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Magmar is an Evil Rock Lord from the planet Quartex. Greedy, cunning and downright nasty, Magmar isn't interested in just being a Rock Lord but lord of the whole planet, and maybe more. He is one of the strongest Rock Lords, and greatly enjoys combat.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Telly Savalas
BOTR Magmar3.jpg

Magmar and his henchmen Tombstone, Brimstone, Sticks'n'Stones, Stoneheart and Slimestone captured rival Rock Lords, took their Power Sceptres and disposed of them in the Tumbler. He then added the Sceptres to the Powerstone in his Stonehead stronghold. His power grew with each new Sceptre and only three Rock Lords were left opposing him - Solitaire, Boulder and the Fossil Lord. Solitaire escaped Quartex along with Nuggit to enlist the help of the Guardians of GoBotron, so Magmar targeted Boulder next and set out to locate his rival's base. His troops were ambushed when Marbles anticipated Magmar's strategy and while the evil Rock Lord's strength saw him defeat several enemies personally - even bisecting one opponent - the battle began to turn against him. However the arrival of Cy-Kill and the Renegades saw Boulder's troops routed. Magmar claimed that the battle had been going according to his plans and that the GoBots' intervention had in fact allowed his enemies to escape but nevertheless saw the advantages of allying with the Renegades. Believing Boulder dead and his sceptre lost Magmar instead switched his attentions to the Fossil Lord, easily beating his forces with the help of Cy-Kill's troops and taking another sceptre. The Powerstone was completed but Cy-Kill double-crossed him and took the Ultra Sceptre for himself just as Boulder's troops and their Guardian allies stormed Stonehead. The Ultra Sceptre was ultimately destroyed and Magmar withdrew to Stonehead to plan anew. Battle of the Rock Lords

GoBots Magazine[edit | edit source]


Magmar's band teamed up with the Renegades a second time on Quartex. The Renegades pretended to steal a stone statue and were driven off by the combined troops of Boulder and Leader-1; however, 'twas all a ruse. The good guys took the statue inside the Command Center for safekeeping, only to crack open in the middle of the night - revealing Magmar, Brimstone and Slimestone - with Magmar celebrating the successful penetration. Thankfully Scooter and Nuggit had spent all night Greeking out and sat up watching the statue, and were able to raise the alarm shortly after Magmar let the Renegades inside the Guardian ship. A fight broke out before the two sidekicks tricked the Renegades and Evil Rock Lords to walk out of the ship into space, leaving Magmar to be carried to safety by Cy-Kill. Conquest of the Command Center! Later his troops had Boulder, Marbles, Granite, Crackpot and Pulver-Eyes trapped on the edge of a cliff that they couldn't just roll off as rocks. Thankfully Nuggit then arrived with the Rockasaurs, providing a distraction for Boulder and chums to turn into rocks and knock them over. Magmar retreated towards his Stone Wing, swearing revenge. Update from Quartex

Rock Lords mini-comics[edit | edit source]


Magmar discovered another secret of Stonehead - the Cryon Ray. He then set up an ambush for Boulder's Good Rock Lords, freezing them in rock mode and taking them to his base. However, Nuggit had escaped and was able to free his comrades. Boulder then shot everyone with his sword sic and the good guys escaped, leaving Magmar to swear revenge. Powerful Living Rocks Face a Deadly New Peril Later he went out for a patrol in Stone Wing with Spearhead and Saberstone but a problem made the craft crash near the base of the Jewel Lords. After watching Boulder leave by Rock Pot, the evil trio sneaked inside and watched Flamestone show Solitaire his newly invented nuclo-crystal. She spotted them but Spearhead was able to half-inch the crystal and tie up the Jewel Lords - not realising Sunstone had switched the crystal for an illusion. Boulder, Marbles and Nuggit then arrived but the bad guys bugged out - only to then realise that they didn't have the crystal. Unaware he had been tricked, Magmar simply assumed one of his troops had dropped it and made Spearhead and Saberstone search the bushes for it. Oh, Magmar...There's Ssomething Flashing over There

Machine Men mini-comics[edit | edit source]

After the Australian Army dropped a nuclear bomb on the Enemy Machine Men during a pitched battle on Earth the explosion awakened the Rock Lords. Magmar burst through the Earth and grabbed the Friendly Machine Man Dive-Dive, only to be grabbed himself by Boulder.Challenge of the Machine Men

Go-Bots comic[edit | edit source]


Magmar was one of the beings left on Earth when the Go-Bots built Gobotron around the planet. Making his base at Skull Mountain, he hid the Lazer Lance away, and left his followers to guard it.Issue 4 Later, after most of the Go-Bots departed with Road Ranger on Gobotron, the huge Magmar stayed in hiding on Earth and menaced the remaining humans. However, Screw Head had remained on Earth and promptly ran Magmar through with his pointy head. Issue 5

Toys[edit | edit source]

Rock Lords[edit | edit source]

  • Magmar (Rock Lords, 1986)
    • Evil Rock Lord Leader
    • Rock Type: "Igneous: Formed of molten lava that reflects his fiery emotions."
    • Accessories: Ax-Rifle
Magmar was released in the first series of Rock Lords by Tonka and converts from robot to igneous rock in 6 steps. The figure was released in Japan as Devil Rock, one of the Rock Robo in the Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos toyline, with a different paint mask; it is unclear which was the original release. Magmar has articulation at the shoulders and elbows, plus a little at the knees and hips, though these bend the wrong way.

Robo Machine[edit | edit source]

  • Magmar (Rock Lords, 1986)
    • Evil Rock Lord Leader
    • Rock Type: "Igneous: Formed of molten lava that reflects his fiery emotions."
    • Accessories: Ax-Rifle

In Europe, Rock Lords was a subline of Robo Machine. Magmar was issued by Bandai in 1986, with his weapon cast in brown plastic rather than the black of the North American version.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The early film treatment Starquest refers to the leader of the Evil 'Rock People' as Rak, which might have been an early working name for Magmar.