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Pulver-Eyes is a good Rock Lord from the planet Quartex. He can be quick tempered but is just as quick to forget for his friends. A fierce warrior, he uses his Arrestor to drag enemies towards him and engages them in close combat. Pulver-Eyes also tends to eat rocks, even in the middle of battle.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

BOTR PulverEyes2.jpg
Voice actor: Frank Welker

Pulver-Eyes was one of the loyal followers of the Rock Lord Boulder and was with his leader when Granite arrived to tell them they were Magmar's next target. He took part in the pre-emptive ambush on Magmar's troops in a valley near Boulder's stronghold and fought well while also surreptitiously snacking on rocks but was forced into retreat along with a small group of survivors after the arrival of the Renegades onboard Thruster turned the battle against Boulder's troops. Along with his leader, Pulver Eyes was initially wary when they ran into the Guardians soon afterwards, blasting Scooter at point-blank range, before realising they were friends. The allies avoided death in the Sea of Fire thanks to Scooter and then trekked across the wastelands towards the Kingdom of Fossils. On the way they were attacked by Rockasaurs. The group arrived too late to stop their enemies from taking the Fossil Lord's scepter but were able to successfully storm Stonehead and ultimately thwart Cy-Kill's plans to use the Ultra Scepter for galactic domination. Battle of the Rock Lords

Rock Lords packaging[edit]

The Good Rock Lords where trundling across Quartex when Pulver-Eyes asked for a halt so he could get a snack, changing form and chomping on some rocks to restore his fighting strength. Pulver-Eyes mini-comic

Machine Men mini-comics[edit]

After the Australian Army dropped a nuclear bomb on the Enemy Machine Men during a pitched battle on Earth the explosion awakened the Rock Lords, with Rockmite among the Good Rock Lords who headed into battle to help the Friendly Machine Men.Challenge of the Machine Men

Rock Lords mini-comics[edit]


Boulder tired of the threat Magmar posed to Quartex and led his troops out to attack Stonehead, though Pulver-Eyes didn't see the hurry and was happy chomping on rocks. However they were ambushed by Magmar, who froze them in their rock forms with his new Cryon Ray. Only Nuggit - scouting ahead and clearly doing a bang-up job of it - escaped, following the Evil Rock Lords back to their base, where the Good Rock Lords were imprisoned in a cage. He was able to free them, allowing Boulder and his men to get free. Magmar again attempted to use the Cryon Ray but Nuggit had disabled it, so Boulder shot the whole group of Evil Rock Lords over with his Power Sword. Powerful Living Rocks Face a Deadly New Peril

GoBots Magazine[edit]

Along with Boulder, Granite, Marbles and Crackpot, Pulver-Eyes was cornered on a cliff over the Lava River by Magmar's Evil Rock Lords. Thankfully Nuggit arrived with the Rockasaurs, giving his friends an opening to fight back. Update from Quartex

Go-Bots comic[edit]


Pulver-Eyes was one of the Go-Lems on the forgotten planet Earth at the centre of Gobotron, a group led by Boulder who believed themselves to be built by gods and born from the Earth itself. The group mainly meditated to achieve a state of mind they called the Quartex. However, when their meditations were disturbed by the Renegades and Zod the group aided the Guardians by opening up a chasm that swallowed up both Cy-Kill and Zod, giving an opening for the Go-Bots to finally destroy the monster. Issue 4



Rock Lords[edit]

Rock Lords[edit]

  • Pulver-Eyes (1986)
    • Good Rock Warrior
    • Rock Type: "Dolomite: Light-colored mineral whose hardness befits the toughest of the good rock warriors."
    • Accessories: Arrestor
Released as part of the second series of Rock Lords, Pulver-Eyes converts from robot to rock in seven steps. Like many Rock Lords figures, Pulver-Eyes has strong articulation, with good movement at the shoulders, elbows and knees and is very durable. Though his thighs are big thicc blocks. Like all 1986 Rock Lords the figure had a brief comic strip and Collector Card on the rear of the card, and came packed with a copy of "Powerful Living Rocks Face a Deadly New Peril".

Robo Machine[edit]

Rock Lords[edit]

  • Pulver-Eyes (1986)
    • Good Rock Warrior
    • Rock Type: "Dolomite: Light-colored mineral whose hardness befits the toughest of the good rock warriors."
    • Accessories: Arrestor
In Europe, Rock Lords was a subline of Robo Machine. Pulver-Eyes was issued by Bandai in 1986 with no significant changes.


First prototype, as Rockmite.
Second prototype.
  • Pulver-Eyes was initially planned as a character named Rockmite before a change of colours.
  • A second version of the figure featured a mottled pattern which was dropped in favour of the final plain sand version.