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Granite is a good Rock Lord from the planet Quartex. A gentle giant, Granite is jovial and friendly with his comrades away from battle but powerful and fearsome in combat.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Michael Bell
BOTR Granite2.jpg

Granite was sent by Boulder to meet up with another Rock Lord but by the time he arrived Magmar had won the battle. Infiltrating Stonehead, Granite was unable to intervene while Magmar's troops fed the unfortunate Rock Lord into the Tumbler. He then attempted to recover the latest Power Scepter Magmar had collected but was zapped by the Powerstone holding it. This alerted Tombstone and Brimstone to his presence but Granite's quick thinking allowed him to escape Stonehead undetected and report back to his leader. He took part in the pre-emptive ambush on Magmar's troops in a valley near Boulder's stronghold and fought bravely, seemingly unphased by a duel attack from Stoneheart and Slimestone's Slime Gun, but was forced into retreat along with a small group of survivors after the arrival of the Renegades onboard Thruster turned the battle against Boulder's troops. Along with his leader, Granite was initially wary when they ran into the Guardians soon afterwards before realising they were friends. The allies avoided death in the Sea of Fire thanks to the Guardian Scooter and then trekked across the wastelands towards the Kingdom of Fossils. On the way they were attacked by Rockasaurs. The group arrived too late to stop their enemies from taking the Fossil Lord's scepter but were able to successfully storm Stonehead and ultimately thwart Cy-Kill's plans to use the Ultra Scepter for galactic domination. Battle of the Rock Lords

Machine Men mini-comics[edit]

After the Australian Army dropped a nuclear bomb on the Enemy Machine Men during a pitched battle on Earth the explosion awakened the Rock Lords, with Granite among the Good Rock Lords who headed into battle to help the Friendly Machine Men.Challenge of the Machine Men

GoBots Magazine[edit]


The Good Rock Lords again teamed up with the Guardians on Quartex, with the groups working together to prevent the Renegades from stealing a statue from an ancient city. Granite joined them as they drove the Renegades off but it was all a ploy - after both groups took the statue onboard the Command Center the statue was revealed to contain Magmar, Brimstone and Slimestone. However, Scooter and Nuggit were able to raise the alarm, allowing the Guardians and Good Rock Lords to defend themselves, with Granite fighting Brimstone, until Scooter was able to trick the bad guys into walking out of the Command Center and into space. Conquest of the Command Center! Later in the conflict with Magmar, Granite and most of the Good Rock Lords were cornered by Magmar; thankfully Nuggit arrived with back-up from the Rockasaurs, giving them an opening to fight back and drive the enemy into the retreat. Update from Quartex

Rock Lords mini-comics[edit]

Boulder tired of the threat Magmar posed to Quartex and led his troops out to attack Stonehead, with Granite relishing the chance to get to grips with Magmar. However they were ambushed by Magmar, who froze them in their rock forms with his new Cryon Ray. Only Nuggit - scouting ahead and clearly doing a bang-up job of it - escaped, following the Evil Rock Lords back to their base, where the Good Rock Lords were imprisoned in a cage. He was able to free them, allowing Boulder and his men to get free. Magmar again attempted to use the Cryon Ray but Nuggit had disabled it, so Boulder shot the whole group of Evil Rock Lords over with his Power Sword. Powerful Living Rocks Face a Deadly New Peril

Go-Bots comic[edit]


Granite was one of the Go-Lems on the forgotten planet Earth at the centre of Gobotron, a group led by Boulder who believed themselves to be built by gods and born from the Earth itself. The group mainly meditated to achieve a state of mind they called the Quartex. However, when their meditations were disturbed by the Renegades and Zod the group aided the Guardians by opening up a chasm that swallowed up both Cy-Kill and Zod, giving an opening for the Go-Bots to finally destroy the monster. Issue 4



Rock Lords[edit]

  • Granite (Rock Lords, 1986)
    • Good Rock Warrior
    • Rock Type: "Granite: A tough-as-nails composition that reflects his strength and determination."
    • Accessories: T-Gun
Granite was released in the first series of Rock Lords by Tonka and converts from robot to granite rock. The figure was released in Japan as Guts Rock, one of the Rock Robo in the Machine Robo:Revenge of Cronos toyline, with a different colour scheme - the Western version had darker blue paint and red eyes; it is unclear which was the original release. Granite has strong articulation, with good movement at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees and is very durable.

Robo Machine[edit]

  • Granite (Rock Lords, 1986)
    • Good Rock Warrior
    • Rock Type: "Granite: A tough-as-nails composition that reflects his strength and determination."
    • Accessories: T-Gun

In Europe, Rock Lords was a subline of Robo Machine. Granite was issued by Bandai in 1986 with a black T-Gun instead of the red version.


  • Granite was initially planned to be called "Bolder" (sic.) before the figures switched names. "Granite" was the working name for both Boulder and Marbles before finding its' way to this guy.