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This article is about the robots featured in the IDW comic series. For the part-organic robots from the 1980s franchise, see GoBots (species).

The Go-Bots are highly sophisticated man-made robots that can transform into vehicles. Thanks to their advanced firmware they can achieve sentience. Tonka were among the manufacturers of Go-Bots.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]


Go-Bots were first devised on Earth as a solution to parking problems as having a car that could turn into a 20-foot tall robot and walk on the pavement is a much more practical option. The world was quick to find other uses for hugely expensive technology other than filling pavements with robots, and Go-Bots were soon used for the emergency services, military operations, space exploration and sports. They were even involved in constructing a space station, named Gobotron. However the advanced design of many led to a growing number turning against humans and going renegade, with many rallying to the ambitious Cy-Kill. This was exacerbated by the meddling of the unscrupulous T. Coriander Banks, who increased the aggression of some rogue units to make them more fierce for his illegal gladiatorial Go-Bot fights, leading to their limiting G-chips and Asimov laws being overridden. After an abortive attempt by the American military to bring them in backfired when the rogue Go-Bots overpowered Leader-1 and hacked secret information from his brain. Cy-Kill then launched an attack on humanity, with more disillusioned Go-Bots flocking to him.

A recovered Leader-1 was able to gather his own army. When faced with the choice of siding with his creators and joining Cy-Kill he chose to instead build up his own cult. Over the next long indistinct period of time the pair squabbled and fought over who could be the bestest totalitarian bastard while turning Gobotron into a huge planet-sized shell around Earth, which was largely forgotten as a result. Many early Go-Bots were also ignored, while Earth became the home of the Go-Lems and mutated monster Go-Bots. The resulting war between Leader-1 and Cy-Kill saw stagnation set in for the species. However, the latter's taming of Zod set in motion a chain of events that ultimately saw Earth rediscovered and both leaders being killed. This led to the emergence of Road Ranger as a unifying leader of the remaining Go-Bots. He ultimately chose to separate Gobotron from Earth and take it out into the universe, which he would then seed with new mechanical worlds. Meanwhile a small handful of Go-Bots opted to remain on Earth with a pair of human astronauts who had spent most of the Go-Bots' war in suspended animation, in order to re-educate the devolved human race again. The rest of the astronauts meanwhile travelled back in time to the beginning of the uprising with their Go-Bot shuttle Spay-C and attempted to warn humanity.

Which could theoretically mean a whole ton of the above stuff didn't happen.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While common sense and practical reasons would suggest most Go-Bots were mass-produced the only ones definitely seen in multiple numbers are the Hans-Cuff police models and the Vamps build by Zebediah Braxis.
  • It is unclear if Tonka were the sole manufacturers of Go-Bots.
  • While female AIs for Go-Bots are rare at least one exists.
  • Go-Bots are very resilient; there are multiple vague allusions to repairs made throughout the series and even Leader-1 (riddled with holes from the Command Center's guns) and Cy-Kill (with his head destroyed by Turbo) could have been repaired if Road Ranger had wished it so. So whether anyone in the series actually dies is unclear.
  • Some of the history of the Go-Bots may be imparted from characters who are unreliable narrators.