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Cy-Kill with Solitaire's Power Scepter

A Power Scepter is a weapon of considerable power used by the Rock Lords of Quartex.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Each Rock Lord of Cordax had their own kingdom and Power Scepter, including Boulder, Solitaire, Magmar, Jaw Bone and Talc. However, Magmar was not satisfied with having only one Scepter and began viciously taking them from the other Rock Lords and placing them in the Power Stone located at Stonehead. With all but four in his possession Solitaire and her valet Nuggit went to fetch help from the Guardians of GoBotron while Boulder and his followers fought a guerrilla campaign. Talc however was captured and stripped of his Scepter before being fed into Magmar's Tumbler and ground to pieces. Solitaire meanwhile was able to gain the help of the Guardians, only for both her and her Scepter to be captured by Cy-Kill and the Renegades and set course for Cordax. The Guardians also went along to help with the guidance of Nuggit, though the group were damaged and had to trek across the planet to Stonehead; during the journey Boulder used the last of his Scepter's power to fend off Rockasaurs. While they were doing this the Renegades and Magmar's band worked together to swiftly take over the Kingdom of Fossils, taking Jaw Bone's Scepter. Together with Solitaire's Power Scepter, Magmar used it to create the Ultra Scepter with the Power Stone - only for it to be swiftly stolen by Cy-Kill. However, the Renegade was unable to control the device's power, and Leader-1 shot it out of his hands. The Ultra Scepter then smashed into Stonehead. Battle of the Rock Lords