily disable Casmodon, giving the Guardians time to get back to their ship. Once there they decided to withdraw to Robotron and get new weapons to face the Devil Invader. The Robo Machines, Story 2


GoBots Heroic Champions storybooks[edit | edit source]

After Doctor Braxis and the Renegades kidnapped Scooter as part of a plan to force the Guardians to leave Earth but the tiny Guardian was able to escape and told Leader-1 and Turbo about their new plan - Operation Dark Net. As such, Leader-1 called up expert Blaster via Astrobeam and they set up a base at an abandoned schoolhouse to come up with a counter-plan. The Renegades captured Matt and tracked them, with a fight breaking out. The Guardians were able to foil the Renegades. The Hideaway Turbo later helped foil a Renegade plot to replace Matt with a robot double.Race to the Stars Leader-1 and Turbo were getting lube jobs from Matt and A.J. when Scooter and Nick stumbled across Braxis and the Renegades as they headed to Saltsea Fresh Water Plant; however, as Scooter's radio was damaged they had to keep them busy until the rest of their allies arrived and drove the bad guys off.The Power Machine The Guardians were able to track Thruster to a desert and cause the ship considerable damage, leading to the Renegades having to make an overland supply run that involved Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur cosplaying as American revolutionaries. Despite accidentally projecting a hologram of the Continental Army, Scooter was able to stymy their plans. Operation Hoax

Machine Men mini-comics[edit | edit source]

Channelling his inner Drax.

Turbo was one of the Friendly Machine Men native to Earth when it was targeted by the Enemy Machine Men of Robotron, led by Cy-Kill. Despite Leader-1 devising robot modes for the Machine Men the first attack was a rout. Turbo was among those who regrouped at the Command Centre and prepared for a counter-offensive, though there were questions over whether he, Scooter, Dozer and Royal-T had what it would take to push back the Enemy Machine Men. Space Wars Later in a pitched battle on Earth he tried to help Hans-Cuff when he came under attack from Pincher, Skyjack and Ace sic. However, Hans-Cuff was knocked out and the trio of Enemy Machine Men turned their weapons on the gallant Turbo. Seconds later the Australian army dropped a nuke on everyone. How this worked out for Turbo is unknown. Challenge of the Machine Men

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots Mini World storybooks[edit | edit source]


After Cy-Kill and Doctor Braxis unleashed the sonic fury of the Wagner Sirens on the ASC Command Centre, Matt and A.J. worked through the night on Road Ranger and Turbo. A.J. drove the GoBot car to meet them, having muffled all of Road Ranger's circuitry. While the two GoBots kept Cy-Kill and Geeper-Creeper busy, Matt and A.J. rigged a device that threw the sonic attacks of the Sirens back onto the Renegades, forcing them to retreat. The Wagner Sirens

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit | edit source]


The Guardians tried to trap the Renegades by using Road Ranger and Matt as a decoy sorium convoy. That worked, but the rest of the plan was delayed when Turbo and the other Guardians were sent back to prehistoric times when the Command Centre was struck by lightning. He and Leader-1 fought off dinosaurs until Scooter was able to return them to their own time - arriving before Road Ranger and Matt were captured. The Rescue of Road Ranger After the Guardians found out from Professor James Hobby that the Renegades were planning to harvest Magma Worms from a volcano in the Amazon, Turbo joined Leader-1, Dozer and Dumper in burying the creatures so they couldn't be used against them. The Rumbling Jungle After Braxis attempted to raise an army of waxwork robot soldiers, Turbo tracked the control signal to a nearby warehouse, battling Crasher and Cop-Tur until Leader-1 arrived and helped him destroy the device. Meltdown in the Museum He was tricked by false reports of a Renegade submarine, intended to draw him away so the Renegades could kidnap Anya Turgenova; thankfully Matt and Scooter were able to foil the Renegade plan anyway. The Aliens Steal a Scientist Matt, Nick and A.J. were then kidnapped by the Renegades and Astrobeamed to GoBotron, where Baron Von Joy and Psycho planned to frame them for the murder of the Guardian council. However, Scooter had tracked them and Turbo arrived in time to batter Psycho before the scheme could be put into action. By Astrobeam to GoBotron After Braxis devised a Freezer Beam and trapped several Guardians in their vehicle modes Turbo was able to work with Scooter and the humans to find a reversal key, putting it into action in time to save the captured Leader-1 and Rest-Q. Battle of the Beams Cy-Kill's next plan was to use the mind-controlling Exploding Toads of Primus to take over the population of Earth. However, Guardian spies heard of the plans and the Guardians captured Braxis, easily tricking him into revealing the details. Turbo worked with Hans-Cuff to prevent Cy-Kill releasing one of the creatures in Sydney. The Exploding Toads of Primus During a jungle battle with the Renegades, he saved Scooter from damage at the hands of Geeper-Creeper and The Buggy Man. Scooter Strides Out

