Crystal Palace

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The Crystal Palace is the stronghold of the Jewel Lords on Quartex. It is located in the Rock Glades.


Rock Lords mini-comics[edit]

Magmar, Spearhead and Saberstone were flying over the Rock Glades when their Stone Wing crashed. Saberstone used her sharp tendrils to cut through the long grass, and the group eventually found the Crystal Palace, the stronghold of the Jewel Lords. Inside, Solitaire, Flamestone and Sunstone were continuing testing of the highly-impressive nuclo-crystal, and as they had just seen Boulder leave in his Rock Pot the trio of Evil Rock Lords decided to attack, getting past the security door when Spearhead smashed it in with his face. They were able to trick the Jewel Lords and tie then up before escaping with the nuclo-crystal even after Boulder returned with Nuggit and Marbles. However, after they had gone Solitaire revealed that Magmar had actually taken an illusory copy of the crystal created by Sunstone. There's Ssomething Flashing over There