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Flamestone is a Jewel Lord from the planet Quartex. He is on the side of good and fights against the forces of evil, and is something of a scientist.


Rock Lords mini-comics[edit]


The Jewel Lords operated out of the Crystal Palace on Quartex, where Flamestone devised the powerful nuclo-crystal. Boulder dropped by to check on the device before heading off by Rock Pot - not realising Magmar, Spearhead and Saberstone were lurking nearby, having discovered the Palace when their Stone Wing crashed nearby. Solitaire was greatly impressed by Flamestone's further experiments which showed the nuclo-crystal was indestructible. However, Magmar then ambushed them and tied them up. While Boulder returned with Marbles and Nuggit the Evil Rock Lords were able to escape - though the nuclo-crystal was safe all along, having been switched for an illusionary version by Sunstone. There's Ssomething Flashing over There

Go-Bots comic[edit]


Flamestone was one of the Go-Lems on the forgotten planet Earth at the centre of Gobotron, a group led by Boulder who believed themselves to be built by gods and born from the Earth itself. The group mainly meditated to achieve a state of mind they called the Quartex. However, when their meditations were disturbed by the Renegades and Zod the group aided the Guardians by opening up a chasm that swallowed up both Cy-Kill and Zod, giving an opening for the Go-Bots to finally destroy the monster. Issue 4


Rock Lord Flamestone toy.jpg

Rock Lords[edit]

Jewel Lords[edit]

  • Flamestone (1987)
    • Jewel Lord Warrior
    • Rock Type: "Ruby"
    • Accessories: Spear
Flamestone was released in the in the Jewel Lords assortment of Rock Lords by Tonka and converts from robot to ruby. Flamestone has good articulation at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees - though the arm movement is restricted by the cowling around the shoulders. The figure included a copy of the There's Ssomething Flashing over There mini-comic.

Robo Machine[edit]

Rock Jewels[edit]

  • Flamestone (1987)
    • Jewel Lord Warrior
    • Rock Type: "Ruby"
    • Accessories: Spear

In Europe, Rock Lords was a subline of Robo Machine. Flamestone was issued by Bandai in 1987 with no significant changes.