After the Renegades purchased Silvermoon Mine Turbo, as a member of the Guardian Earth Force, joined Leader-1, Dumper and Dozer in attacking the new base, only to find it already abandoned when they arrived. The Secret of Silvermoon Mine To try and find out what they were doing in the area, Leader-1 sent Turbo and Hans-Cuff to investigate. Turbo took Nick with him but was critically damaged by the Enemy Invader Vamp, and forced to shut down while Nick went for help. The Guardians were able to arrive before the Renegades found Turbo and finished him off The Monsters and Mister Grogan but the damage kept him out of action for some time. Captain Clegg's Dream By the time Turbo was ready to return to action the Guardians had received the powerful new Battle Suit, able to match the Enemy Invaders. The Renegades kidnapped Anya and Boris Bulkanikov to try and make the Guardians had over the armour but Turbo, in Battle Suit's head, was able to trick them into releasing the pair without doing so. The Capture of Comrade Boris He later again piloted Battle Suit when the Guardians battled a huge Renegade army at Mauna Mauna, forcing Cy-Kill to cause a retreat. The Battle at the End of the Earth

Go-Bots Magazine[edit | edit source]


Nick designed a "Super-Duper-Ice-Cream-Scooper" birthday cake for A.J. shaped like a spaceship before setting off with Scooter to buy ingredients. However, the pair were kidnapped by Pincher on the way to the shops and used as bait to get Leader-1 into the range of Braxis' new Phoron gun; Thankfully Scooter was able to trick the evil scientist with his hologram projector, allowing Leader-1 to get them both to safety, and they were able to get the take ready in time for A.J.'s party - though she felt the best present was having her friends safe. The Blast of Doom! When Scooter discovered a Renegade plot to kidnap Guardians he alerted Leader-1 and Turbo, who helped his small friend carry out a plan that saw the Renegades first restrained and then repelled into Earth orbit by a huge magnet. Scooter's Mighty Magnet The Guardians then spotted the Renegades stealing ultium from Sarkofony. However when the sentient volcano they took the material from refused to let the Renegades or Guardians go, blocking them with a forcefield the bad guys flew right into, he worked with his old enemy Crasher to save both groups of GoBots.The Wrath of the Mountain On a mission to Quartex, he helped Boulder and the Good Rock Lords rescue an ancient stone statue the Renegades were attempting to steal. After blasting Crasher, Turbo and his allies took it back to the Command Center - little realising that Magmar, Brimstone and Slimestone were hidden inside. They let the Renegades into the ship but Scooter and Nuggit raised the alarm. Turbo again fought Crasher until Scooter used one of his holograms to trick the bad guys into falling out into space. Conquest of the Command Center!

Fun Publications[edit | edit source]

Transformers Timelines[edit | edit source]

HighNoon Turbo.jpg

Turbo was present when Doctor Braxis unveiled his findings from Level 22 with the new Dimensional Interfacer. Withered Hope High Noon Last Sunset

Renegade Rhetoric[edit | edit source]

"Brain Problem Situation"[edit | edit source]

Turbo encountered Optimus Prime and the Autobot Spy Changers after they arrived in his universal strata. The naturally suspicious Turbo assumed they were Renegades and started a battle. The other Guardians joined in and, when the Renegades arrived and helped the Spy Changers escape, Turbo's assumptions seemed verified. After Scooter and A.J. talked to their one captive, Silverstreak, he convinced them the Autobots were good guys, and soon the two teams of heroes joined forces against Cy-Kill and his new Moebius effect that threatened the Spy Changers' home strata. Brain Problem Situation

"Echoes and Fragments"[edit | edit source]

Sideways and Gong began playing with universal streams, causing elements of the GoBots and their history to merge with a Transformers universe during the latter's first encounter with Unicron. As a result, Jazz and Cliffjumper were intermittently replaced by Turbo and Night Ranger aboard Moonbase One during Unicron's approach to Cybertron. Echoes and Fragments

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]


