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Sticks'n Stones (sometimes known as Sticks and Stones) are a conjoined pair of Rock Lords from the planet Quartex, fighting as part of Magmar's army when they're not fighting each other. They're a 2-in-1 special for most things, including idioms. While Sticks'n Stones will break your bones they're proof that two heads aren't better than one - neither Sticks or Stones are smart and both have different ideas on what exactly they should do next. Though as Magmar's orders invariably involve Sticks'n Stones beating someone up they're usually able to reach a compromise.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Frank Welker (Sticks), Peter Cullen (Stones)

Sticks'n Stones were members of Magmar's band on Cordax. He was present when the Renegades made first contact with Magmar's group, helping to defeat Boulder's forces. They took part in the later battle between the combined forces of Boulder's army and the Guardians. Following their defeat, along with the Renegades' departure from Cordax, they retreated with Magmar and the rest of his army. Battle of the Rock Lords

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Machine Men mini-comics[edit]

After the Australian Army dropped a nuclear bomb on the Enemy Machine Men during a pitched battle on Earth the explosion awakened the Rock Lords, with Sticks and Stones one of the first to the surface. However, they mainly argued instead of doing much fighting, meaning an irate Stoneheart instead had to deal with Night Ranger. They later noted the damage done to Tombstone by Road Ranger.Challenge of the Machine Men

GoBots Magazine[edit]

Along with Magmar, Brimstone, Tombstone and Stoneheart, Sticks'n Stones helped corner Boulder's Good Rock Lords on a cliff over the Lava River. However, Nuggit arrived with the Rockasaurs, giving his friends an opening to fight back, with Stones getting biffed on the head by Granite. Update from Quartex

Rock Lords mini-comics[edit]


After Magmar discovered the Cryon Ray he sent Sticks'n Stones to scout for Boulder's Good Rock Lords. Despite a hearty debate between Sticks and Stones they were able to report back to Magmar, who laid an ambush. The ray immobilised Boulder's troops and they were imprisoned in a cage near Stonehead, with Sticks'n Stones and Stoneheart on guard. However, Nuggit had escaped and was able to project a beam that knocked the pair out, allowing the Good Rock Lords to get free. Boulder then shot everyone with his sword sic and the good guys escaped, leaving Magmar to swear revenge. Powerful Living Rocks Face a Deadly New Peril

Go-Bots comic[edit]


Sticks'n Stones were two of the followers of Magmar in the forgotten "Heart of Gobotron" - i.e. Earth, and helped guard Skull Mountain. When a Go-Bot party searching for the Lazer Lance came close to Skull Mountain they joined Tombstone and Stoneheart in attacking them, restraining Scooter. However, Boulder's Go-Lems saved the Guardians, with Boulder himself giving Sticks'n Stones a good left hook.Issue 4


Rock Lords[edit]

Rock Lord Sticks'n'Stones toy.jpg
  • Sticks'n Stones (Rock Lords, 1986)
    • Evil Rock Warrior
    • Rock Type: "Anthracite and Magnetite: a dangerous combination of minerals that causes sparks."
    • Accessories: Cactus Club and Double Duty Mace
Sticks'n Stones were released in the first series of Rock Lords by Tonka and convert from robot to anthracite/magnetite rock in 5 steps. The figure was released in Japan as Double Rock, one of the Rock Robo in the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos toyline, with a different colour scheme - the Western version has a mottled green/black scheme and purple paint applications instead of blue; it is unclear which was the original release. Sticks'n Stones have strong articulation in the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees; while the feet look like they fold, they don't. The Cactus Club and Double Duty Mace is a single accessory; either it was one of several mistakes to creep onto Rock Lords packaging concerning the figures' weapons or each end has a different name to fit in with the whole twin thing.

Robo Machine[edit]

  • Sticks'n Stones (Rock Lords, 1986)
    • Evil Rock Warrior
    • Rock Type: "Anthracite and Magnetite: a dangerous combination of minerals that causes sparks."
    • Accessories: Cactus Club and Double Duty Mace

In Europe, Rock Lords was a subline of Robo Machine. Sticks'n Stones was issued by Bandai in 1986 with their weapon cast in brown plastic instead of black.


  • Yes, he is voiced by Optimus Prime and Megatron.
  • Sticks'n Stones' animation model was based on a prototype colour scheme of the figure, which was retained for the Japanese version of the figure. At one stage his/their name was to be "Sticks & Stones".
  • Conversely, Ashi Productions based their character model for Double Rock in Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos on the colour scheme for the Western version for some strange reason.