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The Nuclo-crystal is a power source devised by the Jewel Lord Flamestone.


Rock Lords mini-comics[edit]

Flamestone developed the nuclo-crystal with help from Solitaire and Sunstone in the secret Crystal Palace on Quartex. Only Boulder knew of their research but Magmar, Spearhead and Saberstone stumbled across the stronghold when their Stone Wing crashed in the Rock Glades. The evil trio watched the experiments that showed the nuclo-crystal was hugely powerful and indestructible; having seen Boulder leave in his Rock Pot the trio of Evil Rock Lords decided to attack,.They were able to trick the Jewel Lords into surrendering and tied then up before escaping with the nuclo-crystal even after Boulder returned with Nuggit and Marbles. However, after they had gone Solitaire revealed that Magmar had actually taken an illusory copy of the crystal created by Sunstone. There's Ssomething Flashing over There