Turbo was a Go-Bot invented on Earth to take part in the lucrative sport of Go-Bot Racing. Paired with driver Matt Hunter he had a glittering career, though both would squabble over who was the real reason for their success. T. Coriander Banks tried to interest the duo in getting involved with his underground illegal Go-Bot fighting blood sport but even a soak like Matt wasn't interested. When Banks' top fighter Cy-Kill attempted to call out Turbo and prevent them leaving the arena he sprang into action, facing off the gladiator and getting Matt to safety. The pair then contacted the police; returning they found Banks and his entourage gone, but uncovered the corpses of both Go-Bots and humans. However, before they could work out their next step a huge number of Go-Bots, many of them from Banks' stable with their G-Chips tinkered with to make them better fighters, rose up against their human masters. Turbo however stayed loyal to Matt.Issue 1 They soon met up with A.J. and her loyal Go-Bot Scooter. They attempted to speak to the police again only to be fired on and chased by a pair of Hans-Cuff police Go-Bots, eventually losing them after jumping over a broken bridge. Matt stopped off to pick up liquor to make Molotov cocktails before stopping off at the Tonka Building - where the sole remaining technician told the group the Go-Bots were beyond control. They found a dying Banks and Turbo was attacked by his rebelling personal Go-Bot Stretch. Despite being set on fire, the rogue limo smashed Turbo down into the city's sewers. Now thoroughly cross Turbo climbed up to the surface and challenged Cy-Kill but was beaten again. Leader-1 then arrived and took on the Renegade, smashing him in a brutal duel. The assembled Go-Bots, Turbo included, looked to him for their next step - whether to return to serving humans or take Earth for themselves.Issue 2


Exactly what happened to Turbo over the next epoch or so is unknown. At some stage he fought alongside Leader-1's Guardians with Scooter, Matt and A.J. against Cy-Kill, and forming rivalries with Crasher and Loco. However, when the outspoken A.J. began to clash with Leader-1 he had Scooter kill her. While the small Guardian complied he was haunted by the memory and asked Leader-1 to wipe his mind; already furious over A.J.'s death (having dismissed her concerns) Turbo misread the situation and attempted to save Scooter, inadvertently causing his friend irreversible brain damage. Wracked by guilt Turbo and Scooter remained on Earth while most of the Go-Bots lived on Gobotron, a metal world they had created around Earth. There Turbo did his best to protect Scooter and the devolved remains of the human race from the planet's predators. When Spay-C arrived on Earth with a crew of six humans who had been in suspended animation through the fall of mankind Turbo reacted furiously at the new arrival's lack of transparency, attacking him in a rage.Issue 3 He made Spay-C explain the fate of Earth to the astronauts and introduced them to the primitive survivors of the human race. The group were soon disturbed by the arrival of the Command Center and the Thruster. Turbo cajoled Spay-C into helping him when Water Walk and Warpath kidnapped numerous humans for Cy-Kill's experiments. Spay-C was shot down and Turbo confronted Leader-1. However, he agreed to a temporary truce when Leader-1 revealed that with the Lazer Lance he could defeat Zod. Scooter knew where it was and led them on a quest; Turbo was briefly attacked by Stoneheart at Skull Rock but was saved by Nuggit and the other Go-Lems, while the party also came under attack from Professor Braxis' army of Vamps. Nevertheless were still able to find the weapon, only for it to be destroyed by Cy-Kill. After exchanging verbal banter with Crasher he agreed to help battle Zod anyway, nearly getting eaten before working with Leader-1 and Scooter to force the repaired Lazer Lance into Zod's belly, killing the monster. The group returned to the surface only to be attacked by the Command Center, which had been stolen by Cy-Kill. Leader-1 was killed and Scooter was captured, with Turbo planning a suicide mission to get his friends back.Issue 4


After a lift from Spay-C and with two helpful astronauts onboard Turbo went on a rampage through the Command Center, setting Fitor on fire with liquigen fuel, throwing Loco into the De-Materializer and throwing boiling oil over Tank. The sight of the Enemy Re-Programming Center triggered his memories of Scooter's botched mind-wipe but he pressed on, bursting onto the bridge and gunning down Geeper-Creeper and BuggyMan. He was briefly stopped in his tracks by Cy-Kill's claims he would build a better world until the astronauts brought the mangled human subjects of Cy-Kill's experiments to his attention. Turbo then ducked a blast from Cy-Kill's headlight blaster and shot through both of the Renegade's eyes, destroying his head. He was then able to talk Crasher into a truce, and both the Command Center and Thruster returned to Earth. Both ships then collected the Go-Bots and returned to GoBotron, only to find it had been overrun by the Vamps. Turbo, Scooter and Crasher were thrown from the Command Center's bridge and surrounded, but were saved by Road Ranger and his crew. Turbo gave the new arrival his seal of approval before realising it was time for a new generation. Onboard the Command Center he decided to shut down "for a while" and dreamt of happier times with Matt and A.J.Issue 5

The tone of the frames very much suggests that Turbo is actually shutting himself down permanently.

