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The Ultra Scepter is a super-weapon formed from the Power Scepters of the Rock Lords.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Magmar targeted the Power Scepters of his fellow Rock Lords, planning to use the Power Stone at Stonehead to turn them into the Ultra Scepter. After the capture of Talc and his Power Scepter only three remained - those belonging to Solitaire, Jaw Bone and Boulder. Solitaire's was soon captured by the Renegades, who rapidly made an alliance with Magmar. Together the forces of Cy-Kill and Magmar then devastated the Kingdom of Fossils, taking Jaw Bone's Scepter. Boulder's was exhausted saving Marbles from Rockasaurs but Magmar was nevertheless able to complete the Ultra Scepter - only for Cy-Kill to immediately double-cross him and snatch the weapon for himself. However, the Renegade was unable to control the powerful Ultra Scepter, and Leader-1 took mercy on him, blasting it out of his hands. The device was then destroyed against the side of Stonehead. Battle of the Rock Lords