T. Coriander Banks

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T. Coriander Banks, as in T.C.B.[1], is a human criminal. He's a "sunglasses at night" kind of guy, and is responsible for humanity's destruction.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]


Impressed by his racing record and fame, Banks approached the famed Go-Bot driver Matt Hunter and his equally famed Go-Bot car Turbo with a business proposal. Having heard of T.C.B, Matt decided to hear him out and followed Banks to an arena, where Banks showed off his own Go-Bot - the towering Stretch. He then showed Matt and Turbo his vicious, illegal Go-Bot gladiator games, where his champion Cy-Kill, violently dismembered his opponent in front of a crowd of baying human spectators. These then turned on Matt when he refused to enter Turbo as Cy-Kill's next opponent. The pair escaped, but by the time they returned with the authorities both Banks and Cy-Kill had disappeared. Cy-Kill would in fact go rogue along Route 66, gathering a band of fellow Renegades and committing a crimewave before rising up against mankind after overcoming the military Go-Bot Leader-1.Issue 1

Stretch threw in with the Renegades, wounding Banks and leaving him for dead on some power cables. He was spotted by A.J. Foster and lifted down by Turbo and Scooter, where he confessed he was the reason behind the uprising - in order to make his fighters more bloodthirsty he employed an expert to modify the amount of damage they could do; combined with similar changes made by the military it meant they went beyond the control of humans. Banks died moments later.Issue 2

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Taking care of business, probably.