Toys[edit | edit source]

What was so wrong with the toy's face anyway?

GoBots[edit | edit source]

  • Turbo (GoBot, 1983)
    • Friendly Robot Racer
    • ID number: 07
Turbo was released by Tonka in the first series of GoBots, and converts from robot to fictional supercar in 4 steps. The toy was a repackaging of Supercar Robo from Machine Robo - previously released as Racer Man in the short-lived Machine Men line - with no significant changes but omitting the extra sticker sheet of the Japanese release. Turbo is a very compact and simple figure with no real weak points beyond the dangers posed to any vintage toy with painted diecast metal parts and rubber tyres. The figure has articulation in the shoulders.
  • Turbo was offered in the first-ever assortment of GoBots figures manufactured in 1983 (#7200). The figure remained available as part of the second and third series' Friendly/Guardian assortment (#7253). The third series version came with a card-mounted 3-D GoBots Sticker. The figure was one of a handful that were available for the line's entire life on toyshelves.
  • Bilingual Canadian releases retained the same name.

  • Guardian Gift Pack #1 (GoBots Gift Pack, 1984)
Turbo was released in a gift pack with Flip Top and Leader-1. All three toys were unchanged from their original releases.

  • Guardian 3-Pack #2 (GoBots Gift Pack, 1985)
Turbo was planned to be included in a Gift Pack along with Spay-C and Blaster which was advertised in the 1986 Tonka Catalog but was ultimately not released.
*Not available in stores

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Robo Machine[edit | edit source]

  • Car (Robo Machine, 1983)
    • ID number: RM-07
A carded repackage of Supercar Robo featuring a starfield-style backing card, Car was released by Bandai Europe during the latter half of 1983. The European release retained the extra sticker sheet of the Japanese version.

  • Car (Robo Machine, 1984)
    • ID number: RM-07

The figure was later re-released as part of the second wave on a blue backing card. While some adverts name the release as "Motor Car" it only seems to have been released as Car. Similarly while the figure stayed in circulation after Robo Machine switched to GoBots-inspired names and was advertised as Turbo in some catalogues and cross-sells the backing card for the actual figure was never updated.

Machine Men[edit | edit source]

  • Racer Man (Machine Men, 1983)
    • Friendly Robot
    • ID number: 06
The final toy in the original six figure line-up, Racer Man was released by Bandai Australia during the second quarter of 1983. He remained identical to the original Supercar Robo figure, albeit packaged on a blue backing card.

  • Turbo (Machine Men, 1984)
    • Friendly Robot
    • ID number: 06
In 1984, the figure was re-released with his GoBots name and faction on a new black backing card depicting a yellow-tinted alien landscape.

Nice lipstick, Turbo.
  • Staks Transport (Machine Men, 1985)
    • Friendly Robot
A white recolour of Turbo was included in the Australian Staks Transport giftset, along with recoloured versions of Hans-Cuff, Buggy-Man and Rest-Q. Later versions of the set replaced the Hans-Cuff figure with an unchanged version of Fitor

Merchandise[edit | edit source]


Convertible Model Kit[edit | edit source]

Produced by Monogram, Turbo was a plastic snap-fit model kit that once assembled could convert from robot to Ferrari 308GTO with a friction motor. The origins of the kit are difficult to ascertain, with the only definite conclusion being that it wasn't designed as Turbo, and hence has only a passing similarity to the character's other toys, most notably featuring a different car mode. The model was cast in red plastic and featured some stickers.

Action Puppet[edit | edit source]

Produced by The Toy Store, the Action Puppet version of Turbo was a small figurine of the character in robot mode. Pressing in the base of the figure caused the robot to twist and turn through a series of strings and elastic, before returning to his usual pose when the pressure was released. The figure closely followed the original Turbo toy, though as it was all-plastic the arms are relatively vulnerable.


Gum Tresor[edit | edit source]

  • Turbo (1986)
    • ID Number: MP 002
A transforming plastic version of Turbo was released in France in 1986 by May Bonneuil in their probably legal range of Gum Tresor figures issued to cash in on Les Defi des GoBots, the French dub of Challenge of the GoBots.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Tonka promotional art for Turbo.

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