Mauna Mauna

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Mauna Mauna is an island in the Pacific ocean on Earth. It is far from shipping lanes and rarely visited by humans.


Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit]

The island was once home to a civilisation but was long left deserted, the former population leaving behind only a few ruined temples and idols. It was rarely visited - until Zod arrived, signalling the start of Cy-Kill's latest plan. Using Thruster and an Astrobeam he gathered a huge Renegade army on the island. Cop-Tur then fired a barrage of missiles at Earth's major cities, planning to salvage their raw materials. However, Scooter's new warning system picked up the missiles, and Leader-1 led Heat Seeker and Path Finder after the missiles. Meanwhile Turbo led a team in Battle Suit to the island to battle them, soon joined by Dive-Dive and then the Command Centre before Leader-1's team arrived after taking out the missiles. The long battle saw the Renegades worn down, and Cy-Kill ordered a retreat, with the Guardians also withdrawing. Zod finally rumbled back into the sea, leaving Mauna Mauna empty once again. The Battle at the End of the Earth